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12:00 AM
serverfault.com/questions/148339/… and it's quite low; 109
It's a jobs sidebar ad but inserted into the body
which just seems new to me
@TylerH You need 200 for "reduced ads".
@Vickel It's not a debugging question, so an MRE is not required. Asking for code is acceptable, if the problem is focused.
@cigien your edit made the Q more appreciative. Anyway I've however been unable to make it work should IMO at least show what OP has tried and where they got stuck
anyway it is not my home-turf
12:18 AM
@Vickel Yeah, but that's likely to lead to a bunch of noise detailing all the OP's failed attempts, which is unlikely to be useful to anyone who actually needs an answer to that problem. I often just remove stuff like "I've been unable to make it work", because it's just commentary. It's also redundant, since if they had been able to make it work, they wouldn't have asked the question in the first place (or at least they would have posted a self-answer).
I actually don't know that subject matter myself; I'm just going off of bad_coder's comment about it being a couple of API calls (which would be reasonably focused).
@cigien well let's see, hopefully OP gets an answer, if reopened. Most likely it's gonna be re-closed as the There's a code snippet for uploading a music file sample but none for uploading youtube links for recognition goes also into the "Seeking recommendations" CV category
It might well get closed again, if it ever does get reopened. However, it's definitely not "seeking recommendations" to ask for a code snippet, so that would be an incorrect close reason.
12:35 AM
@Vickel still a reasonable question. MRE's are only mandatory for debugging questions (RyanM has a good MSE post about that, let me see if I can find it.)
@bad_coder the question, in my opinion, could be edited even further more. The question is actually only in the title. The subject seems to be interesting, so...
@Vickel this is one post by RyanM on the subject. Bur I think there's another even better one that I can't find.
@Vickel the simple counter argument is that the best ever Q's on Stack Overflow would have been closed for "lacking effort" or "MRE". The early day "one liners" like: "how do I?"
@Vickel in those cases a broken MRE would only be adding noise (and bad example source code) and should probably be edited out when a canonical answer is posted under the question.
@bad_coder that was Cigien's point as well, I'm not really against re-opening stuff, on the contrary
Bottom line is: I'm a fan of small tags. There aren't enough devs posting on them (one of the tags I follow has less than 50 Q's). That question might be extremely valuable so let it hang, besides it's unique ATM.
@bad_coder There's also this one over on MSO (Cody's answer to this one is also great)
1:10 AM
That's not a phone number; what are you talking about?!?!?!
But it is off-topic here.
@RyanM thanks for the link, I still think you had a more extensive post about not closing everything because it doesn't have an MRE. I wasn't able to find that one (maybe I'm confused).
@user17242583 Normally it's pretty good about not falsely triggering on IPs but I think the fact that there were two bamboozled it
@Vickel sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh. I was just short on time when we were chatting.
Ah, that's probably it. Good thinking. @RyanM
@bad_coder you didn't sound harsh at all :)
Seems like it's seeking recomendations to me.
VTC'd accordingly.
Is there any way for me to get this old post deleted? I can't VLQ it, I can't vote to delete it, and I've tried del-pls it, but I couldn't because I discussed it on meta......
The answer is just so wrong, I can't even believe it's been on there for over a year, and it just really bothers me...
I guess it tries to answer the question, but it doesn't, at all.
1:48 AM
Is a rollback all that's needed here?
That doesn't look like an answer to me.
@user17242583 I'm not sure why it bothers you so much. The downvotes, plus your comment, clearly signal that the answer is not good. What harm do you feel it causes by being around?
Well, don't we want to get rid of crap?
I don't see how that answer is any better that an answer with asdfasdf as its only text.
That's not a fair comparison. It's absolutely an answer, and is in no way gibberish like "asdfasdf".
@HenryEcker I think the author is trying to add an example usage, or something. I added backticks so it looks less like Lorem Ipsum filler, but I don't know if it's what the author intended.
@cigien But look. The question is asking how to generate s3 urls that never expire. The answer suggests to generate the url like normal but remove the Expires= query parameter, completely invalidating the URL, as it's sign with HMAC and all that.
1:55 AM
Autoflagged FP: flagged by @SmokeDetector, @NobodyNada, @paper1111, @Federico
fp feedback on autoflagged post: Texture Doesn't Load Correctly Onscreen [MS]
@cigien Doh! I should've checked the source. I didn't think about that being HTML code. Thank you.
