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7:22 AM
@durron597 All gone
@Kyll somehow I already voted on some of those?
Looking back at the history in this chat, some were spotted by @KevinBrown I believe.
So I actually reposted existing queries, sorry
NP, just so we all know, and you're not lost by accident in your own administration ;)
7:40 AM
Question. If I find an old and upvoted question, which is off-topic, is flagging it once enough? Will a single vote make it into the queue? I think I read that the only way to get into the queue was to have 4+ flag thingies on it (to avoid the queue growing too big). Is that right?
@Kyll I'm not sure with the current thresholds but when the cvq was huge it required two flags
So I should most definitely come here and post it then
To give it one extra vote to make sure it makes it in the queue, yes.
But a normal flag will do as well
Í do see regularly reviewtasks with no close votes yet so those came in by a flag.
7:58 AM
Got it. Thanks for the info
8:08 AM
you're welcome
8:46 AM
Hi @easwee, did you enjoy your hiking trip?
2 hours later…
10:19 AM
@rene yow - was fine yes - but deadly hot - 30°C+ all the time
11:00 AM
@Yurets added an extra cv, needs 2 more
11:18 AM
needs 1 more
11:38 AM
12:09 PM
@rene Thanks :)
12:54 PM
@Kitler boom, but some other posts by that user need to be closed
1 2 3
cved + dved
just be carful with the downvotes, 3 on the same person might trigger a serial downvoter
1:22 PM
Didn't know the threshold was this low
1 hour later…
2:57 PM
@Yurets flagged
and CVd
Guys, how do I write the tag "cv-pls"? I'm wondered, but other tags I worked as this e.g. [android]
it's [tag:cv-pls]
on chat
@Yurets multiline messages in chat are not formatted
this is formatted
and this too
`but this`
`will not be`
You format those with ctrl+k
not `
3:04 PM
but this
will be
isn't that a blockquote?
@gunr2171 no, that's multiline code formatting
> This
oh, durp, yes
I was using backticks as an example
but the same applies to tags
hm, previously wasn't working... Thank you for explanation :)
2 hours later…
4:52 PM
@JasonMArcher is not cleaned up.
I agree that most of the terribad questions are gone but not all of them.
5:05 PM
Keep flagging them, over the weekend there were none in the queues
@durron597 I'd recommend flagging them because of meta.stackoverflow.com/q/284976/359284 though
The legal cleanup has really gone too long
@KevinBrown I added a bunch this weekend
I'm a big part of the reason we're at like 610 instead of like 660
1 hour later…
6:27 PM
Why do I always start an argument in the comments while searching for a duplicate is time better spend? Maybe I am a jerk...
@rene No you're that one special kind of person
@rene you play aoe?
6:30 PM
Not a clue what that means...
can you help me one of my question
i posted a bug report
@rene Age of Empires, probably
but no comments there
seems people cannot understand my english
yes age of Empires
I have a friend named rene at voobly.com where I play that game
I'm not a native speaker either and I'm not familiar with AoE so I'm not qualified
no I just wanted help about this question
Q: Bug in sidebar 'ask question' and 'review Help and Improvement edit' page

Shaiful IslamFirst of all this question is not same as this Today I found two bugs on sticky right sidebar.we find this sidebar when we ask a new question and also some other page. When my browser is full screen Right sidebar stay sticky while I scroll down. which is OK. But When I resize my browse I foun...

6:36 PM
left a comment for you
bug solved
got message
but I think I cannot make people understand
I did not zoom
You resized
The viewport needs to be 1030px.
if I resize i will get horizontal scrollbar at bottom
so viewport remains 1030px
No, the viewport is to small, hence the scrollbar
but I think you couldn't reproduce the problem
everything works perfectly when I resize browser but at ask question page it breaks when I try to scrolldown
6:45 PM
Sure, but the answer will be: don't scroll down on the ask question page in a resized window to prevent breaking the page ;)
I did not tried to find that, I just faced that when I was trying to edit a question at 'help and improve' review. Unfortunately my browser was resized that time.
Yeah, the dev team build some pretty solid software and html/css but there are some corner cases where the stuff really goes haywire
Thanks Finally I got the right answer
7:00 PM
It is 21:00 here, I'll do some reviews
@Closey starting
@rene May Shog9's Will be done.
Let's see if has some left
I'll start in a few minutes
Placing the word "justification" in quotes makes me want to punch a baby. — Will 42 secs ago
Man, I love Won't ...
7:11 PM
you mean "will"
...that username
oh, it's Will on meta, and Won't on MSE
@Closey starting
@gunr2171 Good luck!
7:16 PM
already did
@rene Could you delete vote those questions a dozen messages back please?
not yet, give me a minute
@rene k np
@gunr2171 is a former mod
did not know
7:21 PM
@Closey next 5 tags
Refreshing the tag listing. Please wait...
@rene The next 5 tags are: 105, 92, 81, 69, 65
passed c++ audit
> There are no items for you to review, matching the filter "[open-source]"
10 items
on to asp.net
what??!?!? an upvoted PHP post?
passed php audit
uh, I was going to cv that, do you still want me to @Deduplicator?
7:29 PM
passed c# audit
@Deduplicator I missed it
> I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is about the business decisions and contributing to a third party.
does that sound good?
good enough
ah crap, just noticed the grammar error
7:32 PM
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@rene Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@gunr2171 happens to the best ...
@Closey last session stats
@rene Your last completed review session ended 38 seconds ago and lasted 31 minutes and 34 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 47 seconds.
are you inferring that I'm not "the best"? :D
7:34 PM
@gunr2171 I infer nothing as I don't know the word ;)
@Deduplicator I'm out because I spent them all on the questions I linked about 2 dozen messages back
@Deduplicator gone
@durron597 I delete voted on that other group as well
@durron597 Well, del-voted 7 or so directly after rene. That was the ones you linked, right?
@Deduplicator Yeah. I only have 12k rep so that's how many I hit from my query per day
@durron597 I remember having seem Zimbra questions before, so maybe those got passed us due to close vote expiration.
so of course my MSO question about what close reason to use on compiling open source projects got closed as dupe.
We can mark this [status-complete]. Well done everyone! Any lingering issues with [open-source] can be delt with in Let's clean up open-source. — JasonMArcher 3 hours ago
O, that one...
Q: Compile an example c file as part of a larger make-based C project?

