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12:37 AM
I think we have a winner here: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/299066/3933332
Honestly, I just want to see how many times we hit 10m
I think there will be a few shots at it
1:31 AM
@TinyGiant Why edit a question that's just going to get closed anyway? no amount of editing by anyone other than the OP is going to make it on topic: stackoverflow.com/questions/32101719/…
@cimmanon Because it looks like it took three clicks ("edit", "auto fix", "save")
I don't like thanks, even in garbage questions
also ^^^ that
check out this gem by an 11k user: stackoverflow.com/revisions/32099498/2
> 800 questions, 192 answers
1:36 AM
@KevinBrown theyve been practicing wrong then
1:56 AM
@KevinBrown - when you were unable to send a cv request, was the question a Community Wiki, by any chance?
@Mogsdad Pretty sure it wasn't
I can send that with the latest bleeding copy.
I was able to repro the problem 100% with a wiki question. (Fixed now.) Was just hoping yours was exactly the same issue.
Yeah, it would have been nice if it was a cw
I couldn't reproduce my issue after it happened
I probably did something silly that triggered it
Well, if it happens again let me know. Once gunr gets at the script, if there are no more issues then I'll push the update for everyone
1:59 AM
Whatever. I have it, and I'm not letting it go!!!!!
It's come a long way since the boorkmarklet
Copyright that.
like two days, if that.
@Mogsdad Lol
2:00 AM
The Swedish Chef would be proud...
@TinyGiant When you see it...
And THAT'S why I'm editing a book. Make that a boork.
Lol, boorkmarklet
2:09 AM
@SmokeDetector [Edit removed during grace period]
2:27 AM
Q: On "Save Edit" prompt editor of concurrent approved edits

OhBeWiseFirst Posts often require grammatical and formatting fixes. As the reviewer/editor you face a couple of scenarios: +---------------------------+----------------------+----------------------------+ | Reputation | 2,000 + | < 2,000 | +----------------...

But, what if I want to reject and edit without spending a review vote?
2:53 AM
Ah, the joy of working a low-traffic tag! One more beautiful answer for a low-rep user. Nice that he references a previous "excellent answer" with a whopping 2 upvotes. At least I can go to bed with a warm fuzzy tonight!
I answered one of them questions a while back, and you brought it to light that the question was mis-tagged.
They often are. Newbs.
Yeah. That sucks about low traffic tags. Then you get the other end of the spectrum and get tags with such high traffic that a lot of the good posts can get missed easily.
At one point, oh two years ago maybe, I spent weeks hunting around for mis-tagged questions, and editing them, flagging, duping, and ultimately answering a couple hundred.
Lol, well at least you created some order out of the chaos
2:57 AM
WRT high traffic - I love watching javascript q's arrive. By the time I've found the relevant dups, there are often 5 answers from high-rep users.
@Mogsdad wow. only one person has a gold badge in it.
Yep - my buddy Serge.
You are really, really close.
Getting there. But I've been on answer-hiatus because I couldn't take the crap anymore.
My recent rep surge is due mostly to getting close to my gold java badge.
2:59 AM
It's a lot of work to maintain my personal quality level, and frustrating to see many wrong answers getting upvoted, and so many "Givez me teh codez" getting answered without providing education.
The apps script answer you commented on of mine was basically just quoting the documentation.
@Mogsdad I recently posted about a Java dupe that Jon Skeet reopened my mjollnir on so he could answer it.
Lol, how else are high-rep users supposed to abuse their powers to get more rep?
@durron597 Saw that. Shook my head.
There is a different game going on with the dudes who need bounties to pop above the daily cap that they get every effin day.
@Mogsdad Actually they usually get many accepts, not bounties.
3:04 AM
My personal wishes... 1 - 20K, because 15K was a bit of a let-down. 2 - Gold tag.
@Mogsdad You're so close, if you push you'll get gold pretty easily.
I just want 10k, and possibly a gold badge in one of my top tags
@TinyGiant You have more bronze badges than me, did you know?
No I didn't
If you want gold you should probably focus more :-P
3:06 AM
10k is helpful for this stuff - I remember not seeing deleted answers, that sucked. And you miss out on the unicorn animations.
But people in the web tags usually tag their questions and one other random tag, so it's pretty easy that way
I'm working on getting bronze in , , and maybe , though debugging swing questions is usually a giant pain.
Those are also multi-tags.
I've been targetting recently (not in the past two days) on specific styles of questions. No more debugging for me.
I'm top in a handful of low-traffic tags... there will be no more golds unless I start playing FGITW, and I don't like that game.
3:08 AM
Debugging questions are almost never useful in the future.
Unless you explain how to debug better...
@Mogsdad Post quick, then edit
I'd feel dirty.
That's what got me to 5000
I feel dirty too, but I feel that I can do more good with 20k than the harm I cause by answering terrible questions.
3:10 AM
Now, that is true!
Plus adding vanilla js answers to jquery questions.... for future viewers
^^ That always gets a couple upvotes
As long as its not "How do I do this with jQuery"
Hmm... I could just go adding to all the questions that aren't specifically about GAS. (Or just STOP removing the tag...)
That's how I found the gas that I answered, in the javascript tag
3:11 AM
You'd probably get more votes on your answers
Both of those borderline flags from earlier got helpful by the way (10k links)
Ah yes, this question. Good times, good times.
@durron597 GODDAMMIT!
I had 2 FOAD's yesterday, on similar answers.
@Mogsdad I used a custom reason on the first one though, I don't think a regular flag would have been accepted.
And it was converted to a comment, not deleted. (which I'm fine with, obviously)
@Mogsdad Yeah, straight up quoted the doc
3:15 AM
@Mogsdad link me to the answer?
A: Compiling Mariadb 5.5 from source fails at "Linking CXX executable tdb-recover"

