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12:11 AM
12:58 AM
(might be a good candidate for a quick deletion, too...)
@RyanM Seems like spam
@M-- I don't like that question one bit, but I don't think it's spam. Nor is it the kind of abuse that's R/A, unless it's a troll, which it might be, but I'd need more evidence of that.
@M-- spam? it's a terrible question, but it doesn't seem to be promoting anything?
I didn't know about SpyMax before this :/
I dunno if complaining that it doesn't work very well is the best promotional strategy... maybe it could be a spam seed for a competitor, but it'd be a pretty terrible one given that SO really has very little patience for this kind of thing.
1:04 AM
I am glad that it's gone. I can say that much
Oh, me too. No disagreement there.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
1:29 AM
Each time I use my phone to post a del-pls saying "no roomba" I see an ad about roomba robots :|
2:13 AM
I wonder if people would post broken code so often if they had to pay someone to debug for them. Could be an interesting business model.
2:31 AM
@10Rep There is no "question" in that question
@HovercraftFullOfEels I mean, the title? It's asking "How to send message to Pham Anh Dung", right? I don't know. What should I flag it as?
Close-vote and then delete-vote
I don't have enough rep
@10Rep no, but you can request a cv-pls (as I have just now done)
I know that, I wasn't sure though
1 hour later…
3:47 AM
@DavidBuck OCD to the rescue :-) - all gone other than two I can't edit...
4:27 AM
@oguzismail That link is wrong. That's the R question again.
@AndrewMyers Oh, thanks. @Makyen or any other RO, please remove chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/50125113#50125113
@oguzismail The linked post is already deleted (i.e. the request is already complete).
@Makyen Okay then
@DanielWiddis Why delete this now instead of letting Roomba delete it in 3 days?
4:43 AM
@Makyen Because I'm new enough to have read Hovercraft's suggestion and assumed he knew better than I, so I followed it. Obviously since it's been around a month it won't hurt to wait 3 more days...
@oguzismail this is specific enough that I am not convinced it should be deleted
@tripleee I disagree, I don't see any value in this post, there is nothing new in Kamil's answer. But you're the golden badge holder, so..
5:24 AM
I had some serial voting corrected yesterday, but my new friend seems to be going still, now at a lower intensity. Should I bother a moderator with this, or just swallow and ignore?
that sure does look like they saw the reversal and went back to try again
I'd lean slightly toward "worth flagging," but I dunno if moderators can see enough to tell if it's the same person.
5:42 AM
@RyanM thanks, I raised a flag on one I thought was particularly odd
6:15 AM
That one made me hungry.
6:56 AM
Should this java mysql Question be closed for not being minimal, or is it OK?
7:35 AM
@Scratte Java Hibernate ... I think that is as minimal it can get without compromising that it will actually compile. Not the fault of the OP Java and their ORM tools are so bloated ....
@Nick Great work. I guess I shouldn't mention the posted that ref to fine tunned then...
@DavidBuck Only 6! Too easy...
@Nick If you want more of a challenge...
@DavidBuck for some reason that just doesn't annoy me half as much... :-)
@rene Heh.. I was thinking about making the table insert smaller. Like less columns :)
But I'll retract my flag. Thank you :)
7:48 AM
Yeah, that could work but then I lack the real knowledge to judge if the problem gets "solved" accidentally. Needs a true Java dev which I'm luckily not qualified enough for.
I've never done anything hibernate. I don't even know if it's a separate database or if it's an in-between any java and any database.
It's in between, that much I know
Then I'm sure it's possible to strip it down to just the mandatory columns. But the error here seems to be quite obvious. I'm just also not familiar with how those fields are populated. If it's by injection or by constructor
@DavidBuck it really seems SE ought to have a script which goes through and automatically fixes things like that...
7:53 AM
@Scratte I always call it magic ...
It's suppose to be magic. And in more than one way: How is works is magic, how it breaks is magic too :D
@Scratte Ha :D
Is added text to circumvent site rules like This "nativescript" Question a close reason in itself?
8:39 AM
@Scratte flaggable for mod attention but easily salvageable with an edit
I wouldn't bother with the flag
@tripleee Ahh.. OK. Yes, not going to flag :)
9:21 AM
What's the best outcome when the OP has posted the answer as an edit to the question and someone else has posted a "Thanks" answer, which is then the only answer to contain the actual answer? Just edit out the "Thanks" and leave the answer? stackoverflow.com/questions/62873830/…
@DavidBuck Close-vote as a dupe of the answer the OP linked
@RyanM Good point.
