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7:07 PM
@Makyen apologies; I did tag it specifically as [old post] to call out that it was noncompliant, though in hindsight I think I should've just downvoted it and waited until the mod flag was handled on the answer (which would almost certainly result in the deletion of said answer)
@RyanM np
7:40 PM
Can an RO clarify: Are we allowed a preliminary discussion of a tag (possible burnination afterwards) in here before raising it formally on Meta? (Rule #26 is not entirely clear.)
@AdrianMole Sure, we can talk about it. The rule is in place to stop us from doing a burn without MSO's oversight.
Even if it's a collision avoidance burn?
Cool. It's not my field, at all (or even anywhere near it) but has appeared recently (I'm coming across a lot suggested edits with only that tag added). Most (or maybe all) 27 current questions (who knows how many more are pending) seem to have been edited to include the tag by the same user. Does it have any value?
@Scratte @TylerH fwiw, this is an ooooolllldddd thing: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/172758/…
Wow! Look who's here.
7:51 PM
I probably updated the text at some point, but who knows when.
Hey @Adrian
@Shog9 I just have never typed that line because I knew it was being regex'ed
not surprised it's been around a while
@AdrianMole (disclaimer: also nowhere near my field) It looks relevant. Some of the questions with it appear to contain it rather than being about it, but overall, it seems like a relevant tag that could describe on-topic questions to which it is applied.
@AdrianMole It doesn't look like a meta tag to me so I'm fine with it.
@RyanM My concern is for possible 'tag spamming' - if that's the right use of the term (which it isn't, I know).
@AdrianMole as in applying it to questions to which it does not apply (like the one I linked)?
7:54 PM
I believe @Shog9 was tired of repeating the same quote "If you don't have the time or inclination to engage in conversation with the author of a post, don't comment - just vote."
I share that concern, but that seems to be a concern about the editor, rather than the tag
@Shog9 Is the timing of your visit here purely a coincidence? Or is it (maybe) connected to the timing of a significant SO event kicking-off in 6 days?
This seems like a good time to get Shog'd
@AdrianMole Ha
Just sayin'...
7:57 PM
That would be something
@Shog9 it wasn't me - you can't prove it! :p
@AdrianMole Guy already has an 8-5 job. Being a mod is worse :D
@AdrianMole it is said if you say his name 6 to 8 times he shows up .... if you ping him 6 to 8 times, you get suspended. That might still be the case ...
@rene Is that like standing in front of a mirror and repeating "Candyman" or in the case of Southpark "Biggie Smalls"? :p
sdc alive
8:04 PM
@rene ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
thanks love
@rene How many super-duper pings?
6 to 8
Wait.. I got pinged by a legend.. while I was in the shower?!?
Yes, do like me, don't shower
8:09 PM
@rene Wait, that thing about europeans was true!?
Yes? Are you surprised?
I was sure that the heat would have fixed that
Okay but real question about European showers: why do so many of them only have a door that covers half the horizontal space or so?
@Braiam What do you mean? We do shower. For example, I am signed up for the fourth Thursday of September.
8:11 PM
@rene But.. you're a plant. What do you do? Suck up the water instead?
@RyanM Real answer - I've never seen what you describe.
@RyanM Image please.. which half, btw?
@Scratte bottom quarter + upper quarter?
@Scratte yeah, I suck ... wait
@VLAZ That is awe... terrifying
8:14 PM
@RyanM where's the half door?
@RyanM Oh...that's a bath converted to a shower. I hate those.
obviously far from universal, but I don't think I've ever seen one of these in the United States, and I've encountered several in Europe. And I live in the United States :-p
@Scratte Note where the towel is draped across: there's no door there, but there's a door on the other half of that plane
@VLAZ I like them.. some times, when one's not careful stepping out, one can get seriously injured when one leg is out and one is in the shower. But at least it can be used as a bath too :)
@VLAZ I share your hatred of them, and I am perplexed that some take it a step further and use this terrible design even with no bathtub
8:17 PM
@RyanM I guess the idea is that if you take a shower, you have to be pretty messy to splash water on the floor of the bathroom even with that one half open.
Yeah, it's unsafe, it's a pain to use, it's super annoying to use as a bath because you constantly have to clean it. It's also usually done on the cheap. Don't like that.
@RyanM Eh, that one I'm fine with. Hold on, let me demonstrate the WORST shower I've seen that wasn't a joke.
Behold! This was part of a real ad for a real flat to rent. The picture was just posted as if it's completely normal.