@user17242583 I don't know the subject matter, but just the fact that you're explaining that the answer is technically wrong, means the answer is related to the question. We don't typically delete answers unless they're completely unrelated to the question. I would just ignore this one; you've done what you can (until you get delete-vote privileges, when you can also add your own delete vote).
I don't know if someone already mentioned it in this room, but...
Winter Bash countdown: winterbash2021.stackexchange.com
@cigien okay...I guess I will have to wait. It hurts though...it's so obviously wrong...but it's not that important tbh.
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4:52 AM
What happened to all the spammers man I need those ez flags
5:03 AM
who is winner buddy
5:53 AM
@user17242583 That detection casts a fairly large net with the intent to be more assured of getting most things which are phone numbers. That means that it does have a substantial number of false positives. It is possible to more accurately detect phone numbers, particularly North American phone numbers. While doing so makes for a substantially higher TP/FP rate, it does so at the expense of not detecting some things which are phone numbers.
6:08 AM
Is there happens to be a gdb ∧ c++ expert ∧ mod here? Do you think these two questions should be merged?
I guess the alternative would be to repost answer-copy and duplicate-close-flag, which I don't really feel good for because it's not really my content
6:43 AM
I came across these two answers: 1, 2 that look like NAAs but the question asks "Is it normal for it to take this much time?" and now it's not so clear anymore. Could they be considered answers to that question?
Looks like a slight modification of the other answer's first code block (adding RETURN (@word) END at the end)
@JeanneDark Yeah saw that. But the logic itself made me think it is a troll...
RETURN (@word) END is there in the second code block. Error in copy paste?
7:09 AM
@JeanneDark ^ looks like they pasted the rest of it in another answer :P
@SurajRao It looks really strange, but they may rather be confused about how the site works. Not sure if it's trollery. They do make slight changes, eg. in their 2nd post they use ' Rupees ' and ' Cents ' while in the 2017 answer it's ' Dollar ' and ' Paisa '.
9:00 AM
People always complain about downvotes. Seeing an answer like "Is there a solution already for this?" receive an upvote puts it into perspective again.
@JeanneDark Why the upvote!!!
@JeanneDark the question about google blogger is not even programming related, or did I miss smth? Voted for OT/GC
That's also likely. Actually, I even considered the possibility that placing a link to that website was the main goal of the post.
@JeanneDark having a closer look on the url in stackoverflow.com/questions/69926002/…, this might indeed be spam. See also OPs profile.
9:14 AM
@jps I noticed that they had written an NAA with that link before (it's now been deleted) and there I was already close to asking about it here.
@JeanneDark putting all these pieces together it indeed looks like spam to me. Flagged
@JeanneDark strange spam without a link.
@jps I guess they either forgot it or it's spam seed
@JeanneDark even in the spamming business there are beginners.
10:25 AM
@vestland I don't think that needs details. It might need more MCVE (library imports + an image of their plot), but it's clear enough to me
Is this an answer to the question? The first version was asking about the code from the question and a better performing solution. Now they replaced it with their solution, but it's not clear to me if that's the solution to their problem (cascade instantiation) or the actual question (cascade suppression), also when comparing it to the self-answer.
10:52 AM
11:07 AM
Is this not scheduled to Roomba? stackoverflow.com/q/69704655/2943403
@TylerH I'm pretty sure PayPal and Binance were being used in that spam since very near to the beginning. The original that I remember was QuickBooks and Coinbase, actually. The Microsoft-related spam is a relatively new development.
@mickmackusa No, that would not Roomba. It doesn't meet the criteria for any of the 3 Roomba modes.
@RyanM The Shog9 answers are actually better, in my opinion.
@CodyGray I have a small problem and a diamond might be able to help. A few days ago I voted to dupe-close a question. While discussing with another user in comments, I posted a link with what was IMO an appropriate solution. Later on I realized that the question is probably NOT a dupe, and wanted to convert the solution I posted in comments to an answer. But the comment is since gone
@blackgreen Link?
the comments were posted under this answer
there are two links to the Go playground
If the question gets closed, the auto-generated "possible duplicate" comments are generally removed. That wouldn't happen under an answer, though; those were manually deleted by a mod. Oddly enough, they were deleted by a mod without ever being flagged. No idea what happened there.
