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2:16 AM
I guess not..
@Scratte yes, but...a pretty bad one (it was deleted by three users).
I wouldn't say it's NAA per se, but I can't say I disagree with deleting it. If that were the real solution, it'd surely be the sort of question we'd close and delete as no repro.
Hmm.. I figured someone would say yes. I just figured "My Ctrl-key didn't work. But I found a workaround, so now I can use the other Answer" wouldn't be an attempt :)
2:38 AM
@Scratte I felt that it not add anything new, my understanding from that answer is that the existing answers worked as long as your keys work correctly. Which is an answer that could apply to every question and by extension none at all.
@HenryEcker That was also my impression. But I wasn't sure.
3:13 AM
@mickmackusa Is it possible that one's a good signpost, based on the name? It has >1k views.
@Mogsdad This basically seems to be asking how to do something within the Twitch API. An endpoint within a particular API is no more an offsite resource than asking if a method in a language's standard library.
@RyanM argh, remove "asking if" from that sentence. Incomplete rephrasing.
3:31 AM
@RyanM that's relatively low for a 6.5 year old page. there aren't even many words let alone keywords on the page.
@mickmackusa regarding the keywords, I was imagining a search like google.com/…
Pages with upvoted and accepted "try this" answers actually role model bad posting behaviors. It is better that these pages are put to sleep so that better pages shine.
though the answer is, admittedly, pretty bad...
The canons ...yes, there are multiple canons for this topic... have plenty of these keywords for search engines to bite into
3:53 AM
@JeanneDark For what it's worth, double negations (or triple, quadruple, ...) confuse everyone, including native speakers. So they are typically just avoided, unless you're intentionally trying to make a point about the lack of clarity. In this case, then, your statement would just be something like: "It is much worse! <reasons>"
Double negations aren't not confusing.
@SotiriosDelimanolis It is not obvious to me why that is typo/no repro. Can you at least post a comment there indicating the "doh!" mistake?
@TylerH Buncha prior spam. Like, bunches.
4:20 AM
@RyanM Not uncofusing double negations are.
@AlonEitan Any possibility that's a question about a software tool primarily used by programmers, and would be better closed for lack of debugging details than for "general computing"?
I'm always flagging those as general computing, should I flag them as missing MRE? I really don't know
Why general computing? Software tools used for software development aren't general computing.
I see, so should I treat software tools differently when it comes to voting? Because usually it's not like the OP compiled that software and can debug it for errors
Think of IDE questions: those are on-topic here.
How is this different? (I don't know. Maybe it is. It's outside of my expertise, that's why I ask.)
4:43 AM
I honestly don't know :|
Heh, OK.
I'm basing it solely on the name. "pgAdmin" sounds like you might be administering something, which sounds kinda like a specialized tool that a programmer would use.
So DB administration software like HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench and all the rest should go under the IDE category?
Ah, hmm. Yeah, perhaps database administration is off-topic.
"When is use of database-related tooling on-topic?" would be a useful Meta question.
Would it not also be a duplicate Meta question? Surprising if not.
5:18 AM
Reckon there's enough hate being spewed in this profile? stackoverflow.com/users/10139334/astraltim67
That doesn't need to continue existing.
Agreed. Is there a network wide technique that we can leverage?
I don't want it in my beta community either.
You can actually edit the profile on your site and then push changes to all communities when saving the edits.
My plan was to just destroy the user on SO, but lemme do that profile change first.
I am thinking of nuking the text and inserting my own explanation as the new text. Should I not bother? @CodyGray
I would not insert text into people's profiles.
5:24 AM
@mickmackusa Tune into 5G with your vaccine and then report the dissident to the communist overlords. They will handle it.
It was difficult for me to avoid some snarky variation on "This user prefers to keep an air of mystery about them", but it's really crossing a line to put words in people's mouths like that. Better to just remove the text.
I was going to say something like [didn't not align with Code of Conduct].
Ah, meh. Would be OK, I guess, but not sure I see the point.
@VLAZ "This text censored by the communist overlords."
@VLAZ what if the Swedish Octogonal Pharoahs come for me!?! or whatever he said.
...can I seriously not "reject and edit" an edit that was submitted to resolve a question being closed? sigh.
5:25 AM
> Humanity is under attack by the Swiss Octagon Pharaohs
@RyanM You can't?
