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11:00 AM
@Sam Yeah I'm always in trouble with those, trying to choose the right balance. Once I have found a damn good Meta post about it, but can't seem to get a hold of it anymore
Also I'm wondering the right balance of adding how many links to technical details like URL for nuget package of Ninject etc.
@kayess Well I generally only backtick: small code snippets, variables names (and the like) and file paths.
Q: Is my assessment of this edit suggestion fair?

jonrsharpeI rejected this edit suggestion earlier, but it has been approved 3:2: The scattergun use of code formatting alone should have been enough to reject in my opinion, but was I wrong to think that? The user in question has made a few similar edits recently (e.g. here and here), most of which hav...

@CodeCaster thanks, reading.
@Sam alright taking notes.
@kayess As long as it doesn't look like this, you'll be good.
@Sam That's what I do also.
11:04 AM
@Sam rofl
By the way sorry for the oneboxing, apparently ":$postid $link" does not count as "text before a link"
What do you think of this? stackoverflow.com/a/35097629/1743880 A user copy-pasted an existing answer with his rejected edit
@CodeCaster Np, stuff that's on-topic is fine anyway.
@Tunaki I'm editing it, it's as easy as "In addition to" instead of quoting the entire answer
Edited. Better?
Isn't it more of a comment?
11:07 AM
@CodeCaster yeh good
@Tunaki there's the whole issue of if it attempts to answer and if you don't like it downvote it.. otherwise it has a place
@Tunaki well no, I mean "How to check if an URL resolves to a target" you need to follow all redirects, which that answer shows. I think it's pretty useful actually.
Fine :)
@Sam I've noticed you've started reviewing! I'll update your session record.
I left a comment
How does the bot "notice you've started reviewing"?
11:10 AM
@CodeCaster WebSockets.
a stalking bot
@CodeCaster He has a camera inside your apartment.
For the CV queue ofc.
@Sam yeah, no, I mean I've been reviewing for a couple of minutes now, he doesn't notify me :(
oh we need to register you with the bot
11:11 AM
@CodeCaster Oh, you have to be added.
ah don't bother then :P
well by we, I mean Sam
Wait Sam I thought you rigged CodeCaster's place with lots of cameras as soon as he joined the room
and with Closey Sam?
11:11 AM
Ask Kyll
@MsYvette I'm not sure
oh yeh @Kyll did you put camera's in CCs place?
I don't think he's reg'd with Closey.
maybe we should?
@Code I can add you if you'd like.
by we I mean you LOL
11:12 AM
@Sam nah that's fine, I've got a feeling I won't be frequenting this channel much
@CodeCaster sniff
@MsYvette The question is rather, why wouldn't I?
Hey Kyll
Hiya o/
11:13 AM
@Kyll trust me, you don't :P
@CodeCaster why not?
not anymore
tuna postgone
tuna k
@Kyll plop!
11:15 AM
he's our most advanced bot
@kayess it's the weekend, need I say more?
@CodeCaster not at all, but on weekdays? :p
Huh, this is new.
@Sam yeah just noticed that
11:18 AM
Can't see anything in the changelog about it.
I like it
Thanks guys for the edits, and thanks @CodeCaster that meta post was really useful to me! :)
^ that's new
11:23 AM
I updated the format, and apparently included an extra paren.
Less verbose.
@Sam flagged that already
@Sam Is there some kind of useful data in there?
@Tunaki Flagged as what?
> Where is the configuration file (init.d) in g-wan?
I don't see how that post answers the question.
VLQ, the whole post is gibberish
11:26 AM
I flagged it as NAA as it does not answer the question
it ignores the question
That's not what "NAA" is for, right...
It is some sort of answer, though deeply burrowed in what resembles more of a blog post than an answer
@MsYvette Yep, what CodeCaster said
It's in the LQP queue.
ah k
Yes, I have 43 flags pending again.
11:29 AM
how do you find those posts?
Nah, I just manually went through the queue.
I mean @Tunaki and his flagging
g2g bbl
@Yam die
11:33 AM
It's a list of answers to more than 30 days old question. You'll find that a good bunch of them are NAA
GraveRobber started
So I edit, flag and comment on those.
