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What is that?
> dnsmasq, an open-source DNS forwarding software in common use. Dnsmasq is very popular, and we have identified approximately 40 vendors whom we believe use dnsmasq in their products, as well as major Linux distributions.
How do I update it? Am I using it?
There's a list of known vendors in the page.
I have no idea what you are warning me about. I think I will just hope that the software updates itself automatically... if I use it.
12:40 AM
@Makyen could you kindly remind me how exactly the votes necessary to delete a closed question scale up with the thread's votes?
@Makyen thanks!
1:02 AM
@HovercraftFullOfEels Unless you're banned from flagging, you should almost always be able to raise a custom moderator flag on a post, unless you already have a flag pending on that post. If you already have a flag pending on that post, then you would need to retract that flag, or have the earlier flag handled, prior to raising the new flag. IIRC, the exception to being able to raise a flag on a post is that some post lock types may also prevent flagging that post.
The general advice for situations where you can't raise a flag on the thing you want to flag is to pick a post, any post, but, usually, either another one from the same user or your own post, and raise a custom flag which clearly explains that it's about a different post and what the issue is.
@Makyen: yes, I had a low-quality flag on the post and it prevented me from being able to post a custom flag
@Makyen: thanks for the information. I will try to do this in the future
@Makyen: done.
Room manager/owner: if you could delete this comment of mine I would appreciate it. @Makyen are you the only RO around? Ah @NathanOliver may be here too?
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null, by request
@HovercraftFullOfEels I'm not sure of who else is around. :;
1:23 AM
Hello everybody Can anyone here who can help me about OpenId-connect ?
@rabinadhikari We're not really about answering programming questions here. This room is more about site moderation. Sorry
@Machavity I am sorry really appreciate your reply
@πάνταῥεῖ It looks good to me. Why close it now?
@Dharman Because it's taken as reference to defend other off-topic questions. That's why.
I was going to vote to reopen that question actually, but due to impolite comments OP deleted and will repost it propably.
I don't see how either one of these questions is asking for off-site resources
They look on-topic and good questions
1:40 AM
@Dharman To which questions do you refer?
Of course, you can say that it's only my opinion and it is a stupid opinion. The chrome one seems particularly useful. Shame there is no answer.
I agree with Dharman on that cv-pls, this looks like a reasonable thing to ask for a list of in an SO answer.
@Dharman The OP didn't delete it due to impolite comments. They got the message that the Q is off-topic, that's all. Also, I don't think those comments were impolite; just a slight miscommunication. Also, both those questions are off-topic resource requests, however useful they might be.
though you can absolutely override Ctrl+L: Stack Overflow does
@HovercraftFullOfEels The CV-pls I linked above and stackoverflow.com/questions/65929607/…
@cigien What kind of resource does the question ask for?
@RyanM When does SO override CTRL+L?
1:44 AM
@Dharman It's "insert link" in the editor
@Dharman thanks
@Dharman The first one is partly asking for a list of functions. The OP said they'll rephrase it to remove the resource request. The second one appears to be solely asking for a list of overridable Keyboard Shortcuts, which appears to be a resource request. I don't dispute that it's a useful question, I can see that might be the case.
@Dharman Yeah that seems fine as long as the list is reasonably contained...
A list of functions is not a resource request
How could a list of keyboard shortcuts be "likely to lead to opinion-based answers"?
1:47 AM
A resource request is a tutorial, video, guide, library, tool, compiled software, etc.
I don't like keys... I recommend you buy these mouses
If the list of objects (or functions, or keyboard shortcuts, or whatever) is so big that it can't be reasonably contained in a Stack Overflow answer, and would necessarily be an opinion-based popularity contest between links to everyone's blog articles on the subject, then sure, it's off-topic. But that doesn't seem to be the case here.
Hmm, I thought asking for lists of things (whether it's a short list or long) was off-topic, but I might have misunderstood that. I've retracted my CV on the Keyboard Shortcut question, but I'm not convinced. I feel like very similar questions have been closed in here. I'll think about it for a bit, and read the Meta on resource requests again. Thanks for the feedback (all of you).