Probably because you talked about downvoting in your comment (which you shouldn't do! votes are anonymous and don't need to be discussed at all in comments).
> Yes, handling unicode properly is hard. I believe the correct answer is given in the duplicate I proposed above, which may yield this -> go.dev/play/p/yNHPVFFfhcF or go.dev/play/p/HpCBM7cRflZ
11:17 AM
yeah I know... the other user seemed upset, so I wanted to give them an explanation
but it was pointless
thanks for the links!
They weren't upset... They just voted to close it as a dupe and didn't see the point in answering.
no problem; happy to help.
seems so
1:07 PM
1:30 PM
@CodyGray Ah I must have only started paying attention to the site being used once they moved to Microsoft
1:47 PM
Regarding this, it seems the mod missed that the post had been edited.
@JeanneDark The indicator that the post has been edited is not all that noticeable in the flag dashboard. That doesn't mean they shouldn't have noticed, just that it's easy to miss it.
@AmitJoshi This question is used as canonical. It does not make sense to be closed. And when such issue happens you will not be able to give any additional details. The problem will be exactly what question asked. Android Studio cannot see plugged device.
2:38 PM
@tripleee That question seems fine. There's code, a description of what they want, and what's going wrong.
3:07 PM
stackoverflow.com/q/70262329/5211833 @desertnaut could use your generic ML reason (I should copy that at some point)
@Adriaan ooops... I was just looking at it before I saw your msg; just VTC'd as unfocused (although the "not about programming" would do, too)
@desertnaut thanks anyway :P
@Adriaan anytime ;)
3:29 PM
@desertnaut not really a typo though, right? Just using deprecated syntax and RTFM
@Adriaan well yes, but I guess when you are trying to use arguments that do not exist, it can be considered as a typo
3:43 PM
@desertnaut The argument did exist in a previous version, so it's quite a reasonable error that one could make. It's not really a typo in cases like this.
Is this related to the question? It's a Java post.
@cigien yes
Ok, thanks. I edited it a bit to remove the noise.
Cannot construct instance of - Jackson, is when you try to deserialize to or from json a class, the answer shows annotations that autogenerate methods, I can immagine that some of these autogenerated methods may cause similar issue
I bet that @Data generated some constructor... hence Jackson did not know how to instance the object when deserializing... but yeah, it's kind of related to the question (if you only consider the title, in full stacktrace you see another problem... they are trying to deserialize to abstract class)
fp @SmokeDetector
@user17242583 You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
4:25 PM
Hm... How do I check if a youtube link in an answer is spam? I don't really want to click on it.
It may or may not be spam, but the answer itself is completely unacceptable as-is.
Right, I get that, but I want to know if I should raise a spam flag.
a youtube link is no different than any other external link
if it's to something the poster created or is affiliated with, disclosure is needed
Any hammerers around? This question is only one vote away from being reopened but it is (I think) a dupe of this - which may itself be usefuland suitable for reopening. (I didn't know about Greek question marks, so it was useful to me.)
4:30 PM
i don't understand this fixation on using youtube as a resource for programming tutorials
get off my lawn!
@Calculuswhiz If you don't go to the youtube video, it's going to be tricky to distinguish between a random link, and spam. If it's an SD report, you could look to see if there are any comments on MS. Especially when it's manually reported, there's likely to be a comment explaining why (assuming it's not obvious spam).
4:47 PM
We're Migrating our JavaScript - This is likely to mean there will be multiple rounds of userscripts breaking as SE progressively makes changes.
@KevinB cool! :P
@cigien closed by peeps in SOCVR... maybe ping them to reconsider?
I already did, when it was a cv-pls. There was no response.
@cigien Ok. I guess another signal would be if they post the same video to multiple questions?
5:01 PM
@Calculuswhiz That's certainly cause to be more suspicious, and investigate further. However, multiple answers linking to the same video is not Spam by itself. The video itself needs to be promoting a product, or the user has to be affiliated, for it to be spam.
@cigien ok, yeah it seems useful for other peeps updating their libs to newer version and getting same error
5:40 PM
That guy needs to take the tour and read how to answer. :P
6:06 PM
Spammers seem pretty quiet today, so... yay? Maybe they're on holiday or something.