HittingSmokeThis is a bug in 5.5.34. It will be fixed in 5.5.35. A workaround is to compile --without-plugin=tokudb

That's a source question that is on it's way out, anyway.
@Mogsdad That is not flaggable, I agree with the moderator.
Hence my later downvote.
^^^ Agree, comment, downvote and move one
> declined - flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
@TinyGiant Exactly.
And in this case, upvote the other answer.
3:18 AM
And the question
The other was this. NAA was rejected.
@Mogsdad That's the same answer.
@durron597 Which also sux? Na... cv the question, clear the floor of all the entrails.
@durron597 Are you sure? ;)
@Mogsdad That is definitely an answer.
> Try the same URL with http(without the s).
An absolutely horrible answer, but an answer nonetheless
3:21 AM
If you can delete part of an answer and it becomes unambigously an answer, it's still an answer.
Agree - the NAA bar is high. Or low, depending on POV. That answer is wrong; it's a "try this" with no explanation of WHY anyone should waste their time doing so or evidence that the answerer did so themselves. But, it is an answer. Sigh.
You gotta love the audacity shown by choosing a user name like that.
I know right?
Well, well, well. It's almost like I'm famous... with those who can't code. :'(
@Mogsdad Lolz
I'm guessing "too broad"? "We don't write code for you" (my previous gas was writing code for someone)
3:30 AM
Unless the information is not readily available for how to do so? Idk, not a gas guy.
@Mogsdad that's no MCVE right?
@TinyGiant boom
@Mogsdad that's what the down arrow is for
@durron597 Or too broad. It's a gmtc either way.
i've gotten a ton of my recent rep from gimme-teh-codez.
I'll be happy when I have 20k so I can stappit
I always feel so bad answering those questions, then I do and move on.
That's a risky game, unless you edit the question to avoid closure. I've got a fair bit of points that way - and pre-3k lots of edit points too.
3:34 AM
Or vtc and move on, depends on the mood
For some reason, you guys are making me crave a Big Mac.
@Mogsdad Always edit the question, thats how your answer gets noticed
@Mogsdad No idea what's causing that
"I always feel so bad answering those questions, then I do and move on."
eating burgers
3:38 AM
You know what's funny. If you search google for JavaScript remove all event listeners, you get some useful but not complete answers. If you Search google for JavaScript innerHTML removes all event listeners, you get a bunch of questions about why using that one simple line completely removes all event listeners. Never the twain shall meet.
Next question about removing all event listeners I see, I'm duping it to a innerHTML removes all event listeners question
And BOOM the internet explodes
G2G for now, I'll probably be back later. If gunr would test the script I could push the update lol. Course it'll take him 5 seconds to find the first seven bugs
4:09 AM
@TinyGiant @durron597 HOLY CR4P, it works!
> Londo Mollari: Vir, we are not biologically equipped to handle fast food.
Vir Cotto: I know. I know. But it tastes so great going down. Coming up again, it's not so terrific, but-
8 hours later…
11:50 AM
Good morning
12:08 PM
@TinyGiant Grrr. I want to change a script but I haven't a clue, so you do it for me.
can "i didnt import the file i needed" problems be closed as typographical errors? stackoverflow.com/questions/32112172/…
12:41 PM
@rene haha... nice seen that edit you did - hilarious OP
@JonClements tnx .. ;)
anyone know where it calls out that post should be in English?
Q: Do posts have to be in English on Stack Exchange?

