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12:11 AM
@10Rep How is this not about programming? It's about using a plugin in an app.
@RyanM voted no MVCE
@JohnDvorak That's what I would have voted, but it was closed prior to my opening the CV dialog.
It is, despite flaws, definitely about programming (and there was enough there to answer it in the comments, which I think could have legitimately been an answer). The general computing reason (which one close voter picked) would be incorrect and misleading to the asker.
@10Rep to be clear, I am mostly asking this as a request to be more careful with close reasons (another example was "Includes image of code, should possibly be deleted" for a post that had the same code typed out fully)
@RyanM It could easily be shrugged off as closer error tbf
12:58 AM
@RyanM Yes, I mistyped the error. I will keep that in mind later on.
@RyanM Also, the post was edited by the time I posted it here.
1:30 AM
^^ I must admit, I didn't open the image, but the question is still off topic to me
Yeah, I fixed the image, then voted "No MCVE, no code." I added a slightly more relevant canned comment, although hopefully yours will also dissuade an image of code if you leave it.
@RyanM I removed my one, as I think your cancom is the appropriate one
Sounds good! I like the term "cancom" :D
I have a bunch of slight variations for all of the many...creative...ways people have of not including important content within the post
1:43 AM
@RyanM me too, but sometimes I'm in a hurry and don't find 'em in time, the list has become BIG
Yeah, my file has 58 lines in it...I need to go through and combine/tweak/reorganize at some point
3 hours later…
5:02 AM
@TylerH What's wrong with it? Sounds like a Shog9 special. I quite like it.
@RyanM Yes, please. It's not a matter of stepping on each others' toes. It's just...if there's a pattern that you're bringing to our attention via flag, make the pattern clear in a single flag. We won't connect the dots if there are multiple flags.
5:39 AM
@CodyGray Random question: does any markdown syntax work in custom mod flags? Or to put the question another way: in terms of making mods' life easy, what is the best way to link SO content in a mod flag?
After the current discussion is over, "is having multiple accounts permitted?" If not, while reviewing, I bumped into this strange: stackoverflow.com/posts/62588805/revisions
I think it's not allowed, so should I have used a mod-flag even if I was not entirely sure?
5:54 AM
@ArdentCoder We don't moderate users here in general, but the short version is: It's allowed if you don't use two accounts to do something you couldn't have done with one account, such as gaining reputation. You could, for instance, look through history to see if they interact, such as approving each other's edits (+2 rep), accepting each other's answers, or suspicious voting patterns. You could then send a custom mod flag with a detailed description of what you found suspicious.
The "all actions" section of the profile's "Activity" page is useful for this
@RyanM Sorry, I forgot that users are not moderated here. And thanks for your reply, cheers.
6:18 AM
Please help to thin the redundancy on this bloated page. I have left comments under valueless answers.
...if only I had nega-bounties that I could use to curate with.
@mickmackusa I don't think we have the capacity to review the entire PHP tag. :) (i.e. I think you forgot a link.)
ha, crap.
@SamuelLiew Do you have any userscripts that take the snippet box answer full page width? While on CodeReview, I like to avoid horizontal scrolling. So I hack the dom and extend its width full page. You got one of those?
6:34 AM
wdym? stack snippets can already be fullpaged
I think @mickmackusa means the code, not the output.
StackExchangeWiderMode - needs a bit of tinkering to find the width suitable for yourself - change line 35 to breakpoints.full for full-width
like this: imgur.com/a/wRNLELg @SamuelLiew
see my userscript above
6:41 AM
oh, sorry, I was away making the screenshot.
Another request @SamuelLiew might you consider culling ~10 redundant answers @ stackoverflow.com/questions/7225070/…
@mickmackusa flag each one individually and link to the duplicate answer
7:05 AM
Do you think I should mod-flag this edit approval? stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/26548397. I just read a comment under the post it seems the edit was incorrect all the more
I might overreact :)
@mickmackusa From my experience, duplicate answer mod-flags are the most slowly dismissed ones, just FIY :(
@akuzminykh I gave that question an edit and formatted your re-open request so users here will notice it better. please do read our FAQ: socvr.org/faq it is pretty awesome.