@RyanM No, because adding another separate radio was too hard :P
@VLAZ It's gone now, so if you don't want everyone to miss it, you'd better screenshot it :-\
WHY DID I? Now I want to know more about this thing.
5:27 AM
@RyanM ...oh, the post was deleted. I see. Hopefully that's why.
someone let the phone keyboard autocomplete run wild?
@CodyGray I thought half of the world did too.
Gotta make sure we review those edits to deleted posts, that's definitely a productive use of reviewer time. 🙄
Although, it pays to refresh one's memory of a few basic facts about genetics and statistics: So you’re related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European…
@CodyGray I have made a screenshot. The first paragraph goes into the "so bonkers it's funny" territory. The rest...doesn't.
5:30 AM
@RyanM Fun fact: The editor gets the 2 reputation points if the edit is approved. The points are not removed until the post is deleted :D
@VLAZ You mean the rest goes far past the "funny" territory?
@Scratte as in, undeleted and re-deleted?
@RyanM I assume so. I kept mine :)
@CodyGray I suppose it either goes far, far, far past the funny part or it never gets there.
I can recheck.. though if they're gone now, I can't say if it was un-deleted and re-deleted.
5:34 AM
@VLAZ Speak for yourself; I was quite tickled by the misunderstanding of Luciferase.
To be honest, I don't even know what that is.
However, I would be shocked if it was used appropriately.
I am not 100% sure if this is what they are talking about, though. Considering that COVID vaccines do not contain any such proteins. Not that they contain graphene, either.
Oh...I see.
I must say that one probably needs a degree in conspiracy theories to fully decipher the text.
You would say that my biology degree is leading me astray, then?
I have some knowledge but I'm definitely not getting the full picture being painted there.
5:37 AM
I feel like some people would pay extra for a COVID vaccine that makes you bioluminesce. Drug companies oughta get on that.
@CodyGray Probably. As would any actual knowledge on most topics.
I still have no idea what Swiss Octagon Pharaohs are. And 33rd Degree Luciferian Illuminati Freemasons is just a bunch of conspiracy theories thrown together.
Did you not think that my research on Swiss men carrying the "pharaoh" gene covered the first one?
I guess I don't know how the octagon fits in.
I do like how at some point "globalist" sneaks in as if it's also another conspiracy.
@CodyGray That's what is tripping me up.
> The Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octagon (Octogon) in Switzerland seem to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every crook and cranny of “our” world.
Ah, well, that explains...absolutely nothing whatsoever. Thanks, random "news" website!
Can I change my vote in the election for the Global octopus?
5:42 AM
I guess "octagon" can also be (mis-)spelled "octogon"?
I wonder if "octagon" is somehow related to "octopus"?
Global Octopus is a musical artist.
"Cephalopod Squad" (That's cute.)
@RyanM It seems to be gone. I assume it would show under my suggestions.
@Scratte Sorry, what are you referring to?
He can't find the tentacular origins of the global ruling cephalopods.
@RyanM Trying to find the one edit I got 2 reputation points for after it was approved post deletion.
@CodyGray I can find a squiddyfish.. ;P
Oh, right. I had forgotten about that among all the talk about who secretly controls the world.
5:50 AM
Oh no. The squiddyfish uses Luciferase to produce a glow that allows it to hide from predators! I believe you may have found the source!
you're reasoning as if facts were at all relevant
Is that a fact?
I don't know any other way to reason!
@RyanM According to that profile it's somehow multiple groups that seem to have different origins and goals. Nazis, Communists, and Jews for example. I'm not sure if it means they've joined forces, or that each of them is manipulating the world. Or perhaps there is one single secretive group that controls the world and each of the things mentioned are just different names for them.
Am I the only one that see an inconsistency with the joined force theory?
5:54 AM
@VLAZ I've always wondered what would happen when the Nazis and Jews joined forces.
@Scratte I'm not sure that's the only inconsistency.
@Scratte Given the tone of the text, I'd not be surprised. None of what was mentioned there is how things actually worked. So why couldn't it claim they all joined forces?
Also, it alludes that these groups - be them joined or disparate, are all of demonic origin.
Well.. at least they know they're special with what they know about the world.
6:14 AM
@Scratte I think the term is "wide awake and still awakening"
@VLAZ Awesome. I think I'll go to sleep.. since I know nothing of the coming apocalypse ;)
@Scratte ignorance is bliss.
