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12:00 AM
anyone else not able to scroll down on youtube videos anymore?
@TylerH You mean scroll down on the YouTube site while watching a video?
like to see the video description and the comments
I have just tested a few videos and all I see is the video in a background-size: cover type thing, which is nice
Worked fine for me just a second ago
but then the page ends
there's no desc, no comments, nothing
Guess I have to switch back to the old view
You were using Theater view?
12:05 AM
I didn't select that, no. And I couldn't switch between views, either
I tried to click both full screen and the icon to the left of it, but no dice
Did you try in incognito, with extensions disabled?
no, I use Firefox, but the only extensions I have are turned off/paused on YouTube
Anyway, i switched back
@Makyen welcome. I've never used that "reportuser" thingy, not quite sure if I was to see an special option somewhere. I flagged the 2nd one for moderation and the 1st as spam.
@AndrewMyers It's looks just link-only to me, with a possible argument that it's not just link only because it might be saying that the title of the video gives a solution. The user has multiple other answers. The few I checked don't appear to be pushing anything.
@Makyen The reason I was suspicious was that I have seen spam linking to YouTube (where I assume they had monetized videos), and this answer has nothing meaningful except the link.
I probably should have looked at the user's other posts, though.
WRT the spamming YouTube links -- there was a time when I didn't identify a post as spam when they linked to YouTube, and a mod told me when I flagged as NAA. (Which is why I'm careful about YouTube now...)
12:22 AM
@Fred-ii- Yeah, that was my first time trying it (it's an alias for allspam). From the history in Charcoal HQ chat, it looks like it doesn't cause SD to alert all of the user's previously unreported posts, which is strange, as I'd consider that something the command should do. I've asked on Charcoal HQ, so maybe we'll find out. Right now, it looks like we should report each of the user's posts (up to 5 per report).
@Makyen ok
@AndrewMyers Yeah, I can understand that. I did, originally, briefly check out the video. But, I wasn't wiling to sit through the whole thing, or even much of it. It started with showing a monitor with business looking graphics, so did not appear to be obviously spam. I flagged as NAA. It might be better as VLQ, as a case could be made for the name in the video title providing an answer.
12:38 AM
Morning \o
1:19 AM
not in English ^
1:32 AM
way too many errors ^
2:25 AM
morning - oops day \o
I have large hair - it's curly
2:29 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto I left this comment(stackoverflow.com/questions/45972212/…) - I understand what the op is asking - they haven't provided enough info
Can someone provide suggestion which IDE has live PHP debugging feature like ASP.NET MVC with VS? Currently I trying to write a CMS example & have no idea how to use PHP live debug (must be debug manually).
@TetsuyaYamamoto don't tell me the blog has you working in php??
@YvetteColomb No, I already learn PHP basics long time ago before C#. But I'm confused how to do debugging with current IDE since it lacks of breakpoint capability (to know string values, etc).
@EdCottrell welcome! parachuting in I see- skis and all
2:44 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto I was joking (I hope you know that) what ide are you using and @Rizier123 @Fred-ii- can either of you answer this
@YvetteColomb Currently I run Sublime Text 3. Any other IDE suggestions or how to integrate current IDE into FF/Chrome browser?
@TetsuyaYamamoto I avoid php like the plague after contracting - the tools I've used in the past - there's php tools for VS. Netbeans and... something else that is eluding me
2:58 AM
php is the stage after ptsd
@Nkosi You mean "Partial Hospitalization Program"???
3:14 AM
@gunr2171, @NathanOliver, @rene: For the GitHub SOCVR user scripts repository, what's the guideline for approving my own PRs with updates to existing scripts? By default, I'd normally go with "don't merge your own PRs"; let someone else review each one. However, that's not what's happened in the repository's history. For quite substantial changes, I definitely want review/buy-in from others (and testing, etc.). For relatively small changes/quick bug fixes, it appears,
based on the history, that I should just merge them (obviously, only after having tested them in at least Chrome and Firefox).
3:25 AM
@TinyGiant - your accounts are not linked - why?
3:36 AM
@YvetteColomb Why not?
Is this answer NAA/VLQ or just DV it to oblivion: stackoverflow.com/a/45972787?
@TetsuyaYamamoto maybe vlq
Morning. Sips lemon tea instead of coffee
4:41 AM
^ The second Q is in Spanish.
4:58 AM
I think that we should introduce a [GimmeTehCodez] tag to make it easier to find stuff that should be closed.
