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7:13 PM
Why isn't MP closing these questions?
This is not how we do burninations
Maybe we should help with the burnination. I know it was not announced publicly but why should only one person do the burnination of 1500 questions?
@Dharman Are you talking about Martijn's campaign against [access]?
Yes, the recently announced burnination on Meta
Is this the type of NAA you were talking about before? stackoverflow.com/a/52023080/1839439
7:24 PM
I'm actually surprised he didn't ask us
But he didn't do anything else in the burnination process either
Why is the burnination happening now? Is there not enough flags in the queue? Because I can add more.
I wonder if he's just winging it. Jon and Bhargav know how to reach us, and both have done the full burn process
Then again it's down to 500 Qs now. He might just be doing something bulk with the blessing of CMs
It doesn't look like that. Why would CMs want this particular tag gone?
Without removing the questions it makes little sense. We still keep the garbage but remove the tag that was helping us identify the garbage?
I mean something like a userscript. I doubt Catija has time to fiddle with anything burnination-wise
What's going on?
7:31 PM
@JonClements We are doing burnination
@JonClements Martjin is solo burning a tag
Kinda caught me off guard there. No [featured] or anything
That's definitely not following the procedure.
@Zoe It's probably what triggered it, but this one is not a VBA tag.
it's still connected
7:36 PM
[excel-vba] is something not even Shog9 could fix
@Machavity We did help, though, I posted a couple of those in here.
[access] has lost about 30 questions since we've been talking
If I were smart, I would search tag combinations of common off topic questions with both tags.
While we are at it, we probably should also remove this one: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/restriction?tab=Active
So how can we help MP? There are some PHP questions I wouldn't mind seeing gone immediately. stackoverflow.com/q/45253346/1839439
7:57 PM
We can't just start burning things without Meta. CMs said so
Well, we didn't start it.
Martjin is a mod. I assume he knows what he's doing and the Devs probably know how to yell at him directly if it goes badly
Are you saying that we do not know what we are doing because we do not have the Diamond?
Just for info: In order to properly burninate a tag, do even deleted Qs need to have the tag removed?
8:00 PM
No. I am saying Martjin can take care of himself. We know what we're doing but we cannot act without Meta consensus
@AdrianMole You remove the tag from the good questions which can be easily salvaged and have value
@Dharman I think your two negatives are not mutually exclusive.
@AdrianMole A tag with no undeleted posts will be deleted
Woo Hoo!
8:09 PM
Come one, come all, join the caucus
@Machavity and closed
good job, everyone
I wonder what happened.
Brill, that was a great election
8:15 PM
I will be thoroughly auditing it
@AdrianMole Ha ha!
OK, we're back
@Machavity okay... I'm going to put as a formal burninate jobby tomorrow morning at some point - it won't be featured though (not enough slots right now), but it will have the appropriate status tag etc... I'll also have a look to see if I can get a copy of "Gemmy" somewhere that helps people track progress and all that.
@JonClements Bhargav would probably know where that is
If you need me to reach out to him let me know
I'm also burning through ; people keep typing access denied and permission denied into the tag box..
@Machavity I think code geek had it as a docker somewhere? Think I can probably find it, but if you can do so as well in case I can't, that'd be great...
@Machavity Devs probably don't care :D
@JonClements Can't you abuse the event thingymagingy?
Events has their own slot.
meh... think mods have access to community events but it's not something ever used... not even sure how it actually works... I'm just going to have a late dinner while the election hopefully gets sorted...
8:50 PM
Folks who've seen elections, do you think it's likely we'll see nominations in the first 24H and 48H???
@bad_coder last election, we had nominations in under an hour
I know I'm waiting for a certain someone's nomination with baited breathe.
Yep, last year @Machavity stepped up to take the bullet/brunt of everyone's attention. :)
@Makyen please remove this cv-request of mine. The question is edited and improved
Clearly the 14 minutes of the election failing caused everyone to lose interest.
8:56 PM
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@Zoe hi, nice talking to you again. Thanks for letting me know.
@SardarUsama np. We're happy to do that anytime.
@Makyen I'm not going to ask here, I hope to be surprised :)
@Makyen Come on then Makyen, get nominating yourself... :=)
9:07 PM
I think the thing with the questionnaire going live the same day is that a lot of people work on answering the questions so they can post the nomination and their answers simultaneously.