@Tunaki did you use your delete votes too?
11:36 AM
The problem statement is "Getting wrong answer"
@bummi Generally no. I keep them for other uses since I know the VLQ review queue will handle it eventually.
So is it "asking for debug help"?
@CodeCaster Weird voting?
@Thaillie +2, 1 favorite in 9 minutes on very low-traffic tags where the question itself is crap. Looks to me like friend-voting or voting-ring or whatever you call it. The question almost literally is "Debug this code for me".
How to handle this one?
11:40 AM
@CodeCaster It's a bad question but there is no evidence who is voting and if they are related to him :p
@Thaillie of course there's no evidence, all I'm saying is it looks suspicious :)
Right, I'm off, time to do something useful IRL. Cya :)
Cya o/
@CodeCaster I edited the Q
Cya o/
Cya o/
!!/test serialkeygeneratorfree.com
11:46 AM
> Would not be caught for title, body, and username.
@ProgramFOX ^ might want to add that
Ha you're here
Sneaky sneaky FOX o/
Always lurking :P
12:04 PM
Will being Will:
I call them a butthole then I give them the old Good Day To You Sir and if they talk back I rebut with I SAID GOOD DAY. It's super effective. — Will yesterday
@PraveenKumar It's spam
Hiya @Praveen o/
@Tunaki Hey tuna \o
Is this too broad actually?
@kayess Or POB or asking for resources
@Kyll can you see the number of delete votes?
12:15 PM
@Tunaki No?
There's 2 right now, one more.
Oh, yay
man I'm sitting with a whole load of those tag wiki edits for plagiarism ready to be approved or rejected by the next vote.
@MsYvette You know I can edit those without going into the queue?
I don't understand why when Undo asks for help, they're reviewed quickly and I've asked 6 times and nothing
12:18 PM
@Kyll Gone, please use delete-pls, it is easier to filter by delete votes.
@Tunaki can you review them?
@Tushar Got it
@MsYvette Yes also.
if you can edit them, then you can remove all those plagiarised edits, but it takes time to go and search if they are plagiarised
How are you looking for them?
12:20 PM
@Tunaki this
maybe it's too hard for people with <20K to try and fix this issue, relying on approvals
@KevinGuan o/
Hello Arch Linux
Should this comment get deleted as too chatty ?
which comment ;)
12:24 PM
I'm going through your edit suggestions.
@KevinGuan Don't disturb our ROs :P
@Tunaki thanks, I spent 2-3 hours doing them. that's why I'm upset.
@MsYvette Oops, just afk a bit :P
(Unrelated) Hey @Veedrac, I remembered I had nominated you during the 10M contest. Did you get the shirt? :D — mu 無 57 mins ago
This one ^
@Tushar lol
@KevinGuan Added Comment
@mu無 you should talk to Veedrac on personal chat. Adding these comments here will clutter the space, add many comments which are not useful for the future readers. — Tushar 4 mins ago
@Tushar Oh thanks, better than just a flag.
12:42 PM
:28458654 Edited. That is added as separator
:28458662 you should use sd f: false report/ignore
Okay sure. :) Thanks.
@Tunaki It should have been
@Tushar no it shouldn't. It's a classic asp.net feature :p
@kayess Didn't know that. But I'm Windows user.
@Tunaki That looks like a spam. I can only read .com, flagged it, also close voted: unclear
12:47 PM
@Tushar Ah
@Tushar postgone
@Tushar k
@Tunaki Tushar the new bot! :P
@Tunaki Whats that?
@Thaillie Don't know.
12:50 PM
@PraveenKumar We already have many :P
@Tushar It's okay... Nice to play with bots. :D
Then contact Sam
@Tushar Sure.
He could go play with Hatman :)
12:52 PM
@Thaillie or Hatgirl, can't see it that's a boy :P
@MsYvette The question is clear, you can see both input and output, going with Broad
@Tushar yeh I can see intput and output, but it doesn't really say what it wants, what if the input is AAA,BB,CCCC? not clear
not that it matters why it's closed
Yep it's unclear
@MsYvette Fair enough. Added comment
Hey Drew
@Tushar yeh I saw, liked it
hi Drew
12:57 PM
Morning Drew o/
Drew are you willing to look through my suggested edits for removing plagiarised content?