Oh, and if there are additional Metas that clarify when requests for lists are ok or not, could y'all share links please? I'd appreciate that.
The test should be: 1) Must the question necessarily be answered with a link to an off-site resource, as opposed to an answer that is self-contained on the site? If no, it's on-topic. 2) If yes, is there one objectively correct link to the answer (e.g., an official doc), as opposed to multiple? If yes, it's on-topic. If no, it's off-topic.
Your top 5 favourite dog breeds is not on-topic. Not all list requests can produce factual answers. A resource request would be to ask "where can I get a German Shepard"
2:03 AM
@RyanM Ok, reading that Meta again (as well as your and Dharman's argument) is indicating that I've been rules-lawyering this particular Standard close reason too much, instead of focusing on whether it's a useful question as stated. I'll be more careful about that. Thanks again for the explanations.
No problem :-) thanks for being open to feedback!
Of course. Never hurts to be reminded how much complexity there is to all of this :)
OP undeleted their latest question btw, though if y'all want to vote to reopen I suggest waiting until panta's request is shunted to the graveyard. Others might make a similar mistake to what I did, and vote to close it.
too late ^^;
@Machavity / ROs: could you bin this request as it's been acted on and reopened?
@Machavity Could this request be shunted to the graveyard please? It's already acted upon, but has already been reopened.
ninja'ed :)
and by "bin" I mean "graveyard" but I don't want to ping Mach a fourth time to edit it...
2:08 AM
I pinged them a second time instead ;)
Machavity will probably figure out what we meant anyway :)
I was counting your one plus my two :-)
The "what have you tried?"-blocking regex really needs to also catch "what have you tried so far?"...
3:43 AM
@SmokeDetector Acknowledged. Given 4 TP vs. 1 NAA not worried. Also this is in the category of the duplicate rules I posted about. :)
3:54 AM
@DanielF I would have no objection to that. Feel free to ping me about it if any support is needed, and/or if you want me to reach out to a CM. You can let the target site mods know that I'm happy to support as well, and they can ping me in the Teachers' Lounge (private mod chat room).
@desertnaut Another tag I have a gold badge in. :-)
@desertnaut Err... I did not notice that. Why, exactly, does it need to go through Stack Overflow's meta site first? SO has already clearly indicated that it does not want the questions; it has closed them and deemed them off-topic. To me, the only question is whether another site wants them, and that needs to be cleared through that target site's meta (not ours). You disagree with that?
4:36 AM
@IanCampbell The original suggested target should be added as a comment at least, I think.
Good idea, I'll do that.
Also, today I learned that one can reopen a deleted question.
...I was about to say the same thing.
Yeah, I was very surprised when I learned that.
Ah, here's the message I was thinking about. Adrian explained the rationale very clearly ;)
5:03 AM
@Machavity I'm guessing the question you pinged me about got handled?
ah I see it now
Is this allowed?
@Letsintegreat what do you mean? Is what, specifically, allowed?
I mean can we ask for code explanation here?
as long as your question meets all the other requirements for questions on Stack Overflow
Oh Ok Thanks
5:09 AM
in this case I think the question is a bit lacking in detail, for example
I see.
@CodyGray Actually, the plan I had was to go to MSE, not MSO - mostly to get attention of CMs. If mods can do that offline, I don't really see a reason to do even that.
@DanielF Yeah, mods can contact CMs.
@CodyGray Although the CM mod @kjetilbhalvorsen recommends bringing the issue to SO meta to collect a more complete list of questions - not sure how useful that would be
@DanielF Err... who? What's a "CM mod", and who is that person? I do not recognize the name.
5:20 AM
@CodyGray that was probably supposed to be "CV mod"
Oh, OK. Sorry, I don't have mods from all 176 sites memorized. :-)
Woops, sorry.
That's not a bad suggestion. But I don't know if it would be useful.
yeah, CV mod
Close-vote mod? :-p
5:23 AM
Cross-Validated is too long to type before coffee
I don't even have the SO mods memorized. There's the tree, the galaxy, the hard hat, the cute ninja, the rainbow, the glasses, the blurry flower and 176 dogs.
