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1:00 AM
Please help me edit the python tag into this post.
@AnnZen it's your question, why can't you edit it in yourself?
@Nick Does this answer your question? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26765582
@AnnZen I'm surprised that prevents you editing your own posts...
@AnnZen done
2:08 AM
@AnnZen Another time, you may find my answer to: "How do I edit a question with a pending edit that I already Approved?" useful in that situation. While it's not exactly the same situation, the solutions I offered in that answer should all work.
@Makyen I will find that useful. It doesn't often happen but when it does it's very annoying. Good to know there are some easy workarounds.
The same can be used to edit a post you already rejected an edit on
@Nick I'm glad I was able to be helpful. :) Yeah, it's not something that comes up a lot, but it's a way out of the conundrum in some circumstances, which is nice to have.
2 hours later…
4:53 AM
@Yatin although I am not entirely sure about this one...
@Yatin IIRC questions asking for official links are on-topic
This topic has been discussed in this room before as well I think
ok got it... thanks for the link :)
5:19 AM
What should the appropriate behavior be when I know of a cross-posted Joomla question? For example, here is the freshest where I've asked a poster to ask on JSE: stackoverflow.com/q/64404610/2943403 and joomla.stackexchange.com/q/28581/12352 I don't want to come off heavy handed and destroy the SO one in case the SO one receives an answer before the JSE one. I guess I'm asking if I should wait until one is resolved, then seek the destruction of the other?
Well here's the canonical, which generally encourages only asking it on the most relevant site unless the question can be tailored to get the most appropriate response on each site (maybe for example asking about security vulnerabilities on one site and then asking for code review on another)
Hmm. I understand how that is appropriate, but now I am concerned about how hastily I should take action. I mean, I want these people to receive support, so it is entirely possible that a less appropriate site will have a much more active pool of answerers. Is it reasonable to let the two posts linger for a short while before taking post-killing action?
Well... you're not obliged to do anything if that helps :p
5:35 AM
Here's a fun fact: Stack Overflow gets 6,800 question per day. Joomla Stack Exchange has 6,500 total questions (over 6 years) stackexchange.com/sites#technology-questionsperday
6:32 AM
@Yatin If you've posed a request and you change your mind, you can ask a Room Owner to bin you request by @-pinging them linking to your message. Like here or here
@rene please remove this
@Scratte :)
2 hours later…
Thoughts on the tag, it's got a single question and is for a .net version which for all intents and purposes simply doesn't exist anymore (it was a pre-release of the now .net 4.6). I did try to remove it from the only question it applies to (a: because it's not useful, b) it would almost certainly be better tagged 4.6) but it was rolled back as: "simply because an API is deprecated it doesn't mean that it's not still being used."
9:42 AM
Is this link-only or is "I think you can support that with manual triggers." and Answer?
@Scratte It says "I think you can support that with these manual triggers" - if the link dies you're left with nothing.
It kind of answers the question "Is this possible?"
@DavidBuck Yes, but one could just edit and remove the one word, no? :)
GitHub links are unlikely to die no?
This one is github.blog so I am not sure... :/
@Yatin That's no argument. SO links are unlikely to die but a pure link to another answer would be NAA
9:45 AM
@Yatin That doesn't matter. It may. But, even if it doesn't die, the distinction is if answer is somewhere else. Not in the Answer box :) See my comment on it :D
Yeah I agree with your comment but wanted to confirm this... are there any other sites that we trust?
@DavidBuck Ermm.. not sure about that. I find useful stuff being deleted all the time.
@Scratte One could theoretically edit any NAA into an A.
@DavidBuck true
@DavidBuck Usually by adding stuff, not removing stuff ;)
9:47 AM
The whole thing should probably be on DevOps in any case.
I just love it when I put a comment on a post and someone downvotes the post within a minute or so :D
I especially like it when it's on a post by a high reputation user ;)
@DavidBuck Thanks. I did not check out the Question at all :(
@Scratte To be honest, there are so many Git/Docker/Kubernetes questions on SO that probably shouldn't be on SO, it's hard to work up much enthusiasm for trying to change the situation.