@Catija Yes, that is certainly a concern. If you don't have the questionnaire answered, then you will invariably get a comment asking you to answer the questionnaire, even if it's only been a few minutes from when the nomination was posted.
I remember when the questionnaire was compiled during nominations and the answers were posted during the voting... that was weird.
I'm glad we don't do that any more
@Catija Yeah, that would be strange, and considerably less informative for voters. It's definitely better to have the questionnaire with the nomination phase.
Yup. And it gives nominees an extra week to consider nominating.
Since we always pick the top 8 questions, you can even write answers before the questionnaire is posted... even if something odd happens and some voting changes, you usually only have to draft one new answer instead of all 10.
9:16 PM
Plus votes are determined by uninformed masses clicking on notifications on the main site :)
but it's good to preoccupy the nominees :D
I have to remember all this advice for the next election
@rene Should I take that as you're not going for this election?
@rene Does that mean you're thinking of running?
:D Yeah, unless it's a small site, votes generally line up with good candidate messages and ... high candidate score.
@Catija What is a good candidate message?
9:19 PM
rene and mod elections are like people and starting diets. "Tomorrow".
> I promise 500 reputation to all of my constituents.
... :P
You've got my vote...
@Catija Wouldn't that get me kicked out of the election?
Anyone offering more? Daddy needs a new del vote.
if the constituents post good canonicals you could even get away with it
9:21 PM
Good candidate nominations share a message that people get behind. They talk about experience on site and vision for the future... they show an understanding of the site's needs and the needs of the users on the site. A willingness to advocate for the users and to keep their needs in mind.
@Dharman Yes.
We'd at least strongly ask you to edit it...
Please don't do that.
Because my life wasn't hard enough as it is...
@Catija "but Catija told me to do it"
Candidate #1 is up
Catija says that everyone who votes for me will get 500 reputation points
@Catija Someone should do that and link to this conversation :D
@Dharman I... uh... have 125 rep.
I also have no way to know who voted for anyone.
Ballots are completely anonymized.
9:24 PM
@Catija A great nomination spells out an acrostic.
I hear haiku are all the rage right now.
@Mithical That's great. Somehow, I'd expect nothing less of a puzzling SE moderator!
I think this was a pretty good message
@Makyen Tell me about it. I had a war over downvotes in comments that mods had to delete and then this Meta, which was thinly veiled about me and SOCVR in general
@AndrasDeak :D
9:33 PM
@Catija heh, case in point. :D
@Machavity Yeah, it didn't look pleasant. As to that Meta post, there's a lot of misconception about what moderation is tied up in that Meta. I'm not sure what their concept of moderation is/was.
Well, I convinced him at least. Small victories
@Machavity It's certainly a plus.
@Braiam Meaning you or am I missing something?
9:49 PM
@Catija Comment under the only candidate.
10:01 PM
So............. does anyone know: who among the regulars is nominating themselves to be moderator?
@HovercraftFullOfEels Well, last year Machavity nominated himself. So did Makyen. I can only guess the same will happen this year.
@HovercraftFullOfEels you are ...
@10Rep And both would make great moderators (in my opinion) and in fact got my vote last year. What about @rene? @MartijnPieters? @JohnDvorak? Other great potential candidates
@MartijnPieters is already a mod.
@rene: LOL. I'm too opinionated, too politically incorrect, and too busy with work...
10:05 PM
You don't want 2 Dutch blokes on the mod team
@10Rep: oops, nevermind him
I wouldn't have the patience for it methinks ... or the meta participation
I would also put in my vote for @rene (I can vote FYI).
@rene: we want intelligent people with a high EQ as well as IQ as mods, and you happen to fit that bill to a T
Even if they are,..... Dutch (am I really saying this???)
@HovercraftFullOfEels yeah, why not. Just insult a whole country ;)
10:07 PM
@rene Why insult just one person?!
Why insult just one country?
Insult the species. 7.5 billion ish impacted in one go
@rene: I actually have a friend who is Dutch who always states, "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much!"
> "There are only two things I can't stand in this world: People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."
While his wife always states: "wooden shoes, wooden head, wouldn't listen..."
