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I'm sure she wasn't at all surprised to hear that "Requires Editing" is a concern. That's something the moderator team has been bashing everyone who will listen over the head with.
I think my line was something like, "Help and improvement is mostly required in "Help and Improvement!""
And mentioning "Requires Editing" certainly elicited a wry smile.
The label of that button "Requires Editing".
But what to call it? I suggested just "Edit" - which would prompt a dialog saying something along the lines of, "Thank-you for your suggestion ... it has been placed in the appropriate queue."
The big problem is that reviews click that button when the only person who could possibly fix the problems with the post is the original author. That problem wouldn't be addressed by naming it "Edit". And your message would just make it sound like it's going back for the author to edit it.
It could be "I'd like to edit this"
12:12 AM
For sure! There's no obvious "magic wand" - but it's the biggest issue with the review queues, just now (IMHO, but shared with many posters on the Meta sites).
I've also thought about why there isn't an "Edit" button, like in "First Posts" ... but maybe that would break the "triage" mentality?
And, after nearly a year of reviewing, I'm still not really sure how/why a post gets sent to the Triage queue.
The Very Low Quality sends it to the Triage Queue.
I thought VLQ sends it to the "Low Quality Posts?"
@AdrianMole Yes, it's been very clearly stated that the intent of the Triage review queue is... Triage. It's very specifically is intended that people can't, without userscripts or clicking through to the question, do anything other than ... Triage.
But this one says: "The primary goal of Triage is to quickly sort potentially-problematic posts into categories that can be routed elsewhere."
The whole shebang is a wee bit confusing, to a simple person like myself. But the system ain't completely broken, it just needs a bit of tweaking.
12:27 AM
Looking at the dates of the different posts, I'm assuming that VLQ still sends a post to the Triage. Ironically it looks like a post can end up in Triage several times, but looks may be deceiving.
Maybe. But, according to your second link, it's all about "Q-score compared to threshold" ... and I have no idea what that actually means.
I saw a post that was deleted for being spam or rude, not sure why. Anyone see something I'm missing? stackoverflow.com/posts/60407097/revisions
@AdrianMole: That's an automatic thing. Doesn't eliminate the VLQ flag sending it there. I can't find it now, but if I remember correctly it's a measure of a post by both content, like size and other stuff and the history of the poster.
@CertainPerformance Given that the score is -2 (+0/-2), that means it was deleted as spam/R/A by a moderator. It was detected by SmokeDetector, but nobody's given feedback or raised a manual flag through metasmoke.
Smokey thinks that the "codehandbook . org" site is a dodgy one.
12:42 AM
It's on the first page of Google for remove character from string javascript , which I bet is where the answerer got the link from
@AdrianMole SD thinks it's potentially suspicious how the domain's IP address is configured, which basically means "humans please look at this".
Aah - humans! They're just spam that ain't dead yet.
If you really want to go into it, see here.
@CertainPerformance Not really sure what happened there. It was flagged as rude/abusive by a user and a moderator then nuked it. I've pinged the mod to find out what happened
It's a bit on the 'condescending' side, for sure. But rude/abusive?
@AdrianMole I think this is the beginning of the Q-score
12:51 AM
I don't see any condescension there at all
Bits like this: "You should know what +, -, *, /, do grade school math class."
@AdrianMole only if you can read minds
@AdrianMole Kind of? It doesn't seem like they're saying that they don't know, but should, but rather, here are the operators and I'm sure you're already familiar with them, so I won't explain them
At least that's my take on it
Sure - there's likely a language/culture issue at work.
It can be both. Snark in a maliciously compliant packaging, or a genuinely patient person teaching the basics of the basics to someone.
there's no way to tell based on the text
12:55 AM
..I'm gonna undo the red flag nuking. If I've missed something, we can nuke it again later
Agree 100% - I was just proffering a perspective.
1:53 AM
Not sure if this is suppose to be joke.