@Vega do not flag. The edit was approved by the OP himself.
@bad_coder I am blind :(, thank you!
@Vega np
7:21 AM
...sorry just back from walking the dog. @Makyen my apologies for breaking the rules. My ignorance may be hard to believe being that I've been volunteering for years and I am a diamond on another site, but I honestly didn't know that the best course of action was to flag the redundant answers. If I had known that, then I wouldn't have wasted so much time typing out so many comments that explained my downvotes.
I bump the sides from time to time. I appreciate when others take the time to groom me to be a better volunteer.
@mickmackusa There's also a solution by double-beep with a little icon on the top right to toggle the sidebar away (sorry about the triple ping)
@mickmackusa So that would be a custom flag each, for moderator attention?
@Yunnosch Yes, now I am individually flagging posts on that page. I am including the much high voted answers as well (the ones that would not be impacted by my piddly single downvote).
Just to make me more comfortable with that line of action. Could somebody please link to a few examples of diamond-deleted answers for being redundant?
Cody did a great big cull for me recently (I didn't ask him to or flag anything). I don't think I can find the page at the moment.
7:30 AM
@Vega I've been meaning to tell you, every time I see your screen name this is what I think about: youtube.com/watch?v=ESTkFb6AP8I
Yup, yup. StreetFighter memories.
@mickmackusa for sure :)
@Vega Wghat do you mean "Most slowly dismissed"? That they are most reliably "helpful"ed? Or that they are slow to be processed? Or maybe rejected?
@Yunnosch I think you will find that those are rare. They will delete plagiarized answers, but I think you're more likely to have such a flag declined as @Vega also mentioned. I'm under the impression that they should be deleted by 20K users.
@Scratte That is what my feeling tells me and why I wanted to see some examples. So, any body up to give me some 5krep? I mean just to enable me to help with that tedious work? ....
7:36 AM
@Yunnosch Yes. We will most certainly give you reputation to enable you to do more moderation. It's a group effort what's done throughout the site. All you have to do is provide more excellent Answers and/or Questions, and the reputation will come in almost like magic. No need to even ask for it :D
@rene Ohhh man...What did I do?! I should never have mentioned it...Now you're hacking at the historical data mining :)
@Scratte Nice answer. (To what I hope was obviously a joke of mine.)
:) I took it as a joke :)
What a relief. (But even as a joke it was bad style. Sorry.)
@Scratte Moderators will delete obviously redundant answers. In other words, the ones which are clearly redundant to someone who is not a Subject Matter Expert (SME). If the answers require that they be evaluated by a SME, that's a job for >20k users, or, if you get lucky, a moderator who happens to have that expertise.
7:40 AM
@Makyen OK then again. Can I see examples of such blindingly obviously redundant answers which got diamond-deleted? If I see a few I would trust to do mod-flag more of them. But I have been scorched by (quite reasonably) declined mod-flags and need some safety hand holding...
@Makyen I think I do have e few ones that I marked as NAA's that were deleted by either moderators or the LQP queue, but I always made it very explicit in a comment. I was told that moderators do not see the comment unless they open up the post in a different tab though.
@Yunnosch I know they exist, because I've seen them. However, I've never cared enough about them to keep a record (that's kind-of the point of deleting them). So, no, unfortunately, I can't easily give you links.
@Yunnosch I have never raised those as custom flag. And it would take quite a while for me to find an example from my flag list.. 1. It has to be both a flag and a review of mine, since I cannot see deleted posts. 2. I did a lot of 50 NAA's a day outside the review-queues.
Not to butt in here, or anything, but this might be a good example, if I'm following the conversation correctly: stackoverflow.com/q/48893935.
@MikeM. delete votes on questions with >200 score and having answers of >500. Fun times.
7:45 AM
@Scratte If an issue is anything other than obvious to anyone looking at the post with no other information, then you should use a custom mod-flag and give the moderator the additional necessary information/context.
@Adriaan Hmm, I hope that wasn't me. I've been known to accidentally fat-finger that.
