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10:00 PM
@PetterFriberg I used the SO code search
aah ok.. let me try..
wow... yeah you can burn all your flags on that
@PetterFriberg Need to be careful on this one. Which location actually had the code first (if it even was SO or GH) will take some research: GitHub (17 results) or Stack Overflow (67 results).
@Makyen well I checked the revions time on github and the answer time on SO
who was first I have no idea... probably I have not found it yet.. : ), but I found 5-6 answers that are surely plagiarism (same comment in code), and I find a source on git that was before all those answer.
probably there is more stuff out there, but I went for the simple stuff... hence clearly copied content
@Makyen if you find more flag it, the gist is from 22 Jan 2016.
10:19 PM
@PetterFriberg And there is an answer that pre-dates that at 2015-12-22. But, that could easily not be the original. Needs more research.
@Makyen yeah it's a pitty we can't flag git to : )
@PetterFriberg Yeah, that would be nice. Some of the GitHub results are forks of other repositories. When creating the fork, those people had no idea that they were copying plagiarism.
@PetterFriberg :35616409 You may want to just flag once and let the moderator track it all down. The number of characters in a custom flag is just not enough to give all the info resulting from a complete investigation. Given the inherent limits to communication with mods, I'd probably just custom-flag with the searches and an explanation that there are quite a few SO posts which are plagiarizing the code. Might make an interesting Meta post (give people ideas of searching for other things).
What we really should do is develop a plagiarism detection bot.
@Makyen ooh a bot found it : )
@Makyen Welcome Guttenberg :)
10:27 PM
@Tunaki I should have known that one would already exist :-).
@Makyen I flagged the 6 I found... not sure a custom flag?, better to find a post and just pass the link to a source that is before, quicker for mods... only Brad has fun spending time to investigate plag.
@Tunaki not sure, more thanks for reply... can't see the switch from in the other answer..
any germans here stackoverflow.com/a/42181973 only NAA or Offensive?
But German is always offensive!
@PetterFriberg Link only
lol, that's true...
@Adriaan ok thanks
10:36 PM
it's a german link-only (with a dead link)
google translated it weirdly
> I have here a nice left of the linux well shred a lot spay while reading your druid shaman
> I have a nice link that describes linux well, have fun while reading, your druid shaman
10:49 PM
translate: ich habe hier einen netten links der das linux gut beschreit viel spay beim lesen eure druidenschamane
(from German) I have here a nice left the the linux good beschreit much spay when the read your Druid shaman
yeah, link only
Doesn't seem legit
I know
gimme a sec to handle that, busy for a few minutes
Yeah, definitely isn't Jaromanda.
10:53 PM
hmm getting offensive...
@cybermonkey you can flag for mod to delete if cross-site dupe
11:17 PM
@PetterFriberg something like 'this is a cross site dupe of x [link here], please delete.'?
ideally only do that if the SO copy isn't the original
Or if it's actually off-topic here. We don't like deleting on-topic questions
Hello all, how's that Saturday night fewer coming along?
Hiya, and out to bed o/
lol, cya Tuna
11:34 PM
@PetterFriberg The earliest version of this code I found was CECS453 - Final Fucking Project - Weather App, from 2014-12-01. However, based on a different version of code, but with the same comment, in this question, 2015-05-10, I suspect that the code may have an even older original source. Note that my searching was not exhaustive.
This would mean that every single instance of the code which I have seen on Stack Overflow is a copy/plagiarism.
Note on the above link you have to go to the 9th slide and zoom in to see the code.
@Undo That post has the interesting non-existent 5 more comments glitch
@TinyGiant Huh, interesting.
I've seen it before, but a mod always comes along and fixes it without knowing how they fixed it.
5 deleted comments there, all deleted by a non-existent user (probably the destroy job)
11:46 PM
I would make a bug report / find one of the old ones, but I'm lazy
if you find one of the old ones, let me know and I'll check if it's the same thing
And for some reason I have an aversion to reporting bugs
@Undo here's one seems to have been with regards to a destroy job as well
Yep, same thing
Bet there's weirdness in the comment counter; somehow it isn't accounting for comments deleted by null users properly
Yeah seems to be exactly the same. Given Bhargav's comments it is a well-known easily-reproduced issue.
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