You forgot Bhargav!
Back to the flash cards.
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null (not actually off-topic; closure suggestion arose from a misunderstanding)
@CodyGray yeah, by "concerted effort" I was more imagining me dropping a bunch of cv-pls here on 50-100+ rep theory questions in , collating them and handing them to Cross Validated mods to request migration on.
5:32 AM
1 message moved to SOCVR /dev/null (handled by moderator due to rule violations)
@DanielF Eeek. I... don't think that would be appreciated.
My fine crystal! Not again...
That wasn't even enough e's to break fine crystal. Your crystal was apparently lower quality than you thought.
@CodyGray how so?
Dumping 50-100+ questions in here at one time is rather a lot.
>50-100 rep questions
5:47 AM
@DanielF Why would we want to have users in here spend precious close-votes when a request is going to be made of a CM to migrate them to another site? I don't know what the workflow is for CMs, but if it was for moderators, we'd then need to re-open the question and re-close as a migration.
I don't think it would be enomously many
I think Daniel means questions with a score of >50
@Makyen mostly to clearly signal to CMs that the questions are off topic and not wanted here. Otherwise it's a precedent for stacks stealing questions from each other
Which, looking through Cross-Validated meta, they are having problems with from ai.se trying to cannibalize questions from them
@DanielF I thought you were explicitly coordinating with an SO mod.
5:52 AM
You want people to just trust me, @Makyen? ;-)
Talk about setting dangerous precedents...
@Makyen That's . . . not exactly the workload I intended to put Cody on the hook for.
Ohhhh... It was *you*. :)
But, seriously, yes, I do expect people to generally trust, but verify, with moderators.
In all seriousness, it would be more reasonable if we had an SO mod involved who was a subject-matter expert. In this, I am not. So, I don't want to be responsible for making the sole decision as to what is and is not on-topic for SO regarding machine-learning questions.
@CodyGray you deleted the first manually reported SD answer, but not the second, despite it linking to the same place? Any particular reason? What makes that one not spam?
@Nick Being discussed now in Charcoal HQ.
@CodyGray an interesting discussion with some good detecting.
@CodyGray Looking through the mod lists, seems the best candidates would be josliber on our side (3093387 - mod here, 4k rep from mostly ML questions on stats.se) and Tim (3986320 - mod on stats.se, ML expert, 6k rep here)
not sure how to or if pinging them would be appreciated
Tim isn't one of the mods active in my question unfortunately
Make a Meta? That would probably get their attention.
6:41 AM
@cigien MSO? Then we're back to where we started. - how to ask that?
Cross Validated meta is already on board
@DanielF Oops, that was meant as a joke. Make a Meta to alert Tim and and josliber :p I should have put a ;) at the end, sorry about that. Obviously, there must be better ways of getting in touch.
@cigien perhaps I don't get the lingo of "make a meta"
@DanielF As in "make a post on Meta". It was meant to be a joke that built upon the fact that mods don't generally like being called out on Meta.
@cigien Ahh
@cigien Says who? That's what we live for. I believe that's what motivates us to nominate ourselves in the elections.
6:49 AM
Right ... :D
7:02 AM
Is there an agreed-upon format of telling a user with 3k rep to stop editing questions that are closed just to format them better? These edits push the question into the reopen queue and then they don't get reopened because the edit doesn't address the reason the question was closed.
@Daedalus I'd flag for moderator intervention if he did that very often
@Daedalus I'd ping them via a comment to let them know that happens (since it's not obvious). Any editor is @pingable in comments, so they'll get the notification. If they persist, then custom mod flag for additional persuasion.
Can this be considered a partial answer or is it plain NAA?
I don't know. It's hard to get past the "needs to be deleted" impression. It has fundamental quality issues, and the only piece that is even remotely like an answer is, "i do not see any mistake in the code". That doesn't prove a whole lot, especially absent any real explanation.
I'd lean to NAA, but I don't want to be the reason you have a flag declined.