@Zoe It's 7.7 billion
10:08 PM
7.5, 7.7, it's all way too much
@HovercraftFullOfEels true that
@rene At least you're not embarrassed by your elected leader (I hope)
@akrun: more like, requesting resources
@HovercraftFullOfEels yes, is that acceptable in SO?
@akrun Look under "community specific reasons" and then "seeking recommendations for books, tools, software libraries, and more"
10:11 PM
@akrun I agree it's closable, but you put the wrong reason.
yes, you are right. sorry
10:28 PM
@rene you’d have my vote. And I’m no longer pure 100% unadulterated Dutch anyway.
@MartijnPieters How can that be? Did you get a transplant?
(Married to a Scot, lived in the US, Norway and now in the UK, the only remaining Dutch authenticity is my two pairs of clogs).
10:44 PM
Oh sorry didn't see that you already did that question
11:13 PM
Advice: did I get this one wrong, or should it be reopened even if I didn't? I had closed in part based on the OP's comment that they'd cross-posted it, but that seems to no longer be true, as it's not there. It could be development-related, as GSI is a development tool. I think it could be a good question now that it's no longer cross-posted and if I removed the last sentence asking for recommendations. Thoughts?
@RyanM It sounds like it was cross-posted on Reddit, not another SE site.
@Chipster see the first two comments
"I cross posted this question to /u/AndroidGSI on reddit." (Emphasis mine)
I think Google shouldn't tell people to post bugs on SO
@RyanM Oh, I got you now.
11:18 PM
@ChristopherMoore Don't worry about it. We, of course, prefer to avoid duplicate requests, but it's almost never a significant issue when the requests are close together. If the request is likely to be handled quickly, then, if the user doesn't notice until more than 2 minutes after posting, we often just let both messages be cleaned up when the request is complete.
If it's a request which is unlikely to be handled quickly, then one of the ROs can either move it out of the room when they notice, or you, or someone else, can bring it to their attention and the RO can handle it.
My personal opinion is that the issue is mostly that the request generator doesn't check for duplicate requests made by other people. That's a feature I've intended to add, but I haven't gotten to it. In other words, I feel having such duplicate requests is mostly down to the tool not preventing it.
@RyanM My vote is that it's too broad. It's asking for general guidence.
Q: We need to de-leet [leetcode]

cs95The leetcode tag has been gaining popularity of late, but it doesn't make sense for pretty much the same reasons that the hackerrank tag didn't make sense. There are about 86 questions tagged at the time of writing. Does it describe the contents of the questions to which it is applied? and is i...

I edited it a bit to be somewhat less general and focus on their bootlooping issue and asked them to replace the screenshots of text, but I'd vote to reopen if they fix that. I also noted that part of the reason for the change of heart is that it's no longer cross-posted.
Thanks for the advice
@IanCampbell Yeah that sentence and link is definitely...sub-optimal. I'm trying to think how I'd rephrase that to direct the correct questions to Stack Overflow...
@RyanM I think even with your improvements it is not on topic. I would not vote to reopen in its current state
Also, I think your body edit will trigger a review task.
11:34 PM
@IanCampbell as possible missing context, GSI is a tool that allows a future version of Android to be loaded onto a device whose OEM hasn't released it yet, in order to test your apps on that device
@IanCampbell It shouldn't, I was one of the close voters
@IanCampbell Edits from users who voted to close or flagged the question don't push the question into the reopen queue.
Ah, right, I forgot, thanks
@RyanM That is helpful missing context. You may be right
np. It's an easy one to forget. It'd be a lot simpler if it was only the OP editing that would push it into the reopen queue.
And we really need to see if edits were made after closing in the edit reviews.
@AdrianMole This would be eliminated as a problem if OP edits were the only ones that counted, right?
11:38 PM
Yes. But, in the meantime...
@RyanM (Sorry for the double ping) I feel like the question linked from the google page is just so blatantly off topic. stackoverflow.com/questions/55841972/getting-started-with-gsi I would have cv-ed it for sure if it weren't for the lack of recent activity
11:52 PM
You shouldn't refuse to CV questions just because they are old.
Martijn Pieters been doing a lot of retagging I guess
oh @MartijnPieters is actually here
Yeah, and we are not entirely happy because he didn't ask us for help
if something gets retagged, that counts as recent activity?
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