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12:02 AM
@Closey starting
@Undo Don't get lost in the queue!
@Rob In true google fashion, they have already indexed that question in case someone needs to "depharse" something google.com/search?q=depharse
12:16 AM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 23 hours to continue reviewing.
@Undo Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@PraveenKumar Your last completed review session ended 1 day, 21 hours, 16 minutes and 58 seconds ago and lasted 3 days, 13 hours, 12 minutes and 59 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value.
Okay! :P
@NathanOliver has now been contaminated by the TF2 virus
Mission accomplished.
12:32 AM
Why are there separate SE network sites for professional mathematicians, math teachers, and math users "at any level"?
@TigerhawkT3 No idea, also been wondering that
@TigerhawkT3 Because that's how things shook out, I think
I guess Pro maths is crazy stuff, Math teachers is for school teachers and learning strategies, last one is for students
Not sure there was a conscious decision there.
Also, here's a one-box
12:38 AM
"i bought a python at the pet store and now i have to train him so i will use the python lagnuage, how i do this" migrated from SO to Programming
migrated from Programming to Pets
And why the heck is there no SE site about how to interact with people?
@TigerhawkT3 ... Parenting?
Example question: "After talking with my friend on the phone for a few minutes, he says he has to go but he'll call me right back, but he doesn't actually call back. Do I wait a couple weeks for him to remember, or do I call him after five minutes?"
Don't play IRL. Problem solved!
reallife.stackexchange.com. I like it.
Or irl.stackexchange.com
Reputation there should be negative values
There's also LifeHacks
12:46 AM
@Undo yes, yes please
@Kyll :D
Parenting is for parents and kids, not general interpersonal relationships. Lifehacks isn't about people at all.
People don't need no interpersonal relationships. We've got smartphones!
I don't.
Tiger must have a Windows phone
the clasic
I should've said waffles with hind sight.
It does calls, voicemail, and text messaging. It has a keypad lock. The DC input jack is extremely robust. The battery lasts a week or two between charges.
but can it take selfies?
that's the important stuff
If I want to browse teh Yootubz, or write emails, or play videogames, I do it at home, on a PC with dual 22" 1920x1080 monitors.
Did gunr say something? I thought he did but I can't process it.
1:00 AM
dual, not 3 monitors?
Ya think money grows on trees?
are you a farmer?
I'm not Jeff Atwood.
"hey guis i bought 3 new 4k monitors it only cost over 2 grand why doesn't everyone do this"
Anyway, I gotta have dinner. Be back later. :)
1:01 AM
I still think gunr's avatar is a great selfie.
@Sam Too bad he didn't shave that day
Sorry, I mean G-Daddy.
Wth is that wallpaper?
1:05 AM
Lol, at first glance I thought your graphics card was dying.
nope, intentional
@Kyll oh that's so true! I thought it was just me
@PetterFriberg night \o
what do you make of this answer?
1:20 AM
> Use blah blah link, it does blah blah blah. Use Google blah.
@Sam is it NAA? a pointer to an apple
how to win friends:
Imho, it would appear so. I personally have no experience with Java, so might be missing something.
was sad for a second there
I've decided to start looking at the unaccepted answers on popular questions and give them a vote, rather than just stop at the accepted answer
1:22 AM
@Drew Nice sign off.
@Drew rude creature - the commenter, not you Drew!
@Drew yaaay free flag!
Bam, gone.
ok I want to ask a meta question as a joke...
@MsYvette Wait for a few months
1:25 AM
@Kyll ok love, I'll take your wise advice :)
@Kyll *6-8 moons.
@Sam 6-8 moons?
Not that moon. :p
@MsYvette Whoever made that illustration is a genius
Ofc, Kyll would like that.
1:27 AM
> In 80, Flavius Josephus recorded the first known incident of mooning. Josephus recorded that in 66 AD, at around the beginning of the First Roman–Jewish War, a Roman soldier mooned Jewish pilgrims on their way to the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, causing a riot, an over-response by the Roman military, and the deaths of thousands of pilgrims.