But I'm not sure it's off-topic here.. I'll let someone else make that call.
That summarises my last comment.
@DavidBuck like this one :)
9:51 AM
Look at that. The post was just edited :)
@Yatin That is on-topic as it's a tool commonly used by developer :) However, I'm not sure it show any research effort..
@Scratte You should check questions. It might have already been an answer in its original form. The question is "Is this possible?" so "I think you can..." could be considered an answer. Not of high quality for sure, but a mod might decline a NAA flag.
@Scratte relax I was just kidding :D
That question alone was viewed 8.9m times :)
@JeanneDark I never flagged it :) Thanks though :) I was also edited. I expect my comment had an impact.
@Scratte A rare success. I always love answerers who reply "Thanks. I'll remember that for my next answer"
@Yatin This is my beef with the close voters of "no effort"-posts. I do not think it's a close reason at all. They can attract a lot of attention, very good Answers, and be helpful to a lot of people.
@DavidBuck Grrr.. I reply with "Why your next one? There's an edit option on your post."
9:57 AM
@Scratte To be fair, it's better than "I have no need to edit my post, bro. Just move on"
@DavidBuck I'll do you one better. I received this mail ;)
@Yatin As in an actual email?
@DavidBuck Isn't it the same? I read it the same way.
@Scratte yep
My mail id is publically visible on my profile :)
@Yatin I just checked. Couldn't find it. I found a link to github though. Ohh.. I found it :)
@Scratte That's nice. The only person who tracked me down via my visible twitter profile slagged me off because their NAA was deleted in review (because it was a question) and they were angry because their question was 'very urgent'
10:04 AM
^ wrong chat recipient?
Very urgent
@E_net4willedityourposts What does that mean? "Urgent. Please help. Need new cat. See link."
@Scratte I have kittens.
We need more links to pictures of kittens in chat :) "Urgent. Cute needed. Please give link."
10:20 AM
Just using Google Analytics isn't on topic, is it? stackoverflow.com/q/35163809
I think an Answer is getting deleted in the Low Quality Posts queue.
@Scratte The LQP should have a 'convert to comment' option?
@DavidBuck But.. what if "Use instance-settings for your custom widget in custom-backoffice-widget.xml file" works?
Everyone is always saying: Don't post Answers on comments. Now.. a user is saying: Post it in a comment and wanting to delete the Answer. It hardly makes any sense.
@Scratte The answerer appears very uncertain, themselves. I must admit I wouldn't flag it as NAA having been burned on a couple of flags of varying usefulness.
I'm almost ready to post this in the Bad Reviews Room..
11:05 AM
@DavidBuck ^
@tripleee I suspected as much
@Scratte I gave it a "Looks OK" ... even though I may get bitten by that!
... Three "recommend deletion" votes. I was thinking of just editing it out of the queue (it could do with a small grammar correction), but that would have been binding.
@AdrianMole That would probably have been a good choice though.. I feel I'll have to report it if it gets deleted :( You may call me as a witness at your defence.
@Scratte I was the last one to delete it
@Dharman I don't understand why.. The posts I linked to explains not to delete those.
11:13 AM
I could not call it an attempt at answering with clear conscience.
It was a comment at best.
@Dharman Then you Skip.
Not if I am certain it shoul be removed
Civil War in SOCVR? ;-(
@AdrianMole I suppose..
11:15 AM
Do you know the technology? So that you are sure it could not be an Answer?
5 people have reviewed it + the people in this room. No one suggested an edit or an explanatory comment. I tried googling what it could mean, but I have no idea what they were saying. It was a very poor answer or not an answer at all.
I'm very uncomfortable with this deletion.
If someone thinks this is a useful answer they can edit and undelete
@Dharman No. They cannot. Very few users can see it.. no public users can see it.
11:17 AM
Then you can post a new answer. OP can undelete it without even editing it.