@CodyGray Thank you, Cody :)
"i think it will be an error or glitch in the device or software" <-- That could literally be posted as an "answer" on every question here. :-)
Let's not start that trend.
@CodyGray "Have you tried turning it off and then back on again?"
7:49 AM
"Invalidate caches/restart"
"clean and rebuild"
"write better code"
@karel not sure if importing a python module comes under general computing... Am I missing something?
@SurajRao I close voted it as a General Computing question because the author is getting an error message when trying to run an sh install shell script in Kali Linux.
ah.. so it has more to do with the distro and not the code.
8:03 AM
@IanCampbell welp, guess I ain't famous then :'(
@BhargavRao unclear what your avatar depicts, Google Image Sarch suggests "formal wear"
the picture really isn't decipherable at the resolutions we see here in chat
@BhargavRao I thought you were a subsection of the 176 dogs wearing a human suit.
I guess that's you receiving ... a prestigious feather from a Chinese guy?
Hah, that other person is an Indian too... Chinese aren't the only ones with an epicanthic fold ;p
8:19 AM
@BhargavRao what are you receiving, out of curiosity?
@RyanM A handshake?
@VLAZ I guess I'd forgotten what those were after all this time...
@RyanM award in 12th grade, 100% in math and top 5 overall (4th)
top 3 got cash prize ... I got a certificate feelsbadman
Congrats on the smarts!
Lol, thanks. 9yrs back... all the smartness has worn away
8:24 AM
Now-a-days with coaching and all, 100% in a subject seems common, but 9yrs back, must be an record. Congrats!
9:02 AM
@Letsintegreat While that's true, the standard close reason would normally be "opinion based" for a question like that. You can add additional information if you think it's useful, but it's a good idea to at least have one standard close reason in the request.
Noted, but too late to edit the request.
That's fine. Thanks.
9:21 AM
@CodyGray If I disagree? You are kidding me, right? I thing the whole idea is crap, based on wrong/false premises, and it will eventually backfire, big time: chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/51468921#51468921
The CV mods said OK? Well, what a surprize! They get the creme de la creme of our stuff for free, and we stay back to handle the incoming tons of crap on a daily basis. What is not to like from their side??
These questions, although off-topic, are part of our history and our legacy. Is there an idea to migrate them? Fine, bring it to the attention of the community at Meta, state your idea and the reasons, and let us discuss it and decide. Do not do it behind closed doors
I like doors.
open doors :)
@desertnaut Isn't the fact the we close and in many cases delete all of these questions already a clear signal from the community that we don't want those Q&As? I'm not clear why we need a Meta discussion about where to send those posts, and how that should exactly happen.
@E_net4thecurator The Doors?
Is there a precedent for wholesale migration of off-topic content to another SE site? And if so, was there a Meta discussion about how to go about that?
9:33 AM
@cigien can you point me to such a valuable but deleted question? This is one point of the confusion here - @DanielF points to a list of 6 questions, out of which 5 have zero delete votes. I have VTCd several of them as off-topic myself, but it never crossed my mind to delete them, hence destroying existing value
@cigien there certainly has been wholesale merges: audio.se and video.se spring to mind.
@rene Were there Metas about the process? I'm interested in Metas about the how to migrate, not the should we migrate kind, but any will do. I'll search specifically for the audio.se and video.se ones myself as well.
on MSE there is definitely history
I'll try and search for it, thanks.
@rene I was expecting that. No, I meant doors.
9:41 AM
Are you downplaying the importance of my suggestion?
I mostly didn't link deleted questions because I have no idea how to search for deleted questions.
You can only search for your oen deleted questions
@DanielF Mostly, you can't.
not that linking deleted questions to another stack would have done any good - they wouldn't have been able to see them.
Or you use SEDE if it has been deleted between now and last sunday
9:44 AM
Which is why I don't love the suggestion (whenever it comes up) that anyone complaining about deletion should find and link examples of good deleted content.