Sadly I was not able to flag every bad answer on stackoverflow.com/q/7225070/2943403. I was only able to flag the duplicate ones. The simply incorrect ones and the ones that were answering a different question got a pass. Humph.
@Makyen Yes, but if an answer is just redundant, I'd expect my get my flag declined.
@Scratte If it's obviously a duplicate that was posted a long time after the initial one, then they do get deleted. If it's a very similar answer which was posted at or around the same time, then, no, it won't be deleted.
Sigh. Still too scared to do something about redundant answers (I mean those with at least several minutes after the duplicate target.) Though I'd really like to.
8:01 AM
@Yunnosch I said 'dismissed' as I cannot judge, but hopefully 'helpful'. They are slow to be processed, indeed that what I meant
@Yunnosch I can see from my own list of reviews that I have not flagged those. I've put in comments instead. Like this one
Yeah. My favorite comment is "Please highlight the relevant difference to <other answer> to make the additional insight you provide more obvious. Try to avoid the impression that you are only trying to harvest reputation by repeating a highly upvoted answer." That often results in a modest hail of downvotes...
If it's just minutes apart, then it's likely an honest answer that was worked on while the other was posted.
Heh.. you use that comment? :)
@Scratte You are right. "several minutes" I scale up for complex answers.
Yes, I claim authorship.
@Yunnosch If I use this, I will certainly mention you in the comment as the author of it then :)
8:10 AM
I would be so honored. (I consider the commenting privilege the most powerful of all moderator privileges....)
Oooh, got to a nice round number: 1,024 helpful flags
Awesome.. Are you going to take a break to keep the number? :D
looks at 27 pending flags well it'd be a shame to cancel all those :-p
Just power through to the next round one at 2187.
For those that PHP... I don't know what the talks are tonight, but our quarterly Brisbane PHP Meetup is online in 45minutes meetup.com/BrisPHP/events/271156919 and live streaming to youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCnjs7ZykvgWGaSQiYCNxzeA
8:17 AM
@Yunnosch ...2187?
Well, you consider 2 to the power of ten to be round. So I thought the next one would be 3 to the power of 7. (Yeah, 2 to the 11, but that is boring...).
clearly 2048, then 2187
(Yeah, 2 to the 11, but that is boring...).
@RyanM I think we both rolled back at nearly the same time
@JanWichelmann We did :-) I rolled back a third time to my original rollback, as they actually deleted the content of their question in two passes, so I restored to the version with the most content.
8:22 AM
That's a rollback skirmish rather than a full-blown war. ;-)
Ah, I see, OP deleted the pseudocode first
@AdrianMole although I think technically enough to trigger an autoflag, because I did two rollbacks
but yes, friendly skirmish, really :-p
Collateral damage?
if you count some poor mod having to look at it as collateral damage :-p
Hmm, they removed the pseudocode again but left the rest, maybe that was actually a reasonable state for the question
8:25 AM
Adriaan rolled back again
and another rollback! Okay, now I don't feel too bad for triggering an autoflag.
@RyanM I don't think Markdown syntax works, but links definitely do.
Now it is a war
Oh, and speaking of poor mods...
@CodyGray assumedly they need to be in full URL form? e.g., [1](/a/12345/) would not work
8:27 AM
@RyanM I guess we'll leave it at this. They keep removing their pseudo-code. I'll leave it to the auto flag.
About this war.. I do not think the pseudocode was there when the answers came in
so.. is it necessary to be there?
@Adriaan Yeah, I'm fine leaving it sans pseudocode, it's merge sort...no pseudocode particularly required
as long as they don't try to delete the rest again
@Scratte I'd say yes, because of the CC-by-SA licensing. They added it, now it's public domain, and should be easily visible IMO
@Adriaan I'm not sure it's suppose to work that way. Just because they added it doesn't mean it's useful or adds any value to the post.
The law nerd in me is glaring at your usage of "public domain" :-p
I concur with Scratte, though: we distribute whatever the most useful version is. If the pseudocode isn't useful, the question is better with it out of the way.
