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11:00 PM
Yeah, that's pretty broad.
it's not unclear nor is it no mcve
... and it's nearly 2 years old
Were the rules that lax back then, or is android just as bad as I hear?
why ask me? I've only been on the site for three and a half years :p
time's change... I'm not sure that was even on-topic 2 years ago though
Well I've only been here for 4 months, I'm pretty new to the whole thing
welcome to your new addiction :p
11:07 PM
Ha, I was addicted three and a half months ago, the only reason that I'm still doing it is because the wife doesn't understand it so she can't get mad at me.
@JonClements Nope, I'm here. Good thing I have mobile app
@durron597 okay... going to leave a comment on your meta post
Pretty much have to have a diamond to get me to pull my computer out though lol, I had a long week at the office
I hope all is well though @durron597?
Which one, this one or code quality synonym?
11:09 PM
code quality one
Yeah everything's fine, just very busy
I could retag, it's just 36 questions, but still.
I was really tired when I wrote that.
I am still really tired. LOL
sorry :p
@JonClements I'm tired but I'm in good spirits. Just the idea of retagging (because I always try to fix all the problems in something when I'm burninating) seemed exhausting to me when I know a moderator can just click a button
Though, now that I think about it, I suppose a good moderator will probably look at all 36 questions before clicking that button, so it's almost as much work.
11:13 PM
@JonClements You've answered 81 questions currently considered as bad questions, totaling up to an approximate 2450 Imaginary Internet Points. How do you feel about that?
The latest one you posted was 5 months ago
@TinyGiant the point you're making is... ?
None, wondering what you think of that.
@TinyGiant that in my time on the site I've answered something that might be useful to others because something determines it was a bad question?
Like, are those questions worth keeping around? Should more effort have been put into editing the question?
11:19 PM
@durron597 I've put a status declined on the syn request... the tag(s) need cleaning up, but it's not a syn I'm afraid
@JonClements What's the difference?
What's the difference between the tags?
imho they probably shouldn't even exist
@JonClements :-/ that's one of the tag targets in burnination
11:21 PM
but there's absolutely no point in syn'ing one tag to another in this case
@JonClements there's no point in NOT doing either, right?
There may be some debate about whether either tag should exist, but there is no debate that both shouldn't exist.
all I'm saying is that syn'ing a lousy tag to another lousy tag is declined
okay well when i'm feeling less tired I'll probably retag one lousy tag to the other, then.
unless you specifically ask me not to.
Alternatively, burninate given it's a lousy tag
@KevinBrown I actually don't agree to it's lousiness
But I certainly agree that the lousiness of is open for debate
11:25 PM
I can't ask you to do/not do anything... you made a specific request for a syn. - and I'm just saying it's not productive right now is all
I think that if anything should stick around if anything. But going through the questions, I think it's ripe for a close-frenzy
In which case, should it not be burninated?
Some are good, but they don't really fit with the tag.
A tag which has a lot of off-topic questions is not necessarily off-topic on it's own (see: ). But there is always for dealing with those.
This one for example is not off-topic, but it is unclear. However, the issue is not with code-quality, it is about a specific programming problem.
11:29 PM
To me anything that fits into code-quality, truly fits, won't be about a specific programming problem.
@TinyGiant if that's what the community wants, then feel free to do so, but there's little point in syn'ing one potentially bad tag to another potentially bad tag
@JonClements I agree, I personally think both bad tags should be burninated, but that's just my Primarily Opinion Based comment
and that's why I put a status-declined on @durron597's post... hoping it doesn't come across as some sort of personal insult or anything :(
@JonClements Oh, it's certainly not personal. I completely disagree with you, but it's not remotely personal :)
Good :)
11:36 PM
@durron597 Should we then suggest burnination of these tags on meta?
I agree that something needs to be done with those tags - but a syn isn't it
@TinyGiant I don't want to burn
I'll retag and burn myself in a little while, after I get my CVs back.
Then maybe clean it up? What specific programming question can there be about code quality that is not opinion based?
Is there anyway to lock tags so they cannot be used?
11:42 PM
Isn't that POB?
"I'm looking for a best pratice style"
yup, and it's now closed
Thanks :)
@durron597 I did a small reply to your meta post - so it's on the record as it were
11:46 PM
@JonClements Bah, I'm out of CVs. Can you hit that smoke with a typo CV Jon?
@durron597 yeah - done
@TinyGiant You don't need to copy and paste the tavern in here anymore, we have Smokey now :)
@JonClements Thanks!
I didn't copy and paste, just thought everyone would be looking at the answer instead of the question
Technically that also notifies Zephr, Smokey doesn't

 Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
@KevinBrown Ah good point, didn't think of that.
I should take a nap or something :)
11:49 PM
get some rest mate :)
@JonClements It's only 6:50 PM here. I ran 3 miles at lunch in 98 degree heat where it was raining for the first half and blazing sun for the second half
1am here :p
glutton for punishment I guess...
oh, and you didn't even give me an accept last time I did a syn request... sighs :p
^ Too long of a description? It didn't get sent to LQPHQ
Yeah, probably too long
It went to the FP queue
11:57 PM
@JonClements All that meta rep you're missing out on
False Positive? Or different acronym?
@durron597 yeah... I cry myself to sleep over it or something
@TinyGiant "First Post" :)
@TinyGiant First post
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