@VLAZ Me: That looks fine, it's nice and sealed and wait whaaaaaaaaat whyyyyy
@VLAZ very handy, if you get dirty when cooking
8:45 PM
@Yunnosch I'll think about it. I don't want it to be half an answer though :)
@Scratte Should I explicitly ask for answers which propose modifications of my idea, in the question? I did already in a comment. I think the non-forcing is already an answer. But you are free to decide.
@Yunnosch Anything that will get answers (plural) to it would be great :) I don't mind if someone else answers with an opt-in proposal either.
@RyanM It reminds me of that adertisment I have seen for a 27m^3 students accommodation. Yes that is cubic meter, not square meter - and they meant it: 3m * 3m * 3m.
Is that even allowed? (The accommodation, not the advertisement)
As part of a students home. I.e. bathroom, kitchen and some common room are separate and shared. And I seriously considered taking it....
8:59 PM
@Yunnosch that's...something. Smallest I've seen was a studio in SF that was around 53 cubic meters. Although that includes the kitchen and bathroom, which aren't shared. Very cheap for SF though :-)
Did they also share one door between three rooms?
the floorplan - I considered living there, but decided not to.
@JohnDvorak The local paper caught wind of it and ran an article on all the super dodgy places that were in the market basically going "Are these people for real? Look at what they are oferring! Shame on them". They were pulled soon after.
@Yunnosch For a room? I mean...I have lived in such a room. It was a shared appartment but still - the bedroom was actually 2.5m x 1.5m
Can't remember how high the ceiling was, probably another 2.5m
Uh oh, somebody didn't appreciate my page review last night. Good morning mick, have some revenge votes on your recently posted correct answers. imgur.com/a/08TjuOD
9:08 PM
IIRC that's enough to trigger the serial voting protection, so hopefully they'll be reversed tomorrow
I was just about to ask that actually. Cheers.
I'm not certain that's enough, but I think it is...but maybe not. It might also depend on the timing or other factors.
But then, usually, they get their refund and come back to DV two of my posts. I think it should be a bannable / cool down offense.
Wait, is the rep loss from DVs refunded when voting is reversed? o_O
All 3 votes were within 60 seconds. Quite a swift assessment if you ask me :)
Yes, usually when revert occurs, the vengeful user gets their spent rep back and often they realize that their attack was unsuccessful so they make a reduced second attack.
9:23 PM
I've definitely seen it revert 3 DVs, but it looks like they were of a string of 4.
10:23 PM
oh damn I have the thanks icon now
Washing hands or praying for upvotes?
washing hands
div.js-reactions { display: none } fixed it quickly, though
I got a "Thanks" the other day from a new user; I'm sure that would have been an "Accept" had that not been there.
more like "except"
as in, "thanks this works, except this condition I forgot to mention in my question"
10:32 PM
@TylerH I've had that. I got a "thanks" and a comment asking a follow-up question, then I answered that question and they accepted it (then awarded me the question bounty a few hours after that)
I wouldn't have as much of a problem with the thanks button, if when it was clicked, and the user was capable of other responses (i.e. upvoting or accepting), that a popup opened to suggest that they also, or instead, upvote and/or accept. That would both give the people who have no ability to upvote something they can do instead of commenting, and help train people to upvote/accept.
Maybe some people are in the group C and they don't see the button.
+1. I also believe that users should be able to upvote answers to their own questions, regardless of reputation, which is one thing this purports to help with.
@Makyen That is useless, because if someone can notice the small thanks button they can also see the big upvote
@Dharman the point of the message wouldn't be about showing them the upvote button but about explaining when and why to use it
10:37 PM
But the "Thanks" button is warm and friendly, whereas the upvote and accept are just boring old fuddy-duddy gizmos.
Consider this? First post I opened.
Not sure an explanation would help
@Dharman While I understand that POV, I disagree that it's useless. Given that there are people which feel the thanks button is useful, that means that some other thing there could help. Unfortunately, social media has really trained people to look for "reaction" buttons. If we can leverage that into training them to use the upvote/downvote buttons more, that's a win.
If I can't say "+1" I will say "+10" If I can't say "Thanks" I will say Obrigado
No reaction button is going to make much difference if users have the ability to post comments.
It will be seen as just another thing I can click on the screen when I am ecstatic someone gave me the answer.
Which is why we need comments to be hidden behind a separate tab or linked to a discussion chatroom
If only someone recommended that to SO and provided a sleek demo of how that could work
oh wait, I did...
unfortunately the CM who loved it is no longer working here
I could understand if that new feature provided something of value to help with moderating the content, but if it is only another outlet of ecstasy for the asker then I see no point in having it.