Can't take any joke, those guys
@Kyll talk about over kill literally
Off to bed, night!
@Kyll \o
Wait, wait, wait. "Mooning is the art of [...]" it's an art?
@Sam Wikipédia says so, so it must be
1:31 AM
@Sam very good question... I'm sure there's a SE site for that question
Night Kyll :p
@MsYvette english.se probably.
1:42 AM
dear mod, can one of you delete this typo with 2 answers? Thx stackoverflow.com/q/34789351
as this won't benefit the world much, is it a stretch to go TYPO based on self-answer? stackoverflow.com/q/34792274
not a self-answer in general, but that self-answer
@Sam \o
Any opinions on letting this go from 8 answers to 20 over time? The 4 cv's expire: stackoverflow.com/questions/34798276
8 attempts so far
@Drew which one?
oh you mean the link I forgot ?
1:52 AM
technically that isn't so POB
they're voting to reopen this please help stop this, I don't think they're looking at the dupe
they mention the intanglement
Too hot for my britches
Drew the user posted the same question twice
2:03 AM
I have like 10 tabs flying across my screen. I did not pick up on that minor detail
why don't you comment then and have them delete the lame one
that's what I think the other voters to reopen didn't pick up. I always open them both in separate tabs
I read 2 comments and split
one is frozen by mods, so I think it's in hand...
you know that Brendan Gooden one you posted above ? i.imgur.com/dYcP5Vo.jpg
ok do you think this is an ok comment?
2:08 AM
@Drew yes, he paid a programmer to do it for him, that was his posted answer
didn't know you saw the red
make it on-topic not ontopic
codeigniter is awesome
yeh I voted to delete it, or I wouldn't have seen it
@cimmanon have a look at the meta post above, I've linked in the merging issue, which we still don't have an unambiguous policy on
sd ignore- edited
2:15 AM
@Mogsdad and commented
Mogs, you did the magic edit script yes?
Much of it, yes. What's up?
feedback, nothing up :)
I don't think it's catching thanx
2:16 AM
it capitalises 'c's in runs of a, b, c,... can I suggest a regex fix on that? I'm happy to help
I would also suggest that if there is a single word on a newline after a salutation with thanks that is it deleted, it is usually a name..
thanks: {
expr: /\b(t)(?:anks|hx|anx)\b/gi,
replacement: "$1hanks",
reason: App.consts.reasons.silent
True ^^^ "tanx", not "thanx", easy.
you want me to give you feedback?
@MsYvette i am confused, so the wrong question in the merged question pair is closed as a dupe?
2:19 AM
I believe it was marked as a duplicate, and then it was merged into the same question (since it was identical)
So now it's a duplicate of itself (well, not quite)
@cimmanon no, they're both bad questions, and are identical, posted by the same user. But as the user attempts to edit the one not frozen, it will not longer be a identical
please feel free to edit my meta posts for clarity @Rob anyone
if you're needing to ask here, it means I'm not explaining myself well
@Rob yes
but the OP is attempting to improve it
2:21 AM
is there something else i am missing? because the only edit i see on the closed/non-frozen question before yours is from 2010
@MsYvette It capitalizes lonely c's. There are lots of false-positive cases, not just "a,b,c". (I answer lots of spreadsheet questions... "col c", "column c", "in c I want...", so I've gotten used to enclosing variable names & such in back-ticks.) I've worked on it before, and abandoned efforts. If you want to fork the editor and work on regex for it, though, go for it! I'm happy to take pull requests.
@MsYvette Always give feedback! If you suspect or find bugs, just write up an issue. github.com/Tiny-Giant/Stack-Exchange-Editor-Toolkit/issues
@MsYvette Already does that. checking when I added that, might no be in master.
@cimmanon there's users actively trying to reopen it underneath in comments.. oh my bad, I thought they were trying to get it on topic
yeah, it looks like theyre trying to fix the incorrect dupe closure
@Mogsdad thanks Mogs
anyway, I've been meaning to get back to the merging issue and I don't think this is the correct use of the merge feature in this case
2:26 AM
it does give us a curious position if it is edited
the mods did state that they will merge questions by the same user if the questions are identical (and both questions got answers)
for off topic posts?
