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8:41 PM
^ can't dupe vote it myself, so I left the link
@VLAZ Doesn't that break the script? So that the script picks on the first links and goes to that post?
@Scratte seems fine. I just edited in a - sign to separate the two links because they weren't visually distinct.
The link for the post is taken from the post itself. I added the link to the dupe in the message field
I can flag as they come, but since the new close banners were added this is a common occurrence. Now that there is even a big red button telling them to delete it and the the text says you can ask it again, it really sends people mixed singals
@CodyGray RE: what you said before. I think this is the waste of moderators' time. See. 1 and 2
@VLAZ I thought a separate script was used to pick up requests on this room.
@Dharman Wait.. what?.. When did the big red button come?
@Scratte 2-3 weeks ago
8:51 PM
@Dharman So, Stack is actually telling people to delete their own Question and re-ask it?!?
@Scratte ah, that script. I thought you meant the CV request script. I apologise.
Have you got any question of yours closed as a dup?
Well...too late to edit now. :/
@Dharman No. I deleted my only Question and I do not plan to ask another.
@Scratte See mine then: imgur.com/a/qzVW2Xt
It's clearly highglighted "ask a new one" and then in highlighted in red "delete question"! Do it, now!
8:54 PM
Bug report: I'm pressing the red text but nothing happens.
I think there is something very worrying going on, and I'm not sure I want to be here when it hits.
@VLAZ It's an image, silly :)
Bug report: pressing the red text on an image doesn't delete Dharman.
If Dharman was deleted, who would delete everything else?
I'm sort of hoping that it would trigger a cascade delete.
Would anyone notice if the Question ban program was disabled?
9:05 PM
The what?
@Scratte we'd get a lot less meta posts about question bans.
@Dharman Those last two del-pls request are a bit outwith your normal domain. 'Nuff said tho', bro!
Yeah, I was reviewing the duplicate we used yesterday and in my opinion these two are completely unneeded and beyond salvaging. Besides it really looks to me like there's no difference between the answers.
I agree. Just one of those - oft unwanted - consequences of raising such issues here.
Maybe R doesn't such a big quality issue as PHP does, but it still could use some clean up
I would delete it immediately.
9:17 PM
On that one, I did my part (almost immediately). I don't need to be an SME to see that that has no value.
But, if you want to do some R purging, there is a R-specific chatroom, is not?
Exactly, my point. If you are going to vote then so will I
Don't be shy with your down delete votes.
I really just wanted to investigate the state of that tag. I have no intention of wasting my PHP votes on their questions
Incidentally, do you know that somebody came up with an r++ language?
Why not RHR?
9:20 PM
Instead, they called it python.
Even better ЯHR
I am a genius
Wery nice, Tavarisch.
@Dharman ++ЯHR++
No, people would be very confused about the sequence of operation.
It's easy: first you process ++ and then ++. Pretty obvious, really.
9:26 PM
@Scratte @VLAZ The scripts handle it, if the question which is supposed to be closed is actually closed as a duplicate of the other linked question(s). Basically: when determining if the request is complete, the scripts ignore any linked question which is used as a dup-target for another closed question which is also linked in the message. Thus, they fail to determine that the request is complete if there's an open linked question which is not used as a dup-target for a linked closed question.
In other words, if people decide that the intended question should be closed for a different reason, or should not use the linked potential dup-target, then the scripts will consider the request to not be complete (i.e. that the request was actually for more than one question, only one of which is closed).
So is that SHS ZHS or simply ЯHT?
But, surely, the ++ operator on Я would actually be a -- operation.
@VLAZ Postfix usually has precedence, so that would be counterintiutive.
@Scratte To me, the fact that postfix takes precedence over prefix is counterintuitive.
Good point :)
does it even work? j = ++i++?
9:32 PM
Not in C++. Because i++ is a rvalue.
But you may be able to do (++i)++ dunno. Still have wine and pizza, so I'm not going to try.
Maybe I'll write an essay canonical Q/A on C++ ++ and ++ operators.
@AdrianMole Isn't there already a couple? :)
@Scratte Yeah, maybe. But what's a wee incremental post, between pals?
In other news, I keep flagging sock-puppets and other voting irregularities, but my list is not getting smaller. And checking each suspect takes a while. I wish I had some better tools to see and identify the sock puppets.
@Scratte Maybe an April Fools' post? I can include my "42" code question, of course.
@Dharman You're asking for stuff, there, that (maybe) not even Mods have full access to.
@AdrianMole At least if you do that, there'll be less of a risk that it gets closed in here :D
9:39 PM
It's easy when they leave a lot of traces of the secondary accounts, but the high rep users are smart enough to hide their tracks
But one 'declared' sock-puppet account is allowed, huh. I guess you're looking for the voting fraud cases.
Only one?
Well, why would you want more than one?
@AdrianMole It's allowed as long as it does not interact with your other account
but when I see someone getting 2000 rep from an account which looks like is under their control then I think the rules were broken long time ago
And there are folks that create accounts for their bots. But @Dharman wouldn't know anything about such things, I guess. ;)
9:42 PM
@AdrianMole One for each privilege level?
