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10:06 PM
@Dharman If you do that the list of questions would be immense. Lets just agree that those phrases aren't part of the question and should be removed.
@Dharman I have a miniature crusade against HTH!
What do you do?
I think it is a subtle form of vote begging, to be honest. It's ingratiating, but otherwise pointless.
I target HTH and all variants and remove them.
@halfer I know you do full edits, but my plan is to quickly remove the obvious additions with minimal effort. I plan to apply this regex regex101.com/r/ddcF7N/1
10:17 PM
@Dharman Fair enough. Do you have a browser plugin to automate such search-and-replaces?
@halfer No, I am planning to do something more sketchy.
@Dharman I am all ears 3 o.o E
I want to remove them from answers as they are posted.
I want to see if new users will learn something from this.
@halfer What is HTH?
Ah, using the Stack Exchange write API?
@Scratte HTH = hope that helps, a common chatty sign-off in answers
10:22 PM
Oh dear. Why are we using abbreviations for that? :)
I am thinking if there is anyway for this regex to backfire.
Hopefully not.
@Scratte Ah, I use abbreviations just to talk about them - I still remove them when I see 'em on the site!
HTH / Hope it helps / Hope that helps / etc
Hope I have halped you / Hope your tanks have advancemented
@halfer I understand, but I assume that any normal user reading the chat will think it's some kind of code.. Like I did :)
@Scratte Users here aren't normal though ;-)
@Dharman I use this boilerplate: Note that we prefer a technical style of writing here. We gently discourage greetings, hope-you-can-helps, thanks, advance thanks, notes of appreciation, regards, kind regards, signatures, please-can-you-helps, chatty material and abbreviated txtspk, pleading, how long you've been stuck, voting advice, meta commentary, etc. Just explain your problem, and show what you've tried, what you expected, and what actually happened.
True.. but maybe silent users or lurkers are.. hmm.. maybe not :)
10:26 PM
We are trying to overthrow moderators on SO.
This is the plotting and scheming room.
Looks nice, but a tad too long
@halfer You forgot TT
TT = Cry for help?
10:27 PM
Quick.. hide! moderator alert!
Worse, an employee
@Dharman The length of the list is part of the humour of it - and of course every kind of begging on that list really is used every day.
Yes.. sorry. Blinded by diamond. This users doesn't even have enough rep to vote :D
I was going to add theistic blessings to it, but maybe I am pushing my luck ;-)
@Scratte Ah yes, the "if you don't help me I will cry" emoticon - classy!
10:29 PM
@halfer That is a problem too, but not that common.
I should edit all my questions to contain pastafarian blessings, see how long they last
"May you be touched by his noodly appendage. Ramen"
@halfer No.. it's "Try this:"
@Scratte Ah, well I think I have also seen it as a crying eyes symbol, unless I have just misread it every time {ponder}
@halfer Probably not. I just made it up when I just wrote it :D
@Catija Did we scare you away?
Just trying to put into words how creepy the noodly appendage blessing is. I'm not a big fan of being touched.
10:35 PM
@Scratte I shall be keeping a close eye on your answers forthwith ;-)
@Catija It is part of the FSM bible - which, I just learned, is officially known as The Loose Canon {giggle}
@Catija How about if we send you positive vibrations of kind thoughts?
I'm aware. :) I'm well versed in pastafarianism.
@halfer You are welcome to look and search for "Try this", "Hope it helps", "Bless you for asking this awesome Question, that I've had a pleasure to answer", "Please mark my Answer as accepted", "Why the downvote?".. Though I may have put a "Why the upvote?" on one of them.
@Scratte that works. 🤣
10:39 PM
@Scratte Ha, I have fluff searches for most of those already ;-)
@halfer If you see any of that on my posts, I've been hacked! :D
Although you have a point, people rarely grumble about unjustified UV
Or kidnapped and I need help..
I just don't understand how one particular post of mine ever got one. I had imagined I'd be getting the Peer Pressure badge out of it, but no such luck.
^ that's just NAA, right?