10:43 PM
@Dharman I'm not sure. They implemented a wizard that comes up by the thanks-reaction. I remember it was huge and click-me-annoying..
A wizard that comes? Who?
@Dharman A wizard as in an on-rails guide
The problem with hiding away comments is that when one notices a harmful answer, the comment is the only weapon. Or an answer that really doesn't work.. a downvote just isn't enough
I would prefer comment decay instead of hiding all comments
@Dharman the point was to hide chatty content away by default; people who want to comment on a post can still do so but they must go an additional step out of the way to do so, greatly decreasing the rate of commenting. At the same time, it kept Q&A pages clean; focused just on the question and answers to that question.
10:50 PM
^ that is already implemented
@Dharman A big pop-up thing with a little robot and a message about using the thanks-feature.
Used properly, comments are an invaluable tool to help improving both Questions and Answers; and those such are normally removed by their posters, once the desired effect has been realized.
@Dharman not well
my recommendation was a stark improvement
11:02 PM
@10Rep It's asking for recommendations
Heh, I actually disagreed with every reason you stated, but I agree that they are all closable
@Dharman Isn't that the kind that allowed?
No, If it is about SAP, I do not allow it.
@Dharman What is SAP?
It's just some huge multinational company that I work for. Not important
What does one do about broken links in accepted answers?
11:05 PM
@Dharman I have no idea what you just said :) I thought that asking for official documentation is on topic. Even if asking for an offline version.
@Scratte I'm pretty sure that question was asking which documentation to use offline. Plus, the question itself is bad, because you can just download it and disconnect from the internet :)
@10Rep Really? Try that with the JavaDoc then..
I never vote to close resource requests where there is a single, unambiguously correct answer. That one is...eh, borderline. If it said "official" I definitely wouldn't. But I'm out of close votes anyway, so my opinion isn't super relevant.
@Scratte I'm a Pythonista.
stackoverflow.com/questions/20578146/… - the link in the accepted answer now points at a spam site rather than the supposed technical text (DNS may have expired).
11:07 PM
@10Rep If there's a way to download the official docs and have them work offline, that sounds like the correct answer.
@RyanM Can you download JavaDoc as a PDF?
@Scratte It's grey area again. You have to consider if the question is going to be useful to the community and whether it is going to lead to opinion-based answers or links only. In case of SAP, even when it is about UI5, I do not consider any question asking for links to be useful. SAP is notoriously bad at providing links that last.
@tink I would probably notify the answerer.
Also, next time click the "share" button below answers to share them directly.
@tink I fixed the answer. Link is now live again.
@RyanM cheers =}
11:10 PM
@Dharman Maybe that's why they need it so badly :D
@RyanM But I'm out of close votes anyway, so my opinion isn't super relevant. I've always thought that people who are the most talkative here should get an infinite amount of close votes and flags. I only have 8 left, and there's so much bad content on this site.
@10Rep I'm not sure that's called close votes. I think you have flags :)
@10Rep There is a long, storied history of why close votes are limited to 50. But also yes, what Scratte said :-)
@Scratte That's what I said close votes and flags.
@Scratte Hilariously, I think it is possible to acquire >50 close flags per day...
Actually, you might know. You have enough helpful flags to max out your flag count.
11:14 PM
@RyanM I have 100 flags a day. But none of them help close anything. I put my little flag on them and make you guys to the lifting :D
@Scratte Apparently it does help, albeit just a bit: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/299298/…
@Scratte Yep. Even when my flag to close get's accepted, it doesn't close, cause 2 other people need to flag.
@10Rep 2 other people need to vote. No amount of close flags will close a question, or have any effect other than keeping it in the queue/preventing vote aging.
@RyanM Oh... and here was me thinking I was voting to close :D
11:17 PM
@Scratte I sort of wish it would order the queue by number of flags. That would help bubble up worse posts that don't have votes yet.
although I think I see most unclosed [android] posts with flags anyway...
@RyanM That's actually mentioned in the link you posted. https://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/299298/does-flagging-an-already-flagged-question-for-closure-affect-its-status-in-the-c.

*whether additional closure flags will count as "more votes" or even as a "recent queuing" for questions that are already flagged, thus giving them a higher priority for being shown in the CV Queue.*
@RyanM Actually I find the worst posts the ones that don't get closed even when exposed to lots of users, because it looks Ok. Only when trying to answer it does it reveal it's issues.
@10Rep and is then answered in the negative: "However, this doesn't affect the question's priority in the queue"
@Scratte If I was, what should my nomination message say to make you vote for me?