I think the question is too broad and should be deleted I agree with @Drew I didn't see how old it was. It came on the reveiw queue
@MsYvette This RegEx101 is part of the "complimentaryClose" rule, line 2060 of the currently published script. You can try out any close you think the script missed right in the RegEx101, and raise an issue pointing at the post in question if it's a problem. Note that we need to be careful about references at the bottom of a post.
it's a shame we can't put bounties on meta questions any more
2:34 AM
hi Brock
I tried to leave a comment of " -1 does not mean False, you can compare booleans to integers (meaningfully, too), and it's not a syntax error. " and the filter complained about the -1. -_-
yeh you need to be careful what order you put things in comments
I just prepended "A value of " and the filter was mollified.
The answer I commented on had five problems.
I need to create a 2D and 3D game using unity,... any ideas are great, they use angry birds as an example, never played it.. I have no idea about video games
2:51 AM
You are teetering at the edge of a bottomless pit of "play xyz game" suggestions.
yeh I need help I have the imagination of a gnat
I have one session to write them 3-4 months
so it has to be realistic in that time..
the 2 D one is not so hard to think of a space invaders type
Kyll was looking for ideas for a game a while ago, in another room. He might have some spare ideas lying around! (Not saying they were good ideas, mind.)
2:53 AM
You need to make a game?
Does it have to be original or can you just clone something?
it's to demonstrate coding ability, so it can be loosely based on something else, I'm not marketing it
Since I'm burning , this question needs to be touched. I lean towards closing it, "too broad". What do you think?
the code needs to be original, it's for a subject in my masters
@Mogsdad yep too braod
You could try Blek. I played that for five minutes, found it interesting, then spent a week cloning it (not all the content/levels; just the mechanics).
I guess that's not really enough for a masters.
2:55 AM
@Mogsdad I was assuming, they wanted the style.. hm not how to add it to projec
And how about Angry Birds, as they suggested?
@TigerhawkT3 if I can get an idea of a game and maybe try a couple and then I can make an idea from that
I should try it
I now space invaders from nearly 40 years ago
I suppose it has to be something with physics?
2:56 AM
36 years ago
doesn't say
I'm ok with maths and physics at this level
for gaming, not post grad!
Does it have to be complete as far as levels, dialogue, art, etc.?
Or can it be a proof-of-concept sort of thing?
I was in a lecture (I've always studied online, being a single mum etc) and someone didn't know what complex numbers were or z, as in x ,y ,z and I was like..??
2:58 AM
I need to create the games
Whatever game you do, don't do this!
useful? stackoverflow.com/q/34799451 Room full of Tinker Toys next
for example for my android proj I incorporated location services, sqlite, shared pref, user login, ++
Right, but, to the point where it's in a publishable state? Or just implement all the features and come up with a few "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" levels?
my mvc proj i made an online shop site, with backend access to db to create and control categories and products, user authentication for employees and customers, account access, cart, check out
3:00 AM
That sounds fancy.
I got offered an internship from that
it works too
I have the code all set up to create websites for people
I made paint images though for categories
that was the only thing that wasn't prof, they didn't care
3:02 AM
the pets picture looks like the shop needs to be reported to the RSPCA
@Closey starting
@Tushar Happy reviewing!
@Tushar Hiya!
3:04 AM
oh yeh my android project also communicated with an embedded device over bluetooth
> Mate
Anybody at all, typically used only to refer to men, used as an informal address for strangers ("G'day, mate"), as a name placeholder for friends, and as a term for friends in general ("Invite your mates around").
Similar to 'mate' but used for women. Or from a woman to male. Depending on context can ether be + or - eg, "Now listen here love" "what shall it be love" "want a drink love"
so if I call you guys "love" it's like saying g'day mate, except n feminine form
it's not a come on
3:09 AM
I suggest budgeting $50 or so and going nuts on Steam. Look for games that are a buck or two apiece. Unlike most Steam users, actually play all the games you just bought. Look at their mechanics, their UIs, their social features, etc., and either clone one, Frankenstein your favorites together, or develop your own concept.