And the process was still not as per consensus. A poor answer was deleted, which needs SMEs with 20K privileges outside the queue.
@Dharman They will not do that even if it's an Answer. That very rarely happens. Like Questions rarely gets reopened, except by meta.
The queue is called Low Quality Posts. We delete posts that are of very poor quality. You don't need to be an SME to know whether the answer is good quality or not. You need to be an SME to know if the answer is right/helpful.
FWIW I think it's a comment. Change "tried" to "try" ("did you try instance-settings for your custom widget in custom-backoffice-widget.xml file?") and it's clearly a question, not an answer. I think being converted to a comment would have been the best result for this case.
This answer didn't even have a positive score
@Dharman Lots of Answers don't have positive score. I have Answers with negative score that's an Answer. That doesn't say anything.
@Dharman That's not what those posts about how to do it says. It could have easily been edited into an Answer.
@Nick That's a rhetorical question.. which is an answer.
11:23 AM
@Scratte but was that OPs intent? it looks like a question seeking clarification?
@Nick I don't think it was at all. I think it was "I don't think you did this, so try it"
@Scratte I understand your concerns. These posts on Meta are guidelines. You can't have very strict rules deciding what should and should not be deleted. This is why we have votes. People voted 4-1 to delete it. If you would like to get an opinion of a broader community, possibly experts in the technology, it would be a good idea to ask on meta.
@Dharman I can't.. My post would be edited and I'd have to delete it.. or disassociated or something similar. Too much work compared to posting it in Sam's room.
@Scratte I honestly tried to edit it into shape, but I could not understand what they were even suggesting. For me, there was no suggestion there.
Just ask a community wiki. Is it possible?
I would have recommended deletion while still following the guidance: "You can vote to delete questions without leaving comments! Especially if something should not blatantly be deleted"
11:26 AM
Nope.. My username is still on it with some bad edit.
@Scratte we'll never agree on that one. Questions (to me) should be comments. Take away "did you" and the ? and I could possibly agree that it was an answer.
@Nick That's the edit I "proposed" in here.
@Scratte but you don't know if that was OPs intent. If I encountered something like that in suggested edits I would reject it as conflicting with the author's intent.
@Dharman Last time my meta post was edited into something putting words in my mouth, leaving a post that was misleading at best. I'm not overly thrilled with that.
Stack Overflow is a very hostile place
11:30 AM
You have the ability to rollback do you not?
@Dharman except for SOCVR! :)
@Nick I've seen moderator and users in here do those edits. In fact my last declined flag was such an Answer that was edited by a user in here and confirmed to be the right way to do it by the then resident moderator.
@Scratte yeah, and I'd disagree with them too. :)
Also, take a look at one of the last lines in the LQP guidance post you linked: "Just because something's technically an answer doesn't mean it should be kept around."
11:33 AM
@Dharman Nice. Just confirmed that meta is pretty useless for a discussion. Whatever one says can be changed to mean something entirely different and then one is suddenly arguing the opposite side. No thank you! :)
Q: "Is this the correct way of doing things?" A: "Yeah, no. Your code's broken, mate!"
It saved my post. I am happy that they edited my question.
@Nick Starting a rollback war doesn't end well for the author. Ever.. The author seems to have the least say about what the post contains.
@Scratte Who said rollback war? Rollback once, if users still edit your question to something you don't want, modflag
@Nick I do it differently. I delete the post.. and don't post again. It's time saving. Modflagging seems to be just asking for another opinion, no?
It depends on how you write the modflag, if you write it correctly they may just roll it back to your initial revision and content lock it. I mean, you wouldn't plan on asking the moderator what they think or to edit it for you would you? No, you'd ask them to stop other users editing it in a way you didn't want.
11:41 AM
@Nick There's still a risk that they'll just lock with the unwanted edit. Deleting is quick and painless. Not posting at all is like a hard delete without the effort of first having written the post :)
Well, if you're not willing to fight concensus (in this case, recommend deletion), don't expect to get far ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@Nick Not sure if it is fighting consensus. Which was my point..