Interesting concept.
Yes, of course I will not flag Rene's second account.
I might flag Scratte's 10k account though
I think it's called, "Scratte's 10K Sock Puppet" - Seek and ye shall find!
My wine bottle is now half empty/full (depending on your optimism/pessimism threshold), so: Watch Out!
@Dharman From where I'm sitting, I can't know if you're all really rene..
That sounds like some sort of advertisement slogan for SOCVR: "We are all Rene"
9:48 PM
Heh. Update of a major movie trilogy: "The Flower Matrix - Are you the One?"
@Dharman Incidentally, I took on the task of deconvoluting your avatar. Needs more work.
Not sure you are going to find anything there.
Well, each cycle of convolution makes you look more like rene. :-)
lol! You're killing me :)
@Makyen as we talked at CharcoalHQ, I'd like to ask for sd privs here on SOCVR as well, thanks
10:01 PM
@Vickel OK. I have forwarded the request to the back room.
@Makyen appreciate
@Makyen Sorry, can't help myself here, but forwarding to the back room seems like C++ philosophy. I thought you had moved on from such primitive languages. ;)
@AdrianMole You are permitted as many sock-puppets as you want to create (within some amount of reason). The primary criteria is that they are not permitted to interact.
That completely ruins my plans to talk to myself in a chatroom
10:07 PM
@AdrianMole I never really got into C++. I've done a variety of lower and higher level languages, but never really hit C++ or C#, beyond some really basic dabbling.
@Scratte Oh noo
@Dharman You need to make that no-speak. The silly-folks just arrived there :)
Anyone can speak there. I really do not mind
@Scratte What's really meant by "interact" isn't 100% clear. You definitely are not permitted to do anything that gains you advantage (e.g. reputation) from the actions between them. However, it can't be a 100% strict, absolutely no interaction, because that would eliminate a considerable amount of testing and most bots, which are some of the main purposes people create sock-puppets for.
10:10 PM
If you have somethign to ping me you can do there rather than publicly
Currently, 26 users with the name "anyone" (case-insensitive).
Have you seen how many users there are called Nick?
It's almost as if Nick is the easiest NickName there is
And I bet they all have "Fred" as their password!
@Makyen I may risk it then. Instead of talking to myself in the mirror :)
Mirror, Mirror, on The Stack, Who's the coolest of the pack?
10:17 PM
@Scratte Well, if talking to your sock-puppet in chat is something that you're supposed to get in trouble for, then I'm really in for it, because it's something I do on a regular basis for SD testing.
^ And wasn't it you who 'invented' the "reply-to-self" script?
@AdrianMole Yep.
@Makyen I did. :)
10:42 PM
@AdrianMole "friend" is a much better password...
^ I do not think they will edit this Question.
@Mithical But Fred is my friend. Is that allowed?
"Speak Fred and enter" just doesn't have the same ring to it, I'm afraid
It works for the secret "moonlight" door to Fred's house, though.
No "sesame" anymore? And what happened to "password"?
10:52 PM
@Scratte oh goodness, I write one complex query and now I'm an expert :-p really the main issue is that commentstorms tend to be deleted, which I assume removes them from the data dump, thus inhibiting attempts to infer who's causing these autoflags. If they're not removed, it might work.
@RyanM It was a joke :) You did well with the query though :)
I know, hence the :-p but you got me thinking if I could write the query
11:20 PM
Suggestions what to do with this? Leave it and comment/rollback and comment/flag for deletion as it was just a homework dump to begin with. Does have an upvoted answer, tho.
@DavidBuck Rollback and comment in my opinion is enough.
I would roll back. If OP insists on editing question away again (probably because they don't want to get caught asking on SO, or perhaps they don't want any of their classmates to find the answer) you could mod flag to have it locked.
My first action is always to roll back and comment. Then I review if the question needs any further attention, either from me or mods.
I think (though could be wrong) that further re-rollbacks by OP will trigger auto-lock (or is it auto-flag).
OK. I was only slightly wary of jumping in because of the Editing in Progress message they'd left, but as they've changed the tag from Java to JS to Python in different edits, it doesn't seem likely a great edit is waiting in the wings.
@AdrianMole According to this meta post it takes two rollbacks by the same user, so if the OP just edits but doesn't rollback, it depends who rolls back those edits.
11:33 PM
@DavidBuck Indeed. Not sure what the the OP's intent there is, though. Could be entirely innocent; but, if they've been caught 'cheating', then I have no sympathy, and the original post should stand.
I probably should not have flagged this one, right? stackoverflow.com/a/62613258/1839439
@Ruzihm Do you mean typo?
@Dharman Probably not.
To make it clear I flagged as NAA, not as sock-puppet
@Dharman it's not a great answer but I think it is one. Still the comment shows at least one person in review agrees with you.
11:56 PM
@Dharman How is the accepted answer LQ?
It seems fine to me
@10Rep Image and only pointing out a typo
@Dharman Wait a minute...
Image or code, doesn't matter! It's a type typo (oops) and should never have been posted as an answer.
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