True, but the spam campaign that we've had for the past couple weeks seems to peak at around this time.
So maybe it's a different entity.
You might be right, but the day isn't over. I wouldn't get my hopes up... ;)
6:47 PM
@Makyen Yikes, that'll be a biggie
6:58 PM
Funny comment of the day: "I’m voting to close this question because this is a wishlist, not a programming question."
@Makyen for some reason I just clicked the "search: cv-" icon and a bunch of results from May-October show of long closed and deleted threads. I guess something changed from yesterday, the filter had been working beautifully for months...
@bad_coder I only see 3. What version of the script are you running?
This is what it looks like for me after pressing button 1 and after scrolling further down.
7:13 PM
that seems like an issue with the site rather than the script
the site is showing messages that originated here probably
but there should be a script-specific view showing for yo
i.stack.imgur.com/yWECe.png this is what you should see when you click that button or search for "cv-pls" in the top-right search bar
Unclosed request review script v2.1.0 93 days 9/5/2021
I'd try toggling it off, refreshing, toggling back on, refreshing and then trying the button/search again if you haven't already tried that
I have experienced userscripts randomly wigging out before and toggling them fixes it
PS @Makyen Firefox v95 is out, and one nice thing for userscripts is:

> Added overrideContentColorScheme in browserSettings to provide the ability to control the preference layout.css.prefers-color-scheme.content-override and set pages' preferred color scheme (light or dark) independently of the browser theme (bug 1733461).
Ok, will refresh the whole thing and if it persists I'll report back. (Won't be rebooting before later, so it will take a while.)
back to coding o/
New UI just deployed on MSE and the summary of the user activity page LOOKS AWFUL!!
It hurts just looking at it...
Oh dear god
they have just wrecked the activity page
why is every section full width
It's like the front end team only uses mobile devices to develop the site
I warned about it here and everyone was like: "nah, it'll be fine..."
7:28 PM
I somehow missed this thread entirely
@TylerH yeah, millennial developers are programming on their phones now it seems...
So how long until I get Visual Studio in the App Store?
@TylerH sigh I'm still dealing with the problems introduced with my last upgrade of it. For some reason, Firefox randomly decides that it's going to limit localStorage to some small number of bytes, orders of magnitude below what's normal. Obviously, that causes lots of things to break. I've increased the max quota by a couple orders of magnitude in about:config, which helps, but it's still broken.
Oh, and it cleared all of localStorage on all sites, which lost me any autocomments which had changed in the last month, or so (since my last backup of them).
@bad_coder yes, I dev on my phone. What else would I use?
7:34 PM
the activity page seems fine to me
not responsive at all
(and the current design could have been made mobile friendly simply using flex)
without impacting desktop users at all
@KevinB on MSE?
hasn't hit SO yet
@bad_coder It looks like it's not loading at all. Try reinstalling.
i mean, the new design certainly matches other areas that have been "fixed"
7:36 PM
@Makyen whaa, they changed localStorage size again?
information is harder to find, font is bigger, way more dead space,
blue dots that... don't indicate why they're there
@TylerH I don't know if it's general or just a bug manifesting on my machine/main profile or my profile becoming corrupted. All I really know is that it throws DOM exceptions a lot when trying to store to localStorage when there's almost nothing there. I did try clearing all storage (after FF did that anyway upon upgrade), but that didn't help.
@bad_coder It looks at least like as much crap as I expected from the announcement. I've given up with them. They are bulling ahead with what they want to do without any real regard for their users or feedback. I figure I either have to live with it, fix it, or leave.
I would suspect a change in how it operates over a reduction in size. Do your scripts call for 'unlimitedstorage'?
FWIW I think everything on this page is still current developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/…
I seem to recall service workers etc can't access local storage though if you had code that used those previously
@TylerH No, and the userscripts aren't even close to using the normal maximum, by at least an order of magnitude. I'm getting the exceptions when the total contents in all of localStorage are in the 20k to 200k character ballpark. I changed nothing from how it's been working for years, other than upgrading FF to 94.0.2. It causes malfunctions on the base chat pages, FIRE crashes, the Archiver crashes, main SE pages, etc.
You may want to consider making that request in your scripts then just to make sure you always have enough to work with
7:49 PM
I... Really dislike the way the Reputation page looks now.
that will at least upper bind it to half the size of the available HD space
@TylerH While I probably will, there should be no problem with storing 10k or 100k of data without the need to do that.