@Scratte it's 8 am. I just woke up and started work
@Dharman I didn't go to sleep yet.
Are you turning into Cody?
6:22 AM
@Dharman who?
Funny. You're the second one that asked me that today.. :D I don't think the other time was sleep-related. But I think Cody is just turning into me :P
I was the other one who asked you that today. It was not sleep-related.
@SurajRao In the future, you probably should be more clear in your message here that people should review the comments for flagging. That would avoid people getting confused when the comments are removed, wondering why you said that the post was R/A.
ah alright. I will
stackoverflow.com/questions/29016685/… should be eligible for cv-pls because it's literally six months since the latest answer, but the cv-pls userscript says it's too old ... how exactly should this be calculated, six months or precisely 90 days?
6:32 AM
6 months is about twice as long as 90 days, so... I'm not sure I understand?
sorry, 180 of course ... the FAQ says in #11 six months is the limit for "recent activity"
but I'm guessing the userscript looks at the number of days rather than "this day of the month six months ago"
Ah, probably. Dates are hard.
I'm confused anyway, six months ago is April, not March! )-: duhhh
I thought I had found an interesting corner case because it's 7 months old to the day ... but 7, not 6
oh thanks, you closed it already (-:
I did not feel that closing it would prevent us from having this enlightening discussion about dates :-)
But yeah, it turns out you're as bad at dating as I am.
Let me remind everyone that Stack Overflow is not a dating site
6:39 AM
//@author WizzerStudios on Github
//CC 2021
//:: Editing
//:: Redistributing
//:: Claiming as yours
This seems wrong in a code block posted in a question.
But then again, it also feels wrong to edit it out.
I agree. Using colons as bullet points is all sorts of wrong.
7:21 AM
Is this an answer (now)?
Looks like a question without MRE
@JeanneDark ... to what question?
@Dharman "Do you have some code that doesn't work?"
then, yes, it is
I don't know, it received an upvote at the time of the First answers review, so I thought I might be missing something
7:24 AM
I don't understand some upvotes
Some reviewers, when presented with a post, seem to only ever make the decision to upvote it.
@JeanneDark They clarified now that this is a question
Indeed "To avoid an open ended question..."
@CodyGray And now we have two problems.
@CodyGray Or just quickly click "Looks ok" but I'm reluctant to flag such reviewing behavior.
7:28 AM
@JeanneDark Wait until we get the new mods :-)
@Dharman Seems so, but cannot possibly be, as they resolved one 9 hours ago, before asking the second one 6 hours ago.
so which one is a valid quesion?
Ah, they're not identical. The code block changed.
They appear to have only partially resolved it. By adding a hexagon?
Maybe it's the Brazilian Hexagonal Tsars who are trying to control us.
7:32 AM
I don't see a hexagon when I run the snippet
Perhaps that is the question?
"How many SOCVR member does it take to change a lightbulb understand what the question is?"
@VLAZ None, that's a hardware the asker's problem.
8:00 AM
@CodyGray Fleshware problem.
8:32 AM
@Dharman one asks about formatting the legend and the other wants to add a data label, so slightly different tweaks to what they have now (but I guess not MRE)
@tripleee The Request Generator actually uses 205 days, which is more than 6.6 months. In addition, it's only a warning, which the user can override by clicking through a confirm dialog.
8:47 AM
Is the "submit" button on that dialog labeled, "Yes, I want to risk getting yelled at by a RO"?
@CodyGray :) No, I was lazy and just used a standard confirm() dialog, so it will depend on your browser, but that would be a reasonable label to use for the button. :)
9:16 AM
@Makyen thanks for clarifying!
the ultimate userscript would replace the OS-level OK button label with "be prepared to be yelled at by a RO"
:) Yeah, that would be a bit hard to do with a userscript. :)
I would think the actual yelling would be the part that is hard to do in a userscript.
@CodyGray Nah, you just can have the userscript play some audio. :)
Well, I am convinced. :-)
9:28 AM
Looking forward to the page literally screaming at me as I use it. I've been missing the early 2000s
9:44 AM
First, you need to learn to type. This is an abomination. I literally have no idea what you're asking. Less than half of those are actual words. — Cody Gray ♦ Mar 7 '11 at 6:52
The snarkiness isn't new, at least.
