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12:01 AM
Think we can get rid of the opening line? Who cares what the question author knows about Python?
I am still not sure this should be re-opened
@IanCampbell Sure. I'm ambivalent about it. It's not really necessary, but it also doesn't make the question particularly noisy. The all-caps could go though.
@desertnaut Ok. Do you have a specific reason why it shouldn't be?
@cigien Although it is certainly not POB now, it still feels like lacking focus/details. No wonder it has attracted 2 NAAs - it could also be perceived as an implicit recommendation request
especially since the OP accepted the link-only answer
If it is reopened, you could protect it.
@cigien In my second visit to that in the Reopen Queue, I was considering using the "Needs details or clarity..." reason, but just stuck with the original out of inertia.
12:08 AM
@AdrianMole yeah, that would make more sense
Notice that 2 reviewers reviewed it twice in Reopen.
I'm not a SME, but it feels like we need to know what the question author expects algebraic types to do or why they need them.
@IanCampbell it is not the NAAs I am primarily concerned with; I am just saying that attracting such NAAs is a signal that something does not seem right with the question (as said, it could be read as a recommendation request)
@desertnaut Yeah, clearly at least 2 users felt that link only answers would work there. I'm not sure that's the question's fault though. It looks sufficiently focused, and clear to me. I certainly wouldn't take the accept to mean anything; OPs will accept whatever worked for them.
(In this case, the question author and the author of the accepted answer is the same user)
12:11 AM
@IanCampbell yeah!
Ah, I didn't notice that. Still, that's not relevant, is it?
In general, I don't worry about what the OP thinks of the answers (their own or otherwise). The question does seem on-topic to me.
@cigien can't vote on numeric stuff yet, I've been trying to split a word in Python for a couple of years and I'm still discovering new ways of doing it.
But what is meant by "algebraic type"? An illustrative example would probably swing my vote.
Yes, exactly
Algebraic type is a fairly well defined term in CS I would think. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have an example, so feel free to add one in.
@bad_coder I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean by "numeric stuff" there.
12:15 AM
Doesn't Python already have tuples?
It does, I think. Why?
@cigien number representation, and artifices like in that question.
@Catija Both would be nice to have.
I just looked for a definition of "algebraic type" and "tuples" was the first example I found.
@Makyen I think the holdup is mostly that so many people have been out recently. But I'm hoping things will start happening again soon.
12:18 AM
@AdrianMole yes, that
@AdrianMole Yes.
@Catija It's about the time for things to start happening... just in time for them to stop for the holidays. :)
{Prosecution rests}
@AdrianMole Ah, I see. Sure. That may be an answer then. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but is that a reason for the question to stay closed?
I think it can be opened as long as we come up with some requirements or examples that match the existing answers. Otherwise we're left to wonder what the question author wanted and why.
@AdrianMole tuples is always the first one on the list in Python. (When you go beyond tuples is when I start missing Java...)
12:19 AM
I think it's up to the author to clarify what they meant. Or an SME that can read minds.
After having learned about the topic more, I wonder if the bit about Haskell and Ocaml should go back in... ugh.
... editing a question to fit existing answers is ... err ... a bit stern before bow.
@cigien doesn't it lack details & clarity?
@IanCampbell feel free to roll back my last edit, if you think that was relevant (which I still doubt, but I will not insist)
@desertnaut The question? As I said above, I think it's sufficiently clear. I could be wrong, of course.
@desertnaut I'm not sure. It's just that the question author framing the question in the context of Haskell and OCaml algebraic types may give us insight into what they wanted.
12:23 AM
@cigien yeah, we could all be...
@IanCampbell maybe, but I still think it is the author's responsibility to clarify exactly, and I am not sure some mentions of Haskell & Ocaml do the trick
I think I see what y'all are saying. I'm not convinced enough to ask for the reopen-pls to be retracted, but all it takes is 2 other users to ask for that. If y'all feel there's no way the question should be open, go ahead, I don't mind. I also won't mind at all if anyone wants to make a cv-pls if it does get reopened. (It has recent activity, so that's not a problem).
I don't know what to think. Luckily, my fingers aren't anywhere on that question, so I can slowly back away and pretend it doesn't exist.
Does anyone remember a meta post from around a year ago where a user had "tagged" all their posts with keywords, which then showed up on searches?