2:12 AM
@Scratte question is unclear, broad, and OB... doesn't sound funny to me
@M-- :) I meant the OP thought of it as some kind of joke. My brain broke when I saw it.
@Scratte I voted, "Needs more Worcester sauce." :-)
@AdrianMole So.. you're one of the upvotes on this? :D
I'm curious though. The user seems to have retained some of the rep for the post. It that only temporary?
..never mind.
Would you explain to me when we should flag posts as low quality? For example does this one qualify for LQ flag? stackoverflow.com/a/60415190/6461462
What i want to know is what should i do with this: stackoverflow.com/questions/6728787/…
@U10-Forward isn't it sort of trolling the question? I'd flag as rude.
question itself is broad, off-topic I guess
@U10-Forward I flagged it earlier as NAA. Rude would do too.
@M-- I have no idea what that code is or does
@Scratte I am not fluent in ruby but I felt the same. That's why I flagged as VLQ. It got declined. Could be that the Mod knew ruby and figured it's fine, but wanted to check with you guys.
2:54 AM
Flagged as NAA
@M-- If it's a bad answer then downvoting is your only option. If it even attempts to answer then again downvoting is the only option. NAA doesn't apply.
@M-- I've never used the VLQ flag, but I think it's meant when you can sense that it's not rude, but you have no idea what the post says.
@U10-Forward I don't have enough rep to see that :(
Lemme do an image
@Scratte I don't think so. Honestly, I think that flag is not useful or in best case redundant. I am not gonna use it ever again I guess. Change my mind! └(・。・)┘
3:00 AM
@M-- See the image, that VLQ flag got was marked helpful
@U10-Forward You need to edit this quick with something before the link :)
@U10-Forward IMO it's rude and NAA. VLQ doesn't apply. It got marked helpful because it was deleted.
True But there was a comment saying that the person flagged as VLQ
That's the thing about the VLQ.. it sends it to a queue for someone else to put another flag on it.
@U10-Forward @EJoshuaS-ReinstateMonica care to explain? I really dunno when to use this VLQ thing :(
3:04 AM
@U10-Forward I'm sure a RO will remove the image :) There's a rule in the room that you're not supposed to put images into the room. Only as links.
Oof sorry
I honestly wouldn't bother with the VLQ flag, it's not handled consistently between users and mods, and the definition isn't really clear. If you want to flag something as VLQ, you'd probably be better off flagging as NAA, downvoting (and delvoting if you can), flagging as rude/abusive or just custom flagging
I don't see any use for it, personally
@M-- listen to the moderator ^
@Rob Couldn't agree more
This i marked vlq too i.imgur.com/xTFyVpl.png
3:06 AM
@U10-Forward I thought you're here to change my mind, lol
7 mins ago, by M--
@Scratte I don't think so. Honestly, I think that flag is not useful or in best case redundant. I am not gonna use it ever again I guess. Change my mind! └(・。・)┘
This would fix VLQ and the problem of dangerous/bad answers. Never gained traction, though
I read 12 posts on meta in full including comments. And yes, there's disagreement about the usefulness of the flag and how to handle it. It's quite confusing.
I'll read another one now :D
3:22 AM
I'm not sure what to do with this answer I'm not happy about the link. It's seems off. And the answer seems to deliberately use 5-gallons instead of 4.
Heh.. the popularity of some off-topic questions is unbelievable ;D
@tink linux is hard :)
Why does it take so long for this kind of comments to be deleted: stackoverflow.com/questions/60365849/…
3:27 AM
It seems to be gone =} ... do several people flagging a comment make it go away automatically?
OK - ta.
@Rob Wow cool
@tink The first vote was from me lol!
Heh. Good man ;)
Just one flag when the comment contains the nickname for Richard
3:32 AM
@tink What happens to the rep when post like that gets deleted?