@EJoshuaS So it is [gmtc], [gimme-teh-codez], [plz-gimme-code] or somewhat like that?
@TetsuyaYamamoto Maybe all of the above? Plus a [java-c-c++-c#-ruby-python-any-other-random-language-i-forgot] tag?
@EJoshuaS Lol GMTC posts often tagged with several unrelated languages, maybe we can have longest tag ever when all of them included ==))
@TetsuyaYamamoto Yeah, I was gonna say - that one could use the [gimme-teh-codez] tag :)
So, apparently, there's a SNOBOL tag... four questions, all of which deserve to be closed. I'd say that it's a pity that there are so few questions on it, then I looked at the questions and remembered why I hated being forced to study it in college.
5:16 AM
^ gimme the psuedo codez ?
@suraj Should we make that another one of our new "gimme teh codez" series of tags? ;)
5:32 AM
Well, it's pretty late here - goodnight everyone.
@EJoshuaS See ya (I'm from the east, the sun is pretty hot)
Thats weird. how did the debugging question (my last cv req) get 4 upvotes? Did I miss something?
For anyone who uses idownvotedbecau.se : meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/355950/…
6:05 AM
@suraj Sounds like OP offers somewhat IT course in his post which I think it may possible to be marked as spam.
^ needs reject edit
@TetsuyaYamamoto reported it
6:44 AM
@AlonEitan dont think OP is asking any resource...
@suraj But it's implied
7:09 AM
could someone please add a tag here so I can dupe-hammer it? stackoverflow.com/questions/45972861/…
Morning \o
@tripleee done
@kayess thanks!
Morning o/
@suraj spam?
@JohnDvorak there doesnt seem to be any promotional link or any training site mentioned
7:23 AM
He's promoting himself as a person
@suraj Already deleted :)
OP searches for available courses in his country, not promoting any course.
@tripleee @kayess: FYI: Asking for another user to edit in a tag so you can use a dup hammer is explicitly not allowed in SOCVR. See: #16 in the FAQ
@Makyen Oh did not remember that cc @tripleee
7:42 AM
@kayess oops, my bad, sorry about that!
8:33 AM
mornin o/
How is everyone
What can I help you ?
@Mistalis not convinced, for those that haven't used AngularJS the whole injection thing can be quite confusing
9:02 AM
I don't know how I got there, but I'm re-reading Shog9's post on downvoting and it really bothers me, I don't want to make the effort to outline everything wrong with a post when I downvote, I want to say whats wrong and allow the OP to evaluate what I've said and fix the post themselves, if they don't make the effort to write a succinct question, why should I write a comment anything more than why I left the downvote
@NickA I DV when I see a complete lack of effort in a question. As in I need this code yesterday or my professor will kick me in the shins and I've done nothing to research it. I don't DV when I see an attempt even if that attempt still lacks being a proper MCVE. I only DV answers which are so bad they are dangerous. In fact I barely DV and I don't if I'm leaving a comment. If I'm leaving a comment, chances are it's either NAA or it's worthy of closure and for me that's enough.
@Bugs Well only DVing when the question is clearly a "complete lack of effort" is a different thing, I DV when questions have problems and I remove those DVs when those things are fixed
@NickA Too me you are reading the answer wrong, Shog says don't leave comments that states "I downvoted you", leave comments "if you think this post can be improved".
@NickA me too, and I think that it's an important thing to note here, that checking back your DV's and removing them after a fix is a quality factor
often you can leave out the text I down voted and just explain what is wrong, but I personally don't see a problem with "I down voted since your question is not clear, please explain what you mean with x?"
9:13 AM
@PetterFriberg I don't think so, his first comment is "Explaining votes is almost pure noise, meta-conversation and punditry."
Although I'm not really sure how many folks go back in their voting history to check out their DV's
I never say "I downvoted" I just explain the reason that I've done so
With the example you gave mine would essentially become "your question is not clear, please explain what you mean with x?"
or even "your question is not clear, what are you trying to do?"
@NickA Yes but it does not change much, I think Shog was more referring to this meta.stackexchange.com/a/158/320339, read the question also since it's related to that.
If a user ask in good faith "Why are you down voting me?" and you pass a a comment "This is why idownvotedbecau.se/noattempt/"; too me that is constructive.
but personally I avoid to pass comment like "http://idownvotedbecau.se/noattempt/ - please try to make some effort to solve the problem before posting." since I don't think it will be very helpful, but I can't see neither how it's against our be-nice policy nor it's not trying to explain how to improve.