@cigien I'm not going to make a call on that thread. I think it would require someone with a broad overview of algebraic operations in Python to make that call (probably including 3rd party libraries and applications.)
Besides, 2nd most upvoted answer seems meh to me (throwing in dataclasses like that isn't exactly "the solution".)
BTW, I'm serious about the asking for the request to be retracted. It often happens that more than one user will object to a cv-pls, but no official request is made, and so the post just gets closed by virtue of it being in the room. Same thing here; if anyone feels strongly that it should stay closed, please say so. At the moment I count about 3 "unsures", one "reopen", and one "don't reopen" (based on the del-vote cast after the request was made).
@bad_coder Fair enough. I counted you as one of the "unsures" above :)
12:36 AM
@cigien yeah, the del-vote was mine. In any case, I am not interested in asking anything to be retracted, neither I can see why anyone would request something like that. We may disagree - that's fine, it does not mean that some formal rule has been violated
@IanCampbell on a side note, I read Python core devs considered adding monoids to the standard library and after probing the community there simply wasn't an interest in it.
@desertnaut It's not that a rule was violated. There's a rule (policy) in place that if a request is not justified by the poster, and 2 users object to it, that's sufficient grounds to bin it. I have tried to justify it, but am aware I haven't made a very compelling argument for it.
@cigien ok, was not aware of that detail; still, I will not object to anything - as said, we are grown-ups and we may disagree, and that's absolutely fine
Sure. I was just offering it as an option.
12:51 AM
@desertnaut I grow increasingly intrigued with the Greek. I honestly feel I haven't met enough of them, all the ones I've met made an exceedingly positive impression on me.
@Scratte I remember the existence of the issue. I don't recall the specific post.
@Makyen I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find it.. :(
@Scratte I remember that post because I've also found a user whose screename coincides with a library name, which pollutes search results (since he signs every posts he authors).
I recall the user answered the post explaining why.. I can't remember the keywords they used.
1:00 AM
@bad_coder Yes, but this one had gibberish instead. Like a word or two with 5-6 characters in it that didn't make any sense.
No :) Sorry. It was something like wsiyf or similar. They could then just put that into Stack search and all of their own posts would show up
Can't find it, I've exhausted the keywords I can think of.
Yes. Me too.. I hope it's not been deleted. I hate wasting my time trying to find something that's been deleted :(
@Scratte Wasting other people's time asking about it otoh, doesn't cause you any problems :P
1:11 AM
@bad_coder I was hoping that someone remembered the post and could easily find it.
I didn't mean to make others spend at much time on it as I have.
@Scratte of course you did, but that's ok :)
In any case.. I'm not trying to find it for no reason. There's a new case.
@Scratte what do you think would be the tags for that question?
@FivePlyPaper I'll advise that your comment here might be considered as not in accordance with the CoC
1:22 AM
@bad_coder oh you're right, my bad. Was not intended to be rude but I see how it could be. Ill change it!!
@FivePlyPaper your request as posted also lacks a close reason, please see the FAQ -How and why do I need to format my cv-pls (and other requests)?
@bad_coder Is there a better way to inform someone of a better question style? or should I just link the "how to ask" page
@FivePlyPaper well, I'm not an expert in google-apps-script so I can't say why or if that question should actually be closed.
@bad_coder Neither am I, but its just the fact that it is a broad question
Ill be more selective with flags next time
@FivePlyPaper in general cases, it's usual practice to have a text file with "canned comments" that apply to the most common close reasons. When I do have expertise I'll try to expand on the comment and indicate what the exact mistake was, or find a pinpoint duplicate target.
1:27 AM
I see, I think I am understanding what you are saying
@FivePlyPaper being "broad" isn't necessarily a close reason. "Lacking focus" is «, which normally means asking several questions in the same post, or that a solution/answer would have to address an unreasonable number of aspects.
@bad_coder Oh okay, see my understanding was just questions that were along those lines. You know like "Hey does anyone know how to do this" but I guess if you can't find anywhere to start that really is the question to ask
@bad_coder Not the ones that's on it! :)
@Scratte lol, I actually think that post was brilliant. Upvoted and bookmarked.
@Scratte I think we could tag it with "Developer story" because it's a funny story :)
"new nav" would also be an interesting tag, because the post is about a new form of navigation.