@RyanM fair point; I would complement it: if anyone is complaining about the danger of deleting existing valuable stuff should be able to demonstrate it; so far, this has not be done, while it seems central to the whole expedition
technicalities aside, IMO there are two general guidelines that we should keep in mind in such discussions: 1) try to not deliberately remove value 2) keep some stuff here for historical reasons, however off-topic it may be today
@DanielF I just noticed that kjetil suggested that it might be better to start a discussion (at least as far as compiling the list goes) on SO Meta. Maybe that would be a good idea, even if SO and CV mods have already started discussing details of what to do here.
I think that going to the ML questions list, ranking them by votes, pick up the top closed ones (some from 2009 and 2010), and suggesting to migrate them violates both. Nothing is off-limits for discussion of course, but this discussion should be done
@cigien this is the only fair and correct way, IMO
@desertnaut Even the stuff for historical reasons can be jettisoned when there's a better place for it : meta.stackexchange.com/questions/202681/…
@desertnaut You're an SME and clearly care quite passionately about this topic. Why not start writing the discussion SO Meta? It doesn't have to be fully fleshed out, but the basic ideas have already been mentioned in this room, so it shouldn't be too hard to put it out there.
9:58 AM
@cigien who, me? starting the discussion?
Yes. Why not?
em, because I don't believe in it?
on the subject of discussion, I mean
I fully agree that a Meta discussion is the only correct thing to do here; this has to be initiated by @DanielF, and certainly not by myself
Wait. You don't even want to have the discussion? Or do you just not want the migration to happen?
I don't want the migration to happen, and I will be happy to discuss it in Meta
but I cannot initiate that discussion myself in the Meta. I want to listen to @DanielF's arguments in some sufficient detail, and then proceed to discuss them
I don't see why you can't initiate the discussion. Couldn't you say "I'm writing this Meta because I have grave concerns about suggestions that we migrate ..."? As it stands, the proposal to do the migration seems like it's going ahead full steam. Your complaining about it in SOCVR is not going to get you very far if you want to stop it, I can assure you of that. Your best bet is to begin the discussion on Meta yourself before it's too late.
10:04 AM
@cigien and, believe it or not, my main objections here are not due to me being an ML SME; it is just that being an SME permits me to see through some of the arguments in some greater detail (which, I suspect, @DanielF, is not even aware of).
@cigien well, you do have a point...
A discussion on MSO seems sensible. SOCVR is usually so careful about not interfering with Meta and now such a mass migration of old, highly upvoted content should only be publicly documented in the SOCVR chat room transcript?
@JeanneDark An RO can confirm, but I don't think that's an issue. There's no interfering going on, because this is not already under discussion on Meta. Also, the migration itself is not happening via requests made in here, so that's fine as well. I don't think any SOCVR rules are being broken in that regard. IIUC, the issue here is if a Cross Validation Meta is sufficient as Cody has suggested., and whether a SO Meta would be good as well.
@cigien I don't mean that rules are being broken. It's just how it might look. There's greater visibility on MSO and the SO community might want to chime in, too.
@cigien yeah, @CodyGray seems to be of the opinion that the only issue here is if CV mods would accept such stuff (hell they did!!). Me I think there are more issues here, and we should discuss them openly in Meta
@JeanneDark Ah, I see. Yes, that's certainly true. I normally wouldn't have expected there to be any opposition to such a migration, but clearly at least desertnaut is opposing it, so there may very well be others. I agree that discussing on Meta is preferable if that's the case.
Of course, someone has to write that Meta first ... Hint: @desertnaut ;)
10:18 AM
@cigien well, @DanielF has promised to do so, and it was part of the suggested "deal" in the discussion with CV mods (they seem to also agree that this should be the case).
it it just that this detail was somehow lost to @CodyGray, until now
@desertnaut That may be the case, though reading that Meta alone, I wouldn't say that the CV mods have made any such deal. I also don't recall DainelF making such a promise, but they're probably lurking around here, and can speak for themselves. My point is just that if the migration happens before or without any Meta discussion, there's really not much you can do about it after the fact. I suggest preempting it by starting the discussion yourself if you really care, that's all.