@PetterFriberg The way I was looking at it that is a different question although linked, the way I saw it, Shog categorically said no to: "Am I still allowed to explicitly express the opinion that a post is utterly worthless and incorrect in its every detail? How about simply providing factual criticism in a way that implies that opinion?",
"Am I still allowed to express the opinion that a post is, overall, bad? How about simply providing factual criticism in a way that implies that opinion?", and
@NickA I'm not around long enough to remove a DV. Sometimes I might see it within a tag I hang around in but chances are I won't and so unless the question is really bad I don't DV. There is enough people around to do that for me.
9:20 AM
@Bugs haha bugs, thats like saying theres enough people around to review or upvote for you
In fact I'd go as far to say there are people that enjoy DVing, given the chance.
@NickA true but DVs are harder to change than a closure.
The reason I have about 5x more DV than UV is because more often than not I can judge posts for being unhelpful rather than helpful, I can only judge a post for being helpful if it helped me, as otherwise I generally don't see the post, whereas I can see a variety of different posts which are unhelpful or even useless through review.
@Bugs Sometimes I am scared that is me. Or are the questions really bad?
@NickA The most important part in Shog9 post according to me is this "I think indicating that you've downvoted is an extremely bad idea regardless of how you communicate it, but if you're determined to do so then I'm not going to try and stop you - just don't be tricked into thinking it's required or encouraged."
@PetterFriberg Yes, the bit I'm confused about is "is an extremely bad idea regardless of how you communicate it". Why?
9:26 AM
The message is simple: "Why do you like to write that you downvoted?"
I don't like to write that I downvoted, I like to give people a nudge in the right direction so that they can improve
then just giv'em the nudge, no need to write "I downvoted", but then again if you like to and think it's good for them to know this noone will stop you.
@AjayBrahmakshatriya A few DV because it gets it off the home page. That said, that isn't a good reason to DV IMO. I DV when it shows a clear lack of effort in all areas. "No code", "No research", "Bad attempt to explain the problem", "Urgency" etc. Also if I happen to chance upon a question that people have given up their time to try and help the OP improve their question and instead all they get back is a bad attitude and no attempt to improve I'll DV.
I feel like the site is usefull, can be better with some nice autocoment instead of link only. But the domaine name is 120% troll
I understand the argument of "Well that person downvoted, I want to fix their problem so they remove that downvote", perhaps it's because of the fact that I go back and remove DV where no longer relevent that I feel I can downvote religiously
9:30 AM
the link to site is a bit different, since it contains a lot of of useful information for new users how SO users vote. I would not worry too much, If you think OP is listing and have a comment that you think can help them to improve post. Do your best effort to communicate this information to OP.
By religiously I mean within reason still of course
Too be honest I think OP will understand or presume you downvoted anyway, many times I have commented but not down voted, only to have OP think I downvoted
@Bugs I also have negative feelings about questions that are very specific. If the problem is never going to be faced by someone else.
FWIW, "I downvoted because" is on Stack Apps (note: be careful with the voting, this is not meant as a witch-hunt)
Lets not foul yourself if a post is down voted and you leave a comment thar explain what is wrong in post (how to improve), OP will always presume that you down voted, so writing it in comment or not does not make much difference as far as I'm concerned (as long as comment in itself is constructive)
9:35 AM
@AndrewT. I find the link has useful information but that it's rude to just comment it. If they haven't read How to Ask or taken the Tour you know full well that they aren't going to read the content in that link and you know full well they are going to get upset. It's only logical. I find throwing the link troll like.
@Bugs Perhaps I'm a bit harsh, but I DV on (to an extent) any one of those things, if there's no code, DV til code appears, bad attempt to explain, DV til explanation makes sense, duplicate, DV and flag
Again, there is enough around me to do that for me so I know I don't need to bother :)
@Bugs meeh I'm not sure, many times yes I agree, but still you have new OP's with good faith that may benefit.
People get mad about the down votes (they see it as "dislike"), not really the comment.
@PetterFriberg Yeah it has loads of good information in there I just don't like how it's thrown about without empathy.