I would have thought so - but that took 3 @CodyGray
@tink same as my request :P
Dunno .... not to fussed about reputation
@Scratte Old posts with score >2 preserve their votes and reputation. I think 'old' is >1 month, but it may be >3 months
Ok. I though there were some rules about the number of views and stuff too.
3:34 AM
Now I need to dream up an idiotic but popular question and hope it goes unnoticed for a while :D
@Rob Thank you :) I think the people attributing to that post will be happy about that too.
@Rob Huh, that’s weird. Forgot that the UI just shows it as deleted by the last flagger.
I just saw that and assumed...
@U10-Forward It has 1.6mill views :)
3:51 AM
@Scratte - terrifying, isn't it? :D
@tink Not sure really :) Google is a friend when trying out something new, and if there are useful answers, I'd look at it too :) I'd definitely not stay away from it just because SO thinks it doesn't belong..
It's all the simple questions that gets the most views.
Meh ... forgot to tick the tag cv-pls for this one ... opinion based.
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7:45 AM
I have a hard time finding a tactful way to tell somebody their question is not a good question for Stack Overflow, without making them feel bad.
Unfortunately “What is the standard for doing this?”, as a question, also isn’t a good fit for the Stack Overflow site. This site works best for questions about specific problems that have specific solutions. “What is the standard for doing this?” is simply too broad of a question to attract answers that other users are going to find useful. That’s not a critique of you personally, and it’s not an absolutely bad question — it’s just not the right kind of question for this site. (Also, downvote not from me.) — sideshowbarker 2 mins ago
@CodyGray are you able to delete an answer that is 100% wrong and has 15 upvotes?!? stackoverflow.com/a/2192217/2943403 <- definitely only hurting Stackoverflow.
@mickmackusa i don't think moderators are for deleting wrong answers
They're for deleting non-answers
@double-beep oof very sorry
@U10-Forward too blurry to notice, anyway...
8:13 AM
How can tags be edited to have default code syntax highlighting? Is it something only moderators can do?
8:48 AM
@U10-Forward Yes, I do know that but they are exception handlers (some more aggressive defenders/curators than others). One must ask oneself: What are we striving for here? I am after quality. Will millions of redundant post, we can afford to extinguish low-quality posts.
9:02 AM
@Selaron yes, post on Meta but make sure the syntax highlighting makes sense. I've seen requests were a brawl ensued because a tool stack was used for several languages were they requested one of the minor ones to be added to the tag. Put some rationale in your meta post to prevent such uproar.
9:20 AM
@mickmackusa I am able, yes. Were I a subject matter expert who could agree with you on the absolute wrongness and uselessness of that answer, I might consider it. Unfortunately, I am not. In fact, I don't know anything about PHP. So, please don't take this the wrong way, but I have no reason to take your word over that of a relatively high-rep user whose answer has received many upvotes.
@rene I attempted to do so on meta but the Q got "-1" score and roomba'd while I was quite inactive past weeks. My reasoning was too weak I guess. On the other hand no counter argument came up.
If you find me a C++ question or something else where I'm confident in my own judgment, I'm not going to rules-lawyer about when moderators should or shouldn't delete answers. So in that sense, I agree with you here. But practically speaking, I just can't do this for PHP, and that's why the general policy is what it is. Mods aren't and can't be subject-matter experts in all things.
@Selaron please link me to that post, (but prevent it from one-boxing, please)
@rene what does on-boxing mean?
uhm thank you @CodyGray :-0 undeleated already
9:27 AM
@rene meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/390772/add-syntax-highlighting-to-primefaces-tag
@Selaron it is in our FAQ: socvr.org/faq#GEfM-not-noisy
@Selaron that works ;)
@Adriaan why was the question edited?
Oof, the new syntax highlighting on matlab is awful why are the brackets highlighted the same colour as numbers and operators
@NickA That should not have changed. Only the color scheme was adjusted, not the lexer/parser.
Perhaps you didn't notice before because the previous colors were so dark?
