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12:03 AM
Q: An obsolete comment I flagged was instantly deleted- what gives?

cybermonkeyI got a notification that someone suggested an edit to an answer I wrote (TL:DR; I rejected it as it was making an unnecessary change to the URL). I then went to the actual question and found that the author of the question was the one who suggested the edit & had changed the link in their questi...

<onebox to maximum effect>
@SmokeDetector fpu- (VLQ)
@cybermonkey maximum effect also means maximum reaction from ROs ya know
@Kyll true
trying to think up of a punny title, but can't think of any
Am I the only one who doesn't understand this question: stackoverflow.com/q/33882921/3933332 ?
@Rizier123 I'm reading it as "If string is more or equal to another string, var_dump the old string and replace it with the newer one`.
I don't do PHP that much, so there could be stuff which I haven't caught there.
@DavidG See, I didn't click the links. x)
12:17 AM
I like living on the edge.
stackoverflow.com/questions/33883064/… Seems like a great start for the first question.
12:33 AM
@Rizier123 Using [edit] in an answer, links to editing the answer btw :)
@DavidG Was an auto-comment :) Is there a short link for the question e.g. [question-edit] ?
I don't think there's a short link unfortunately.
@Kyll Yep, I have Python bronze tag badge. Any problem? :)
Morning all :D
Answers are also trash.
@AlexanderO'Mara You were hacked?
12:37 AM
@KevinGuan No...
@AlexanderO'Mara Yeah I know, just kidding :P. That question now closed :)
Good, now to delete it...
Delete what....?
@AlexanderO'Mara Ah, deleted.
12:40 AM
We really wanted to make sure the answers also get deleted so we deleted them separately: stackoverflow.com/q/33883316/3933332 :D
Good riddance.
Now if we can get rid of this one too... stackoverflow.com/questions/33883126/youtube-embed-video
I think these postings are spam.
Hmm...Election ends in 19 hours.
But it's that sneaky spam where nobody wants to drop the hammer.
12:45 AM
yeah, I already flagged it as spam
delete vote too, why not
Eh, I flagged it spam also, see what happens.
It will probably be disputed, but...
well David's comment alone can be a kiss of death for it
Hey now. any OS X users in here. I'm wondering what to do about stackoverflow.com/questions/7501057/…. I have an edit to review: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/10311829 and am uncertain whether to reject or not.
Off to bed, night!
@Kyll Night :P
12:52 AM
Me too, night guys
8:50 AM now...
OP accepted another answer two years+ ago and now an edit has come in that throws in some variants on a top. My intuition is that it should be a comment.
@DavidG Good night.
@ShawnMehan I think that should be another answer.
Or maybe not.
Because the OP asks for OSX.
but OP accepted a ps that did work
and they were asking for top at the start, but it's not clear that they just wanted to find a proc
12:55 AM
I reject that one @ShawnMehan . It's an audit trick
Their code does work.
yep. it does.
And what was posted does not work on OSX, just like they said.
yep. but the accepted answer does.
so is it not overriding the answer beyond author's intent?
he clearly didn't intend to put that in. so its either a comment or a new answer
I guess not.
Personally, I think the editor probably should have posted a new answer.
12:57 AM
me, too
But the edit doesn't strike me as a bad one.
not a bad edit, but better as comment or even better an answer on it's own
ok, thx for the ear....
1:23 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
@SmokeDetector edited
@Closey commands
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
Boring Version Closey(BVC) :(
@Closey starting
1:40 AM
@KevinGuan May the Vote be with you!
passed Python audit
2:01 AM
passed Python audit
Thank you for reviewing 400 close votes today; come back in 25 hours to continue reviewing.
@KevinGuan Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
2:14 AM
@Closey So you didn't see that I need come back in 25 hours to continue reviewing ? :P
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
Okay okay.
@Closey last session stats
@KevinGuan Your last completed review session ended 10 minutes and 57 seconds ago and lasted 23 minutes and 18 seconds. You reviewed 400 items, averaging a review every 3 seconds.
You reviewed 400 items, averaging a review every 3 seconds. <-- @Sam bug report.
off by one error, classic
2:18 AM
Next time I'll say I reviewed 0 item.
2:47 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
3:20 AM
I guess Smokey won't catch it
@Am_I_Helpful data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/397581/… query excluding Indiana and Indiapolis.
3:38 AM
I don't know where to ask this so i'll do it here.
Why people on this site like to give downvote for nothing ? It's like when they have a bad day, they release stress like this ha ha
It's illegal here, not being fluent with english ?
an example @Madz for context
Context ? Sometimes i got some comment off-topic, and when i say "no" this is not that, people give me downvote.
you can ask it on meta.stackoverflow.com I know that
It's like real life, you can't say no to people ha ha . I feel like i'm on openclassroom forum ahem
Oh thanks for the link Drew
Sorry for spamming here then.
you are not spamming
I think that you can say why you do not think it is off topic. But remember that off topic has to be there or else we are ALL over the place with questions, with no good answers
3:41 AM
Sorry i did not understand your answer Drew.
... and is that the kind of resource you want to sort through when you are searching for a solution to your problem
you can say "this is why I don't think it is off topic xyz and pdq". But if you don't know what is off-topic then no one is going to agree
I know but downvote do something to my post visibility no ? I spent 4 days in a problem, and just because i said that's not it, i got a downvote, that's why i'm so pissed off...
you don't know why other people downvotes your post, don't make assumptions
Oh don't worry, i know why it was off topic. I code a 2D engine, and the person spoke about 3D method .
3:44 AM
Ok :)
4:12 AM
@Tushar Thanks, standing at 330th position in India.
As of current reputation.
1 hour later…
5:36 AM
@tushar but she said it was urgent
@Drew then quickly help her because it's Urgent. :P
6:32 AM
Non english
IF not POB, then Broad
@Tushar French? Then we can ask @Kyll or @Tunaki :P
No need, it's not spam
6:49 AM
@Tushar Hmm...translated.
@SmokeDetector deleted
its a freebie wiki question
Cross-network spam:
Q: Useful Tips For Passing Cisco Certification Exams

