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6:13 PM
Moderators can do anything :) I'm thinking they're invincible :)
Not quite invincible. The recent debacle more than proved that.
@Machavity umm.... thought RO's could... it's just pointless as it creates another message saying you've moved the message?
@JonClements Nope. Just silently fails
okay - thanks
Oh... I see I got a hat tip... which has reminded me... I did have a look but haven't had much luck finding where the docker image was for "Gemmy" - did you have any luck @Machavity?
6:28 PM
@JonClements I reached out to Bhargav but he said it was a g00glen00b project. He wasn't sure where the Docker files would be
And that user was last acitve in Jan :/
ahhh "g00glen00b" - that's the name I was thinking of - let me check the transcripts...
@JonClements Hmm, i went to the SOBotics site and it has this repo listed for Burnaki. Seems to have a Dockerfile
fairly sure GN had something more recent and I'd also need to find the credentials for the Gemmy account
Yeah, I was afraid it wouldn't be that simple
I can't even remember the first burnination you hosted it for. I wanna say he chatted a lot with you about setup and stuff then
6:35 PM
mind you - we could just create a new account and cheat sightly and grant it write access to chat if needed... however, lemme see what I can find digging about a bit.
@Machavity ummm yeah and the credentials for it, it appears I did purge from the history - darn it...
okay... so guess we create a new account then?
@JonClements This is the sort of thing which is conveniently solved by using a password manager, in which you can securely store credentials for multiple accounts. You probably already know this, but...
@Makyen for accounts that you don't physically ever log in to in a browser and are stored crypted in a docker container?
6:51 PM
@JonClements Yeah, sure. I use my password manager to store a variety of passwords, or other secure notes, including ones which are never accessed via a browser. It provides an easy central location that I know to go to when I need to find such information.
just don't lose your master key I guess? :p
I am the key master, are you the gate keeper?
@JonClements No, that would be bad. If I have that concern, then I could create a paper copy, which I would store somewhere that is physically secure. However, in doing so, I would recognize that the trade-off is a lower overall security in exchange for a much lower likelihood that access won't be permanently lost, or that access could be available to my successors (i.e. in business: bus factor).
@NathanOliver I'm not sure if I should be happy or concerned I got the reference there :p
don't worry, be happy
7:00 PM
I use a password manager myself. Random passwords for everything.
whoever you end up calling, it will be all right @Nathan? :p
@10Rep We don't delete spam ourselves. We flag it.
@10Rep Flagging spam is a vote to delete
Just not in the same way. The Community user does it when it hits 6 votes
@10Rep and more-so, since it dings the poster in a strong way
@Machavity A spam flag is actually a kind of super vote: It adds a free (to you) downvote, 1/2 of a delete vote, a possible -100 rep. penalty and more!
... But not to be abused!
7:56 PM
Hmm. "But it wasn't me, it woz my friend wot told me."
Should this question be closed, since the screenshot image is broken and my attempts to find a copy of the image have failed?
I'd like to edit the current image out due to this bug, but the image seems fundamental to the post and it may not have enough information without it.
8:10 PM
Hello everyone! Some question was just closed as a dupe of this one (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17375793/or-conditional-in-python-troubles), which is itself a dupe of this one (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15112125/how-to-test-multiple-variables-against-a-value).

Now, I don't think the 2nd question is actually a dupe of the last one. The last one has syntax like `x or y or z == 0`, but the second one - like `x == "monkey" or "monkeys"`, so the `or` is on a different side of the equality operator. I think these questions are very different because `x or y or z == 0` is the s
Or should I maybe ask this in the Python chat?
@ForceBru If you have subject experience in this technology, and you feel it is not a dup, then yes, by all means vote to reopen.
@ForceBru feel free to pop along to the Python room to discuss if you want
8:31 PM
@ForceBru depends on the intent. I had to think very hard to understand your point. Almost every question that boils down to this expression is a misunderstanding by OP given the dupe target. So the question is whether the problem is due to checking multiple possible values this way. I haven't looked at the questions yet.
8:42 PM
@ForceBru You don't mention which question was closed, but I don't think they're very different. x or y or z == 0 and x == "monkey" or "monkeys" are variants of the same problem as x == "monkey" or "monkeys" is equivalent to (x == "monkey") or "monkeys" so it will always be True. Happy to chat in the Python room if you would like.
@Machavity Ok thanks.
9:10 PM
Are these characters really misaligned? stackoverflow.com/questions/62826501/…
@Dharman I mean the comments say so.
I don't trust comments. I see them exactly the same size
Is this a locale thing?
most probably
I am learning web dev, and when I run the snippets, they seem fine to me.
@Dharman It appears to be a font thing, which means it will be different depending on OS/browser/user settings, etc.
@Dharman Are we talking about the triangles?
9:21 PM
The usual Friday evening, we are talking about triangles
Because when looking at the off-side fiddle, not even the test is aligned. But when I run it here I see this
This looks pretty well aligned to me
@Dharman Well, at least it's not octagons. :)
But I think they missed that the triangles they used here are both identical.