And then, I guess, glare at the person who wrote that low-effort "thanks" answer...it's copied from elsewhere with no citation, but it's so trivial as to hardly count as plagiarism, so it's probably not worth a mod flag...
9:51 AM
10:07 AM
I don't understand why this answer was deleted. The Chinese can easily be edited out.
@Scratte How do you see it?
@janw It was an audit :)
@Scratte screenshot?
@Scratte it doesn't seem useful even if it can be understood
10:09 AM
@RyanM screen shot for the terminally curious
@RyanM The entire body of the answer is: 你的文件夹名字不应该取truffle. your folder name should't be truffle. The Chinese part is repeated in the English part.
I think I wrote a comment saying "Kindly edit out the Chinese, as you're saying the same in English. Please also explain why 'truffle' should not be used as a folder name"
@AlonEitan That is not relevant, as the English content is clearly there.
that...is a pretty worthless answer. It's a mediocre audit, but that's pretty low-quality, borderline suggesting random solutions.
@Scratte "other answers 0" is false
Ah. But I'm not saying it's a good answer by any means. I am however saying it's attempt to answer.
10:12 AM
oh right because it was an audit
just more proof that audits are broken
Not even the top 2 worst audits I've seen posted the past few days :-p
@tripleee The numbers in the audit isn't actually broken. It's saying there's no other answers and below is says 1 total answer :)
Somebody needs to audit the audits! Maybe a moderator or two - they have little else to do, I hear, other than reviewing reviewers who fail audits. xD
the others were just flat wrong, though. This is an okay audit, because that post does have severe problems: it needs, at least, editing.
I'm not complaining about an audit :D I'm asking why this answer is deleted.
Please note that I passed the audit. I wrote a comment on the post and passed it.
10:15 AM
Oh I know, I got that. I was responding to "audits are broken" although I think I misinterpreted that
We're not suppose to delete answers just because we don't like the quality. We're suppose to just downvote them.
^ +1
I cleaned up the post and voted to undelete it. I'm unclear on the actual value of this but I guess I agree with the reasoning above.
Awesome :)
10:19 AM
@Scratte It may not be broken but it is lying. There is one (other) non-deleted answer.
not doing an undel-pls; those who feel so inclined can find the link above
@tripleee That's ok. I wouldn't expect you to. But if it gets undeleted, I'll ask for clarifications on it :)
...and next time it becomes a positive audit and another trap for reviewers ;)
@janw Lets hope so. I'm not happy about non-NAAs being deleted in the LQP queue.
Well, it seems like this is a quite borderline case. I don't like these as audits...
But you are right, it is disappointing to see so many "recommend deletion" votes for perfectly valid answers
10:23 AM
@Scratte I agree ... sort of. LQP is nothing like as troublesome as Triage but there are far too many folks who "Recommend Deletion" inappropriately (IMHO). I used to do it a lot, especially for code-only answers, but then I read some posts on Meta from the likes of Shog9, and have since changed my ways.
We should create a new room called "Audit rantings" :)
@Scratte Actually...a good idea. We'd just need to get one or two mods on board. Certainly more efficient than reporting each bad audit on meta...
I have a room already.. I can just rename it :) But the later part about getting moderators to sit there is a little more challenging.
It also sort of coincides with Samuel's room, since one can go and plea for sanity in there.
There is certainly a considerable overlap with Sam's room but it would probably be best to clear with Sam before dumping shedloads of "Bad Audit" gripes in there (my recent one has been silently ignored, I notice).
@AdrianMole How do you know this? Has Samuel been online and in the room since you asked for sanity?
10:29 AM
@Scratte I noticed his avatar was active for a while.
@AdrianMole That is not the same thing as being active in chat though.
Means that he entered the room and (presumably) read something. But I'm not pre-judging anything.
Else.. there's meta :) But.. if one takes a 30 day break after the last suspension, the data is reset, if I remember correctly. For auto-suspensions anyway.
10:41 AM
@tripleee It is the second time in two days I see a "what is the theme of this website" question around here. Kinda strange. Previous recommendation was closing as "off-site resource" IIRC
@Cleptus that's what "recommendation" means too
11:23 AM
11:44 AM
^^ it's actually largely a plagiarism of the other existing answer
I flagged as spam
@AlonEitan it's not spam, since the links are identical with those in the existing answer
or at least if it is, so is the other existing answer
I flagged as plagiarism
@desertnaut Yes, but the link leads to a website built by the OP
@AlonEitan aha, you mean the first link (that does not exist in the other answer)!