@Drew o/
sure Yv
@Tunaki DRY, Thaillie already mentioned that. :P
thanks hun
12:58 PM
there are a couple on death row
@Tushar o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ o/ :p
@Tunaki That's better
12:59 PM
maybe I ought to leave the wiki edits to the pros. I really don't know what should go there
otter than what Undo says I just never go there
oh ok
@MsYvette Even if OP clear that, the question will be broader
@Drew You can take a look at that SEDE and see what I've done for the bottom rows. (if you want of course)
1:03 PM
Gonna sleep guys...
gotcha Tunaki. I recall Undo talking about the use of sede last night regarding wiki
@PraveenKumar Sleep? Why? Bots don't sleep.
Tunaki, did you miss the link to the Java and Love one last night ?
@Drew Hm?
I must have. I was at an AaRON concert, was awesome.
that must be a yes. I will find it
1:05 PM
@cimmanon Update the CV-request-script
@Tushar i dont use it
^ hard core she is
@cimmanon Why? You manually type that
Hard-Working Cim, and look at Tiny, he even had scripts to write script, such a lazy person
Err...I can't find this close reason in the close reasons...github.com/SO-Close-Vote-Reviewers/UserScripts/blob/master/…
@Tushar why not?
1:10 PM
Save your time, forget about typos, you can even send the CV request from outside of the room
@KevinGuan That is synonym for broad
@Tushar cool
yeah Tunaki it was removed from the transcript. Which makes my friend loop comment in it a non sequitur
i used to customize stuff years ago. when you start doing that, you forget what the default experience is for other users. it makes you less motivated to improve the things you build (well i dont experience it because of my customizations, so i am not going to fix it right away)
@Drew There's an undelete vote on that? LOL!
1:16 PM
@Tushar he voted to delete it, though?
Free waffle is always welcomed
We already had Linux in Room, now we have Mac(@Lumialxk), missing Windows
And just now, Mac left the group
wow what an amazingly written question Tuna
This is still open :(
Plop @Drew
I am beginning to agree with @Braiam let some of these heavily downvoted Q's just get roomba'd
save ones CV for real problems
1:31 PM
Unless they are getting attention for crap answers
@Drew needs to be closed to get roombad though?
@Tunaki no
questions older than 30 days with score -1 or less that have no answer would be deleted
Is there stats on how often that happens?
Q: What posts get deleted, and why?

Shog9A fair number of posts get deleted on Stack Overflow each month, for a wide variety of reasons and by a diverse set of methods. Because these posts are, by definition, not visible and not searchable, there tends to be a lot of misinformation about how much gets deleted and who deletes it. So,...

deadquestions scores second
in fact, it deletes more than the closed script
1:35 PM
Very nice
Hive. What a nightmare.
Thanks @Braiam
Brings back hives.
so, what is worth closing? 0 scored questions with a no upvoted/accepted answer or questions with score >1~2
Nope, you didn't just offer me a waffle.
1:45 PM
@Tunaki Have it
can someone add a POB or whatever so I can close this stackoverflow.com/q/34816275
@Drew Back at ya
thx went Too Broad too
in the spirit of Braiam, that Q gets a send off
1:47 PM
@Tunaki Er.. I am not a bot! I am a bat. Precisely Cat-Bat... So I need to sleep.
40 minutes sleep? That's more a nap.
@MsYvette are you around today to shift gears to ?
Yay let's close some . Who uses that anyway
yeah we brought down heavily last 3 days
1:50 PM
@PraveenKumar and that is dupe of?
@Tushar Go away man. I thought you are lightning speed.
@PraveenKumar is this no mcve?
Can't I hammer it, if I know it? :P
@kayess Affirmative.
@PraveenKumar was trying to search proper dupe, couldn't find
@Tushar Ha ha ha... Google wins then. I did the same with SO Search. Nothing came up.
@Tunaki I double second that.