But the mod abilities are (relatively new)
I appreciate your wanting to cover up my indiscretions.
That answer is actually pretty awesome.
@CodyGray it is indeed :)
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
@CodyGray I was going to say that seemed overly harsh, but then I clicked through and read the question.
@RyanM And people act like the quality problems are new
SO was toxic back in the day
So I've heard
11:03 AM
Running out of CVs at lunch time (I know some users in the room run out of CVs at breakfast...)
11:18 AM
@Dharman More like SO wasn't afraid of calling a spade a spade.
@bad_coder Does that answer how to view which one is in use? I didn't see it in a quick scan of the top answers, but that seems like a different question.
@RyanM the OP is actually asking 2 questions. The duplicate target has outdated and new answers this one is what the OP should use. Then you'd also have to answer "how to know which venv is activate" (answer: activation changes the terminal by prepending the venv name, so no-brainer). And finally "how to user venv that's in folder inside project" answered by the duplicate target.
This is NAA, isn't it?
@JeanneDark Yes.
Off course (depending on OS - OP doesn't specify, hence needs debugging details) you could use "where Python" on Windows and see to which path the venv resolves.
11:28 AM
@CodyGray Thanks! I see you cleaned up a bit
Working on it...
Wait, how could you tell that I shaved today?
@RyanM after reading the thread a 2nd time, I think the OP is confusing terminal with console (but I'm not going to explain that after they've told-off 3 other posters...)
@bad_coder hmmm, yeah, they might be...
What distinction are you drawing between "terminal" and "console"?
I think (not a PyCharm user but have used similar IDEs) that the terminal is a proper terminal that you can run commands in, while the console shows output from a program run from within the IDE.
11:35 AM
@CodyGray in a Python (IDE) context, terminal is basically one of your system shells like CMD, bash, etc. The Console means the Python interpreter itself. (cc @RyanM)
Oh, that's confusing. I love it when vendors decide to use standard terms in a specific way. It is ideal for maximizing confusion.
Most operating systems literally call what you're calling the "terminal" the "console".
Yes true, but that's one of those beginner details you really have to wrap your head around one way or the other...
Or get out while you still can :-)
@CodyGray Citation needed: macOS, Windows, Gnome, X... KDE calls it Konsole, but I feel like they really wanted it to start with a K...
"Windows Terminal" is a special, custom app. The Windows Console is the built-in thing.
Also: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/System_console (every embedded device calls it a "console", not a "terminal")
11:43 AM
@CodyGray huh, TIL
Are you a Windows user?
It's been the "console" since the very beginning of NT.
I am. Though I've generally interacted with it through Command Prompt, PowerShell, and now Windows Terminal
Ah, "Command Prompt" is the built-in UI for the Windows Console.
Also thank goodness for Windows Terminal...the previous console apps were awful.
11:46 AM
Aww. Command Prompt wasn't that bad!
At least, once you did a bit of customization, like QuickEdit mode.
The only major difference for me with Windows Terminal is tabs. I don't care about transparency or whatever other nonsense.
@SurajRao Ah, cross-site duplicates :-)
But I had PuTTY for interacting with other computers as well as Cygwin, so I'd seen the light of better terminals.
The text selection behavior is worlds better
I have never gotten myself to like PuTTY. The interface is just so clunky. Especially when creating new connections. I use TeraTerm most of the time, which has a few interface quirks, but seems miles better to me. Also has built-in SCP via drag-drop, which is super handy for what I do.
Ah, you prefer the line select to block select? Meh, it's what you get used to, I suppose.
I cannot fathom any reason I would ever want block select, to be honest.
Same reason you want column select in your editor.
@RyanM interesting recommendation, I'll have to try this one...
11:50 AM
I've used multiple cursors for block-like editing, but I can't imagine why I'd want block selection outside of an editor.
QuickBlox support is becoming quite active on SO
@CodyGray still my go to. Old habits die hard...
@JeanneDark Is that the same thing I just deleted? Or what Dharman complained about? Or are they the same?
@CodyGray What you deleted
@bad_coder Likewise. Especially because Windows Terminal has to be added. Most of the computers I deal with don't have custom apps loaded. Not to mention I'm still on Windows 7 a lot, too.
11:52 AM
@JeanneDark I had to check to make sure this was not somehow related to the conversation about block selection. Coincidental name, I see.