8:31 AM
@Vega Yeah, I really take my time clicking the button for those. :-)
I've removed stuff from my own post to simplify things.. made it less cluttery and easier to understand.
Like how we tell people whose "MRE/MCVE" is 600 lines to metaphorically please delete half
@RyanM I honestly don't know. I mean, I probably should know, because I've surely seen it dozens or more times. But I can't rememember.
(This poor mod is still making his way through the transcript.)
Do you want a test flag with a bunch of differently formatted links?
@mickmackusa Don't we all. Your humility is appreciated. :-)
@RyanM No?
8:35 AM
Really though I think the longest flags to clear are question-merging flags, probably because it's a subject-matter-heavy analysis.
@RyanM Just put in "This is a test flag for Cody... blah blah.. please mark it as disputed, 🙏 plz 🙏 plz 🙏 plz "
@RyanM Fun fact: At one point I posted a bug report on Meta for the mod flag dashboard that was actually a XSS vulnerability. Not being a web programmer, some friendly Meta denizens immediately recognized my ignorance and took pity on me, telling me to delete the bug report immediately.
"This is a test flag for <script>alert("Cody");</script>"
I mention this as evidence that the mod flag dashboard must do some kind of processing on the flag message text. Presumably the same mini-Markdown subset that works in comments also works there. But it's also possible that it doesn't render formatted, but as raw Markdown. (Some mod tools do that, so that we can more easily spot evil™)
@CodyGray I've used [text](link) syntax in flags before, to point back to a review or other relevant post/flag of mine. Those render fine in my flag list.
8:41 AM
@RyanM For what it's worth, no autoflag there.
@RyanM Mostly because a lot of mods are reluctant to do it. You are basically waiting for one of us who is willing to use that tool... :-) Subject matter expertise helps, too, of course.
@Scratte That would make me go look for that "ban from flagging" option...
@CodyGray Huh, interesting...suggests that this meta post is wrong.
There are just complicated conditions.
Adriaan and I each did two, and the OP did one
I assume you're talking about this post
8:45 AM
Okay, yeah, link markdown renders in the mod flag queue. Just checked.
And didn't even accidentally handle any flags! Whew!
@RyanM This is explained here in even more detail
"Two rollbacks from the same user on a single post will generate a "rollback war" auto-flag for moderator attention."
But this is from 2014, so...
It probably foiled it because other editors got involved. I'm not sure.
That situation probably should have raised an autoflag. You guys were stomping all over each other there.
Most of the auto rollback flags that we get are noise. About half of them in my subjective experience are the OP trying to learn how to use the rollback feature :-)
The system clearly realized it was a friendly stomping /s
"Flagged by Community: several potential mod candidates here, better watch out"
Speaking of which, is there a pool going for who is going to nominate?
8:50 AM
We can't nominate Yaakov for moderator
@CodyGray Do you mean there should first be an SOCVR internal run-off, so only one RO/Regular actually nominates?
@AdrianMole Ugh! No!
I think I've already identified my top 3 candidates (and am currently hoping they all nominate), but I don't want to artificially limit the good nominations!
I'm actually quite eager to see who'll nominate. Not just from here, but in general. This will be my first election - exciting stuff.
Yeah, same for me :)
First election! Squee!
It's always exciting to have new users who have gotten so involved and passionate.
8:53 AM
@AdrianMole Same here, on both counts
@RyanM Are you just cycling through to ping everyone who participated in the conversation?
@CodyGray Can't hide my misclicks from a mod who can see message history, can I :-p
I watched it in real-time
Message histories are for noobs
@sam Any reason why you unlocked the comments on my question? I feel a little harassed by one commenter.
8:55 AM
no longer featured
if someone is harassing you just mod flag
@SamuelLiew what is the reasoning for comment-locking featured posts in the first place?
Avoiding noisy, impossible-to-moderate discussion and encouraging people to use the answer box.
^^ Don't trust that guy; he doesn't know what he's talking about
lol!.. You're being quoted from the Ministry of all places :D
9:04 AM
Moderators wear many hats. Some of those hats are silly.
Moderators wear only one hat. (Well, probably not anymore...)