Well it's certainly a lot more obvious now ^^"
9:33 AM
@NickA because the number of colors available in the design system has been reduced?
@Dharman OP seems to have copied the typo-correction which was suggested in the answer to the question
@Selaron I gave it an edit and added a tag
@Selaron Yeah, I had forgotten that Roomba even ran on Meta. Deleting that question seems like a silly move to me. Thought to leave a comment there, but basically my advice would be to justify that there would be no "collisions". In other words, that there's no chance the [jsl] tag (or whatever it is) might appear on a question not about [java], where the conflicting syntax highlighting rules might make things worse than leaving [jsl] set to the default (auto) syntax highlighting rules.
@Adriaan does it mean the typo was not the problem?
@rene My understanding is that the number of colors hasn't been reduced. The color palette was merely changed. See the staff answer on MSE.
9:36 AM
@Dharman the code runs fine now. If the typo was not the only problem, they edited to invalidate the present answer, which they accepted. I presume it's done as a sort-of edit like you often see "I solved the problem like this <code>"
@CodyGray Wait, are you saying we have to trust SE staff now? Is strike week over? ....
I can see myself out ...
opens door for rene
closes door behind rene
Nah, you shouldn't even trust me.
But Martijn and I have been prototyping adjusted color schemes since yesterday, so... :-)
(Not to imply we had anything official to do with it. We just heard a rumor, and I started running down a rabbit hole, and dragged him with me.)
9:38 AM
Hi All. any idear of why this one stackoverflow.com/questions/60429251/… is reopen? Before I queue up a duplicate flag.
@CodyGray would deceze or samuel entertain such an action?
@xdtTransform The reopen voter wanted to answer it, looks like. Then self-deleted the answer.
@mickmackusa I imagine that either deceze or meagar would consider. I think both of them do PHP. If you see them in a chat room, then it would be a valid request.
@rene tahnks for your edit and sorry for not preventing the links from one-boxing -.-
10:01 AM
@CodyGray I edited it yet a bit adding an example which is not viable to have the tag und thus by default has no syntax highlighting with tag only. From what my roomba-script tells me, the post is going to be deleted again in another 2 days?
sneaks back in
Oh darn, I left the door unlocked, sorry guys the flower got back in
@Selaron yeah, it is on the 30-days criteria and that roomba job runs on Saturday, 0:00 UTC
@Selaron no, it won't.
@double-beep The roombas where so looking forward - hopfully they do not get angry.
10:35 AM
@mickmackusa We can fix it with lookahead and lookbehind. e.g. 3v4l.org/J95FT I am not sure it is worth it. Maybe you should raise it on Meta to see whether it should be deleted or fixed.
I generally take issue with users earning heaps of rep for untested and clearly incorrect answers. Previously accumulated points are unearned in my opinion. Editing it to be correct means that someone else's effort is contributing to the user's "trust points" in the future. If it was a minor typo, okay, humans make mistakes, but this one completely lies about the outcomes and can only confuse and misinform researchers. Clearly I am grated. @Dharman
There are lots of redundant content on Stackoverflow. At this point, this site can afford to trash bad pages without losing valuable knowledge.
My wife doesn't appreciate my Stackoverflow activity during family time, so I am unable to seek out Meagar or Samuel or Deceze.
If someone else could reach out to them I would appreciate it.
@mickmackusa Some users leave a trail a untested bad answers. Lots of them are upvoted. There's not a lot to do about it though.
I care about this place because it has been the greatest tool in my own dev education.
I favour a vote cap per answer. Some contributors occasionally come up with answers that are not bad, and are very popular. However if they give 2000 points to a generally poor contributor, they are emboldened to contribute poor material from thereon (and to misuse their edit powers too).
Yes, I found a user like that . @Scratte I asked them to review their bad answers, but they didn't. Then I took it upon to review whole pages where they answered. Then I got banned for targeted behavior.