I mean I also would not write a meta post if three users picked "Looks OK" on a "How do I pick the best knitting pattern for my new sweater" :D Consensus on the review is not the same as consensus.
I'd argue saying "I'm almost ready to post this in the Bad Reviews Room.." is threatening to fight the consensus, but hey-ho
@Nick I think you mean consensus of the review. Where I'm talking about the not-an-answer post.
And for that I refer you back to my starred message - which quotes the consensus you linked earlier
Anyway, lunch time, laters o/
11:47 AM
Yes, the star war in the chat room..
12:06 PM
12:17 PM
Is this answer NAA? It seems to be a comment on the other answer (the code is identical).
I think so, should be a comment
Thanks! I flagged it as NAA
12:29 PM
And now it's a comment
Nice :) Thanks
Thank you!
12:58 PM
Why isn't Unix&Linux SE listed under "belong to a different site" ughhhhh
I feel like SuperUser folks hate us for redirecting all Linux stuff there
@MarcoBonelli IIRC, it's the top 5 sites that are listed
Wut? That's not even close, only 2 sites are listed (Super User and Server Fault).
@NathanOliver Unix.SE isn't. SU is
@NathanOliver Oh you're right I was looking at the wrong close reason. Didn't dive deep enough.
So this means that TeX, DBA and Stats were more "popular" than U&L. Interesting.
@MarcoBonelli it's which sites that get the most migrations that make the list. Not sure what time range they use for that calculation.
1:08 PM
@MarcoBonelli Migration is a bit tricky. The TL;DR is we don't want migration to just any site because people often don't know/care what the other site's policy is
Yeah I also wonder how do other websites even get migrations if they are not listed. LOL.
6% of SU migrations in the last 90 days were rejected. 36% migrated from SU to SO are rejected
Thanks for that link @Machavity. And yeah.. makes a lot of sense according to my experience.
Aren't migrations overkill unless the question got answers worth preserving?
I see SW related but very Linux specific posts get migrated to SU and that's just not right.
@JeanneDark migrations are mainly to get answers in the first place
1:10 PM
You can mod flag for custom migration targets
@JeanneDark Has to be both off-topic here and on-topic on the new site
@NathanOliver and get it disputed? Nah. The matter is too often borderline subjective.
@MarcoBonelli The question can just be closed/deleted here and re-asked there, no migration necessary.
A disputed flag doesn't count against you. As long as they don't decline it you're god.
@JeanneDark yeah, I really would have implemented it like that. But they decided it's easier to migrate questions... so we have that option :\
1:12 PM
If mirgation were easier or had more site, users would undoubtedly misuse it more, making more work for two sites
@NathanOliver yeah sorry, I meant declined.
@NathanOliver declines Nathan's flags so he's no longer a god
@Machavity Good point. I like Martin James' comment on that post you linked: "Yes. 'Migration' should be restricted to a canned 'Off-topic here, may be on-topic at another SE site'. It is not incumbent on SO curators to find on-topic sites for OP's questions.".
@Machavity It doesn't matter. Ghostbuster has taught me that if anyone asks if I am a god, I should say yes.
@Machavity I agree, what I mean is that for an unanswered question a migration is a lot of work. Given it's on-topic on the target site, it seems to me it's only worth the effort if it already has answers you'd want to preserve. But unanswered question can simply be closed/deleted here and re-asked there.
1:16 PM
@JeanneDark well, it's more effort on curators and less effort on new users (who might not even be familiar with other sites). I think that's the intended point: helping the users.
Whether that can or cannot be done (and how efficiently) is what I often ask myself.
I do agree with your point though.
@MarcoBonelli That's rather a drawback: If they post an off-topic question here it might make more sense to just guide them to the other site via its help center and then have them bring their question in shape to be suitable there.
@JeanneDark In most cases yes. And it's fine to tell the others about other SE sites.