Agree though. The first person to comment on a downvoted post will usually be suspected as the downvoter, regardless if they vote or not.
so, change the domain to imnotthedownvoterb.ut/
9:39 AM
make a FR to Will ;)
@AndrewT. Aye, that is true. You take a risk commenting when it's got a DV. VLQ posts get an automatic DV also after they edit and a flag is marked as helpful (Really pointless feature IMO). See this on why. I often leave autocomments but have stopped when I see the rep is >125.
speaking about people upset on others that say they down voted stackoverflow.com/questions/45972875/…
We see it all the time. People start off bad, ask bad questions and get a question ban. They then learn the site and want to improve their existing questions. They want to turn those DVs into UVs and chances are they won't. It's much harder for someone to UV a question than to DV. You can DV when no effort is shown but unless you know the technology you have doubts whether an UV is the right thing to do but sure DV away because it's easier. P.S I'm not ranting, even if it comes across that way
@PetterFriberg that upset they aren't making sense. I can't understand their reply :/
@Bugs And then some of them go on to make secondary accounts or ask colleagues to upvote all their posts to get out of the ban
My script catches quite a few of those.
9:47 AM
That's why there is (was?) the option to post once every so often even in a q-ban anyways
@JohnDvorak Yeah, 1 in 6 months
@Bugs Well you can upvote a question even if you don't understand tech, I do that often when I see interesting and well written question or just nice answer. (the title is often a game changer for me).
@Magisch Exactly which is completely the wrong thing to do. It's good that you have such a script to catch them
serial upvoters are actually incredibly predictable
@Magisch Sounds like voting rings happen for help Q-banned people? It defeats the purpose of UV to show which qualifies good quality posts.
9:48 AM
@PetterFriberg Aye sure, what I mean is the majority won't. 99% of people will DV a question because it's showing no effort or is off topic but only half will UV. Obviously my stats are completely wrong but you get the idea :)
It's far easier to get DVs than to get UVs.
@Bugs true, I don't want to sound negative... but 90% of all questions are actually crap, we get tons of low research effort question.
Of course, that is true. I just choose to close when I can rather than piling on DVs. As I said there are others round me to do that :) Maybe I'm just to nice
Habitual non-upvoter here. But that might be because I'm ignoring the good questions...
@JohnDvorak 1 in 6 months is still hard for heavily DV-ed list of Q, since OP requires large effort to putting them out. Even when they can ask again that Q-block reinstates due to lack of UV.
@JohnDvorak Probably. I see more bad than good sitting in here. I even sometimes go to answer and give up because I get bored of surfing rubbish
9:53 AM
@JohnDvorak Good Q itself is pretty subjective depending on helpfulness. I often pick some interesting Q from hot list & UV them when it deemed helpful or gives me new knowledge.
Yeah if you get onto the hot list you've made it.
@Bugs I actually have upvoted more stuff then downvoted :), but overall I have closed voted and flagged much more then I voted. So yeah I downvote mostly only if I think it's important, maybe also too little...
@PetterFriberg I definitely should DV more. I should probably UV more. I have a lot more UVs than DVs but yeah I've loads more flags than votes. Sitting in SOBotics helps with that ;)
@Bugs Flagging NAA it has no sense to downvote according to me (it only upsets people), close voting I also tend to avoid (if not question is really bad and have >0 score). I mostly target my down votes on answer that I think are incorrect and closed questions that needs roomba.
@YvetteColomb Ahoy! - answer what; which IDE I use? If so, I use Notepad++
10:01 AM
@TetsuyaYamamoto Which is why SE does something against voting rings when they find them.
@Fred-ii- ahoy! ok
@YvetteColomb and there are quite a few good plugins for it also
Running out of CV again... cya next week 'bye' :)
@Fred-ii- Is there something like Ctags or Intellisense for npp?
@Fred-ii- @TetsuyaYamamoto
10:05 AM
@AjayBrahmakshatriya that I don't know. You'd need to see the plugins list
@Fred-ii- Oh okay!
The "@angular/compiler-cli" package was not properly installed. Error: Error: Cannot find module '@angular/compiler-cli'i have face this issue anyone can help me..
@Akalyvan Hi welcome to SOCVR, but it's not the right chat to ask about programming problems
@Akalyvan You can ask a question.
if you like to learn more about the SOCVR chat room see socvr.org
10:10 AM
oh..ok sorry guys....
no problem, have fun
@Ajay sorry..