JimmyOtherwise known as 必需用英语吗?(is English required?) Do I have to use English when posting a question or answer to a Stack Exchange site? Return to FAQ Index

@gunr2171 the u was not a good thing to do ...
12:51 PM
? why is blacklisting bad?
@gunr2171 that user is legit
(no space after slash)
oh, ok
and gone
@gunr2171 ty
1:08 PM
is "i didnt import the necessary files" a typographical error? stackoverflow.com/questions/32112172/…
I'd say yes, it's a fundamental mistake. What's the chances this post helps people in the future?
absolutely none
1:25 PM
Just out of curiosity is anyone here running a comment flag script?
I'm not
1:37 PM
@JonClements not yet, but let me know when you're ready for 100 comment flags...
@gunr2171 I wonder what will happen if Smokey analyzes the feedback and find a fp- from the SOCVR room and an ignore- from the tavern... who will win?
I can live with that ;)
the OP of this question is getting annoying, is there a good meta post i can direct them to regarding duplicates? stackoverflow.com/questions/32099498/…
they are angry because the original question doesnt have an answer they can copy/paste into their code
hum, 2 reopen votes
yeah, i think the first one came from the OP editing it after it was closed
1:43 PM
Well... that Q has already been through the CV queue with 3x leave closed
@cimmanon meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/271633/… or any in the dup chain. Do those help?
@JonClements "CV Queue", "leave closed"
@gunr2171 i dont think so, they are basically "show why your question is different", which the OP has already done
the OP doesnt understand that the problem is still the same
hum, that might be a bit harder to research
1:48 PM
yeah, i remember reading a meta question like that, where the answerer gave an example math problem
where questions asking how to perform addition are all duplicates of each other, regardless of what numbers you are adding
hum, not getting anything helpful :(
heya @Tiny
@Mogsdad That was pretty hilarious did you see my tag edit?
Hey @jon, hows it going?
same old
1:57 PM
Oh yeah? So how is the tea?
@TinyGiant when would you search by those two tags, as an asker you would search for keywords only, as an answerer you would search by PHP only. It is like the burnination request recently: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/302652/…Sammaye 3 hours ago
Askers shouldn't use tags?
as tea-like as always?
still think "gulp" is a stupid name
2:00 PM
Can I flag this comment as not constructive or at least too chatty? I want to make sure I'm not being too sensitive and it's a legit flag
@gunr, did you test the newest version?
I will in a sec
@durron597 yeah, no longer a constructive argument.
Mogs wasn't able to find a bug, neither was kevin, I don't think durron has tried it yet.
2:02 PM
@gunr2171 flagged, thx
@TinyGiant have not.
So the selected target room is always last in the list?
No, it should be in order of creation
hum, i hit a bug, trying to reproduce
uh, I guess not. two times the second menu item said "Set target room:" instead of the room name
It was a long shot, it solved something but I have not a clue what exactly....
uh, deleted already?
2:08 PM
@gunr2171 Ok, if you did find something doing that it means I missed something. Keep trying and see if you can reproduce the steps. Don't worry, the target room is always set
@gunr2171 What's deleted?
@gunr2171 owner deleted
@durron597 relative times... did you update?
That's with 1.4.6 still.
@rene Well, got me a too chatty flag
2:13 PM
It reads like someone edited in a response but actually it was OP; I'm very confused now.
2:31 PM
heya @ProgramFOX
2:46 PM
@1043380 pings?
or is that only for super ping?
I didn't get anything
Ok, tnx
@rene Only mods can do such things (and then it starts with two @-signs).
I should change my username to start with a @
@ProgramFOX Which userid does it use?
2:53 PM
@durron597 Your chat user ID. For chat.SO and chat.MSE it's the same as your site user ID, but for chat.SE it's different.
@ProgramFOX And in that case it depends on the chatroom?
@durron597 Not really the chatroom, rather the site that hosts the chatroom.
@rene what are you trying to do? :p
I left a comment here
@ProgramFOX That's what I meant.
2:57 PM
Ahh... so to avoid @username going to all people that may match that username causing invites or out of room notices kind of thing?
@JonClements yep, it fixes the Tim meme...
fixed ^
3:43 PM
I take it you guys have seen: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/302896/… ?
@JonClements I can only manage one tag at a time :-P
indeed... but normally this room offers informative comments etc...
@JonClements I feel like the title could have a better pun
(pretty much my only comment on it)
3:59 PM
uh, rollback....
@gunr2171 You beat me to it by about 3 seconds.
I figured Sam would have already done it
I'd expect better from someone with that much rep.
I didn't bother since it's gonna be deleted soon anyway.
(Found it via the LQPQ)
Q: How to create a scoring system using two variables

JonathanI have an application (Node/Angular) that I'm creating where I'm trying to rank users based on overall performance across two metrics. There are two metrics used to track the users we are using are the following: Units Produced (ranges between 0 - 6000) Rate of production = [ Units Produced ]...