1:33 PM
okay, looks like Chat issues have been resolved then
sorry, it was because I was missing from chat
1:39 PM
Chat was broken? That explains the 2k close vote queue. Back to work everyone!
"Stackoverflow is forcing me to write more text."
This answer is an interesting case: It actually does contain an answer to the question ("There is no set limit on the size of input assemblies.") but it also asks the OP two questions.
1:59 PM
@JeanneDark Edited
@Dharman Should the answerer be told that they can add clarification comments when they have enough rep? They may not know why the post was edited like that.
@cigien It's written in help section. If you want to point them there you can.
@cigien One of your questions is an audit in "First Post" review queue :)
@JeanneDark Oh, cool. Is it really one of my first questions?
2:05 PM
No, it's a recent one
@JeanneDark Hmm, interesting, I don't see that tripping anyone up. Perhaps the title makes it look like a dupe or something. Not that I really know how audits are chosen :p
@cigien How do you get all that rep?
I wrote an answer yesterday I am really proud of and it got 0 votes
I wonder why was this closed as "needs clarity" when the question really seems fine to me. OP is asking "why is this line of code needed?" - which is pretty common for questions.
@cigien I guess they just choose among good (many upvotes) and bad (downvoted, closed, deleted) posts.
2:14 PM
@MarcoBonelli Should it not have C tag?
@Dharman No idea :) I mean, I try to write correct/useful answers of course, but I think it may be something to do with voting differences in tags. Also, I feel there's almost a negative correlation between how proud I am of an answer, and the upvotes it gets :( A simple answer can get a lot of votes, but say, a language-lawyer answer that takes me an hour to write can get very few votes.
All questions in audits are recent, posted within about a month, I believe
And some tags have more upvoting community, va savoir
@Dharman I'm on the line for adding that tag. It doesn't have much to do with C apart from the fact that the programming language used to implement the logic is C. You think it should be added?
I am not sure myself.
@MarcoBonelli you would have to ask the close voters to be sure
Not sure I would have voted to close it, but I don't think it's worth reopening either. OP doesn't seem to have any context or research effort shown
2:18 PM
@TylerH is that even a thing? I never like personally pinging people. I thought I could get someone else to agree/disagree and comment on here.
what are the chances someone will wonder the same thing about that specific line of code in some kernel?
One of the close voters was Sam and Sam uses userscripts to help judge the quality of the question. In this case the question is really short and to the point which is probably what confused Sam. I can't really find a reason to close it. The comment is also trying to convince us that there is not enough details, but I am not sure what more details one could provide.
@MarcoBonelli You can't ping them.
@MarcoBonelli It could be just another one of Samuel's false positives. FWIW for someone unfamiliar with the linux kernel tag, that looks like a snippet that came out of nowhere, which does lead to the "where did you get that from" -> no MRE.
@MarcoBonelli I think the C tag is appropriate there. C watchers would be more likely to be able to answer. Voted to reopen as well.
@MarcoBonelli Well, sure, people ask why a question was closed all the time on Meta. Related to this, I did pose the question to Meta if it was OK that that particular moderator should be closing hundreds/thousands of questions a day. The general response was "sure, so long as the closures are accurate". So if you are seeing anything to the contrary that might be useful counterpoint information
@MarcoBonelli However, do note that you are what we count as "involved" on that question and so asking about it here for the express purpose of getting it reopened is disallowed.
2:20 PM
@cigien I'll add it.
So please keep that in mind in the future
But eh, it's reopened now, no harm done. :)
@TylerH That makes sense, thanks.
@MarcoBonelli Great, thanks :) I saw the post get edited, just as I was about to add the tag :)
@MarcoBonelli To answer your original question, people probably saw the code, didn't see the tag and probably assumed it was asking for debugging help rather than explanation on an existing code base.
2:23 PM
@code11 Maybe... though I think @Dharman's explanation is more plausible.
Ah, agreed. But it kind boils down to the same concept, that without the context of it being a kernel question it appears to be a too-short debugging question. Sam's heuristics just did it via metrics. I'll be honest I had to stare at it for a second to understand what was going on.