AndyLI often find myself wanting to compile an example file included in a larger makefile-based open source c project. Is there a uniform best way to proceed? I can't just compile the one file using gcc because there are all sorts of headers and dependencies that the c file requires which are scat...

I think what Jason is saying: I'm done with it
7:40 PM
passed javascript audit
Q: speech retrieval by speech query

RayMy main problem is the following : given a set of refence speech files (list of features extracted from a speech phrase) and a query speech input I need to find the one out my references that best mathes. The point would be to not search throught all of them but rather prune out as much as possib...

> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 4 hours to continue reviewing.
@gunr2171 Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
@Closey last session stats
@gunr2171 Your last completed review session ended 7 seconds ago and lasted 29 minutes and 28 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 44 seconds.
7:46 PM
You beat me by 3 seconds!
speaking of beating...
110 away from the bottom
You see, Luc M is your target
Luc M, don't listen to Journey's advice
and I'm out for today
Jun 18 at 19:28, by rene
Looks like Luc M is not so active, focus on him...
@gunr2171 bye
7:56 PM
ugh, you can't clear chat notifications unless you enter the chat room :(
Q: Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in D:

djdjhow to solve this error: Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, object given in D: $query = "SELECT c.CAS_ID, c.TITOLO, i.NOME,c.DES_BREVE,c.DESC_ESTESA,c.OFFERTA_SPECIALE FROM `CASE` c LEFT JOIN `IMMAGINI` i ON c.CAS_ID = i.CAS_ID where VISIBLE = 1 and DEF = 1 and HOME = 1 ...

Oops. Didn't mean to post that...
Anyway, this question was closed seemingly based on a single error message. Now that code has been added, it is clear that the problem was caused by a different issue than both duplicates. It could use a couple more reopen votes.
needs 1 more
@NisseEngström done
8:15 PM
@NisseEngström It is a duplicate. Just those two were the wrong ones
@NisseEngström I have VTCed as the correct dupe.
I guess none of you are allowed to re-cast
@TylerH done
8:32 PM
I think I hit a shit-mine:
Going through and dumping them into the queue now as appropriate
This one needs delete votes though
Q: How to clone PC software to several PCs with the same hardware?

user3742840I have certain software, which I need to install to 84 PCs. All PCs have the same hardware, I mean they aren't different. Installation Process to one PC costs me about 3-3.5 hours. Questions: instead of doing this work around, can I: Finish installation at one PC. Clone full C:\ drive. Paste ...

9:03 PM
oh yeah, 1k posts edited
@TylerH Grats! I'm working on Copy Editor. It's pretty grueling, because I'm usually not going to be satisfied with removing "Thanks" from a post
@durron597 yeah I often edit posts for grammar just because I hate looking at all the errors
Okay, I'm out of votes
there should now be a good 50 or so questions in the CV queue
if we act quickly we can get the whole tag cleaned up in a few days
there are only 155 open questions in the tag
@TylerH I reviewed a bunch and dumped the rest into other questions.
Another day, another "out of CVs, downvotes and delete votes" day
no worries; we get a new batch in 1.75 hours
9:19 PM
@TylerH gone
I wish I could hover over someone's user card in a question or answer and see how much rep they had at the time
9:50 PM
@durron597 :magic:
10:37 PM
Have I been too harsh on the question and the answer, and is the answer NAA? stackoverflow.com/questions/31254872/…
My flag as "too broad" ended up helpful, even if the question was closed as duplicate.
11:05 PM
>Please delete this locked rejected-migration-stub before it evolves. – Deduplicator 2 hours ago declined - Just vote to delete.
At he deleted it despite rejecting the flag ;-i
@Kyll The "answer" is certainly link-only. Is the question "too broad"? I guess, but that's not my field, so take it with a grain of salt.

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