A simple registry editor script to turn on QuickEdit mode and set custom colors, and you're in business with built-in Command Prompt.
@JeanneDark Are you flagging them?
One from a new account (NAA)
Ah, isn't that nice. Yeah, they created a new account to escape the automatic answer ban applied from me deleting their other answers.
Yeah, I noticed that it was the same first name again in the answer, not the account
o/ back to work... (Was about to fgitw a question, but oh well...)
12:01 PM
12:13 PM
Guys, my rewritten question instead of duplicate one is near. Before reopening ill show it to you ;)
@desertnaut bro, ban is dead, thx for you too ^___^
stackoverflow.com/questions/69315168/… - pls delete old comments ;)
@JeanneDark I needn't votings !
@manro You can flag individual comments or the question for moderator attention, if you think that the comments should be deleted. You need to be very clear in your flag about why the comments should be deleted.
You should not post such things in this room. This room does not handle deletion of comments.
@manro I suggest you actually read the FAQ
@JeanneDark Now, don't be silly!
1:12 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/69649814/… - this man uses incorrect tag, how i must flag this question?
You could try to suggest an edit. Not sure what you hope for a flag to accomplish there.
@manro You can't flag this. You can suggest an edit
i cant because of: another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be submitted until the pending edit is reviewed
Or comment on the question
1:14 PM
yeah that edit needs to be rejected and the question closed
yee, im a little moderator :)
@JeanneDark Gah!
@CodyGray Thanks for the feedback
No problem; always happy to help :-)
Comments are just noise.
1:22 PM
I'd say that when you only can suggest edits and are actually prevented from doing so, a comment that kind of asks for clarification is perfectly fine.
It doesn't need to be as snarky as some of the comments quoted in here ;)
If clarification is actually needed, sure. But if the question is just mistagged, then there's no real reason in being passive-aggressive about it in a comment, or leaving the work for someone else to do.
@CodyGray It needn't be passive-aggressive. Also, when the system prevents you from doing the work yourself...
Not that I would leave a comment.
I do not like passive-aggressive.
I am also unconvinced that one failing of the system is a good excuse/justification for creating another failure.
A simple comment like "This Q should be tagged with foo instead of bar" is all that is needed. If you can't suggest because of an already pending edit, that's really all you can do.
I fully agree
1:26 PM
I'm still uncomfortable with that
Then what do you suggest the user do?
When should I comment?: "Leave constructive criticism that guides the author in improving the post;"
But not just to say stuff that you can do yourself!
I don't know, maybe wait until they can suggest an edit?
Similar to if you have an answer, but the question is closed. What do you do? Post it as a comment? Edit it into the question? No.
It seems to me that not the commenter would create additional work for others but the OP did by tagging wrongly in the first place.
1:30 PM
@JeanneDark Yes, but do two wrongs make a right?
That's a lot more work then posting a comment. You'd have to keep revisiting the Q, with no guarantee that anything can be done. By leaving a comment, the OP or a user that can do something might actually do the thing instead
@CodyGray As you can see from my chat message above, it's in accordance with what comments are for. And the OP can edit their own post and improve it.
cough 🚩
Looks like red flag to a duck.
Sometimes surprising to see whose account got deleted (or maybe not?). Unfortunately, I will never find out.
1:43 PM
Never say never cuz you never really know.
Is a repost of an answer, also linking to the question with the original answer (by the same user) ok?
@Tomerikoo I think exact duplicate answers are automatically flagged. They probably should either vote/flag to close as duplicate or change the answer to better suit the respective question.
But I guess when it contains the link to the other question, it's no longer a duplicate answer the system can detect.
I think it will not be auto-flagged because of the added link to the other answer... I left a comment saying they should flag as duplicate but wondering if to mod-flag the answer
@Tomerikoo After your edit the new NAA was really puzzling me :)
2:00 PM
@JeanneDark The "you could be more polite one"? Sorry, I wasn't even sure he was actually referring to the other answer. Felt like it was posted on the wrong place...
Yeah, it's puzzling since they don't seem to be the actual OP. But I guess they were referring to that other answer, for whatever reason.
@JeanneDark Sorry for the confusion ^_^ anyway, I flagged as NAA before the edit
No worries
I just instinctively flagged a repeated answer as NAA. Is it better to retract or it can be deleted from the queue (I left an appropriate comment)?