^^ (SD report) That's spam, isn't it?
Looks like pure spam to me
Definitely looks like so to me. I flagged it.
Slightly c++ specific question: is asking for a "standard library function" count as seeking recommendations? Or is it ok? here.
@cigien No unless it can someone lead to opinionated questions. Ask for stuff is not bad on its own unless it leads to link-only/poor answers
3:46 PM
I flagged this as NAA but is this possibly something worse?
@JeanneDark baah doubt it, just a new user posting whatever they found about the issue (they have another answer on question also)
@JeanneDark Unless there's a clear connection between the poster and the linked site (which looks safe enough, btw), then I think it's just NAA.
Ok, thanks!
4:37 PM
@tink they're trying to configure the terminal visual style from within the terminal
@JohnDvorak yup.
They're not mentioning whether it's a console, an xterm, what they mean when they're talking about "terminal".
presumably it should work for any virtual terminal
A software is hardly going to influence the color of the paper or ink used in an electronic typewriter it talks to.
If it's something fandangly it might
@JohnDvorak Not sure about that. I've seen some of those modern printers where you can get coloured prints. They also have several paper boxes, so if I pick the right box, I get all my red hearts printed on pink paper :)
Do they have white ink though?
lol!.. Nice come back :D
Here's a bit of an odd-ball. NAA or something heavier?
@AdrianMole Hah, someone just upvoted it :)
4:56 PM
Somebody with a surreal smoking-device?
@AdrianMole Maybe they think it's a typo with a missing space somewhere?
@AdrianMole I'm not sure if I should even bother denying that :p
hehe - a downvote has now saved your shame
I don't see it a rude/abusive. I'd stick with NAA
I think it's funny but I don't get the joke. ;-(
5:01 PM
Maybe an attempt at poetry :)
@Scratte well, if the answer would have been "ggggj hhklkklklk" you would know it is abusive, but since this one forms a sentence, which could make a sense it is not gibberish anymore? I think this is a borderline case, but in IMO RA
@AdrianMole at the end you nailed it again :)
@Vickel It could also be poetry trying to say: You have a typo, you missed a space. But I think they forgot to add where it's missing :)
Maybe someone who finds it funny but don't get the joke? :D
wanted to flag it as RA but the flag now says "A reasonable person would find this content inappropriate for respectful discourse.", so it doesn't qualify anymore, neither do gibberish 'klkkklk sdsdasd' answers. Can someone point me out how to handle gibberish in future?
@Vickel R/A
@AdrianMole Did you mean to put me as cc on this, so did I link to something off?
5:14 PM
@JeanneDark That was the logic before i found this, but now that abusive part disappeared from the flag description, if I'm not completely mistaken
@Vickel It has been like this for as long as I remember. And it still has "abusive" in its name. Also, it would be inappropriate to answer "kbkwvbwivihbwivbwhwbwv" in respectful discourse, wouldn't it?
@Scratte You gave link to Triage help in your comment, which utterly blinded me to the fact that you also gave a link to FP help.
@JeanneDark I think you are right and I'm overthinking the whole thing :)
@AdrianMole Fair enough. I find that those new reviewers go for all the queues at the same time, so I give all the links that will help them :)
@Scratte That's why I'm out of flags already :(
5:21 PM
@JeanneDark I would have thought you'd have built up a hefty daily flag quota by now.
@AdrianMole I'm stuck at 100 flags per day
@JeanneDark You're a fast reviewer. I'm slow.. I've never used 100 flags in a day.
OK - that's the ceiling. I guess they get eaten up by the review queues - mine don't.
I just look for close-worthy questions and NAAs and skip the rest, so I use up more flags than someone who also reviews suitable posts
The 2 answers under this question seem like link-only... Should I flag em?