Crap. The update made it to SO.
welp, I know what my nights will be spent doing the next couple weeks
dont worry, this design will be propagated to the QA section soon enough
Holy wow, it's spreading.
7:55 PM
I hate the blue dots
somehow they're 1000% more irritating than a number telling me how many n changed in a given tab
Barf... I hate the war on information density in UI
What's the appropriate flag for R/A in another language? answer
An R/A flag is typically fine on those, in my experience.
still R/A I believe. it will be just as rude/abusive to those who speak that language
which language is it btw
ok, russian in latin script. flagged
@HenryEcker Definitely not R/A, since one needs to know the language to know that it's rude. Always custom flag those, along with the translation. Once you've done that, you can indicate to other users that you've custom flagged it, and then others can cast R/A flags.
8:06 PM
@cigien wilco next time on that. Thanks
@cigien that seems a rather roundabout way to handle those posts
@TylerH I'm really really tired of it. They have gotten me to put out effort and then totally invalidated that effort multiple times. I'll probably work on it, but I'm really not enthusiastic about it. I'd already made those pages responsive using the old HTML/CSS, more than once, I'm not in the mood to do it yet again.
@blackgreen The issue is that non-English text is not automatically R/A just because it's not in English. They should not be flagged as R/A, unless the translation is rude, in which case a custom flag is needed to indicate that.
I mean, once you ascertain that the content is indeed R/A, why not flag it as such?
of course I'm not advocating to flag R/A just because it's in another language. I think Henry Ecker wasn't asking that
The flags don't really give the context though.
8:11 PM
If a mod is dealing with the flag, aren't they going to have to translate the foreign post to see what it is, whatever the flag says?
that's what I mean as well. Mods need to double check that anyway, unless they are fluent enough in that language
assuming they are doing their due diligence
@KevinB I posted a relevant FR when the blue dots first deployed.
The alternative idea, that a mod might see a post in a foreign language flagged as abusive, and say "well it's flagged for being abusive, but it's in foreign, so I can't see any problem", seems ludicrous.
so given all that, raising a custom flag in practice makes it harder to reach the threshold for the auto-deletion
8:17 PM
Clearly, we cannot expect translators to be available for every possible language. Therefore, we have to defer to the possibility that all foreign languages are rude and abusive
@blackgreen that's assuming mods double check non-English content posts before handlign the flags
(as I see now that Kevin already said)
correct, isn't that a fair assumption?
I expect many often just mark non-English content flags as helpful
@blackgreen I think it's a fair expectation, I don't know about a fair assumption, though
@khelwood There's at least one SO moderator that thinks the exact opposite (i.e. thinks that just being non-English makes it R/A. I, obviously, disagree with that and feel that a post being R/A should be based on the actual content, not the language it's in.
8:23 PM
considering that a validated red flag gives a reputation penalty, it seems harsh to consider non-English content R/A per-se
they made it even less information dense
Wait, I thought only the spam flag caused a reputation penalty?
@Calculuswhiz any red flag IIRC but I Could be wrong
@Makyen well, from the "abusive" standpoint, it could be construed as such, though it's also arguable that one would need to prove that a language other than English was intentionally used (with knowledge that it should be in English, instead)
ab-using the platform, as it were
@TylerH If repeated and the user doesn't listen to communication that content needs to be in English, then ... maybe. Just some random post not being in English, but otherwise an actual attempt at a real post, no.
@TylerH Oh, yup: stackoverflow.com/help/whats-reputation. Spam or offensive both.
8:30 PM
@blackgreen My reasoning is based on whether the flag conveys the right information. As you mentioned, "... once you ascertain ...", which means it was not necessarily obvious that it was R/A. Faced with the post, a mod will see a R/A flag on non-English content, and may just think it's the wrong flag (this happens a lot, i.e. users raising R/A on non-rude content solely because it's in English).
The mod may use a machine to translate the text, and realize it's R/A, but there seems to be no reason to make them duplicate work that you've already put in. When handling flags, mods will see all flags on that post, and if there's a custom one, indicating that the translation is rude, they can take the right action (i.e. apply red flag penalties, which would not be done just because it's not in English).