11:59 AM
I do
nice catch, I missed this detail
so, I guess it's both spam and plagiarism...
I guess... I added a comment to reduce the chances of my flag being declined
Has anyone in here raised a flag on a post that was deleted by owner? And seen a new grouping under post or comment flags?
Like an unhanded spam flag that goes into a new group? Which isn't "helpful"? for reference
@desertnaut It's not unusual for spam posts to be padded with copy/pasted content from other posts. I just gave that one the spam flag.
ok, I guess I had not seen that practice before
12:05 PM
@desertnaut it's not entirely unusual, but often quite insidious; I think we see a few every day (out of a hundred or so flags in Charcoal)
What does "removed during a deletion" imply for a flag? I never saw this before today in my flag summary.
I think it's vaguely on the rise
(It looks like a new category, as it does not go into any of the existing categories on the sidebar)
@MarcoBonelli See.. here
12:10 PM
@Scratte ah, i see. Thanks, that was kinda confusing to see.
@MarcoBonelli As per the post it's likely the new name given to "unhandled flag that is permanently pending unless the post is undeleted".
what happened to the "favorites" tab on my profile, was that removed entirely?
as in, stuff I have starred
@Scratte yep, that seems like it.
@tripleee It's called "bookmarks"
@Scratte ah, thanks, that was insidious too
12:12 PM
@MarcoBonelli Can you give us a screenshot? (you can gray out all the numbers if you like)
I'm not sure I want this on my flag page :D
@Scratte here's some
@Scratte and I don't have anything new on the sidebar (which is confusing).
I.E. I cannot filter for that kind of flag.
@MarcoBonelli Nooooooooooooooooooo!.. How does it count then?!?
If you're worried about the mod flagger badge... counts has helpful.
btw.. I'm not screaming at you :)
Like basically any other flag that is not explicitly "declined".
12:16 PM
But those used to go to helpful. The post says there's a new category
Yep, they used to go to helpful. They say there's a new category but it's not in the sidebar. Maybe they'll add it later on.
Heads up that question deletion no longer counts as helpful since the flags are held in limbo now
Yeah, it doesn't really count as anything for now. It' just silently ignored in counts (except total number of flags). I hope they plan to add a specific category for it.
Well.. when "Not an answer" flags are not helpful because the post is deleted, there's no point in even raising them.
12:22 PM
Of course there is, an NAA gets deleted :)
Does this depend in any way on how (or by whom) the post was deleted? As I commented in the MSE post, an NAA flag that results in a post deleted via LQP review should be marked helpful. That's kind of the point, huh?
@janw Yeah.. I'm past the altruistic stuff.
@Scratte I think this new limbo category is specifically for posts that are deleted by their author. So there is still reason to raise NAA flags.
I see a bunch of helpful ones on deleted post in my flag history right now.
@MarcoBonelli I do not think so. Se the link above by janw
@Scratte That one strikes me as odd, if the OP can be coaxed into self deletion by messages from the LQRQ, the flag is helpful.
12:24 PM
@AdrianMole FWIW the mods aren't sure on this one either. I suspect this might be an unintended consequence. I stickied it because there's a lot of flaggers in here
Confused mods? Whatever next?
They are aware, as it looks: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/398687/…
@Braiam Not anymore :D No "Not an Answer" flag can ever be helpful under this new logic. If the post is deleted, the flag goes into limbo. If you want an outcome, it can only be: declined.
Okay I might have got it... I see two NAA flags in my history right now, one says "helpful" and the post was deleted by a mod. One says "removed during a deletion" and the post was deleted via review.
@Scratte No, the flag is still being marked as helpful via review queue or moderator handling.
This change apparently only affects selfdeletions/deletions without moderation tools.
12:27 PM
No okay, I give up, I also see "removed during a deletion" on some where the mod deleted the answer.
This doesn't make any sense :D
It's a bug
@Rob *feature!
It definitely looks like a bug.
@Braiam Did you read the post on meta by PeterJ ?
@Braiam Hey, don't let programmer secrets out into the open
12:28 PM
I'm not raising another NAA flag until this is sorted.
@MarcoBonelli Probably the moderator deleted the post without using the flag handler.
@Braiam nah those are not being marked as helpful. They are not being marked as anything. And it's pretty randomic. LOL.
@Scratte ?
@Braiam same goes for ones on posts deleted via review queue
@Scratte I just raised four NAAs for science :D
12:29 PM
@Braiam I see.. it's a bug. Not a feature..