Sorry for all the pings, I'm making a lot of typos today :(
@cigien I don't have an opinion on that. But I could imagine that still active askers and answerers of those questions might have. They'd lose quite a bunch of rep and perhaps don't even have accounts on these other stacks. Better to have a discussion about in on MSO before and not have some questions afterwards by people who wonder what happened and why.
@JeanneDark Agreed. A discussion on Meta can't hurt at least.
@cigien in the suggested migration way #1, @DanielF writes "Nominate a large block of well-maintained theory questions here on stats.meta, get approval from CV members, then bring the list to se.meta and beg for migration" (emphasis mine)
so yes, this sounds like a commitment to bring the subject to (our) Meta
no, it is MSO!
hell... :(
10:31 AM
@desertnaut Yeah, I don't think the proposal plans on involving MSO, only stats.se and MSE. Either way, my point is that you should preempt it. If the discussion never happens on MSO, what's your plan then? Complain that promises were not kept? That's not going to do anyone, and in particular yourself, any good.
@rene thanks!
@rene oh that's cool, I didn't realize how much you could do with PostsWithDeleted...and perfect timing for my newfound deleted-content-viewing abilities...
@cigien I don't have plans; I am a volunteer here, like everyone, trying to help and have some fun. It the community decides to proceed toward self-destruction without even bothering to discuss it, so let be it. In any case, the absence of cv-pls requests you may have noticed is not a coincidence - I am very disappointed at how I have been implicitly depicted as harm-doer, and I have decided to quit that job
@desertnaut For what it's worth, I think you generally have the support of the crowd, even if people disagree at times. The vast majority of your cv-pls requests are actioned, as far as I can see. Personally, some don't cross my threshold to vote, but they don't cross my threshold to object, either.
10:43 AM
@RyanM thanks
@desertnaut While it's not for me to say how you should spend your time, I am sorry to hear that you won't be posting cv-pls requests for off-topic questions. FWIW, I was definitely labeled as a harm-doer when I made that series of Metas with lists of questions that I asked to be deleted. For all I know, some users still think of me that way. There's not really much that can be done about that, except to keep doing what you think is right.
I'd like to note that I didn't really get the impression that anyone thought you were doing something wrong. The choice of labels such as "crusader" were a bit unfortunate I'll admit.
Anyway, I've found that actually doing something about the things I want to change is better than doing nothing. It may not always work, e.g. I don't know how much users have reduced closing questions for lacking effort, but I'm still going to try. Hopefully it's convinced a few users, and that would be reward enough for me.
Of course, it's up to you to decide whether the time and energy investment is worth what you get out of it. In the end, participating in SE is simply not worth it, if it makes you unhappy on the whole. I'm still going to optimistically look out for your cv-plss though, if that's ok :)
11:01 AM
@cigien thank you. Let me grab the chance here to explicitly say how much I appreciate the time and effort you have put in having meaningful 1-to-1 conversations with me here, now and in the past. Thanks again for this. As you say, only thing one can do is keep doing what one thinks is right
@desertnaut Thanks, I appreciate that. I hope you end up making whatever decision works out well for you, so good luck with that.
11:33 AM
@cigien Getting in front of an issue works two ways. And I to, am committed to doing what I think is right.
@DanielF Thank you very much for taking the effort to write that Meta, I appreciate it. I never doubted that you're committed to doing what you think is right, and I'm sorry if I gave that impression, that was not my intent at all.
11:49 AM
@cigien I already had it mostly written Tuesday before Cody suggested getting another stack's mods on board first. Just had to tweak it for the updated situation.
@DanielF It looks good. I was going to leave a comment under the post but you might want to link to the MSO canonical on ML Theory questions being off-topic. Stick it in as a link in the first sentence. Also, add back that Oxford comma that was edited out, it's making me sad :p
Also, you should probably leave a comment to kjetil on the CV Meta, mentioning that you've started the process, and link to the MSO post. Maybe even add a link to the MSO post in the CV Meta question directly.
this user is providing only a link in his answer stackoverflow.com/a/65935849/8172857
@cigien Done
Sweet, thanks. Nice edit comment btw :)
12:05 PM
@BoussadjraBrahim if you flagged it then there is not much more we need to do.