@cigien I will admit it is a grey zone, and I will not insist
@desertnaut Ok. I actually already made a reopen-pls after your cv-pls was handled, and it's been reopened as well.
@cigien I don't think it's duplicating work. The mod can't take your translation of the foreign text and action it without checking your translation is accurate. So they are going to have to get it translated for themselves anyway.
@cigien yeah, I saw it. no objection; as said, it looks like a grey zone to me
@cigien Aargh, that should have ended with "because it's not in English" :(
@khelwood Yeah, that's true. A mod would need to double check anyway.
Question to any lurking mods: Do y'all always machine translate non-English posts that have R/A flags on them? Assuming here that there's not also custom flags indicating that the translation is R/A.
9:36 PM
Does someone understand this question?
What part are you hung up on?
@cigien I have had an "Unfriendly or unkind" flag declined on a comment that would have been clearly within that category if translated
(not exactly the same, but along the same lines)
@Turing85 I clarified it via an edit, maybe that will help
@TylerH The number of questionmarks H ave has been lowered, yes =) but it's still >0
9:48 PM
fair enough, I think the remaining stuff probably requires OP to clarify, though :-)
@TylerH Heh ... I must say I have NO idea what the problem they're trying to solve is, and believe this has nothing to with my lack of java knowledge =}
I feel like I have a vague idea but not enough to actually write the code
@TylerH Does this mean you're working on a user script to fix the Activity page?
literally no reason they couldn't have just used flex to convert to 1 column below a certain width
@IanCampbell It means I plan to, not that I currently am :-)
@KevinB exactly what I wondered in my comment on the MSE announcement
9:57 PM
it's not complicated
it's not "maintaining two designs"
Yeah, I mean, this is a great start following the "mobile-first" methodology
but it's like they just... stopped there
the modules are literally designed to function at half or smaller width
@KevinB Yes, that was entirely possible. Well, actually, I chose to use a grid at larger widths.
Does this answer count as NAA/VLQ?
tbh i've never messed with grids
so no idea what they can accomplish
10:00 PM
It's pretty nice
I haven't had to implement a new design in... 6 years now?
you can combine grid with flex in either direction (grid children of flex elements or vice versa)
@KevinB I read "girls" instead of "grids" first x)
for something like the activity page, with 6 different sections in rows, grid is ideal
especially given there's a fixed width on the page for content
10:01 PM
@Turing85 Seems like an answer to me.
@IanCampbell I am somewhat conflicted on this one. Yes, they try to help. But the answer in my opinion has two massive problems. For one, i suspect that this does not solve the problem. For another, OP are not sure themselves, it is highly speculative.
it is an attempt to answer the question.
a poor one, but an attempt all the same
@Turing85 Sounds like a great reason for a downvote.
Or in a few thousand rep points from now, a delete vote.
@IanCampbell Before I will get that privilege, I will most likely get Mjölnir x)
@Turing85 Mjölnir is a weighty beast, but wouldn't help a lot in this case.
10:08 PM
@IanCampbell I know :)
New activity page is live. Look how they massacred my boy
I hear TylerH is making a userscript to fix the activity page.
well now everyone's going to expect something
sigh, I need to raise bug reports again
10:11 PM
On the bright side, at least it's not on the star board... yet
Does this post count as unfocused?
2 bugs are already reported. Nice!
> In our continued effort to deprecate our mobile views [we've redesigned the desktop pages into mobile views]
Ok, I found the third one meta.stackexchange.com/a/372627/515960 I do not have to report anything new.
They just want to make it harder for me to find voting fraud.
10:27 PM
I honestly can't imagine what they were thinking.
It's also way more annoying to find bad reviewers
none of those are things the people designing it need to do, right?
I can see some improvement on other pages, but the reputation page is really ugly looking now
Finding bad reviewers involves the task of "open 20-40 reviews of a given type in new tabs"
which is harder with this new design
previously it was just "click every link down the column in two screens' worth of content per page"
Also why is the review result a button?!
The button is infuriating.
10:31 PM
Why were the tabs even moved to the left?
Also, why does must it be on a new line? It says on the top "reviewed" and then a huge button "looks ok"
on mobile they're still up top in a dropdown
@KevinB no idea. They even disappear when you have a smaller window
menu | menu | column
@Dharman So many of the things are clearly designed for a 320px layout and then just widened.