I`ve used decompiler and tried to remove that limit, but my videocard driver got crashed. I laughed for a minute
Me too :)
I don't remember ever having FPS drops in WC3 except for when I played with my brother on HLW matches to the point where the entire map was red with creeps
@kayess 1990s old folks? I now feel old because of this question
10:28 AM
@Bugs lol
10:38 AM
I wish there was a a report reviewer button
stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/17197715, nobody should have attempted to approve this, and the "Please provide me a solution" is clearly there to get around the minimum edit size
11:30 AM
sd needs one more delete vote
till code do us part
just............. wow
looks like someone crapped in their corn flakes
and the leftover being "chocolate milk" haha
11:51 AM
Well there is a lot of salt today.
@NickA There is, custom mod flag user, but you need 4-5 bad reviews, 1 is not enough
I'm debating whether I should slowly make my way through the 1500+ unreversed serial votings that I haven't flagged yet
so far I've only been flagging the most recent ones
But I may get a mass decline flagging serial voting from years ago
Are these up votes or down votes that weren't taken away?
@NathanOliver upvotes
I have another method to find serial downvotes, but there are a lot fewer unreversed ones from these
Or they're generally a lot rarer
Personally I would leave those alone. Some might be socks but other are probably just people who helped someone and that person decide they needed more than a single up vote.
12:04 PM
Every one I can find have at least 6 upvotes within a couple of minutes
Not sure if 3 year old serial voting is even worth reversing most of these users quit long ago
@PetterFriberg it would be useful if there was a counter implemented to keep track of bad reviews by people, although it would probably be abused
You could do as martijn said and hand the script to the CM team and let them have fun with it
@NathanOliver I have a pretty strong feeling that I'm not the only one who can come up with that. I'm pretty sure the CMs already know this and decided it's not worth the dev time to change it. I'm a scrub in data analysis and most of the CMs are miles above me in that regard
Also response time on that contact us form is like 3+ weeks if you ever get one
... the help and improvement queue is empty, what is this sorcery?
How do I flag "What is this code doing" questions
huh, mod flagged it
12:15 PM
@NickA unclear and too broad both work depending on the Q.
12:28 PM
Got my little language bronze badge today after 2 months. The non-alcoholic drinks are on me.
@NickA welcome to android. Where you can post anything without researching a thing and get upvotes because people also want to achieve that effect you're asking about without effort
@NathanOliver understood, I'll bear that in mind
SO is weird. A C obvious-trom-the-title FP rounding down to int question got 6 upvotes. Go figure:(
@MartinJames tell me about it. I can't believe the ammount of reaction I got there.
12:36 PM
@NathanOliver Maybe it's us? I'm starting to doubt reality now;)
Maybe. I haven't been able to figure it out. Some things just attract up votes.
@MartinJames Heh
I'm a noob in C still
@Magisch Maybe so, but I'm going out on a limb here and suggesting that you don't deliberately write complex gunge-code and then ask SO to 'Explain why my crap crashes' ;)
@MartinJames no I google why my crap crashes and find one of the 10-2500 instances where someone has had that exact problem before on SO :D
"Voting-ring gotta flag dem all." Playing in the back ground while Magisch manually report them.
1:00 PM
C... Eeew.
SO spoiled me.
How helpful: i.stack.imgur.com/vFyMd.png ...
@DragandDrop the answer isn't ...
@rene very helpful indeed
I do not see any language where foo( a=a) would work it's a simple problem of variable visibility. i mean it's not Worth an upvote ?
their is so mutch rep involved on answering i must have miss Something..
@rene Reminds me of a rant Dennis Miller made years ago about the French. He noted (at the time anyways) that Googling "French Military Victories" would return no results with a suggestion you search "French Military defeats"
1:08 PM
@Machavity Why do the French fight so many civil wars?
Hiya gunr
@Adriaan They couldn't decide on a national ice cream. Napoleon came along and put 3 into one box and unified the country. After his exile, they changed it to "neopolitan"
1:12 PM
@Machavity interesting answer; the one I'd go for is "So they win one every once in a while"
@Machavity awesome
As a french I do not understand why we have this reputation of looser.
We will talk after the match ...
I'm not sure. It is the joke here in the states that you guys a wusses (not trying to offend). I think WWI and WWII (most likely the latter) gave the french a bad rap. If you look back in history the french have been pretty bad ass so that is the only think I can conclude.
@Makyen I'm not a JS person so my review really wouldn't help. I do trust you to apply changes yourself but if you want some peer review we can probably work something out.
@Makyen I trust you (you specifically, you've been awesome with recent other PR's) to approve your own PR's. If you want a review from someone, just add that to the PR.