@FivePlyPaper There's a very nice collection of auto comments that you could use. While these are intended to be used with userscripts, you could just use the comments. Quite a lot of care is taken to make sure those comments don't come across as rude. Feel free to adapt them to the specific questions when you use them, of course.
1:50 AM
@mickmackusa good morning Vietnam o/ deletion requests start early in Australia :)
2:22 AM
@bad_coder I wish it wasn't so ...I'd get more of work done.
@mickmackusa hey look on the upside, at least we get to see friendly reviewers in the morning. I also noticed Nick commented today under Shree's nomination, I'm looking forward to seeing him in the room again.
...Shree is using "abusive formatting" ...nothing more nothing less! ;)
@mickmackusa I'm not 100% sure what you mean with the "quotes", but I liked the nomination - shows character. Since you're a native speaker you know folks like to distinguish themselves by their talk, so having a non-native who throws some of that out of the window is brilliant.
@mickmackusa abusive formatting why ?
3:44 AM
@Shree I was totally being cheeky / joking (and winked). There was some discussion in SOCVR earlier this week about users who were using formatting to make their text more eye-catching versus other posts, rather than just defaulting to plain text and using formatting as needed.
1 hour later…
5:05 AM
no link to answer?
@DavidBuck If truly trolling, shouldn't we be flagging a mod rather than voting to delete? Also as per @SurajRao, you don't yet link to the answer of concern.
Argh. First Answers queue bites again. Answer is here
I was 50/50 on mod-flag vs del-pls. It might not look like an NAA to a LQP reviewer, it's not R/A, a mod might decide that it's not bad enough to warrant mod intervention, but it seemed useless enough to make sure it got deleted.
@Makyen Nitpicking the nitpicking: doesn't the fact that the answer is accepted also, independently mean that moderator intervention is required for anyone but the OP to delete it?
@DavidBuck Maybe you should have just focused on getting rid of the question?
5:21 AM
@CodyGray Not that I'm aware of. I certainly participated in directly deleting some accepted answers prior to being a moderator.
So... apparently it is only the OP who cannot delete their own answer when it's been accepted, not the community. There was meant to be a caveat, but it was buggy.
That whole thing is a mess. I've seen OPs stuck because they can't delete questions with answers that they wrote because they accepted their own answer... more than once... and it has made me sad.
We make deleting accepted answers so difficult - and in some cases I understand why - but it feels like we had an edge case of some bad actors deleting their own accepted answers and we stopped them by blocking it entirely rather than just doing something about the people abusing it.
yeah, i can't delete any of my very downvoted questions even if i wanted to
literally on the last page of questions when sorted by votes
Ooof, -35? Do you know what's wrong with it now? Is it fixable?
I can't prove it, but i'm pretty positive it's just all revenge voting
from years of answering, and downvoting wrong answers while leaving comments,
... Wow, the deleted comments on that one.
i don't recall any of that
5:46 AM
All within a minute of each other... that seems odd.
but that problem i was trying to resolve, was a huge mess. the unaccepted answer has the best solution, it just isn't one i could use due to my own special situation
glad that system is gone
huh.. how did it end up in triage 2 years later
Yeah, the voting on those looks, uh, highly inorganic.
You asked why you were getting downvotes, three people within a short period made snarky remarks like "whoops my hand slipped" and "sorry couldn't resist" and someone else said "MySQL devs are assholes".
i was trolling
i remember that
Those were your own socks?
5:49 AM
i don't have any socks
probably people from JS chat?
On the plus side, you're somehow not question-banned, so you're living proof that the community does not, in fact, know what the question-ban algorithm is :D
Dunno. Not names I recognize.
cerebrus, rlemon,
"Someone else". Yeah. Notice that who said it was the same person who deleted it.
dozen others i can't remember
5:51 AM
Do you not recognize the name of the "someone else"? :-)
i do not
if it has a date on it, that conversation is still in the transcript
@KevinB From 2018?
back when js chat had 10+ pages of transcript for a single day
in JavaScript, Feb 14 '18 at 23:05, by Kevin B
oh look, another downvote
found it
6:14 AM
Yeah, that answer is just completely wrong.
If you have to ask about performance, nothing is fast enough.
It's nice to have you back in SOCVR, @Cody!
I'm not really here.