Weird question: I mod-flagged a question because I suspected that it was getting sock puppet votes. The flag was upheld and the user was suspended for voting fraud, so it seems like I was correct. That being said, none of the votes on the question have been invalidated yet. What usually happens in cases like that?
Do I need to custom-flag it again asking them to invalidate the sock votes?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Have you tried refreshing?
Score and reputation is cached.
@MarcoBonelli It's probably timing of the handling of the flag that made the difference.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica it could take time for some automated script to do that I guess. I would wait a day or so.
@Braiam Yes, I opened it fresh from my flag page.
12:31 PM
It looks like this change is affecting more flag types than it should. We'll be fixing shortly. — Yaakov Ellis ♦ 6 mins ago
Ah yes, the good old "testing on production" method.
Urgh!.. I have one too :(
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica There's cache server side ;)
@Scratte I have dozens D:
So I should just leave it alone in the meantime and the votes will be invalidated?
12:32 PM
I imagine they'll run something server side to fix it
@Braiam Yeah, not sure how long ago it was handled. It's early morning in my time zone, so I just woke up, so it was handled overnight for me.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica The cache server side isn't time based. score is recalculated when the votes changes via new votes on the affected posts.
Well, at least R/A flags that end up in Community-powered deletion are still marked helpful!
@AdrianMole You brave person :)
12:46 PM
Brave? How so? It was obviously rude, so what was the worst that could happen?
Your flag going into limbo :)
Here's the strange thing.. when the post is un-deleted, the flag regains it's active status. But what if it's a comment flag and the comment is deleted?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica No, presumably it was already handled to the extent we could (I haven't checked your flag). There may have been no evidence that we could see (we'd still mark it helpful if it were suspicious), or they weren't socks but serial upvotes from a different person, which we can't reverse and need to escalate to CMs, which can take a while
@Rob Sounds good, I'll leave it alone then. (FWIB in this case, it appears that it was actually true because the user in question got suspended for voting irregularities, so I assume that the moderator agreed with my suspension that they were using sock puppets to vote their post).
I just had one of my NAA flags marked "helpful" ... it was deleted by review.
... maybe "limbo" won't accept Moles?
The post got a bunch of upvotes within 4 minutes of being posted and then none at all after that, which seemed strange. Usually if it's a post that people actually like that much I'd assume that people would keep voting for it.
12:59 PM
@AdrianMole I had N NAA flags marked as "removed during a deletion" when the answer was deleted by review.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Looks to be a case of caching actually, looking at your flag. But in general, we still suspend people for voting irregularities even if the reversals take place far in the future when a CM has time to handle it
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica that's not so uncommon from my experience. I see that happen sometimes. Posts receive N votes then they are lost at the bottom of the infinite pile of new posts.
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica ? FWIB
@MarcoBonelli So it's not even a reproducible bug. Best sort, IMHO!
@AdrianMole Strange.. this one of mine is still not "helpful"
1:05 PM
Just popped in to see if anyone else had a "removed during a deletion". Not disappointed.
@Scratte Perhaps it depends on where the flag was raised. Mine wasn't from review (obviously).
@DavidBuck Only the not obsessive users are still flagging at this point :)
@Scratte Sorry, typo - should have been "FWIW" - hazards of mobile I guess.
@AdrianMole ..mine too. First Posts :)
@Scratte I'm still waiting for my first "removed during a deletion". All marked helpful until now... :(
1:08 PM
@Scratte There's hardly anything to flag this week. Last week I was could use up to 100 flags in a day, today, so far, I've flagged 6...
I have 12 pending NAAs. You can hang out in SOBotics to get some likely candidates.
@AdrianMole yep
@DavidBuck I flagged a lot this week. And now I'm paranoid about the flag-resulution.
But it seems I only have pending close flags now. So not reviewing is probably the best bet.
1:16 PM
Now I got one! On a spam flag...
How odd. One of those three spams gave that message, the other two were just helpful.
Yes, same for me
@janw I had about 3hours ago, on a spam flag and first time
@janw I think you should post an image of that in the comment trail on Yaakov's post.
1:23 PM
@DavidBuck I think it depends on the moderator action. They probably know to mark it helpful before deleting the post now, which accounts for the ones that were made helpful.
@Scratte Screenshot: i.stack.imgur.com/yw00X.png
@janw Tell Yaakov though :)
@janw are those icons from the advanced flagging user script?
@MarcoBonelli Yes
Oh.. you're cooperating with Smokey?