9:38 AM
@RyanM Please remember that our limit for "recent" wrt. cv-pls requests is 6 months. You'll probably get more agreement to bend that limit if you say something like "This is its 5th time through the CV queue. I tried CVing it back in early March, but it didn't get any other CV reviews.".
9:53 AM
@mickmackusa Please review this PHP low quality answer (bloat) under which you commented.
10:05 AM
@RyanM amazing :D
@karel SWEET I got to recommend the deletion of 3 of the answers on the page with No Comment Needed. Nice set up.
10:27 AM
10:48 AM
umm... so one of the Q's in the potential questions asks candidates to prove they're not insane... I'd always thought being insane was an absolute prerequisite :)
@JonClements How else are you supposed to use the site?
@CodyGray I take your word for it :)
@JonClements It is a trick question. If you prove sanity then you are not going to be elected.
@Yunnosch that's what I'm thinking :p
11:06 AM
Does anyone have a duplicate Question that they can take a screendump of the header of, so I can use it on a post on meta? :)
You mean the banner explaining the close as dupe?
But from the author's view with the "Delete question" in red and everything :)
I see. No, too junior to already have asked a question on StackOverflow.
@Scratte I linked one here before
@Dharman this one?
11:10 AM
Thanks. You need more fame on meta too :D
@Scratte I am scared already.
11:31 AM
@Dharman Best question so far on the election Q&A was written by you.
@bad_coder I find it hard to believe.
@Dharman Most downvoted, currently at zero-sum. Good indicator you hit a nerve, and the lobby didn't take long to DV...
@bad_coder You've got some strange criteria for defining "best" question
@Dharman I could scientifically elaborate on how and why...but let's leave it like that :)
@Dharman Are you running?
11:38 AM
I am sitting down
lol!.. Good one. I wasn't asking about physical activity :D
Are there any way for moderators to handle other moderators?
@halfer reopened now; old comments should probably be cleaned out
I mean I don't expect moderators to raise flags on other moderators :) So what do they do?
@Scratte They talk until they reach some agreement with one another like civil people do? :p
@Adriaan NAA I'd say. It seems the user just wants to be contacted personally with help.
11:46 AM
up to you really; I sent with NAA
@Nick Oh. That was unexpected ;)
spam has some serious repercussions if the flag is accepted so it should probably be held back if it looks like the user is merely unfamiliar with the rules
weird edit by Yunnosch there though
I went with NAA too and a del-vote which seems to have been the third one...
@tripleee "Weird edit by Yunnosch" please be more specific. I do so many weird edits. Please link. Maybe I can explain.
@Adriaan it copied the content of the question with added spam links and tagline /cc @Yunnosch
11:58 AM
@rene good catch, thanks
@rene Please link, I lost track and want to know what you are referring to. I am open to learn.
@Yunnosch it was the smokey report
My edit on the email address? I had a typo there. I meant to write "different_first_name_with_same_initial+intentionallyrenamed". My attempt to protect the author as much as possible, keep the obvious fact visible that it is an email (and sabotage their attempt to make contact outside of SO).
@Yunnosch probably this one
12:14 PM
@Yunnosch you replaced the email address with an invalid address, but it wasn't clear that it is invalid
@tripleee Did not want it too obviously invalid (to keep the problem visible). The level of obviousness I intended failed because of the typo....
@tripleee Good shout, will del & flag
editing stuff which should probably be deleted anyway is always problematic, though sometimes it is necessary
12:28 PM
Can you stand as a candidate while sitting down?
@AdrianMole Maybe it's better than sitting on a running candidate. Unless one is a cat. I image Neptune has been doing it more than once. (triple ping.. I aim to be heard :)
@Scratte There is a mysterious place called the Teachers Lounge that moderators have been known to use...
@Scratte Just remember what my mammy always says: Two pings don't make a pong.
@AdrianMole I've heard of that place. I always imagined it like a dungeon of some sort.. with spiders web and tricky traps and and endless cave system where one can go in circles forever..
I think it's where 'sane' people are Converted into moderators.