Then I'm glad you're partially here ;)
Me too :-)
Should this be flagged as NAA? stackoverflow.com/a/16484164/2943403 It seems to be only endeavoring to re-route traffic to another page on SO rather than actually providing resolving advice itself.
6:29 AM
@mickmackusa Is the question a duplicate of the one linked?
If so, I like to delete those "pointer" answers and close as a duplicate. If it's not actually a duplicate, then it seems like that answer may be providing useful information.
... after banging my head against openssl_verify() and JOSE pages for the last 2 days, I should know exactly where all of the dupes are. Sadly, I still don't know my bum from a ray of sunshine in this domain. I cannot confidently speak on whether the page is a duplicate @CodyGray
To me it looks like more of a comment than an answer
They ask to answer to their other question, that's it
@mickmackusa Yeah, I am also struggling, because I lack any subject-matter expertise here.
@CodyGray Might you just convert is to a comment under the question? so that no value is lost?
6:33 AM
It does not look like the sort of thing that one would be very successful flagging as NAA. A moderator like me would have to try to figure out whether it is useless or not, which would be very hard to do without any domain knowledge.
Yeah, I can convert to a comment. That seems like a reasonable compromise.
6:55 AM
Does this question just require editing (last paragraph)?
Nah, it requires Machavity closing it as a duplicate again.
I don't see Mac, but maybe I'll do.
Ok, thanks!
OK, even better. Found the original, undeleted it (Mac didn't delete it, OP did), and merged the new one in.
Some day, I'll get the hang of this moderator business.
@karel Hmm... Is that really general computing? It looks like they're trying to run Python code, but encountering errors. Seems programming-related to me, even though it might not contain enough information to be answerable.
@CodyGray MLRD is a machine learning based malware analyser written in Python 3 that can be used to detect ransomware. In other words a hacking tool.
7:10 AM
@karel Why does that make it off-topic?
@CodyGray A large number of the hacking tools in the Kali Linux repositories are written in Python. It's like Pandora's box. If a question about running one hacking tool in Kali Linux is on topic, then all other questions about running hacking tools that are written in Python in Kali Linux are on topic too. I'm just playing the devil's advocate here.
I always knew Pandora's Box was written in Python.
And running on Kali Linux no less.
7:34 AM
@karel Sounds like from their reply (9 hours ago) to Raymond Chen's comment that they are doing this programmatically. After seeing that, I'm re-opening, which is also canceling your close vote. Please post your protests here.
8:01 AM
@bad_coder :-0 :)
2 hours later…
9:56 AM
Is closing as duplicate working for anyone else?
I am having some huge delay
@Dharman After clicking "close" or just the searching? Or something else?
after clicking close
I blame caching as always
I'm trying to find a post to try and close as a dupe. Before somebody else did it (happened once already). So, I have yet to test it.
10:31 AM
Is there a reason to have both and tags? Isn't expo short for expo application services?
@Dharman no delay here
10:56 AM
11:53 AM
@desertnaut uh, it was just reopened?
@tripleee yes, because code was added and I posted a reopen-pls request: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/53246901#53246901 But, strangely enough, this kept my old cv-pls request still alive!
no issue now anyway, since OP decided to delete the post
12:28 PM
This answer primarily answers the question via another question on SO. Is it NAA?
@E_net4thecandidatesupporter No, it answers the question "...can I have two urls(or paths) for the same view in django?" with "Yes, you can have multiple URLs for the same view..."
@E_net4thecandidatesupporter I saw it and I left it alone.
@E_net4thecandidatesupporter I would change the question from "can I do this" to "how to do this"
Then you'd invalidate an existing answer ;)
12:45 PM
Having questions that are answered by yes/no and don't foment answers that explain how or why seems to be a missed opportunity.
12:56 PM
nice pictures
stackoverflow.com/questions/69577229/… shouldn't this question be closed?
@AbhishekDutt Is it off-topic for SO?
1:25 PM
@VLAZ This type of question should be posted in cs.stackexchange.com
Something being on-topic elsewhere, doesn't make it off-topic for SO. Hence why I asked if it's off-topic. And this isn't a rhetorical question - I am not sure.
@KevinB yep, as time goes on a question or two of mine suffer this same fate; the occasional revenge downvote leads to -1, then -7, and probably eventually -20 scores
@Machavity regarding this Q, why do you say they need a language tag? The complexity should be language agnostic.