sonikoriWhich is actually going to do inquiry to can be a DNS server too most Windows frameworks expert server systems like 70-410 practice exam Server 2003 and 2000 8 likewise have a DNS server and that this DNS application would utilize port 53 OK TCP and you DP port 53 it utilizes both it utilizes TC...

Q: Useful Tips For Passing Cisco Certification Exams

sonikoriI got my web program and I write inhere suppose at WWW spot chunk lab website and obviously after the speck 70-410 practice exam couther is really a dab there as a top level space so it's the routes dab and after that quiet as the TLD and in the domain name is to be authoritative name organizati...

By said user.
7:08 AM
@AlexanderO'Mara Don't use one-box, as Closey said: Don't worry, only Rene will bite.
@KevinGuan "one-box"?
@AlexanderO'Mara Hmm...wait me.
Nov 16 at 7:20, by rene
@KevinGuan yes, well, one one-box per day is sort of the rule, to be interpreted as keep the number of one-boxes as low as possible and preferable don't one-box at all (cc @tripleee)
This called one-box, use link instead :P
Hey, morning.
Ah, I thought that might be what you were referring to.
Not what I would have called it, but...
I'll keep that in mind.
Howdy @Lafexlos :D
7:12 AM
I'd call it a big-box
@AlexanderO'Mara :D Okay, and about what's one-box.
@Drew I'd call it trash (because rene will move that into trash can).
7:26 AM
room owners @rene (who else?), any chance you could add me to the team? stackoverflow.com/teams/11/socvr
@tripleee Hmm...@Kyll said @gunr2171 :P
@KevinGuan thanks
@tripleee your meta post on regex stuff appears to be on a bit of a go slow :(
@JonClements indeed! Color me disappointed /-:
even a single upvote would be most welcome (-: wink wink nudge nudge meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/310872/…
(was trying very hard to not bring it up here but since you asked ...)
Oh I see - the blame the puppy technique!
7:34 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
@Closey stats
7,589 need review
806 reviews today
2,942,489 reviews all-time
Works fine :)
7:46 AM
Morning o/
Howdy @Thaillie :D
May we have one final close vote for this post? stackoverflow.com/questions/33865198/drones-rc-quadcopter
Yes you may.
8:02 AM
For some reason I felt that shopping recommendations for quadcopters was rather off topic :)
8:23 AM
@SmokeDetector How do I tell him that that's a false positive?
@Cerbrus I think you need to be added as a trusted user? (which sucks IMHO)
Oh, well that sucks. *Trashes the room* ;-)
Makes sense, though
maybe the cv-pls link should point out that the linked reference is specific to the Python room ... OTOH it might be able to persuade the sopython folks to generalize it a little bit
@Cerbrus Done :)
@SmokeDetector deleted
hey all
8:31 AM
Howdy @Tunaki :D (I win again)
By the way, I get my 50 rep back yesterday. I posted an answer and got 6 upvotes.
@KevinGuan nice :)
@Tunaki :P
@TimCastelijns hey
8:44 AM
@kayess Question is clear, but broad to answer
Hi kayess
Hi Tim, Plop
@Tushar ok
hi all
i have one questions
What's it about
I am using merge adapter
8:48 AM
This room is not for programming questions
now i want to put serchview on it how can add it?
How are we supposed to know what you mean by that
Anyway if you have a programming question, ask it on the main site, not in this chat room
@JainNidhi stackoverflow.com/teams/11/socvr explains the purpose and scope of this chat room. You are looking for stackoverflow.com/help instead
9:11 AM
I'm back, hey @Tim :D
Morning all
hey David, saw the reversal ya got
Yeah, but it was only 3 of the 4 downvotes, strange!
9:16 AM
I think they gave em 1
after that, get a life
It was on a zero score answer that was fairly bad anyway.
Q: Serial downvote reversal bot possibly missed some downvotes