That doesn't help with the dungeon part. Now it sound even more so, like a re-education cellar :)
12:44 PM
sing along: ♪ ♫ knives and spikes and guns and the likes of every tool of pain! a sinister-looking midget with a bucket and a mop where the blood goes down the drain ♪ ♫
@tripleee ... nah.
1:10 PM
@CodyGray I go on to describe what's wrong with it in the next several messages
@KenWhite whoa, got a weird page load with nothing in the announcements bar there
nope, it's a script
looks like the Reduce Clutter userscript changed to hide it? surely that can't be intentional
1:34 PM
I'm surprised that username is even allowed. Presumably, somebody has flagged it?
@AdrianMole I just did.
Cool. One should be enough.
@TylerH I didn't get that on the linked page.
@KenWhite I'm using a Reduce Clutter userscript by Sam Liew that is causing it
1:37 PM
@TylerH That would explain why I didn't get it. :-)
? Luncheon meat?!
@JanWichelmann see the FAQ: socvr.org/faq#luncheonmeat
@KenWhite Is this a flaggable username?
@Dharman the one from the 'math random 100%' SD report most certainly is.
it's already had at least two mod flags about it, though
@JanWichelmann Techno-speak for gibberish.
1:43 PM
Ah, alright
@TylerH the html markup was changed, I already fixed it, just reinstall or update
Learning something new here every day :D
@Dharman A user name that starts with a profanity that some people might find offensive seems to be flaggable to me. If not, I guess my flag will be declined. :-)
What are the guidelines for usernames? I am still confused what can be flagged and what can't
@SamuelLiew hmm, I thought it auto updated
1:44 PM
"Muck Faster" would have been a better choice for the one above. ;)
@KenWhite was just taking a look but it's already been changed :)
@Dharman I never know. I just give it a shot flag and hope for the best.
but that was definitely flaggable
@TylerH yeah, but I think the default auto update interval is a few days
@Dharman I'm not sure there are actual guidelines. There was a discussion once at Meta, but I don't remember when. If I get a chance, I'll see if I can find it.
1:45 PM
@Dharman the guidelines are the same as speech; don't be offensive. If you have the most colorful swearword in the history of language in your username, it's a pretty safe bet that it's inappropriate as a username ;-)
@SamuelLiew gotcha
@rene I prefer big flags. Very big ones.
In theory, according to Catija, there is a black-list of profanities that are automatically blocked for usernames. Doesn't seem to be that effective ...
@JonClements I see that, and my flag was accepted as helpful. I guess it was a good name to flag.
@SamuelLiew just updated, unfortunately it's hiding both announcements rather than just the podcast one in v1.21
is that by design or is it supposed to only hide announcements with keywords in them from the filter?
I'm not getting any announcements bar when I disable my userscript
did you mean the blog links instead?
1:48 PM
yeah that whole big yellow box is the announcements bar
I guess they are technically blog links
no, that is the community bulletin. announcements bar show up below the nav bar
I consider blog posts to be announcements
anyway I've updated to 1.21.1 now, won't block "scrum"
@SamuelLiew I see you approved my PR but then you reverted it back with the const currPopup. Was it on purpose?
1:51 PM
@Dharman yes, esc needs to "go back", when a popup is active
@SamuelLiew I wrapped it in if(goback || index != null) so now this if statement is useless.
2:03 PM
@Adriaan big flagged as spam for promoting a country ;)
@rene :D We hiked up that mountain on Sunday. You'll probably not believe this, but trust me as fellow Dutch, that thing is 2500m tall o.0
@Adriaan most mountains there are a bit higher then the klimduin by Schoorl ....
@rene yea, I don't get it either. Why would anyone build mountains, when polders are much easier in travel and land usage?
2:28 PM
@AdrianMole Gibberish? I thought is was canned meat as in spam?
@Scratte Not all canned pig is spam.
@AdrianMole Ohh right. It may be rullepølse.. which is less offensive.
Yeah. I think the term is used in IT/web circles for stuff that is 'spammish' but without any obvious promotional link(s).
2:55 PM
Hmm. On the comment blocker for "What have you tried?" (discussed here yesterday): Apparently, "Have you tried anything?" is allowed.
