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10:03 PM
@AdrianMole not quite the same: you can make ham out of a hamster :)
@Nick Well, you might have a point
@Machavity great play on words! :)
@DalijaPrasnikar I feel like we should delete the other one too
10:19 PM
@klutt That is not a actual close reason. What did you use as a reason?
@Scratte That usually implies clarity
@klutt No. Some use Needs Focus. It could also be a request for an example. Some use off-site resources for that :) But, it helps if you put a real close reason. Also, if someone later find their post being requested in here, it doesn't look so good with "gimme teh codez".
@Scratte Well, "gimme teh codez" questions are not clear enough to describe what problems they have writing the code. :)
@klutt We try to avoid judging the question with things like "gimme teh codez". As such, we do ask you stick to standard reasons for closure. Thanks
Sure thing, I'll think about it in the future
A more polite version, depending on the question, is often "Needs More Focus (requirements dump)". For that particular question, I'd probably just dupe it against stackoverflow.com/questions/7687310/java-array-with-loop
@RyanM I don't think they'd be able to work it out, to be honest. It's a multidimensional array. The target seems to be just looping a regular array.
@Scratte Could also toss in stackoverflow.com/questions/19376735/… since they just want the first one
(oh how I wish non-gold-badgers could suggest multiple dupes without coordinating between users to suggest different dupes)
@RyanM I just list them in a comment. This post is not getting opened.
But I think they need a tutorial, not Stack Overflow Answers. They'll miss the connections how it really works.
@Scratte oh I know, no reason to bother with this one. the OP deleted it anyway. Just for future similar situations.
Yeah, that might be the case
10:33 PM
@RyanM They did? It looks to me like it's still there.
I know I type questions like "for loop over array $language" into Google and click the SO links when I'm trying to do some random task in a language I don't care about learning properly :-p
@Scratte deleted and undeleted: stackoverflow.com/posts/64435817/timeline
@RyanM Ahh.. OK.
@RyanM Yeah.. that's how I do it with JavaScript. I have no idea how any of the user scripts actually work, I just copy'n'pasted something that does what I want it to. Well.. some times anyway :D
11:06 PM
this is NAA, right, because it's a troll answer?
A cheeky answer to a poor question.
11:21 PM
@Dharman I see you have not been everywhere removing "Hope this helps!" yet. I just read a post and felt it wrong to upvote it when I reached the end and saw that..
@Scratte Link, please
achievement unlocked: send custom flag about a situation complex enough that it takes multiple days to handle, even with the flag queue under control again :D
@RyanM Mods are humans and they like to procrastinate too
I'm not complaining, to be clear :-) the situation is, in fact, complex (and it has been partly handled; I suspect they're waiting to find time to tie up the loose ends).
11:27 PM
There 100k posts containing Hope it helps or some variant there of. I don't look for old posts. If I find them organically I remove it
I've seen a number of "Hope it works" in the last few days.
ok... I am not yet removing that.
Hmm, fine I will add that to my regex tomorrow. stackoverflow.com/a/64417954/1839439
You should remove all "messages of hope" ... may even suit your style! ;-P
We haven't lost all hope yet.
@AdrianMole TIA :)
11:35 PM
@Vickel That Is Awesome?
Thanks in Advanced
@Scratte Tanks in Advance
and all variations
I'm quite fond of an occasional Tia Maria.
tanks to advance
11:36 PM
Trouble In Avalanches
Trying Inane Aphorisms
hrmf.. need to google weird words again..
it looks like we can't help it, it comes up every now and then, so old...
Or, as Yoda would say, "Terrific is Adrian!"
@AdrianMole TI-AMO: terrific is Adrian MOle
translate it:)
11:43 PM
@Vickel 💋
That's the emoji saying "You don't have to be cool..." from the emoji post :)
@Scratte you are just jelous, there is no romantic TI-SCR :)
First came TIA. Next is: TYSM :) YSML!
When you're so grateful, you can't be bothered to spell it out.. :D
Then comes PHP
... which obviously stands for Phanks Happy People
11:58 PM
followed by Codeigniter and all other similar PHP frameworks
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