@KevinB If it's closed you can :D
@NathanOliver It didn't look like pseudocode. Looked like it was something Python or such. I can edit that out if I misunderstood something
@Dharman has been edited into English.
1:42 PM
@Machavity Pretty sure it is C++ since they use cout, but I just don't see why it matters. Loop complexity should still be the same.
@Dharman @NathanOliver Please nullify
That said, I do agree the Q is unclear.
Q: How can we disambiguate the tag [json-value]?

slartidanThe tag json-value (currently 50 questions) seems to refer to the T-SQL built-in-function JSON_VALUE in most cases. However, there are lots of unrelated questions tagged with it. It currently has no tag wiki. How should we proceed with this tag?

@Dharman it has been nulled
Aahh, Friday...When beginners post expecting to have their answer ready on Monday.
1:45 PM
@NathanOliver Comment edited
@TylerH I can confirm. I think your questions got more than mine, but I do have -12 and -15
I should keep asking questions from separate accounts
Asking questions on main is just waste of good questions
@Machavity Cool. Way to abuse those mod powers :p ;)
flexes diamond
@Dharman yep. I have 53 downvotes across my 12 questions
a couple have 10 downvotes each
1:47 PM
You get a star for that one
Like a diamond in the sky
@Vega Shatner in the sky with Amazon?
that's a confusing line
@Machavity Are you in the crew?
@TylerH Shatner is in the rocket financed by Amazon
Yes I am aware :-)
1:59 PM
I was talking about it as a line from the song
@TylerH Oops. The star and the diamond reminded me of the song. I should have some weird associations
@TylerH I wasn't
@desertnaut In general, for a low-effort question like the one you asked about yesterday, I expect the OP to put forward the effort to ask in an on-topic way. I'm not going to go out of my way to change what someone else's question is asking (which risks invalidating answers) when it's just one sentence long and easy for them to fix. If OP had edited it I would consider re-visiting the Q to see if it should be reopened, but as I recall this one didn't have a great outlook to begin with.
@TylerH not sure what you are referring to by "change what someone else's question is asking (which risks invalidating answers) when it's just one sentence long and easy for them to fix." To me removing the "I know that Python is NOT Haskell or Ocaml, but" part or what?
@desertnaut I don't recall the specific text of the question atm but as I recall it was just "What is the best way to <implement some feature>?"
2:11 PM
this is how it is now, after me editing; still unclear what you exactly mean by the excerpt above. We change other people's questions all the time @TylerH
"this" isn't enough for me to really make a comment, I'd need to see the question again
but anyway, we do edit questions all the time, but care must be taken to avoid invalidating existing answers, and we're not required to make those changes (and it's often recommended to let OP be the one with prompting via comments instead)
My personal position was that OP should put the effort in to make the question on-topic
I'm not following what this (which is generally correct and agreed upon) has to do with the specific case here
Or what "changing the question" has, too
I'm not sure I understand what your confusion is, honestly
OP wrote a one-line opinion-based question
I voted to close it as opinion-based in review
you're wondering why I didn't take the time to click on the question, read through all the answers, wonder if changing the meaning of the question would invalidate any of those answers, make the change, all in a way that would make the question on-topic and worthy of keeping open?
2:20 PM
@TylerH The title was edited by someone else (see revision 6) to remove "Best way".
@JeanneDark Yes, one year after my review
@TylerH Yes, I mean the decisive change was not made by desertnaut (revision 7)
I am afraid you are imagining things - I am not wondering about anything of the above (I am only now wondering how on earth you get such an impression from me). The only thing I am wondering I have made clear & explicit above, after you decided to revisit the issue today: you are addressing to me a remark [cont]
In revision 6 everything about "best way" (in title and body) was removed by a different user.
2:25 PM
claiming that "* I'm not going to go out of my way to change what someone else's question is asking (which risks invalidating answers) when it's just one sentence long*" etc . Moreover, me happened to have actually edit the question, removing the "I know that Python is NOT Haskell or Ocaml". I did not vote to reonen the question, I argued that I disagree with reopening, and I voted to delete it
@desertnaut The reason I replied to you this morning was because you commented to cigien earlier today/yesterday sometime saying you expected someone like me (e.g. an experienced user) would have edited the question if I thought it was salvageable, in a now-deleted chat message. I was simply offering a more in-depth explanation about why I (likely, since it was a year ago) didn't try to edit it instead
@desertnaut I think you're somehow thinking I am accusing you of some bad/wrong action on the question, which I did not, sorry if I gave off that impression
i don't see a problem here
a post was closed, it was fixed, and then reopened
the system working as it should
@TylerH sorry mate, I expected you were wise enough to realise that a comment I decided to delete immediately afterwards is no longer valid. Cheers...