Rory McCrossanYesterday I was serially downvoted on 40 of my questions and answers so I lost 80 points - I must have really pee'd someone off. The serial voting bot ran last night and caught the majority, however it only gave me 72 points back. I can't see from the report which questions and answers had votes...

thx @Tushar
For 4 downvotes, I'm not even bothered, I was just happy someone was interested in me enough to care :)
been there
9:18 AM
Hehe, yday after I have downvoted, flagged a NAA I had quickly two downvotes on an answer and a question of mine :-) fun
@kayess this'll happen frequently with all of us
@kayess that one of the reason I down always comment after a downvote
Be prepared
@Tushar I see, it's not really a problem, my goal is to make the overall quality better, not to gain as much point as I can.
Hope it's not bad or so
@kayess that's commendable, but not everyone is able to take it that way
9:25 AM
@tripleee i guess so, however I think there are lot more serious things in life to really take care of, rather than these rep leveling things :-)
As in seriousness..
What stats?
@kyll Plop o/
Hey @Kyll :D
9:34 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
@SmokeDetector deleted
:27070054 deleted, is there a way for mortals to mark a Smokey link as "done"?
@Kyll plop!
@tripleee For mortals?
@Kyll Yes, you are a privileged user.
9:36 AM
19 hours ago, by gunr2171
@kayess no, don't let Kyll influence you!
@KevinGuan Maybe it's just a matter of lack of documentation; when I tried to interact with Smokey, the things I tried didn't work
@tripleee Try !!/amiprivileged command
@SmokeDetector deleted
sd deleted
You missed a d
9:37 AM
@tripleee No, you are not a privileged user.
@JonClements Yes, you are a privileged user.
in spades
9:38 AM
yay me... have no idea what do you with you, but thanks Smokey :p
@SmokeDetector The contrary would be terrifying
so, should everyone who enters here and displays a modicum of taste be added to the privileged users, or do we politely ask until somebody notices?
@KevinGuan :D
@kayess Tip: always post that message when kayess says Plop!
@tripleee You need to ask the maintainers of Smokey as it requires a code checkin and a restart
9:40 AM
that much I gather, I'm asking more about the human side of the process
As long as you're not a genocidal maniac, I think it's that simlpe.
@tripleee You basically need to upvote 5 answers of ProgramFOX and he'll add you
The LQP is down to 0!
what happened?
There's a website, idownvotedyoubecause.com, which I feel could be helpful for newish users to understand why their questions are downvoted or close-voted and so on. You can suggest some new reasons (pages) on the GitHub page, and I feel like this room could add quite a lot to the project.
There is also a discussion started in an issue about the name of the website, which I felt would make it too easy for users to take things personally. Feel free to join =D
how about ithinktheydownvotedyoubecause.com and only 1 guy posts to it anonymously
Maybe make it more anonymous? "Someone downvoted you because..." or "You may have been donvoted because"
Haha great minds...
9:48 AM
@Kyll My Chrome download the reason page instead of open it :(
@KevinGuan Yeah there's a bug with the "No code" page, already reported
@Kyll Oh, that's fine :P
yeah cuz their PHP module isn't loaded prolly
@rene thanks!
/me feeling increasingly privileged
9:50 AM
<-- Know some about Flask, if you guys want to build some small interesting web apps can tell me.
@Kyll Nocode pages needs an html extension :)
@DavidG Actually, the other pages don't have one neither. I think the response is skewed
Ah, right
I thought you talked about the URL (idownvotedyoubecause.com/so/ImageOfAnException)
Well yeah, that too :)
9:59 AM
sd deleted
10:09 AM
With what should we close: stackoverflow.com/q/33889353/3933332 ?
@Rizier123 Not a programming question is my take, but MVCE could fly as well
too broad, too
10:46 AM
Given a JS prototype chain of literals, do you guys know any solution to show the prototype chain nicely in console?
If a is the prototype of b and b is the prototype of c, console.dir(a) will only show Object in the chains, making it not very useful
@Kyll ...a mod's question?
@KevinGuan Oh crap never mind
@Kyll :P
A question that is too broad, is still too broad. They used to be allowed but not any more. It's still worthy of closing.
10:51 AM
@KevinGuan answered by Jeff himself
So even if it's a mod (may also have been asked before user became a mod) and it's got an answer by Jeff atwood, still close it!
@Tunaki Should his answer be a comment?
@Tunaki So?
@Thaillie let's all flag it as VLQ
Most of the answers on there are terrible. This is my favourite.
10:52 AM
yeah it should be closed
The number of diamonds is so high in this post
@Tunaki Oh, let's all flag that question as spam. 6 spam flags delete a question :D
Lol Jeff's answer is VLQ
@Thaillie Nah, the issue is with how browsers log objects
11:18 AM
Hi everyone that came in after I went afk \o/
@TimCastelijns Hey :)
@Tushar Fetching some rep before closing heh? =p
@Kyll When the question will be moved, the rep will be converted in CR
22 hours ago, by DavidG
> Please do not vote to close with a custom reason that "it belongs on Code Review". Nothing in the Stack Overflow rules justifies such a custom reason, and sloppy reasoning perpetuates inappropriate referrals. Not all questions about analyzing code are off-topic on Stack Overflow, and not all code review requests are on-topic on Code Review. Instead, vote to close as too broad or primarily opinion-based.
22 hours ago, by DavidG
11:26 AM
Thanks Kevin, will keep in mind
@Tushar :P
but how the question will be moved to CR
@Tushar You'd have to mod-flag for migration I think
@Tushar mod can move questions.
11:28 AM
@kayess - I know, such poor quality image
Anyone know about Tampermonkey and getting a script to auto install when you visit it's URL?
@KevinGuan Yeah, I know that but it doesn't have option to migrate to CR :(, so added custom
@DavidG Hmm...it'll auto install a script if it's file name ends with .user.script(maybe?), and the file is show in raw format?
@Tushar :D
@KevinGuan Yeah, needed to be *.user.js
11:34 AM
@DavidG Ah, .user.js.
@KevinGuan Now my comment highlight script works a bit better!
Do people who flag questions as "Requires editing" in the triage queue incorrectly get punished?
It's annoying to spend time reading posts in the H&I queue and come to the conclusion "what am i supposed to do with this crap"
@TimCastelijns Hmm...I only know that this choice can passed any audits.
@DavidG Wow, version 1.0 :P
@KevinGuan Now with the highlights fading in, so pretty! :P
@DavidG Let me test ;)
11:38 AM
Don't forget to report any issues in the Github repo!
@KevinGuan is that so? Brb robo reviewing
@DavidG :D
@TimCastelijns Yep :P
@kayess yes what?
@JaromandaX poor image quality of what?
:27073538 The image in that question you linked to ...
Q: Error after sucessful test connection with sql server 2014 enterprise on Visual Studio 2013 ultimate