10:49 AM
I have seen so many wrong answers here... I am all for deleting them, but the problem is that SO doesn't give us such power unless the answers are negatively scored. If this answered gathered 15 upvotes, something is not right. I would raise it on Meta. Searching for mods willing to delete it might not be the best option.
I fully agree that PHP tag needs a good shakeup and clean up
@Dharman Mods generally don't take a view as to whether content is "wrong" though, that's not really their role
Please raise on meta @Dharman. You can state my name if you are worried about backlash. My posts get hammered anyhow.
I have had issues with such users too. They are arrogant and they don't want to fix old answers.
@halfer that sounds like a good idea. Because one weak, yet highly active answer will skew the "trust" perception that these unicorn points are meant to convey.
Maybe gold badge holder should be given a super-downvote that does -3 instead of -1, but on the other hand, there are some mean and unpleasant gold badge holders on the site. These are hard problems to solve.
10:53 AM
@mickmackusa I notice it because they're active when I'm active. I know I can't just downvote their answers just from the answer that I see on a question, because then I'd be "serial voting" them, which I'm not. I just happen to stumble upon yet another bad answer. So I just let it go. But like you I am puzzled how they get more than the clueless asker's upvote.
I don't seek more dv weight. I would like a hammer for Unclear php questions though. I know enough to make this kind of closure on the questions that I visit.
@mickmackusa I would even be willing to forego some of my own rep on this basis. I have +161 for some Netbeans advice, but it hardly makes me a good programmer. That's 1610 of points for just one answer.
@halfer lol!. That's more than my total rep :)
@Scratte You can have my ill-gotten gains, but then if you have them, they would be even more ill-gotten ;-)
I have sometimes thought that while points should not be transferrable between accounts, I'd love to be able to transfer close votes. I would offer them here, as I know some people are hard-working enough to run out :)
@halfer. Nah.. I can't. I had one upvote on an answer that I wasn't all that happy about. Not even an accepted answer, though it was the only answer on the post. It didn't feel right, so I spent 3 hours fixing it.
10:58 AM
@Scratte I admire your persistence and effort - any chance you could talk to the several million other contributors? ;-)
@halfer I do. I leave comments :) They ignore them.. :(
Welcome to Stack Overflow :-p
@mickmackusa I raised it on Meta: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/394250/…
I found that the harder it is to Answer or ask a Question, the less rep it gives. Once a post becomes very specialized it doesn't attract a lot of attention. I find it somewhat sad, because those are the posts that are really valuable when you have a problem. How i++ differs from ++i is mentioned in almost every book about programming..
@Scratte My longest "answer" (and the one that took longest to write) is over 12k characters and is also my highest scored answer... so I can't say I agree
11:13 AM
@NickA Ahh.. but how specialized is the Question?
.... not particularly, but it's not a google search away
(well it is now)
@NickA Thanks. Maybe my faith is yet to be restored :)
2 hours later…
1:16 PM
Anyone interested in review ban stats?

Currently, there are 984 banned reviewers:
- 703 users are banned for selecting "Requires Editing" in Triage when the question was unsalvagable
- only 132 users are automatically banned for failing multiple review audits
- 266 users are banned for the first time
- 289 users have at least five review bans
- 82 users have a duration of at least 100 days
> 289 users have at least five review bans
What does this mean @SamuelLiew?
oof, ignore the bad formatting
5 review bans, including the current one
As in, currently banned and has had 5+ in total? I would've expected more to have been banned 5+ times in total
yes, and these stats only count currently banned reviewers
1:29 PM
Okay, let me start working to beat the numbers in that last category ...
Personally I'd be interested in how many users had been banned as a result of custom flags... but that wouldn't be so easy to figure out
@SamuelLiew Do you know the number of average reviewers per day/week/month? It'd be interesting to know what percentage of reviewers the banned reviewers take up.