@TigerhawkT3 thanks Tigey
@MsYvette Oh. :(
oh sorry, a come on would be "how about it?"
Aussies are true romantics
3:17 AM
@Tunaki Is this spam?
@MsYvette While the "a, b, C" is a little annoying, have you seen this yet? "Column A always contains..." becomes "Column An always becomes...", due to the A_vs_An grammar checking. Another reason to just put backticks around it!
@Undo No
@Mogsdad yes I had a look at it.. I've gotten side tracked by unity, attention span of a gnat
Dec 20 '15 at 21:42, by Tiny Giant
Notice: Smokey is for tracking spam, and offensive content. It is not for stalking regular users who happen to exhibit behaviors that you disagree with. If you see some behavior that you disagree with, please do not blacklist the user with smokey, instead use a custom moderator flag and explain what you think the problem is. This room is about content, not users.
3:20 AM
should we take the user off the blacklist?
and i'm out for the night
@MsYvette I will
@gunr2171 \o
Have a good night.
@Undo thx
3:20 AM
@gunr2171 Didn't know you were in! Missed your witty commentary!
I've been thinking I should write some apps and deploy them to the store in my own right. Everything I've done has been very business minded. I should enjoy this more
I am supposed to be studying mobile app development
@Mogsdad Answer looks VLQ/commentary
it's a sarcastic rant
@Tushar Doesn't matter if the question is being closed.
The question will be deleted soon.
3:24 AM
6 mins ago, by Undo
!!/report should only be used in cases where the post is spam/offensive and the user has posted only, or seems to be likely to only post spam/offensive things in the future.
@Tushar Can you confirm that you understand and will adhere to the above?
I don't want to be harsh, but we can't have people abusing SmokeDetector - especially if we're going to move forward with automated flagging.
@Undo I didn't say it is a spam/offensive, I said it's VLQ. The answer is just asking questions
@Tushar !!/report means spam/offensive.
And should only be used for such.
@Undo how so undo?
3:29 AM
@Undo I understand that, I didn't mention that. And I don't have priviledges to do that. Are you saying that I shouldn't have said that answer is VLQ/commentary
btw, that haskell question was posted on reddit
@Undo can we please remove the headless part from smokey, it brings forth horrible images of our unicorn bot sniff
@MsYvette heh, feel free to suggest.
@Undo my humour, ignore me :)
And yes, you do have privileges to do that.
3:30 AM
Ugh. I'm really frustrated with SO right now.
@intboolstring why intbool?
@Undo that is @Tunaki I think?
... I'm an idiot.
nah it happens to all of us
3:35 AM
@Tushar My apologies, I misread a few things. Everything you're doing here is fine, don't worry about anything :)
@MsYvette I answer a question and then other people answer almost an exact clone of what I say, and theirs gets uprooted and mine get no up votes.
@Undo I made my mistakes with SD, I used gone when it should've been postgone
@MsYvette Meh, that doesn't send any signal to really anything
@intboolstring I totally get it, it's like some people have a charisma button.. show me a link please
Q: Python: How to print types within a list

RPmichSo I was given a list and I must print the type of each item in the list. I can clearly see that there are strings and integers but I need it to print out in Python. We just learned for loops so I feel like that is what they are looking for but I cannot get it to print out.

3:37 AM
I'm mostly being protective of anything that sends signal to the system, because we'll need it to be 100% accurate if we start this automated flagging project.
@Undo oh. I thought gone was to remove the actual SD post from chat
@Undo totally agree, especially if a user is posting in good faith
so SD k, that reports the user as a spammer?
It blacklists the user, yes
as does !!/report
3:39 AM
@SmokeDetector :(
ok, so be mindful when using these.. and tpu?