@Scratte Why?
@Scratte I would say link-only is NAA - would be better as a comment under the Q
10:48 PM
@halfer @Scratte There were 18 answers from the same user linking all to this page. Why do you say it is NAA?
The most important question is why would you want a clock on excel?
@Dharman I thought it was "not an answer" because it was a link-only answer, and that is too short to be an answer. It was promoting an article on vbaoverall.com, so it could have been flagged as spam too.
@Dharman I just saw it in isolation. Didn't notice the pattern.
I also have no idea what vbaoverall.com even is.
It's like a dufflecoat made of waterproof macros.
I used to have a cottonoverall. It wasn't waterproof, but it had good coverage
10:55 PM
My regex doesn't work always: stackoverflow.com/questions/62854813/…
I've a question regarding this answer: stackoverflow.com/a/31574763/7395227. It contains a link to a Google website. I don't know what this link points to, as I'm blocked from viewing the page's content, unless I sign in, necessarily creating an account first. I assume it is a link to a bug tracker? There's no information about it in the answer. Should I just edit in "Link to bug" or so, or flag the answer for <an appropriate reason>?
@Andreas Links to sites requiring authentication are annoying, and I mostly edit them out. However I think you are right, it's probably a bug tracker, and on that basis I would probably let it slide. It might be useful for someone.
I just clicked it, it requires sign-in for me too.
@Andreas It does not require sign in for me. This link is to Google bug tracker where someone posted originally that code. The link in this answer is to acknowledge the answer was copied from there and is not an original content
You might want to flag it anyway, but I leave it up to you.
@halfer So I'd just not take any action if it seems to be a link to a bug tracker? Maybe not try to get some text into there, explaining it's to a bug tracking requiring sign-in?
@Dharman It doesn't require you to sign in?
It should probably be flagged for plagiarism.
11:07 PM
Are you already signed into Google in your browser?
But on the other hand the purpose of the link was to say where it got copied from.
Flag for plagiarism? For exactly what reason? Not clearly stating that it's original code in the answer? That the original code has a license forbidding copying?
I should read all the way down to the bottom of the chat before typing...
@Dharman "Always" is a response to being signed into Google in your browser, right?
@IanCampbell Always a good idea.
@Andreas Yes, I don't know why it did not ask me to login
11:11 PM
@Dharman Then obviously because you already were signed in.
It works fine for me too, you just have to have a Google Account logged in
@IanCampbell Not everybody has that.
@Andreas See here what you should do: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/268630/1839439
I am merely stating a fact.
It's not clear how code on the target site is licensed. It's possibly plagiarism.
When you flag for plagiarism it helps moderators to know that the user has a history of copying other people's code. In this situation it looks like it was done in good-faith though
11:15 PM
Should've searched Meta first, but "plagiarism" wasn't the first thought to raise its hand. I wasn't aware the code was copied from that link; I rather thought it was just a link to a bug relevant to the issue at hand.
@Dharman Yeah, I'm very much aware of that. I've left custom moderator flags for plagiarism before.
When the answers says "this helped" it usually signifies they copied it from somewhere
Good advice. I didn't infer that from "But this fix too me". Could've figured it out themselves. I've written "this fixed it for me" for things I've figured out myself, too.
OK, I found the license agreement for the Issue Tracker here it's probably fine.
Something something not a lawyer something something.
IANAL but CC By 4.0 means you can't copy the comment and repost it somewhere else just like that.
I just mean if we assume that the link was a (poor) attempt at attribution, then it's probably not blatant plagiarism.
11:21 PM
For cases like this, maybe I'd flag the question together with an edit, to let a moderator notify the author of that this was not sufficient attribution? Though I could just leave a comment myself, which I have done before too. For this specific case, there's probably not much point in contacting the user, as they haven't been logged in for 5 years.
Actually; let me finish reading that Meta post first.
I guess what I'm saying is, this site is chock full to the brim with plagiarism. At least this post actually linked to the place they got it from. We'd be editing every other post if we were trying to stop this.