If you want all-time stats:
- 15923 users have been review-banned at least once
- 676 users have at least 10 review bans
@NathanOliver no, you'll need a CM for that. Usually we would just ask Shog for stats.
cries a little
Pff, there are 15922 competitors in my category.
1:34 PM
@SamuelLiew Of those 703 "Requires Editing" bans, can we know how many are a result of 'ordinary' users raising mod-flags on the reviewers? (Or are they all such - i.e. moderators don't go rummaging around looking for them, without prompting?)
@SamuelLiew I offered Catija my help in case she needed a sql query on their internal SEDE. So I wouldn't hold back on asking. Can't deny it would have been easier if the floating head was still able to access that internal SEDE instance.
@AdrianMole too slow! :D
@NickA I had a mouthful + handful of sandwich...
@AdrianMole probably just one or two are from custom flags. I daily manually check H&I for closable questions, then review-ban from the Triage
good workflow ...
1:36 PM
@SamuelLiew That would very much surprise me o.o, essentially all of my modflags are due to bad reviewers xd
@SamuelLiew That's awfully nice of you (not being sarcastic). I stay away from HIQ because it's a lot of garbage from triage.
@Nathan New term: Triarbage?
Or just garbage. Garbage + Triage, It's like they were made for each other ;)
Or just triage... Triage + Garbage... not too interesting though
It used to be an average of 250-300 review banned users at any time, until I upgraded my review ban userscripts about a month ago
1:41 PM
That's a big increase.
Yet despite your best efforts, @Samuel, so much still gets through to H&I. :(
you're welcome, I do what I can
If you want to help just run for mod next election. I already have the userscripts 😁
Hehe. Just out of curiosity: Are there audits in the H&I queue? (I can't remember ever having one, but I do a lot of skipping in there.)
1:45 PM
I don't think so
@SamuelLiew In other words: Triage is still broken :P
@AdrianMole Wouldn't make sense to have them, the only option in the queue is edit which is (almost) always a valid option
@Machavity I actually raised that in my interview with SE re: review queues, brought up how H&I isn't a helpful queue without changes to triage which would result in less junk being thrown into it
Actually, in my experience, "Edit" is almost always the wrong option.
@AdrianMole I mean in terms of with posts, not in the queue, ideally every post in the queue the valid response would be edit... it just isn't
90% of reviews in H&I can be closed. I have been closing questions from H&I
also bumps those out of the queue
1:49 PM
I suggested to Lisa (UX project) that there should be a "Close" button as an internal option (it can be added by the SOAP script, but that still requires a Skip). This would (a) help reduce the queue size and (b) give folks a reasonable chance of another Gold Badge. :)
@SamuelLiew A mod's close vote bumps the post out of the queue ('cos it closes the post, I guess); but what does an ordinary CV do? Does that move it into the CV queue?
no, I don't think it does
@AdrianMole I can't always blame the reviewers tho. It's not unreasonable to assume it means the OP needs to edit the question, when in reality it means another person should clean the question up
@AdrianMole here, try a CV on this question and I'll see if it bumps it out of H&I stackoverflow.com/questions/60433551/…
still there
1:58 PM
So it's now in 2 queues?
Yeah, A cv wont remove it, it just also adds it to the CVQ. Only way to remove it is to actually close it.
a CV doesn't immediately push it into CV review, reviews are added by a batch process
Does a VLQ flag kick it from queue?
from H&I, yes
there's a review flowchart here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/278380/…
@SamuelLiew I'm glad about 703 users are banned for selecting "Requires Editing" in Triage when the question was unsalvagable. H&I is unusable because of this.
2:12 PM
@AdrianMole I still stand behind my suggestion they scrap H&I and just simply throw up an edit screen for the reviewer (just like several other queues do). Would solve both problems
I've got another great stat. Out of 984 currently banned reviewers, 824 are banned from Triage for some reason (audit or manual). That's 84%
@Machavity That's fine for >2K users but, for those whose edits need reviewing (= 2 approvals), it would defeat the purpose of Triage (which is fast turnaround).