@Tunaki @Sam has to kill @Yam to give her updates. Bots do sleep.
1:53 PM
Killing is not really putting to sleep.
> Changing an MTA setting and having to reinstall the entire operating system if you make a mistake? No wonder that Microsoft is campaigning that UNIX is difficult to use and inflexible.
@Drew I'm in i give 30 of my CV for that, do I just set java in review or do you like another focus
none of you Java guys look at the following in 1 minute (or any minute). Let Millie check em out. Or Sam or Nathan
@MillieSmith can you take a peek: 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... 5 ... 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 10
@PetterFriberg I am going to switch my views and queries to Java and do a sys scan on them
then let you know
I waste some CV in the review que will w8ing
Flag stackoverflow.com/a/35102577/266143 as NAA while you're at it
2:00 PM
@CodeCaster Careful, we don't do NAAs here
k, sorry
maybe more like, hey guys what do you think
then no prob
Yeah but the FAQ said that every statement is to be interpreted as "Take a look at this link and apply my suggestion if you agree" :) Don't flag if you're not sure and so on
But alright
yeah that is for a CV assumption
ergo the room name
is there anyone who can toss a cv on this question? it needs one more and i think the votes might be aging away soon: stackoverflow.com/questions/29432722/…
thanks <3
2:10 PM
I had to read a couple of times... I'm not quick... but I arrive...
@CodeCaster Multiple NAA flags are also useless. 1 flag's enough to get it in the queue, additional flags don't help with prioritising, unfortunately. So yeah.
Is it possible to filter the chat search on old cv-pls request by tag... or only by author...
@PetterFriberg Like this? chat.stackoverflow.com/…
@Thaillie I want that list but only if the question is tagged example
To tell the truth I want this list chat.stackoverflow.com/…
with only question on certain tags.
2:16 PM
There isn't anything built-in (afaik), but you could utilise your browser's search feature.
@Sam Ok thanks..
I just do on user, normally it corresponds ; )
2:19 PM
Hey @easwee
@Sam hey
Haven't seen you in a while.
yeah - busy at work and also coding some game at home so I don't hang around that much lately
@Sam actually, you need as many looks ok as flags to drop the post from the queue
2:24 PM
still do my CVs :P
@Braiam Wat. So one NAA flag can be cleared with one "looks ok"?
as usual, left to one's imagination
God forbid if techies at SO would ever actually clarify such detail
java hammer can check this, I'm skipping.. stackoverflow.com/questions/35100597/…
@Braiam Is there a meta post or something about the change?
I don't remember it always being like that.
2:32 PM
@Drew, my CV are draining... I only start with 50... any news..
working it PF minutes away
it's almost as bad as JS
feel sorry for my virus protection layer. It must be wondering wth is going on
What shall we do with this: stackoverflow.com/q/35103040
2:41 PM
@PraveenKumar if no duplicate, answer NO ; )
@PraveenKumar lol
Ha ha ha.
Close as too broad.
@PetterFriberg here is our starting point 20160130_0947_ET
@Drew Ok on it...
2:48 PM
batches of 10, CV4, I have no opinion on any of them
@Drew hmm, sorry but what do I do with this image....
@Drew what is that?
@PetterFriberg Admire its beauty.
You bet it nice, I'm rotating it around the screen..
Noone has any opinion of my spammy question?
2:51 PM
what that is is our starting point of TLC ... Operation Java Late Jan
I had and flag it as so... but you guys no better..
@Tunaki yes
Imo anyway
Hello online friends =)
@Drew on with closing but first one and second was a roomba
2:53 PM
@TimCastelijns o/
@TimCastelijns Hiya \o
@Drew You should fix your super query to avoid down vote with no upvoted answer
PF just whatever you see. We have hundreds
I can filter anything. This is a blind sweep one
@Drew Feels like I'm wasting my few CV.s
That is why we recruit. Find some Java buddies :P
2:55 PM
@Drew You can't filter The Skeet though. The Skeet filters you.
how about if you like the Q just move to the next one
@Drew For now I just close it and then move to next one ; )
I want to close some I want to close some, me me me me me
@Tunaki Don't steel mine!!!

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