@AdrianMole But that is worse than "What have you tried?":O ..and it can even be answered with "Yes".
I agree. The former is presumptive (assumes that OP has tried something) but the latter is pejorative (assuming the OP hasn't tried anything).
@Scratte "Yep, I tried posting on SO!" :D
@AdrianMole sorry, the text "have you tried anything" is certainly not pejorative
It does not assume, it simply asks
same as "what have you tried"
the problem is when people infer things that have not been implied or have unreasonable expectations for the site
"how dare you ask me questions, I'm the asker here" "of course I tried stuff" calm down, we're just asking because we don't know
just like my recent comment to Yaakov on Meta, issues arise when people make SO personal
I don't agree. It implied nothing was tried.. the "anything" makes it stronger. Even stronger would be "Have you tried anything at all?"
3:07 PM
@TylerH OK, I'll surrender on that one. ++nGrudges;
@Scratte No, you're inferring something that wasn't implied. "Have you tried anything" is simply asking if you have tried anything. It does not imply that you have tried nothing; it does not know. "Nothing" and something other than "nothing" are equally valid responses
An appropriate response would be either "yes, I've tried X, Y, Z" or "no I have not tried anything"
An inappropriate response would be... anything else, mostly
The "What have you tried" was deemed unfriendly. I don't see how "Have you tried anything" is better.
I read it as loaded. Perhaps someone desperate will also read it as loaded. I admire that you don't, but I don't think that will apply to most new users.
I think that it will be more constructive to say something like "Please include in your Question the things that you tried to solve this. It will make it easier to help you"
I try to avoid open ended questions in the comments. I either say something like "I do not understand X, can you clarify/include MCVE" or in the cases where the question seems super basic "Why didn't you use X". Like "I want to find every <something> in an array" to which I might comment "Why not use a loop?"
Often I don't get an answer but occasionally the OP does have a legitimate reason that wasn't obvious from the question.
"What is a loop?" :)
@VLAZ Yes, it's certainly less ambiguous and requires less thinking to explicitly state "I need an MCVE and you're lacking it in these parts" etc.
3:13 PM
I don't think the comment is blocked for being unfriendly, but for being pointless.
@AdrianMole Oh.. well that explains a lot then :)
It's just that in the old days on the internet you could start with a basic question like "what have you tried" and people were intelligent / hard working enough to do the legwork to meet halfway :-)
Guess I'm quickly approaching "get off my lawn" territory
@TylerH of course you are then being evil by not just giving an answer but...I mean, what can we do.
@TylerH That is an understandable response. Especially since most seem to only address one issue with their post and not all of them
@TylerH But "get off my lawn" is, IMHO, exactly the message we should be giving to those who think that SO is just another "bloggy" website. It's not: and we should not be shy about pointing that out to newcomers.
So, rather than, "What have you tried?" or "Have you tried anything?" we should maybe use "Have you tried Reddit?" or "What did the folks on Quora say?"
3:19 PM
lol!.. going all the way :)
4:10 PM
@TylerH POB? OB is opinion-based? What does the P stand for?
Primarily - it was there on the 'old' close-vote reason lists.
@bad_coder "Close-Vote, Clyde!"
@bad_coder Lucky Jon Skeet wasn't there... Clint would be a goner :)
4:14 PM
@JonClements HAHAHA...that's sweet, Chuck Norris style :D
Chuck Norris vs Jon Skeet is the whole unstoppable force meets immovable object thing :)
I'll stop there though... there's enough Jon Skeet memes to last for a long, long time :)
We want Chuck Norris as a Moderator! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
@JonClements ohhh man that was perfect...First chat meme for me :D
@AdrianMole Speaking of which, we need a woman to win the next mod elections...FEAAR...!!!
@JonClements According to Wikipedia's Irresistible force paradox, there are no such things :)
Chuckette Norris?
4:19 PM
@Scratte but Chuck Norris and Jon Skeet think otherwise and therefore it is :)
Chuckette!.. lol!. That is awesome! You made me cry again :D
Joni Skeet?