@AdrianMole People under 2k can see that queue?
I can't remember, TBH.
But Triage was the first of my Steward badges, so that vaguely suggests I saw that queue in the first round of privileges I reached.
2:23 PM
@AdrianMole @Machavity People under 2k can not see the H&I queue
Speaking from experience :)
I was over 2k when they rolled out Triage so I don't know who can see what there
@Machavity was talking about Triage, I thought. This user has 507 rep and did Triage today.
@Machavity Triage is 500 rep iirc, but isn't listed in the priviledge lists (or at least not that i could see)
@Nick I think that's because Triage is a 'new' review (and only on SO, I think).
@AdrianMole 5 years doesn't include new imo ;p
2:31 PM
It may be interesting to see what the proportion of 'Triage-Banned' users with < 2K rep is?
Honestly, if you've not been review banned at least once, you're not a real reviewer :P
Absolutely! (Did you get a flower-stamp on your helmet for posting that?)
Yeah, Triage, First Posts, and Late Answers are all available at 500 rep. Interestingly enough, the Triage queue is not mentioned on the relevant privileges page
I've had a few audit-induced bans (I think 3 and then 7 days, once-upon-a-time). Never had a moderator-imposed ban, though. These days, if fail two audits in a few days, I go into 'slow review' mode. It's what I call "Review Fatigue."
Speaking of review queues, we should all get busy in the CVQ :-P
@Machavity Guess I'm a fake reviewer then :-P
2:36 PM
You probably always win at Minesweeper too :p
@TylerH Not even one? :o
Sam, this man needs to be banned from reviews!
@Das_Geek Not that I can recall. I have failed a fair few audits, though overwhelmingly those were bad audits.
@Machavity I actually don't know how to play Minesweeper. I mean, I know the gist, but that's about it
Something about you're more likely to find a mine the higher number of flags there are
or the higher number that is on the flag, or something
The number indicates how many mines are on adjacent (including) diagonal squares
I was more interested in Solitaire or Pinball than Minesweeper when playing built-in Windows games
@NickA ah
well that sounds pretty straightforward
2:40 PM
it is ^^"
@TylerH You find an open square (which opens up the board). From there, each "touching" square tells you how many squares it touches have a mine. Fun game on a boring day
@Machavity if only game sites weren't blocked at work :-(
"but I swear I have nothing productive to do while my code compiles"
The username for that recent SD post is also, of itself, rude and abusive.
@TylerH The wiki page provides download links for all the originals
Minesweeper is a very easy game to write yourself. If you can't access games at work then just build one.
In the labs where my project does most of its work, there's no internet connection. However, there's a copy of the most recent official Ubuntu repositories, so we always joke around that we could all just play Nethack
Rollback and comment about post as a answer ? stackoverflow.com/questions/60434398/…
@Shree Is that question (+ edited-in answer) of any long-term value?
I don't know any thing about python.Not sure. Question is , question valid as it is ? Update question and put answer on question ........
3:41 PM
The poster seems to think this is a different place: We don't do "SOLVED: XXX" on SO, do we?. If the post adds little or nothing to the linked Q/A (or it could be moved as an answer there), then close -> delete may be the way to go. But, like you, I'm not an 'appropriate adult' in the Python universe.
@AdrianMole No we don't, if it's solved it should be added as an answer, not to the question
Rollback ?
@AdrianMole Definitely no [solved] meta-devices in titles, and no Update appendices in a question to give an answer.
@Shree Rollback and post answer as CW answer could be appropriate
(If a question is closed then I may give way on the latter, but never on the former).
3:54 PM
@NickA done thanks.
4:17 PM
Mm.. indices and ranges in C# 8... I sense a lot of confusion will arise from them not being 0-based (and thus it's another good reason, not that more were needed, that array indices (for example) should always be 1-based)
I reject your reality. All arrays should be 0-based
If we started counting IRL like that then I'd agree
I hate 0-based. I always need to add +1 to give them better shape.