1:29 PM
@SmokeDetector seems like mostly-unrelated spam?
doesn't seem like spam
he's referring to a built-in feature of Telegram in the answer
just a low quality question IMO
@Adriaan blacklisted user.. removed now..
Anyone else noticed the post editor no longer grabs the extra space when you double click a word?
what extra space?
ok normally when i am editing a post if I need to copy a word I would double click it. this annoyingly used to select a space after the word
just noticed that it no longer does that.
1:37 PM
I think that's a browser thing
it still does it for me
ok yeah. it did it in FF and I recently started using chrome. chrome updated this morning so I figure it was probably that
I'm in Firefox
@TylerH You plugin, you! :)
@TylerH I have my own way of spelling that, but I can't write it here lol!
I wonder if "Is it worth to flag serial voting from god knows how long ago?" would be a decent meta question
1:49 PM
@Magisch The answer would be yes
@Magisch I would have to say yes IMO as it would be good to get the opinion from the community and maybe a definite answer from a CM
to the meta question
@TylerH You sure?
Do you think the CMs care about a couple dozen serial upvotes from 2011?
I think moderators and CMs want you report any violation of the rules, especially if it passed their inspection for 6 years
It may not be worth reversing or immediately actionable, but if there's a method of serially upvoting that can go unnoticed, I bet you the CMs want to know about it
@TylerH Considering ever serial voting flag has to be escalated to a CM, I'd be looking at ~2500 flags at least only for the last 2 years
That's how many reasonably sure serial voting incidents I can see
1:52 PM
@Magisch that's no relevant to the topic you proposed
you said how about serial voting from years ago
if there's serial voting from last year or this year that isn't reversed, they may still know of the technique or have reviewed it and taken no action
All the ones I haven't flagged (the vast majority of which the system never catched) from only the last 2 years are like 2500 cases
@TylerH I can't see that can I
not unless you're a CM
If they reviewed it and took no action
1:54 PM
or maybe a moderator who escalated the flags
I can only see if it happened and if a reversal happened
I may just ask that on meta
and get a CM to tell me if I should flag those
Because I'd be drowning the moderators and CMs in 100 custom flags a day for weeks
I can't understand how the current script can be so bad. Half-a-dozen upvotes clustered within one minute has to be, well, at least dubious.
@MartinJames I believe it does catch something like that
@TylerH If it does, it does it poorly
I get over 25 of those a week that haven't been touched
you regularly get 250 rep a week from within a minute? You don't have enough rep for that to be believable. You've only gained about 250 rep in the past 6 months
2:02 PM
I can just about understand it if the cluster immediately follows the post of a really good question, but how often does that happen?
@TylerH No I find 25 a week of those
25 instances
@MartinJames These are all across all of their posts
At least the ones I find are
@Magisch Then it sounds like you just need to tell CMs you have a much better method of catching serial voting and hand over the codebase and let them go to town wit hit
@TylerH This is nothing the CMs don't already have
I'm a data analytics scrub, like complete scrub, so it's not plausible that the CMs don't already have better methods
I posted the meta asking btw: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/355977/…
@Magisch So, the alternative is that, by chance, six independent users all turned up at different questions and all upvoted in the same minute? Right...
@Magisch if that's true than they either don't care or don't have time
2:05 PM
@MartinJames Why do you think I flagged like 60 of those over the last 3 weeks :p
@TylerH ..or 'bums on pages' has a much higher priority than low-level fraud.
@TylerH It's highly unlikely that it isn't true.
I know for a fact that there are several CMs who are much better at analytics then I am
And they have access to internal data
@MartinJames wait, where can I find pages of bums on Stack Overflow?! :-P
@NickA lets hope it's not abusive, we do track some review queue, however for now data (expect your own review stats) is not reported in chat. One SOBotics RO checks data and if you have a very low hit rate in review queue, he will investigate your reviews to see if he find some obvious incorrect robo viewing and then mod flag. If you like to check your stats in LQP queue you can run @GenericBot myreviews in SOBotics.
@PetterFriberg I just need to type @GenericBot myreviews in SOBotics?
2:17 PM
Yeah if you like to see your stats
Cool, I'll have a look
According to a robot, i do good
3:22 PM
sigh, 6 answer for a freaking typo
And yet none noticed that the class should really be called RegularPentagon
@NathanOliver including one from a 115k user
Yeah, didn't want to call them out though
In the starred feed on the right, what do hollow stars mean as opposed to black stars, gold stars obviously being things I myself have starred
@NickA hollow = pinned not starred by you; black = not starred by you; gold = starred by you; gold with black lining = pinned and starred by you
3:29 PM
Are closevote flags piped directly to this room or not?