@Scratte In their first snippet, they are not identical. In their second snippet, the characters are the same.
@Makyen Oh dear. Thank you :) I did not notice that. But I cannot see that those triangles are not the same size.
@HovercraftFullOfEels, @MikeM. @Dharman can one of you suggest an appropriate place to post my question?
I'm sorry but I don't know any sites which recommend Java libraries. Maybe Quora or reddit?
sorry, i meant in the stackexchange network
i'll ask on reddit. thanks
@Scratte In the browser I primarily use, they are the same size. The size of the characters is going to depend on the font used, which is OS/browser dependent.
9:34 PM
Yeah, but I don't know that site yet :D
@crinklywrappr FYI see what Makyen linked. Check if your question is on-topic there
Heh.. :D
1 hour later…
10:42 PM
@HovercraftFullOfEels I was in the process of investigating that and the other post. Thanks for the heads-up.
11:01 PM
Not sure what to do about this question. They're asking how to do something that is impossible -- run a String as if it were Java, which can be done, but actually a String that sort of completes a Java statement, which can't be done. I voted to close as not reproducible, but not sure if that is correct
@HovercraftFullOfEels Looks perfectly fine to me. Progman even gave an answer.
@Dharman fair enough
that's why I wasn't sure. It sure generates a lot of discussion though
Not worthy of a real answer, IMHO. And closing is probably the most merciful thing to do with a -8 score already.
but that's not illegal
how helpful is it to future visitors as well? Not sure
I expect to now see it pop up in a meta discussion, but maybe that would be for the best
Roomba will pick it up as it is now. No need to close
11:05 PM
Without closing, somebody may have posted an answer that got an upvote. Then it would be stuck. Closed now, anyway.
And again, it may be re-opened, but I will bet that it will generate a meta discussion. Again, I invite it, since it would be worthwhile knowing what the meta subset of the community thinks of the question
I agree, I would have no problem even with a reopen vote (in theory, anyway) if there is a good argument on Meta in favour - so long as that also attracts sufficient upvotes on the question. 8 downvotes is the Voice of the Community saying very clearly that it is low quality - and we should close low-quality questions.
@AdrianMole It could be edited though. Not sure how, but it could
It's a valid question
That's also a possibility. But I think it's best closed for now - hence my vote.
I would be happy to explain my reason in a Meta post, if it does come up for discussion.
Regarding a question that I recently voted to close here -- what do folks think of the link? Valid? Or spam?
I'm gathering that it's about Saudi visa expiration status, but not sure
Looks not spam, but I would definitely 20k delete.
I agree. Not spam but not on the right site.
@Dharman: thanks. Then I will not flag as such
I did not click on it
I clicked. It's a blog and looks like the website is perfectly functional. I was even asked by a pop-up to become friends with somebody.
11:32 PM
This might not be a great place to ask, but where can I appeal a review queue ban?
@ChristopherMoore You can try this chatroom or maybe make a post on Meta explaining your case. Was the ban from the Triage queue?
@ChristopherMoore: Not here. I've seen such appeals on Meta Stack Overflow, but I'm not sure if they are welcome there
@AdrianMole Yeah the ban was from triage. I saw all the stuff going on with it on meta.
I've often wondered why folks care much about the ban. But I don't hang much in those queues
If it's your first review ban, then you're welcome to ask about it. They are often reversed if you can demonstrate understanding and how to improve.
11:35 PM
Are you trying to appeal it as incorrect, or as you've learned your lesson?
(the latter is much more likely to succeed)
@ChristopherMoore Then definitely go to the room I linked. The owner of that room is a Moderator and maybe it was the one who banned you.
@RyanM Learned lesson and the length seems quite long for what it is.
Best to couch the question as a bit of both, even if only the first
@HovercraftFullOfEels eh, Samuel's been handing out long bans just so people actually see them. They're usually reversed upon asking nicely with an explanation of what the user did incorrectly to earn it.
@RyanM Thanks for the info. Yes, I seem to vaguely remember seeing an explanation of that sort on meta
11:37 PM
@ChristopherMoore Yeah, I'd recommend the chatroom Adrian linked. Post an explanation of what you did, what you should have done, and a polite request that the ban be lifted, and wait for a mod to happen by and notice it.
... now that you mention it
I did @ Samuel with an explanation on a meta post where others were in the same situation. Should I send the same message in the room?
@ChristopherMoore Probably best not to ping a mod. Just post a message in that room and Sam (or another mod) will see it. But bear in mind things are a bit busy, just now, with the election going on.
@AdrianMole Okay thank you
11:42 PM
@ChristopherMoore I'd really only do one or the other. Doing it multiple places could be annoying.
@Makyen I'll delete my comment on the meta post.
@ChristopherMoore The comment you made was well worded.
But, it is no more. :;
Assuming it's similar to the one you just posted in chat, I agree with Makyen.
@ChristopherMoore: looks like a possible winner. Let us know what happens
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