12:17 PM
It seems that when I now log in I stay on the "We <3 people who code" page and am not immediately redirected to the question list.
There's no more questions. They were all closed.
Even closed questions are shown on the front page
@cigien everything is a dupe of Deep Thought's "42"
Indeed :D
That would make a hilarious (and probably also flamingly dramatic) April fools joke.
12:24 PM
Ooh, that would upset a lot of people. Also hilarious.
If you find upsetting people hilarious, then you should consider nominating yourself in the next SO Moderator Election. ;-P
@JeanneDark Did it sort itself out? Or are you still stuck on that page?
is an nth repost of practically the same answer flaggable as NAA? stackoverflow.com/a/65936728/4826457 . Already added here,here and previously deleted here
@cigien Thankfully, I can leave that page. I just reported it here because it is new behavior and I haven't seen it before. It's not a good change also.
*sigh* I really don't like questions where the asker doesn't actually know what they need. They've asked for something that's not even an XY problem because they seem to have misunderstood the X to begin with, so the Y makes even less sense. Ultimately, the question is unclear because I don't even know what they need. What they asked for is achievable and not very hard but likely useless.
12:31 PM
@JeanneDark I suspect it's an issue on your end; browser trouble or something. If it's an actual change, that sounds not so nice.
I hope it's not an actual change.
I feel it would have been mentioned already. Not that there's always advance notice about these things, so who knows.
@JeanneDark I think it's a new feature, but only for those with <700 reputation points. :p
@SurajRao Yes, I would think so.
@AdrianMole A certain mod is responsible for new features for the 3k+ crowd ;)
12:38 PM
D'oh, I broked teh STack agin.
@cigien how would it be handled in the queue. There is no selection for dupe answers there though.
@SurajRao I'm sorry, I misread your question. I think you should raise a custom flag for that, not NAA.
@SurajRao If any one is an exact copy (and posted significantly later) then custom mod-flag for plagiarism. Otherwise, downvote (possibly comment) and delete vote (or del-pls in here).
I wouldn't stress out about the exact copy. If you suspect they're copied, just explain why in the flag.
@AdrianMole ok. doesnt seem like plagiarism. more like fishing for votes.
12:42 PM
Ok. Not sure "fishing" is a valid reason for a mod flag. (Phishing may be, though.)
@SurajRao What do you mean by "fishing for votes"? If you mean answers are being posted in order to get upvotes, there's nothing wrong with that.
I answer others only for votes and reputation. :(
Nothing wrong with that.
I meant modifying an answer enough and posting it to get votes. Doesnt add anything new
12:47 PM
@SurajRao I see. That might be plagiarism then, but if it's not obvious, be very explicit in your flag, and link to all the other answers that you think are relevant.
@SurajRao That posted answer doesn't even work. The only thing it should be collecting is downvotes
yeah syntax issues
Ooh - new font for audit banners... i.stack.imgur.com/dPEj3.png
1:06 PM
Man, I had heard some of the "ai.se is trying to poach our questions" drama on cross validated meta but I did not expect that fight to break out that fast.
@DanielF What?
@Braiam here
@DanielF I don't see drama....
Maybe I'm just reading too much into it.
1:18 PM
"Email-only answer"
@gnat FYI, a question you voted to close is being discussed on...well, currently MSE, though it should probably make its way over to MSO.
@RyanM aaaand it's now on MSO
^ apparently now we are adding hash tags in answers
#answer ?
1:49 PM
looks like spam
oh wait all their answers have same domain link. Yes spam
Undisclosed affiliation
2:13 PM
@RyanM yeah I remember that one. If memory serves I voted unclear because question edits invalidated one of the answers so the whole thing looked quite weird. Now that it's at MSO community will hopefully take care of it
2:37 PM
Is this (NATO) recommendation?
@JeanneDark It looks like it. It seems to attract only library recommendations. Too opinionated
@Dharman Thanks!
Is there any suitable place to ask for help on how to create a stack snippet?
@MrUpsidown beyond what is explained here: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/358992/… ?
Meta would do, or maybe the JS room but read their rules first.