@Dharman You mean like a catch phrase?
11:20 PM
@Dharman "Warning: You are wide open to SQL Injections and should use parameterized prepared statements instead of manually building your queries."
I'm not really a trusting person when it comes to catch phrases.
I looked at other nominations and they all sound so serious.
From previous years?
@Dharman I'm the kinda guy who, if possible, would vote for everyone.
Even If I was to nominate myself I doubt anyone would vote for me so why not make it a little bit less serious?
@Scratte Yes, from past years
11:25 PM
@10Rep there's usually always a candidate or two who definitely should not be mod
First: Don't post a lot of text. If people have to read too much, they're likely to pass you and read someone else. Assuming that everyone on SO can vote..
I see Martijn is going through at the moment...
Ahh, he's killing
That's the first moderation activity I have seen come from MP in a long time.
Didn't he nuke another tag a week or two ago? Found it: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/398236/208273
I suppose COVID has taken its toll on many people making some more busy than before
11:29 PM
@Dharman How many flags does your bots raise a day?
@Scratte ~150
@Dharman Martijn Pieters is the top editor on SO.
@Dharman Close it.. it's not gotten a lot of votes in the past 8 years.
wow, that is...not a close call. Half again over the closest competitor.
11:33 PM
@Dharman I'm talking per week,
^ *this week
Well, for the year, that would be halfer. Dharman is fourth for this year.
@Dharman Close. Too broad.
I am fourth in something! Yay!
Martijn's not nuking the [vba] tag... He's cleaning up after a particular editor.
11:36 PM
@CodyGray Ah, glad you're online
I was looking to talk to a mod
Tried to read the transcript. Quite long. Got a lot of work to do.
What do you need?
@Dharman You're third editor this month (assuming in goes down before it goes right)
I know that users are not moderated here, but since a mod is online here, I'm talking to a mod, not the room. You can delete the messages later if you want
11:37 PM
@ArdentCoder That's a sign that you should just raise a flag...
If absolutely necessary, you could raise a flag and then ask me to go look at your flag. That way, we could discuss in generalities, rather than having to get into specifics that would best be left confidential.
@RyanM Oh..Ops. So it goes right before it goes down..
Talking about ranks, I am in the top 5 answers. stackoverflow.com/tags/tkinter/topusers
@ArdentCoder That is easily reported in a flag. Pick one of your answers, raise a flag on it, include the link that you just posted, and write a summary of your concerns.
@CodyGray Lol flag my answer to report a completely different thing?
@ArdentCoder Yes
11:39 PM
@ArdentCoder Yes, people do it all the time.
Or flag one of the editor's answers.
Mods actually read the flag messages, we don't just delete every post that gets a flag :-)
One time I was reporting the comments section of an answer, so I flagged the answer.
Wow, that's new to me. Cool, I'll take care henceforth
There are certain things that can't be flagged directly: bad reviews, bad edits, offensive user names, Developer CVs, etc. For all those things, just raise a flag on something that can be flagged.
@CodyGray That's a sign that you should make new flags... lol, I'm simply guessing
11:42 PM
there was once a user whose (terrible) suggested edits were driving me nuts, so I just flagged one of the posts they edited and linked to a couple of their edits
Speaking of suggested edits, the edit queue is full these days more often.
@ArdentCoder No... I mean, maybe, but really no. Also, that doesn't matter, because I can't make anything.
Have I done a bad thing by answering this question? stackoverflow.com/a/62667656/1839439
@RyanM The I capitalization user?
I have a feeling I should delete my answer
11:45 PM
@Scratte hey now he also capitalized "Android Studio"... but yes.
@CodyGray Ah, man I simply copied your message without replacing 'you' lol it indicates whoever that's capable of doing so. Although I don't know if that should really be done cuz they way you just suggested works but it still feels a bit odd :P
@RyanM Now? I thought they were past the 2K point
@Scratte They are now, I don't dare go check their edits...this was a while back. The end result was the flag being marked helpful and them being banned from suggesting edits for a week. I think the edits got a bit better after that.
@Dharman What's wrong with your answer?
@ArdentCoder It's very similar to another answer I posted before and I also voted to close as a duplicate of canonical
11:51 PM
@Dharman I don't know how it goes with the site rules, but imho the title of the question is very clear and has the potential to help future visitors. Since you've already provided a readymade solution, let it stay cuz it will benefit faster than reading long multiple duplicates.
@Dharman I don't know if the answer is correct, but now since the OP has accepted it, I guess it's correct and you get a +1 from me ;)
Thanks. I had a very similar reasoning behind posting it.
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