Well, it was still a ping in my notifications :-)
Apologies for any inconvenience then
@TylerH indeed, it seemed like possibly accusing me for deciding to edit the question to remove the "Haskell & Ocaml" part. Glad we clarified this was not the case.
2:29 PM
All's well that ends well :-)
Indeed it is!
@Mgetz I don't think that target is correct. I also can't find any duplicate target that's applicable. I think the question can remain open.
@cigien It's one hundred percent correct, scroll up through the comments. The OP admits what they are doing pretty explictly
They are attempting to use flexible array members/struct hack, the only question is c++20. But the older question has answers to that
@TylerH funny thing is, your rationale here (with which I agree) was exactly the reason why I decided to delete my comment on a second thought, only seconds after posting it :-o
2:38 PM
Hello, guys. I'm already a frequent user here ๐Ÿ˜Œ And can i ask you: at which resource one needs to place questions and answers about algorithms and their visualisation etc? Cross validated?
@ThomasMatthews As much as this example looks like someone would like to shoot themselves in the foot, it is almost everywhere that you have to do things like this when communicating with low level code or hardware. It's very often laid out as a structure with an empty array in the end to be able to access arbitrary data after your header object. If you are sure this is undefined behavior, please can you explain why and provide an alternative? — CppNerd13373 21 hours ago
@manro did you go through their own on-topic page? Visualizing data seems to be on topic, not quite sure what you mean about visualizing algorithms or by "etc" here...
@Mgetz Flexible array members may be one solution to the OP's problem, but it's not what they're asking for specifically. I have read the comments on the question, and I don't think the target is right. I'd be happy to discuss this on the question itself, but it's a bit technical, and would be noisy here, which is why I pinged you on the question itself. I'm not sure why you chose not to respond there.
@cigien I choose not to respond because the OP was explicit they are trying to find a compatible way to do flexible array members without violating the standard. As such I 100% disagree with your assessment and 100% believe it a dupe
I don't need to defend that
2:47 PM
@desertnaut for example, UML diagrams, graphical notations ...
I also don't see any point in continuing the discussion. You're allowed to disagree. I linked an explicit point where the OP made their intentions clear, you're choosing to interpret that differently.
I think, under visualization they understand graphs and plots?
@Mgetz Fair enough. cv-pls should be defended though, which you've done, thanks. I just wanted to check in case I missed something. FWIW, in the unlikely event it does get closed as a dupe of the current linked target, I will be reopening it.
@cigien If you don't believe it a dupe then please answer WHY it's not a dupe than just saying it's not. The OP has explicitly acknowledged they are doing struct hack, which is intended to be a compatible type with a flexible array member. Hence it should be a dupe.
it goes both ways
@manro the keyword here is visualizing data; CV is about statistics and related stuff (including data viz), so AFAIK no UML, flow charts, block diagrams, and such general graphical notation topics
2:59 PM
@desertnaut next time maybe I will think to check the deletion date before writing up a response :-P
@Mgetz But I did already mention why, both here, and on main. Flexible array members is at best, one aspect of the OP's question. There's more to the OP's question than just that, making it not a duplicate.
@desertnaut and where i can ask and answer about graphical notation topic...? SO?
Or ...?
@manro Have you concluded that it could be on-topic for SO??
@manro sorry, have no idea where, but I guess certainly not here
@desertnaut a software algorithm, or... stackoverflow.com/help/on-topic
3:05 PM
@desertnaut man, i afraid to ask before consultations in this chat( i don't want to achieve bans at another resources ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
@manro "and is a practical, answerable problem that is unique to software development"
@manro I am afraid that, while we are happy to help on the spot here, providing general & detailed guidance is not the purpose of this forum
@desertnaut i understand... ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
@desertnaut thanks, you are the man!
3:18 PM
@manro it could be also here, as long as it is programming-related: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/uml
@desertnaut Stack Overflow isn't a forum.