2:16 PM
@Tomerikoo You should be able to retract the NAA flag and raise a custom mod flag. Seems like that would be more appropriate, if the "NAA" character is not obvious upon inspection.
I mean, you are supposed to check other answers on the low quality review queue
Annoyingly, said repeated answer was upvoted within 2 minutes...
Well, if an upvoted answer ends up being deleted from the LQA queue, then a moderator will get to review it, anyway.
@AdrianMole Exactly the kind of work Cody longs for :-)
2:22 PM
... which is why I don't downvote such posts. ;-P
2:44 PM
Is this a serious question, or is it trolling?
It does not appear to be trolling.
Some with a gold tag please take a look at this question: stackoverflow.com/q/69664035. It looks unfocused to me.
@AdrianMole hanlon's razor
@CodyGray Meh. I just find it hard to believe that anyone can get so many errors in so little code.
@AdrianMole Are you... new to the tag?
2:46 PM
@karel seems to have nothing with Python to do anyway
@manro Please review our FAQ to see what kinds of requests we accept in this room and how to format them.
@TylerH how many posts of mine there, oh))0
There should be some room for suggested edits now
Boys and girls, anybody want to play AoE2?
@manro straying off-topic just after a room owner tells you to behave might not be a smart move
3:33 PM
@tripleee The issue previously was with an inappropriate kind of request, but we do allow some discussion of non-SOCVR related things here...
I thought we hated fun, or is it just rene?
@tripleee I wouldn't say we hate rene. That's too strong a word here.
let's settle for unsavory vegetable
@tripleee That's all of SO :-)
4:39 PM
You could also do sd 3k, which is a little more convenient.
I just wanted to say "spam" three times.
4:50 PM
@manro you are welcome; but let me friendly warn you: if you find yourself again in such a ban, I will not lift a finger. You are supposed to have learned by now what igoes and what not, and you are expected to really stick to the positive side in the future
@manro BTW, the guy who answered your question is the creator of Rcpp himself
5:09 PM
@AdrianMole If you say it three times in a row Cody appears
5:34 PM
5:45 PM
@VLAZ any haters here?
I don't like hate.
@E_net4thecandidatesupporter you hate it?
6:00 PM
wow, profile page is broken
Whose profile page is broken?
Stack Overflow user's
Please add further details, so others can better understand or reproduce your problem.
6:25 PM
Closed: NO_REPRO
see the tables
What are the tables doing that they shouldn't be doing? Or not doing what they should be?
they have white space, but no I fixed it now. Turns out there's a new design and a userscript broke it
Did you turn it off and on again?
7:01 PM
Is this worthy of a mod-flag? User seems to have a question ban and wants to pair that with an answer ban? Or will just the 'normal' NAA + down- and delete-vote suffice (already cast a delete from review).
@AdrianMole Mod flags really should be for things we cannot handle ourselves. In this case a NAA flag and or a down vote and or a delete vote is all that is really required.
@NathanOliver Yeah, I agree. Just wasn't sure if it crossed a line into "abuse" terrirtory.
If they keep doing it, then I wouldn't have an issue using a red flag. First offence, just handle it the normal way IMHO.
You can mod flag if you want mods to send a helpful message to them, but it's not necessary
@Dharman Nice comment there
7:07 PM
{Dharman deleted all the waffles}
not the waffles!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything but the waffles
@Dharman sigh
I, too, like boatloads of whitespace.
Maybe its an Easter egg. Has anyone tried running it through a whitespace interpreter?
In case it hasn't been linked, you can leave feedback on the profile changes on this post on Meta SE.
7:20 PM
7:43 PM
@desertnaut Noo, i will do right in future. No more bans. No more new questions before I puzzle out with current minuses and duplicates :)
@desertnaut Yes, the monsters of R live here Oo
8:11 PM
@Spevacus great, another thing that was not announced properly when it was rolled out (and certainly not announced before it was rolled out)
looks like it's done
Waffles Pancakes
^ hahaha
8:20 PM
I'm actually surprised that "waffles" is still a catch phrase here
Especially given the superiority of pancakes.
How can you contend that pancakes or waffles are better? They both have their strengths. It would be like saying one of your children is better.
If waffles were so good, why did SO remove them from the 404 page?...
rip old 404 pages
Apparently there is an App for that
8:44 PM
ya'll beat me by four seconds :(
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