That might be a fun research paper actually. A network analysis of plagiarism on SO.
@IanCampbell Good luck on that. ;)
Well; I don't see myself fit to edit the answer to add in contribution, as I don't have access to what's behind that annoying login wall.
Attempting to contact the user with a comment really isn't the best either, as they haven't been logged in for 5 years.
All this user has, is 1 post, so there's no recurring pattern either.
Would you like me to provide a screenshot of the post?
@DavidBuck I usually flag such for "too broad". Should I flag it for "opinion based" instead?
@IanCampbell Eh; you can if you'd want to, but I'm not really sure how to handle a case like this again, if more pop up.
@Andreas Depends on the wording but "I'm looking to optimise this code" is generally opinion-based in my view.
11:33 PM
Here you go @Andreas i.sstatic.net/29v6L.png
It could be that they are the author on both sites.
I don't think so. I check the SO poster's personal website.
@IanCampbell Thanks. :)
@DavidBuck mhm, ok.
That's a python question, I assume?
@AdrianMole That has all the information it needs, but it's a math question.
11:42 PM
@Andreas What - even data posted as an image? Generally frowned-upon.
@AdrianMole No, that's an issue, and wasn't what I referred to. It should rather be closed for being more appropriate on math.stackexchange, or closed as a duplicate.
Closed, anyway.
(I would have voted to close, I'm just out of votes)
Closing as a duplicate is fine, if it's a good Question. Not if it should be closed for another reason. It's not a good signpost.
@IanCampbell - and I have too many pending edits.
11:45 PM
Well, that I might be able to help with
..and one should probably be very cautious about transcribing images into text.
@Scratte Oki.
We've had some interesting visitors in here today.
Any votes on this one as a training exercise? I reckon it's in need of details and clarity, needs focus, opinion based, and asking for offsite resources, and yet I decided to leave it alone...
@AdrianMole It's just because of me. ;)
11:47 PM
@AdrianMole Huh? They they speak?
@DavidBuck That's a good question. I would vote needs focus if I had any left.
@Scratte Lurkers. Not mods. Not CMs.
@IanCampbell If you hold on for another 12 minutes, you'll have another fresh batch of votes :)
Clearly, folks 'up top' are curious about this place whence comes so many good moderator candidates.
Don't you worry Scratte, I'm waiting with baited breathe.
11:49 PM
@AdrianMole Not entirely sure how you're even able to tell that they were interesting. How do you even know if someone is lurking?
Good moderator candidates, or the greatest moderator candidates?
I watch the avatars.
@IanCampbell Please don't pass out :D
I watched the Avatar once
@AdrianMole That's not lurkers.. that's just silent participants :)
11:50 PM
@IanCampbell I try not to overuse superlatives.
@Scratte Should we say hello with a ping to them next time? :)
Ping doesn't auto-complete unless they've said something.
No, but it puts them in the permanent logs, for Scratte to read it.
@Andreas That would make them appear in the transcript, but I don't really see a point. One can always load the chat not signed in.
@Scratte Yeah, but they didn't.
11:54 PM
I think you can view the transcript without entering the room. You can be completely quiet about it
Adding "unneeded" to "duplicate" just means: "add in a downvote", right?
It means it does nothing to help the target question. Either duplicates the same answers or is just badly asked and no one visits this page anyway
@Andreas I was away most of the day, so I missed the opportunity to spy on avatars :D But I'm not fuzzed about it. As both I and Dharman mentioned: One can lurk and not give it away..
@Dharman Yeah, but there's no flag for "unneeded duplicate", just "duplicate". So what would the point in adding "unneeded" be, other than to also request a downvote?
@Scratte Of course.
@Andreas I am not requesting a downvote. My request is delete-please
11:57 PM
@Dharman Ok... I'll just ignore "unneeded", then.
You can downvote if you want to, but the reason why I posted here is so that you can evaluate it and if you decide that my opinion is right we can cast delete votes
@Dharman Can't cast delete votes at my reputation level, but ok; I get it now. :)
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