@JohnDvorak I was obviously referring to the present chatroom, which is indeed a forum
Not really. There are no topics here, only river of consciousness
@desertnaut I'm still banned at SO, waiting for 200+ reputation, maybe my ban will disappear ๐Ÿ™
@manro good, go for Software Engineering - but take care not to be banned there, too
3:30 PM
@desertnaut if i will be banned there too, i go to work as an auto mechanic and leave planes about staying in IT ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ”ง
@manro I'm sure the problem is that you have planes in IT :)
@manro I think GIS.se might be the best place.
3:56 PM
@Braiam i have, but i'm a non-educated person. I'm trying to find some skills and techniques here
@JohnDvorak I have to admit, one of my favorite genres coming out of English speaking literary tradition Stream of consciousness
@bad_coder i never worked with gis-tech
I have 200 reputation, and system gave to me 100 free points!!!
It's called "Association bonus"
@manro Is that too many? Do we need to downvote you some? :P
if you go make more accounts on other stacks, you'll get more +100 bonuses for each account on another stack
(eventually i'll get the statement correct)
4:01 PM
@Machavity please, no. Ban is still existing at SO, no more pls downvotes
@manro but that's where geographic info, experts, and theory is concentrated. You don't have to work with GIS if the underlying theory is focused and on-topic there.
@KevinB Now i m a verifed person โ˜บ๏ธ
@bad_coder hmmm, thx for the info.
@manro you are also free to disregard recommendations by more experienced users (but somehow I don't see that choice leading to good results.)
@bad_coder no-no, i will hear you. I was able to come here, before posting answers at SO
Thx, guys. I lost several years of life, but now I'll try hard. Have no point to return
Can i ask you more?
I think enough)
See you tonight ๐Ÿค
@Dharman heh, add one more to my list of DV questions. Got a new one 5 mins ago
4:54 PM
Is this spam? Or should I just VTC?
Glad I asked :) Wasn't sure.
6:00 PM
Is this bountied question a recommendation request, or lacks detail/focus, or...? stackoverflow.com/questions/69531294/…
6:11 PM
@Machavity would you consider this to be off-topic (possibly in more than one ways)? stackoverflow.com/questions/69531294/…
@desertnaut Q isn't great but the answer seems redemptive
I wouldn't refund the bounty tho. Free bounty promotion there
7:06 PM
> having trouble with api call in express
8:31 PM
Having another look at this (already closed) question ... what good is it to have the tags Active Directory, kerberos and sssd, when they only talk about the mechanism as such but not programming? Do those tags entice off-topic questions?
9:06 PM
@tink I opened the sssd tag... now I'm out of votes.
kerberos and ldap have libraries, but as far I know sssd doesn't.
@Braiam - what do you mean?
@tink Tons of off topic questions.
Oh - that, yes. :)
@Braiam And I see what you mean; how does one get the description of all of those tags to hint at programming, though? As it stands I think they invite people to ask usage questions ... the Linux tag, for example, does that.
@tink Well, I've tried to argue that there are tags that are inherently off topic, because there's no way you can use those on a software development context. People seems to disagree about that.
Apparently the topicness is not a criteria to create/destroy tags.
9:12 PM
@Braiam uh-huh ... yes. :)
9:48 PM
> Ranked the โ€œmost lovedโ€ programming language in Stack Overflowโ€™s Developer Survey for the past five years, ...
Was that question there for 5 years?!
10:33 PM
10:43 PM
Good night, dear reviewers ๐Ÿค—
Guys, can i ask you about programming languages?
C++ or C#? What is preferable?
neither. befunge
Which tool you use, whether it be a programming language or wood working tool, depends entirely on your requirements and limitations.
C++ has better chisels but C# is good with planes.
With C you have to bring your own tools
But, seriously, it does depend so much on what you're looking to achieve.
@gunr2171 GUI apps, i can't make gui on R without Shiny
10:53 PM
If you have to learn both, I guess C# will give you a quicker turnover. But anything you write with it will depend on the end-user platform having/supporting .NET.
... better, now, than it was 5 - 10 years ago.
But i heard that .net exists now at linux systems too
Yes, .net Core (and the new .net 5 and soon .net 6) is cross platform
@gunr2171 It's a trouble for me. I'm not a talented programmer and should make a right choice before starting.
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