Came across this question in the Suggested Edits queue
not sure it's on-topic
4:02 PM
@Sam only if 3x20k users happen across it or the OP self-deletes instead of vandalising agian
@Sam I don't see anything else too unusual from that user (in terms of revisions)
@Sam Why would it be deleted?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always thought if the review gathers enough del-recs it'll get deleted.
in the LQ queue, yes. but now that it's been edited (rollback by me) it can't be reviewed anymore
I mean, why would it get delete votes?
4:06 PM
(unless I'm wrong as well)
(since it seems to be a good answer)
@gunr2171 Ugh, forgot that.
@TylerH In its previous state via the queue.
@JonClements what to do about this one? stackoverflow.com/a/32107583/2756409
@gunr, that was the only bug?
that I found yeah
4:09 PM
It's the exact same answer as all the other answers on that question, but the question is 4 years old and has an accepted answer already
(see the github PR)
Awesome, fixed it, pushing the update now.
It looks like she is going around adding the same answer to possibly related questions
regardless of accuracy
If you think that - then flag it as other and put as much info. in as possible
I'm done for a few hours - so won't be me reviewing any flags/doing stuff
@NathanOliver good luck cleaning up the rest there
4:12 PM
@mogsdad @gunr2171 @KevinBrown because you guys updated manually, you'll have to get the latest update from the link on the starboard
@JonClements kk, thnaks
You guys really prefer absolute time to relative time?
If the OP continues to rollback/vandalise (although not likely by the looks of it) - then feel free to flag - don't get engaged in rollback wars
@durron597 I liked relative myself, but it makes less sense later on
I'll probably end up writing a chat user script to transform those timestamps into relative timestamps
4:18 PM
@TinyGiant Ah true.
@TylerH You should try this userscript we keep talking about
Ooo... and have it update at a set interval...
Turn a timestamp into an updating relative time.
@TylerH You could have sent that here by typing ctrl + shift + a, m, enter
^^^ That
Like that
4:19 PM
I don't use userscripts
It's soooo much easier.
Also, you don't even have to be in the room
And you get a list of saved rooms to chose from
4:20 PM
@JonClements Have fun
I will just continue posting them manually
that's plenty easy for me
and a 6.4% chance of unicorns flooding your screen!
um, check out the SO logo
So it looks like Zephyr is picking them up, but not with the markdown link :-/
What's with the ooooooos
4:22 PM
@durron597 I notified andy about that, haven't heard anything back yet.
@TylerH wat?
That happened after I pinged Tim Post with that comment.
oh, it's on mine as well
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), 7 hours ago, by ProgramFOX
10M questions!
I bet that's why
they really ought to make it a link when they change it like that
like Google does
4:23 PM
go to the home page
so people don't go "WTF"
That didn't show up for some time after the logo changed
Also wow terrible design choice on the node design background... makes it look like my screen is dirty
4:25 PM
@TylerH I blame caching.
brb changing profile page...
me want swag
and changed
@gunr2171 Me too
swag ready
hey kyll
4:41 PM
Heading over to my profile too...
Got to use #DealWithIt in a meta post, cross that off the list
lol. When you guys added the hash tag in you profile did you precede it with a space to have it not render as a header?
A: Edit profile page for "10-million questions" event?

gunr2171Putting a space before the hash makes the symbol appear. You don't want this #This is what you want #You don't want this #This is what you want And for why, I don't know. It's a social media thing. #DealWithIt

just answered that
puts a space
4:47 PM
good. at least I picked the right hack.
Well, I was just trying my hand at sede for my SE question, and I ran headfirst into screwed-up history: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/edit/352917
That will take a bit longer to work around...
and someone just made a Spice Girls reference on my post....
Screw-ups like a post closed 6 times and then reopened for the first and only time: stackoverflow.com/posts/2923424/revisions
So I basically have a very good chance to get a shirt.
4:50 PM
Yes sir.
@Kyll I would think better than that as only people that use the hash tag will be considered
@Kyll I don't know about a chance, but you do have a good chance chance
@durron597 Ah come on =p
Tell me what we want, what we really, really want? — Trobbins 3 mins ago
NullReferenceException: object 'spiceGirls' has already been deallocated.gunr2171 29 secs ago
4:52 PM
@NathanOliver So I have better than a very good chance. I'm waiting for mah shirt
Ugh "we're randomly selecting 100 people to give t shirts"
I would rather just buy a shirt, Stack Overflow
Wait you can't do that?
There isn't an SO swag store?
4:53 PM
nope :(
There was
in like 2009
but they closed it for some (bad) reason
Too much drowning in all da moneyz
So which is the 10 millionth question?
not sure, because that counter doesn't count deleted posts
so it's a rolling number
They should have had a script set up to post a meta topic about it as soon as it was posted. But if it was a horrible question, that would be epic.
4:57 PM
Or spam
Which would be
Our 10m question was spam!
A spammer's epic badass win
4:58 PM
and if it wasn't, that would be the biggest meta effect in history
Imagine if it was an icanhazcodez
No, for the 10m time, you cannot haz de codez!
@NisseEngström That's already closed, I boomed it yesterday.

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