Yes. The idea is that things marked with a checkmark in metasmoke are things that could be legitimately flagged as spam
what about pure abuse, like swear swear swear swear?
that is one thing I'm not clear on
That's the kind of thing that we want SpamRam to block. As a moderator, I'd approve those flags. As a user, I cast them (usually go the rude/abusive route, but they really do the same thing)
3:41 AM
who is SpamRam?
The Stack Exchange system that uses various forms of magic to block spam before it's even posted.
ah k
so no need to use sd k
hey can we use this for recommendations softwarerecs.stackexchange.com?
@MsYvette That's the idea ;)
3:45 AM
@Undo could we have a migrate to link on that for recommendation closures?
It might be a good idea to ask on meta.stackoverflow again, but the sentiment is generally "no"
Stack Overflow gets so much traffic that it can crush smaller sites.
Time to go drag the dog around the block (or the other way around). G'Nite, all!
do you guys browse those closed questions?
I will ask on meta, didn't know the site existed, great idea!
@MsYvette I don't really go digging for them, if I find one that does match the requirements I'll flag and ask for it to be migrated
3:47 AM
I'm a moderator on both SR and HR, though, so I have a bit more weight with those kinds of flags.
@MsYvette Ping me when you do
@Undo No problem :)
@Undo done
Q: Can have a change to allow for migrations to Software Recommendations SE?

Ms YvetteCan we have a change on the Closed vote reason to include an awareness of softwarerecs.stackexchange.com Questions that are off-topic for softwarerecs.stackexchange.com and are asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-top...

@MsYvette Thanks. I might write something up on that.
4:17 AM
anyone here good with queries, on how to find closed questions with requests for off site tool recommendations?
> Questions that are off-topic for softwarerecs.stackexchange.com and are asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.
Am I reading this right?
In particular, "Questions that are off-topic for softwarerecs.stackexchange.com"
Oh, I think I just got it. You saying add this text, so that another close reason will be used?
@AlexanderO'Mara questions that are offtopic for SWse, can be closed, otherwise migrated
but Undo doesn't like that, rather the idea of just a migration link.
Ok, the wording seems a little awkward maybe.
I've edited the first part out altogether
5:15 AM
@intboolstring left a comment
5:32 AM
@MsYvette Thank you!
why do I bother opening my mouth? it honestly gets exhausting and boring arguing over .. <insert preferred curse word>
@intboolstring any time.. it's nice to have support.
Lolz. Today was a bad day for me on SE. That incident happened on the python question, but it also happened on a Java question where the next answer was accepted.
5:39 AM
And, the water pipe is broken here because the weird weather.
Where are you @KevinGuan? and what type of weather?
@intboolstring the other day, I had answers on three bounty questions, they all got downvoted.. and one of them the OP didn't even respond to my answer, nor did he even bother to award the bounty.. it was like, why bother, if there's no feedback.
@intboolstring Oh, I'm from China :)
However, the weather is weird this year.
@MsYvette. I hate when stuff like that happens. I almost feel like I have had worse days on SO.
5:43 AM
@intboolstring it's that feeling of being invisible I don't like.. Like my contributions are worthless, and they may be, but if they are, at least tell me why so I can improve them.
Also when there is a person who just signs up to ask a question, see if they get an answer in 3 min, and leave.
Oh, @intboolstring I think you can run these Smokey commands now right? :D
And if they don't get an answer in 3 min, they just are like "peace out SO"
@KevinGuan Yes I can!
@intboolstring Yes, you are a privileged user.
5:45 AM
@KevinGuan brews coffee for @KevinGuan
Ty for adding me
@intboolstring brews coffee for @intboolstring
No problem
@intboolstring Just say sd k :P
@intboolstring No post from user, maybe all are removed
I flagged one of my posts with a custom flag for this user's profile
as they have no posts or comments to flag
Finally hit 10k :D
@Rob nice!
5:56 AM
@Rob congo!
@Rob Congrats! (But I still need try to hit it)
Thanks :)
And just afk a bit, back.
Side question; what should I change my profile photo to? Mine is really lame now. I don't want to make it a photo of me
5:59 AM
@intboolstring what do you like?
Programming :)

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