I think they have a don't ask to ask, just ask policy.
ok thanks, not looking for a "how to" but rather "where to ask" as I was dealing with someone how opened a question on SO asking how to format code, etc. and create a snippet
Am I right that a question asking how to create a stack snippet is off-topic on SO?
@MrUpsidown yes, I would think so. Could be on MSO if the posts @JeanneDark and myself linked earlier are not sufficient
3:32 PM
Should this answer be flagged as low quality? It is not i English, but it is mostly code. stackoverflow.com/a/65939669/2359227
@TomerShetah I would not flag it, probably with that module you can spy on params.. but the answer is bad because it does not explain how
Seeing the larger context, it's easy to see it should be a comment. But it would likely survive a NAA flag
@TomerShetah if the answer was better I would have translated it... but meeh!, maybe leave a comment on answer and see if OP translates..
@TomerShetah My Spanish is rusty, but it sounds like a "me too" answer, even translated
@Machavity not really it was indicating which command solved the problem for him.. :).. but yeah it was a messy answer
Leva a comment that they need to translate :) and all fine-...
3:53 PM
4:43 PM
How do we go about answering things that have a perfect match on a sister site? Barmar dug up a solution to this problem and put it in the comments. Leave it as is? Ask Barmar to make that an answer?
general computing?
^^ Vote/flag to close
@JeanneDark - on what grounds?
@tink General computing or server networking
Hmmm ...
I'm still so unsure about all this after all these years. How to install an IDE is a valid question, asking for ways to test networking functionality of one's code isn't? My gut would say it's the other way round, the install is general compute and the socket question valid .... sigh
4:48 PM
IDE is a programming tool
Yeah. And testing networking is, too?
Imho more so than e.g. "apt-get install eclipse" (which is just how any other package is installed).
@tink I think as described that is a programming problem. It lacks a bit how they have set-up their test but it has merit here.
Thank @rene ...
So given my initial question: other than closing it as general compute, how would you deal with the situation? Barmar's link to Super User is a perfect match .... a link-only answer would be unacceptable. Copying the content might be OK w/ attribution to both the OP and Barmar for digging it up (but it would feel cheap).
@tink meta.stackexchange.com/questions/4708/…... suggest you can answer it
You should have a more programming related answer :).. so yeah no copy and past...
You can always make it community wiki if you fell it's to cheap.
5:03 PM
Thanks @PetterFriberg ... an interesting read.
Now I need to find out how to do a community wiki entry =}
@tink There's a little checkbox at the bottom of the answer box
Heh. Just noticed that.
But, I think that question should be closed
@oguzismail - on what grounds?
@tink It's clearly off-topic
5:11 PM
They want to investigate a coding problem and are looking for a way to terminate a network socket to replicate the behaviour.
What makes that "clearly off-topic"?
In which language? Is he looking for an API? Or a command line utility? Or some other sort of a tool to do that? It isn't even clear what he is expecting as an answer.
It's perfectly clear to me ... but opinions do vary, apparently =}
5:36 PM
Is this spam, R/A, or just delete-worthy?
@EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica Doesn't look like spam because there doesn't seem to be any link (either directly or via something easily searchable) to the "coding language". R/A - maybe. Deleteworthy - definitely.
@Makyen Well, @rene will be in for a treat.
The way it was before the robo-reviewers at least had no reason to review more than 1000 posts.
@AdrianMole I'm so happy!
I was thinking the 'extra' badges should be awarded, perhaps, every 10,000.
@TomerShetah this is probably a comment. (The post is a bit unclear to me)
@TomerShetah It seems like an answer to me. Q: X does not work, how do I fix or work around this? A: It is fixed in version Y.
@TomerShetah Dont think this is NAA
@TomerShetah Agree this seems like NAA, specifically an "opinion comment": In my opinion it's a mistake that the function to convert from a wide character array to a multibyte character array requires the caller to know the number of multibyte characters in advance.
6:56 PM
This is quite funny, but is it rude?
@AdrianMole meh. It's not being rude to a person on the site, so I say no. I did throw a delete vote at it so it only needs one more
I agree.
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