1:28 PM
It's a conspiracy
I'm not sure I understand how it works to give Smokey access to one's profile.
@Scratte It is already 6-8 months ago, but IIRC I created an account at Metasmoke and then requested access in Charcoal HQ
Ahh.. isn't that when one joins a team and the Stack Overflow user interface is messed up?
I have a clear NAA in First Posts, if anyone wants it? :)
No, I didn't join a team
@Scratte Sure, link? ;)
Well.. it's clear to me. Not sure if it's clear to a moderator :) stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/26863775
1:35 PM
It's pretty clear. I flagged
Super.. Now I'm outsourcing my reviews too :D
@DavidBuck Let us know what the status of the flag becomes.
And it shows invalidated...
@Machavity Which one?
1:37 PM
The one you were just discussing
@Machavity The one I outsourced? At least janw got an easy review from it :)
Yes, that one :D
I can't say I'm unhappy not to have done it then..
2:01 PM
I wonder is a close flag also goes into limbo if the post is deleted.
I don't understand this Question and flagged it. Did I miss something obvious?
@Scratte did you see the pending edit?
This is a weird suggestion
I'm inclined to reject as "conflicts with authors intent"
2:25 PM
The changes causing the "delete = new flag state" problem have been fixed but anything with that state is probably stuck like that
That stucks
Well, not fixed, but reverted... meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/398687/…
2:52 PM
@Scratte Two of those 3 NAA's deleted before they reverted the change. One helpful, one removed during a deletion.
3:05 PM
@DavidBuck Hmm. I don't know - is VersionOne a developer tool?
@AdrianMole Not as far as I can see
Is it this VersionOne?
Ah, our friends of collab.net
@rene You need to have specific fonts (or something) to indicate whether you're being sarcastic or serious (or just florid).
3:09 PM
florid will work
@AdrianMole I remember the company from a "tool" we used weirdly enough called sourceforge but that was not the source code sharing site most people know it from. Basically it was a web front-end over svn with some poor-mans requirements and issue management added. It looks like they "evolved".
@rene No. I can't see pending edits.
That is by the answerer. Not sure why it was rejected. They had a conversation on the answer.
I see it was Machavity that rejected it.
I have no idea where that text came from. Without at least some idea, it looks like he's appending his own thoughts
@Scratte I would have rejected it as well. It's deleting the explanation of the problem that the OP gave, and replaced it with EX. But I'm review banned, so my opinion doesn't matter.
Protip: if the OP gives you something in comments somewhere say that in your edit reason
Not the case here, but good all-around advice
@10Rep How is it deleting anything?
3:23 PM
It really looks like a challenge from a coding competition. However, it is OP's responsibility to write a clear question. That edit was too much IMO
That ^^
Heh.. OK. But I think Question author abandoned it
@Scratte The OP gave some explanation, and he replaced it with EX for example. I don' t know, it seems bad.
@10Rep That wasn't an explanation. That was a confusion :)
@10Rep Err, are you maybe confusing the columns in the edit suggestion? The left one is the original from OP, the right one is the edited version
3:26 PM
@janw Oh, never mind
But it is still confusing, so I would reject it
@10Rep The suggesting made it clear to me though. I know what a rectangle in the Question is now.
@Scratte I would accept it if the editor didn't add the first explanation part. Everything else is fine.
@10Rep The first explanation is just the input part. That was obvious from the Question itself. Then comes how rectangles are calculated. It missed one though the 2x3
@Scratte I guess it's all in the edit summary. Maybe he should have mentioned that the OP himself explained in the comments.
@10Rep They didn't. But it's obviously correct from the conversation.
3:40 PM
@Scratte Well, it's not obvious. Most of the time, edits like these are actually deviating from the original intent. . It's impossible to be sure whether it's that or if it's honest unless you open the link for each and every post that you review.
I'm thinking that it's probably best to close it before it gets more answers.
@10Rep I do that..
I don't have the energy for that. Guess I'm just lazy
I see it this way: If I do not review properly, then what's the point?
@Scratte It's not really neccessary for every post. But I agree, when edits like these are seen, I should probably go through the comments section and see what actually happened.
@Scratte I agree. In most cases I check the entire thread, while I'm at it. Often there is more than one reviewable/flaggable thing.
Also it helps to get context.
...and you avoid bad audits, which is another advantage
3:44 PM
But it would be nice if they include that in the edit summary. So I don't have to wear out my hands opening the link in a new tab :)
@janw It's been a while since I failed an audit. I think it was back when I changed my avatar as a result of my confusion.