Babar Hi, I get the above error msg after a successful connection test with sql server studio 2014 enterprise through visual studio 2013. I have added some content in a database and trying to link VS with the database to retrieve the info but after a successful connection test, the above error comes...

11:43 AM
@JaromandaX ah yep, wondering if we should wait for OP to update his Q
just nuke it
@kayess 20 megapixel raw image or it's gone :p ... I was being flippant, excuse me
@JaromandaX just figured :p
I think too broad is a better reason
Election ends in 8 hours. Let's guess who'll be the winner.
11:48 AM
@kayess May be poorly phrased
@Kyll maybe that too, but I think there could be at least five ways to come up with to solve the problem of OP, so this way I thought answering it could only be opinionated
Check the text under too broad, it fits with your observations
opinion based is more for what is the best way to do X or is A better or is B better for this or what is the easiest way to do X
Ah alright, thats better
@DavidG Wow, new version is very cool. But I'd more like the old version because the color, box size, etc.
Well it's all in the repo history if you want it :)
11:55 AM
@DavidG :P yeah I know.
Hmm, I was thinking about changing my display name to my real name but I think it will be a bit confusing in here? because there will be 2 Tim's then :p
I'm sure we can cope :)
> Next tag badge: 200/400 score; 164/80 answers
Very near...
@Thaillie that's why god invented last names
I have no power over Sd but that looks like a fp
12:13 PM
@SmokeDetector Why is this at -10 but not deleted? Spam flag, people!
@Kyll There is no why data for that post (anymore).
@TimCastelijns The OP did a remove content and replace with junk edit :p stackoverflow.com/posts/33758847/revisions
Hmm...Looks like I found some funny things.
@SmokeDetector Now don't delete this message.
@SmokeDetector delete this message please
@SmokeDetector delete...NO! KEEP MY TEA, DON'T DELETE THIS!
error happened!
0: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
:( My tea gone.
12:19 PM
Coffee is better than tea anyway
@TimCastelijns :P
@Closey Again?
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.

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