@Ron The userscript does, yes
@NathanOliver This dupe/typo got 5 earlier (now with a reopen vote)
@Machavity came from review stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/17199728
@TylerH Ah, good catch
4:04 PM
@NathanOliver wanna run the completed request script, too
4:18 PM
what is that, an attempt to one-up d3.js?
I need to work on things I don't like for money. Such a cruel world we live in.
No, close-votes and close-vote-flags put the question in the close-vote review queue, which is available to everyone on the site with more than 3k rep. The depth of that queue hovers around 10,000 questions. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people that actually perform reviews. Thus, a large percentage of those questions drop out of the queue still open with the close-votes and close-flags aging away.
One of the primary things this room does is provide a way for people to request more concentrated scrutiny on *some* questions, which can be done by posting a `[tag:cv-pls]` tagged message.
@Makyen Appreciate it.
@Makyen chat-markdown doesn't work on multi-line messages
@Adriaan Yeah, I kind-of noticed that :-). I considered editing it into multiple messages after posting, but it was still understandable and the links did actually show up as hyperlinks, so I just left it.
4:53 PM
@NathanOliver @gunr2171 Thank you both for the vote of confidence. I'm willing to take the responsibility. Primarily, I didn't want to step on toes. As to review of larger changes, it's both a testing issue and not wanting to push my choice of how a script should work (e.g. additional functionality) on people already using it without at least some buy-in from others. When the times come, my intent is to post to the room asking for people to be Guinea pigs beta testers first.
I'm not sure if I'm insane
trying to use substring
string is length 200+ characters
substring(27) returns OOB -13
MCVE please?
not sure if i can make one here
System.out.println(line.length() + line.substring(27));
length returns 270, substring returns OOB =w=
curse you opening xml tag
@Compass ?
5:07 PM
TIL you can turn off auto-calculating of formulas in excel
Woot. We have to do that for a spread sheet that connects to a DB otherwise it pulls all new data when making changes which can take some time
...a spread sheet that connects to a DB?
@NobodyNada MS Access: The Spreadsheet that think it's a real database
@Machavity MS Access is a real database application
@NobodyNada Yeah. It is for building financial reports in excel that pulls its data from the GL in the DB
5:16 PM
@TylerH It's a light duty DB. Indexed fields but not much else
it can handle sql tables as well
I have connected Excel to Oracle before.
desktop databases saved in access format just use the JET DB engine
Folks a response from us is coming on this, hang tight (and please don't flag these in huge batches until we've had an opportunity to share some guidance). As Brad said, current voting rings with long tail histories really do need priority here, what someone got from sharing a link on twitter to 2k followers 2 years ago is probably benign. These aren't always as clear as they might seem, and could easily overwhelm the mods if they come in mass flag waves. Hang tight :) — Tim Post ♦ 38 mins ago
Damn, when tim post is worried I fear I started something bad
5:24 PM
> However, the WebExtensions API on Firefox has some differences compared to Chrome's API.
Of course it does
of course Firefox would muck that up
Though tbh, it seems like Firefox is better in that regard
promises are nicer than callbacks
@Magisch Something bad? Try to avoid the urge to manufacture crystal meth:)
@MartinJames too late I already cooked up 500 pounds in the meanwhile
and on the next eppisode of Breaking Stack Overflow we'll so how many rep flags the CM's can clear after the consume all that meth
@TylerH Firefox does both callbacks and Promises. You can use callbacks by using chrome.* (code compatible with Chrome, with some differences), or Promises using browser.* (supposedly going to be code compatible with Edge, and hopefully others).
Q: Sorry, no [dice]

styblThe dice tag (x470) seems pretty useless. Used in a wide variety of contexts for all kinds of issues and languages. It's description is the definition of dice Dice have nothing to do with programming Peoples expertise in dice and dice-related activities doesn't matter in the context of a progra...

5:35 PM
@Feeds Wanted to suggest a "no shirt, no shoes..." title, but does, in fact, exist.
@PaulRoub Let's burn all the tags down and start from scratch.
@TylerH You can't start from , it is a synonym.
har har
It wouldn't be, if we burned all the tags down
tags would be desynonymized if the main tag is removed
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