What was your previous avatar?
@Scratte Yeah, I mostly skip those nowadays
Except for the Community spam edits in suggested edits, those are too funny ;)
@10Rep An acorn.. obviously! :) for refrence
Oh yeah, I forgot scratte was a squirell lol
@janw Most of the time those are anonymous edits.
3:50 PM
^ Also a rude/abusive comment in there.
Yea, I just flagged it
Anddd... they deleted it
Job done!
I'm sad, I binned my Sir Mix-a-Lot joke :(
4:00 PM
Yes, stupid rulez.
Though the conversation was getting really deep lol
Just to be clear. There are discussion in here about usernames.. just never link to any :)
Let's put the conversation behind us.
It hit the bottom already ...
Yes, but we had to nip the conversation in the butt
4:02 PM
No ifs, no buts...
Butt.. hmm.. ok :(
Playtime at SOCVR School!
The conversation has been left behind
Reminds me of the lookbehind regexes.. I like those :)
I'm off down the pub for some serious chat about metaphysics and the value of Flutter.
4:04 PM
I need to spend ten mins closing questions that appear in my filter.
@AdrianMole There's value in flutter?
Has anyone raised an NAA flag since the reversal of flag-limbo? And gotten a result?
Yeah, I raise them 24/7
@gunr2171 It's OK. This meme made me think of you. Can use it if you want
@Dharman Are they back to being helpful?
@Machavity sure
4:08 PM
@Scratte Yes
@Scratte Been back to normal for a bit. Someone posted a NAA list earlier and I slow-walked deleting them until they went back to normal
there we go, saved correctly this time
@Machavity Awesome. Thanks :)
Ohh.. everyone hide. Moderator alert!
....and Machavity is now chopped liver (this joke assumes that you made your message when Jon C joined chat, also this joke is more funny now that I've explained it)
This piece of art makes me think of @Machavity and @Makyen joining the mod team. Basically just replace the evil train with the flag queue and it's pretty accurate.
@gunr2171 Well.. no. I was trying to make a joke :) I see it didn't go very well :)
lol!.. but you got it right. It was due to yellow puppy entering the room :)
See, the way to get on Jon's good side is to post a picture of dog treats to chat. Rene will outright kick you, but because Jon is biologically programmed to focus on treats on sight, he'll override the kick and be forever grateful.
Yeah. I've gone about that the wrong way, explaining that puppys head is too big and as a result puppy is prone to lose balance. The missing leg doesn't help either.
But at least I picked a nice colour (#DAA520 goldenrod) for them in chat. Which is also useless unless they speak :D
4:31 PM
I'm worried whether I even want to speak now... :p
@oguzismail Views matter to delete the question ?
@Shree 1.5 views vs days asked
Sure views matter. If something has a lot of views, but is off topic, we normally keep it since it "adding value". If it has little views, then it most likely isn't helping and can be removed
But in that particular case, it hasn't been deleted due the positive scored/accepted answers
@NathanOliver SO has deleted high views count questions, specially if there's a better resource elsewhere.
I know, that's why I said normally, not always
4:43 PM
@JonClements Don't worry. You're cute with your yellow colour :)
I would love it to not be "normally" but "only on exceptions where there isn't a better resource" :D
@Scratte I'm the dictionary definition of cute whatever :p
@JonClements I thought of adding a leg on you, but I wasn't sure if you'd appreciate being able to not fall all the time.
what can I say... it's an adorably cute quirk of mine toppling over now and then...
Three legs are always more stable than four legs. I always thought that
4:52 PM
@JonClements I wonder if it makes it easier for forgive you when you make mistakes moderate :)
@Vega well, people use tri-pods to stabilise cameras and such... so there's a precedent for that statement :)
@Vega Yes.. on a chair where the legs are evenly apart. Do not think it's true for puppies :D
lol!. "The real question is why not 2 legged chairs?"
there are... they're just more like skis than pointy legs...
5:05 PM
@Scratte True story. When we were considering adopting a dog, we were shown a three-legged dog. Other than some issues in turning quickly, he did everything a normal dog could do
Personally I like 3 legs on a chair in nature, since nature doesn't have a straight surface. I prefer not wiggling on my chairs and toppling over. Trying to be cute only works for puppies :)
@Machavity So.. you got it? :) You adopted JonClements? :=)
@Scratte Ironically it was a golden retriever. But, no. That dog was to see how our kids interact with dogs in general
5:42 PM
Is there any reason to use double squiggly braces for CSS styles? Like here? I'm just curious..
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