10:34 PM
I haven't even looked at the rep page yet
I'm scared to
do it
I haven't digested that entire meta thread yet, but why is there so much extra whitespace?
it's so bad
it was already in a state where it could be squished to be responsive
but no, lets give everything 4 linebreaks
I'd like to be able to give the benefit of the doubt that this is an initial MVP
the minimum amount of work required to get a responsive layout, which will be followed later by tweaks to make it properly responsive
but, like, it's not that much more work to just take the additional step, delay it a day or two if you must
10:39 PM
oh my god
it's horrible
I design a UI that is used by a few dozen people, sure it's used in healthcare so the stakes are a bit higher, but a few dozen. I feel like something used by millions of people everyday deserves a little more testing than this.
they've just like
reversed the order of how things are nested
I requested activity page from SE servers. I got too much whitespace. Where can I return it? It's unused and I really don't need it.
I feel like they need to give mods access to a test environment for site changes
it's quite a long scroll now to get to "recently deleted <questions|answers>
10:40 PM
It's not blatantly broken, it's just...kinda half-baked.
so mods can tell them ahead of time when pending implementations needs to be scrapped
@RyanM It's like a quarter-baked, at best
Like, the review queue improvements were just broken.
don't they host a UI/UX community?
Maybe they did some usability testing, and the people in this chat room are just so outside the normal users that we're just living on a different planet and don't matter.
10:42 PM
i mean, that one user who posted to SO Meta seemed kinda excited about it
@TylerH I honestly don't think this needs to be scrapped, it just needs to be...well, finished. Like there's nothing inherently wrong with the idea, and if they changed how the responsive cells worked then it'd be fine.
it needs a few additional upper breakpoints, to do some tiling, remove some spacing, etc
@RyanM I dunno, my thought when I see the rep page is "scrap this"
like I said before, overall the implementation is a good start for mobile devices
but they shouldn't have stopped there
i'd be fine with the rep page, if clicking the down arrow didn't result in like 3 screens worth of space beign taken up to display what used to fit on half of 1
@KevinB the number of times I've asked them to use the experts available to them...
10:44 PM
@TylerH oh no I just looked at the rep page, whyyyyyyyyy
Things I like: nagivation moved to the side, summary page, answers page, questions page, bookmarks page. Things I hate: reputation page!!!
yeah, uh, that particular bit might need scrapping.
I retract my previous comment about it being tweakable as to the rep page, this is just, uh, wow.
I guess if the average user with posts has 9 posts, it doesn't matter how much white space there is?
I like how when you go into Dec 2nd, it reminds you on each listing that it was on december 2nd, and takes up an entire line to do so
and the extra line break below that
and how it tells me that it was a downvote
(because what else could be -1)
@IanCampbell the whitespace isn't even the problem, it's the fact that showing what was actually voted on is behind a click...for each day!
10:48 PM
it had that before didn't it?
Sigh ... this shows an utter lack of understanding of both grep as a tool as well as regex syntax ... but what could I pick as a valid close reason? Answering them would basically mean presenting them with grep-101 and regex-101 ...
you had to expand for each day you wanted to drill into
lack of understanding was removed as a close reason
Oh, maybe you're right... let me try to find a screenshot
Heh ... sad, isn't it? :D
Maybe needs focus?
10:49 PM
@KevinB Oh right, no, it was grouped but the days were expanded by default: i.imgur.com/mQySejR.png
In this screenshot, I've expanded the inner groups manually, but the outer groups weren't expanded
Apparently some downvotes are good, they are green -1s?
@IanCampbell So, counterpoint: they're your downvotes, so it's not a penalty, which would be red
True @Dharman ... they're speculating in two wrong directions what the reason for grep's misbehaviour might be :D
Also, why is it prettyDec7?
that's another bug
already reported
they're printing "pretty" instead of " " in some cases
10:51 PM
@RyanM They are downvotes on answers, so they are penalizing me.
Although mine show as red so yeah probably actually a bug
i.stack.imgur.com/GlZtK.png just like 8 CSS property changes/removals but already so much better
@RyanM Darkmode?
@RyanM yeah the negative rep showing as green is a reported bug already
@IanCampbell yep
10:54 PM
Just kidding, it does happen in light mode, but only in Time view.
ahhhh that might be it
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