I hate 1-based, I can't easily use arr[y*width+x] to get to an element in a flattened 2D array
0-based just makes the math so much easier.
4:23 PM
What math? This is such a C/C++ thing to say =p
Plop folks
I went looking one day for why people think 0-based is a good idea and I traced it back to Djikstra basically saying "in my opinion this one particular formula is easier to read"
@NathanOliver Yeah, that's Pandora's box
4:25 PM
@TylerH I'm sad that when I got taught programming back in school we were taught VB5 and were defining arrays as Dim x(1 to 10) as Integer... and if that's the case, couldn't agree more with Djikstra
Not sure if it's a chicken-or-the-egg scenario here, but back in the day when you had to move pointers around, 0-indexed arrays made more sense as all you had to do was access the memory via [index*memsize]
Its high from my head
@Machavity TIL ponies are smarter than Dijkstra
When you have to interface at a low level, 0-indices will always make more sense as there are more natural correlations to physical hardware. At higher levels, it's arbitrary.
4:30 PM
@NickA Actually I think it was this page: cs.utexas.edu/users/EWD/transcriptions/EWD08xx/EWD831.html
FWIW, all my proofs in university used 1-indexed arrays
@TylerH We do. In Europe floors are counted from 0
@Dharman TIL I need to move
In other words, the basis for so many programming languages using 0-indexed arrays is because Dijkstra couldn't understand the GTE/LTE symbols
In C the index is basically an offset from the array pointer, isn't it?
4:32 PM
@Dharman Correct
As I said earlier, when you gotta interface with memory directly, starting at zero is better
It's all about optin ?
@Dharman In Europe do you also refer to the person at the head of a line/queue as being the 0th person in line?
also in the US there's a confusion WRT floors - some use 1st floor, some others use Ground or Lobby floor and then 1st
it's frustrating
I've seen 3 2 1 ★L LL B
Lobby, lower level, basement maybe?
I expected Lobby and Lower Lobby for some reason xd but that makes more sense
Could be, who knows
4:35 PM
@TylerH You are the first in the queue because 0th person is at the counter.
I'm my state's capitol building there's "in between" floors called mezzanines, and there's two of them. I say they're called mezzanines because they don't actually meet the definition of the word
@Dharman that person is not in the queue, though
so they shouldn't be counted
@Das_Geek L and LL usually means there's two ground floors; for buildings built on a grade/incline for example
like the front opens up to the street, but the back opens up to the street as well lower down a hill/mountain side
0 is never counted. It just means no offset from the pointer i.e. the counter.
@Dharman the queue is only the number of people waiting
@TylerH In my apartment building, they just move the around for which one is "ground". Sometimes it's 3, others it's 2 or 1
4:38 PM
of the person at the counter is being helped, they're not waiting, thus they're not in the queue (or the array)
so if you want to be consistent w/ 0-based arrays, you have to refer to the first person in the line as being the 0th person in line
Gonna have to agree there. The zeroth item is still in the stack. Someone being helped has been popped off and is no longer there
@Das_Geek wouldn't the star mean "you are here"?
@TylerH Don't think that'd work on an elevator
@Das_Geek well, if you have a star-shaped light...
but yes a plastic colored star in a fixed position wouldn't make much sense there
Pffft, that means extra things. Things cost money
4:40 PM
I'm just trying to reconcile it with you saying your building moves the star icon around
unless they're just trying to mess with their tenants :-P
They also do weird things with the floor maps at intersections; they rotate based on the direction you're facing right then as opposed to a constant orientation. Was really confusing seeing a different building shape between intersections when I first moved there.
So maybe they are trying to mess with tenants :P
5:10 PM
5:37 PM
Never mind. Don't trash it.
Can someone trash this asking for something else to be trashed?
@S.S.Anne done
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