5:24 PM
@JeanneDark I tend to read them.. and stare at them for a while.. then Skip. It's very time consuming :D
It's an odd fact that those with <3k rep can (properly) do 40 FP and 40 Triage per day (if you have the 100 daily flags), but those on 3k+ can only cast 50 close votes, so maxing out in both queues is difficult.
@Yatin the first one "Mapbox Provides land Selection for this type of scenario" is an answer, I think
@Yatin Be careful with the accepted one. The question asks "can I do this using mapBox?" and the answer says "apbox Provides land Selection for this type of scenario."
@AdrianMole There's also Late Answers
Yeah, I thought so... thanks! just wanted to confirm...
Yep - but Late Answers hasn't been offering more than 20/day recently.
5:27 PM
True, but another way to burn flags
{Biscuits for the Squirrel}
@Vickel Basics: If the user has no useful contributions: R/A. If the user has other useful contributions: NAA (benefit of doubt). Please see: 1, 2, 3
@Makyen first thing I did, checked contributions, then it was to late for my flag, as it was already gone. thanks for the links!
6:04 PM
@Dharman I'm unsure if you are saying you did or didn't like my edit (revision 5). I'm fine with you feeling either way, but if you didn't like it, then you should have rolled it back. However, please note that at the time of that edit, the question had 4 dup close-votes. That edit was largely an attempt to make it clear there was a difference between your current question and the one which was being used as a dup-target. (cc: @Scratte)
@Makyen I used it as an example of a good edit. Sorry if that was not clear. I said that your edits saved my post. Thank you
@Dharman Ahh, np. I was just concerned that you might have not liked it, but felt you needed to keep it because I was the one that made the edit. I definitely don't want the latter part of that to be "normal".
Ohh, don't worry. If I didn't like the edit I would roll back and maybe even mod-flag
I doubt you would ever make such a bad edit that it would have come to that
@Makyen I remember you editing one of my posts too once. I was quite happy with that.
6:27 PM
@Dharman That sounds like the right way to go. I certainly hope that it doesn't come to at least the mod-flag part. :) And, I'll certainly try to stay away from the need for a rollback, but everyone does make mistakes from time to time. :)
@Scratte I'm glad to hear that.
However, I must admit that it concerns me that your choice is to disengage completely from posting on Meta after experiencing some disagreement. I haven't looked at the full context, but I would hope that you would be willing to continue to try to make your voice heard, as it's a viewpoint which is good for people to hear.
6:55 PM
@Makyen Thank you for that. But I have been disengaged from posting actual post on meta for quite a while now, with one exception that probably didn't exactly put me into wanting to try it out again. I'm also seeing some very questionable edits to other posts on meta.
Not that I would ever put "BS" in a post, but I was completely thrown off to see "male bovine fecal matter" in a post and realized it has been edited from "BS" by someone other than author.
@Scratte that's...an unhelpful edit.
can you link it so I can revert it? :-p
@RyanM Yes, very.. in my opinion it made the post really really bad and put images in my head.
The odd thing is that the editor seem to be ignoring comments..
I think the author has surrendered. Maybe even learned to use that in posts. It's sort of ironic.
@Scratte Yeah... I'd almost say flag that post so the editor can be kindly talked to by a moderator about what edits are for :-)
@TylerH I think that there are differences between users. I doubt they will be "talked to".
@Scratte if the editor is doing it repeatedly, I'd flag it
7:07 PM
@RyanM I'll look out for it.. :)
editing out "BS" into "nonsense" or something is helpful. editing it into "male bovine fecal matter" is counterproductive.
if they did it once I'd probably just revert it and maybe leave a comment
..I keep seeing that bull doing what it needs to do :D I have had that image in my head for a few hours already :D
@RyanM I wonder what translation engine was used on that matter :)
Comment of the day? JavaScript or Java? Those two are to each other as Hamster is to Ham.
7:27 PM
@AdrianMole Like cart is to cartilage.
Or like pork is not to porcupine?