I'm not sure Jon Skeet is just one person.. I see no evidence :)
@JonClements 10 pages?!?.. 291 answers! And it's off-topic :)
@Dharman should we flag as "unclear" or "request resources" in this case? There was a vote for each, I went with the latter. But I'm not sure if that's "fair". Or maybe I'm overthinking it and it should be closed either way, so whatever.
4:32 PM
@VLAZ You're overthinking it. Just close. It's off-topic anyway
4:58 PM
@TylerH (I told something similar to Vega today). A SOCVR meme could be:"First rule about SOCVR is: You do not talk about SOCVR."
@bad_coder The video that was addressed to my attention had, say, less attractive hero. There were a century old game with a strange warrior named Vega, who lost the battle after all. I don't see any ressemblance ;)
Yes, it looks like him. Never knew his existence
looks frenetically for a new alias
5:33 PM
@Vega Maybe you just need to trim your nails ;)
@Vega Orion? Betelgeuse?
@Vega the relation is that's the first time I recall seeing the word "Vega". (Since the game is international, and not many folks know about astronomy, I'm pretty confident I'm not only one whose reminded of the game when seeing the word "Vega".)
@Vega don't change it!! Using the name of a Constellation is brilliant (no pun intended)!!! I really like that screen name.
@TylerH ohh and the same goes for Tyler...I've only ever heard about 2 Tylers, probably since I'm not a native English speaker. (I suppose both are quite iconic in their own right.)
Depending how you pronounce it - it could sound the same, has a nice fantasy reference and an awesome image and power description: awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Vhagar :p @Vega
@JonClements both those characters are really coll in their fantasy universe.
and Vega is also a musik concert hall in Copenhagen. There's a small Vega and a large Vega :)
5:46 PM
@JonClements Splendid illustrations :)
@TylerH cassiopeia?
@Scratte Interesting, very mid century typed architecture, but quit modern inside
@Vega Cassie's a common name
Cassie Opeia could work
You mentioning "cassie" - I've always thought "cariad" was a lovely name :)
I think your username is super already. It's very classic looking and sounds nice too :)
Is it pronounced vay-gar or vee-gar though... :p
5:51 PM
@JonClements Not in Danish :)
@Scratte Thank you :) blashes
@JonClements you pronounce it as it is written. I have no problem making the sounds that belong to a G ....
@JonClements Just discovered
@JonClements Not vinegar
I prononce it Véga
@Vega Me too. The "e" like in a french café, a hard "g", and "a" like ant. The first syllable is slightly longer than the second.
Yay :)
Vega is the brightest star in the constellation of Lyra ("The Lyre"); it is the fifth brightest star in the night sky, and the closest of the First Magnitude stars to the Solar Apex - the point in space to which we are all inexorably racing at a rate of around 19 kilometres/second. In ~12,000 BC, Vega was the North Pole Star.
Scratte, on the other hand, is a fictional flying squirrel.
@Vega If it matters, the star is what sprang to mind as a reference when I first saw your username. So, if that was the intended reference, it does work for those not immersed in Street Fighter. :)
"Cariad" is a Welsh word that means "Sweetheart" or "Darling." The name, "Angharad," (which just happens to be my sister's) is derived from it and means, vaguely, "My Darling."
6:38 PM
@AdrianMole lol! That really puts things into perspective :D
No offence! ;) --nGrudges;
@AdrianMole I don't recall you mentioning that name in your diaries? Mind you - it's been a while since I've read 'em and have to admit the one you did when you were 13 and 3/4 was the only really decent one :p
Well, those Diaries were supposed to be secret.
Well, you shouldn't have let Sue publish them should you... At least I hope she paid you well for 'em :p
I have question regarding this post: stackoverflow.com/questions/32730385/…
This one triggered a SD report due to a link-only answer; I believe that this question is asking for an offsite resource, but I don't know the tech. My corresponding flag aged away, and the timeline says that there are two "invalidated" close reviews.
I suspect that this one will attract more link-only answers in the future. Due you agree this one is close-worthy?
6:48 PM
Yeah... it's closed
Oh, that was fast :)
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