@AdrianMole Like rene is to flour
Now you're just being silly! :-)
But, one of the rewards (IMHO) of reviewing is that you get to see parts of the site that would otherwise be outside of one's domain ... and some of the fascinating (and occasionally hilarious) comments made by folks who hang out in those strange tags.
... some of the "Reason for Edit" comments are among the best.
8:11 PM
@ChristopherMoore OP says that's not a duplicate -- can you take a look at their response?
8:30 PM
@M-- Hmm, but it has 2 reopen votes? Is that common?
@TylerH Yeah I've seen. I doubt that they've properly followed the instructions in the dupe. I'll leave a comment for them. I still think it should be closed since they've provided all of their outputs/errors as pictures.
I don't know why I even asked stackoverflow.com/a/23045274/1839439
without getting into the weeds that much, this question has multiple dupes, answered by the same users; they answer some of them (I guess for gaining rep) https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62531067/changing-the-date-format-to-a-format-r-can-identify?noredirect=1&lq=1 and closing others https://stackoverflow.com/questions/58277597/how-to-cut-month-and-date-in-my-year-month-date-format-variable?noredirect=1&lq=1
while this answer on the dupe target addresses all the cases https://stackoverflow.com/a/43319398/6461462
@Dharman What's wrong with that?
Nothing, it's just a very simple answer.
8:39 PM
What causes the "want to improve this post?" banner to appear?
Oh, good :) I thought you were going to flag or delete it or something..
@RyanM A moderator
@M-- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disagree with the dupe rec at all (thanks for the detailed response though), I would defer to an R SME anyway. It's just I don't follow the R tag at all, and so was wondering if it was common :) I can't remember seeing delete votes on questions with reopen votes in tags I watch, so I was curious.
@ChristopherMoore Thanks
@cigien No need to be sorry. It's natural to question any action/request and we are supposed to provide our reasoning. There is some drama going on in R which causes weird cases.
8:46 PM
Do we flag Link-only Answers as VLQ? Been a while since I was on here and want to make sure I'm not doing something incorrect.
@SecretAgentMan NAA Not an Answer
@M-- Ah. Thanks. I better go retract some flags.
@SecretAgentMan No.. :) Don't retract them :)
@Scratte Too late. I better dive back into some Meta to review the guidance. Thanks for your help. This shows me I need to review guidelines.
8:48 PM
The two flags only have one difference: NAA is persistent. VLQ is marked helpful with an edit. As far as I understand the Advance Flagging user script flags link-only as VLQ.
Is SO acting up for anyone else?
It's not acting at all
@SecretAgentMan I have some links to meta posts about the differences, if you want..
@Machavity Yes, got the routine maint screen
@Scratte I never turn down help. You going to post here or in The Meta Room?
@Machavity No. I think it's only off for reviewers that are slacking ;)
8:50 PM
OK, it means back 2 work!!! see y'all later.
@Scratte Note that it no longer downvotes with the "Very Low Quality" flag, see Community downvotes posts that were just fixed
I'm getting "The service is unavailable." not even the maintenance page
@Scratte Thank you for these -- new bookmarks for my collection...
8:57 PM
@SecretAgentMan I think you're suppose to read them. Bookmarking doesn't do it alone ;)
@Scratte I'm getting them as tattoos, does that count?
> We are back up - search is offline while we investigate an issue.
For a second my filter for closable questions wasn't working - now I understand why :)
9:25 PM
@10Rep You seem to have posted your comment twice by accident. It looks funny :) Ohh.. you fixed it already :) Never mind..
I noticed as soon as I got my inbox notification... how did it happen?
A glitch maybe? I happens sometimes to me on chat. Of course on chat I've learned that one just need to keep pressing "retry" ;) /joke..
I've seen messages pop up twice in chat, but then after hard refreshing the page, the duplicate message dissappears.
I've noticed that some times the messages are only almost identical and days apart..
9:58 PM
Do we need to do anything with questions like this one? stackoverflow.com/questions/64433631/… The chap found what he was looking for ...
@tink it seems it's (a) not reproducible and (b) about general computing hw/sw
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