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12:03 AM
@JonClements: no, the Youchi distillery
12:16 AM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre - Should this CSV/PDF question be closed, too? How to write a table from CSV to PDF using Python. (It is now a cited dup).
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4:59 AM
There are a bunch of items in the queue for the tag for anyone who has votes available.
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6:00 AM
@JonClements Would you like to talk to a human? I'm the Doctor.
I see its already requested
@Cœur erm you are asking a ninja puppy to communicate like a human :p
^Does OP mean translation? Anyone knows Indonesian?
7:41 AM
@SurajRao Yes you're right, it asks for Indonesian translation of the definition of remote method in loopback. I voted as unclear.
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9:16 AM
@jww yes, dupe/too broad
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10:42 AM
@IslamElshobokshy we cannot cv-pls an answer ... you should use a flag for this
11:35 AM
Also ridiculous answer to stupid question with more links than text... stackoverflow.com/a/53931412/6451573. One more reason to close the question
11:47 AM
@Jean-FrançoisFabre the answer seems above the chaff to me
Which tag has most gold badge users (hammers)?
I guess it's another SEDE T-SQL scripting task?
12:12 PM
@sideshowbarker ninja :D ^^
1:06 PM
@IslamElshobokshy While one-boxes are not completely banned, the desire is to keep them to a minimum. "When posting a URL, use link syntax to make the link flow with the text, like look at [this post](//www.example.com/)." Please visit socvr.org and read the FAQ. There's a bunch of information in the FAQ as to interacting in SOCVR.
@IslamElshobokshy For requests like that, we use a format that allows others to find the requests and scripts to both present the requests to people and archive them when they are complete. The basic format is [tag:cv-pls] close reason https://stackoverflow.com/q/12345. Please see: How and why do I need to format my cv-pls (and other requests)?. I'd suggest reading the complete SOCVR FAQ.
@IslamElshobokshy As has been mentioned, we can't close-vote an answer (cv-pls). What you're probably wanting here is a Not An Answer (NAA) flag. However, a single NAA flag gets the job done. In general, we don't permit requests for VLQ and NAA flags, because multiple flags of those types on posts are near-useless. We do permit requests to re-flaged, if your flag has been cleared due to the post being edited, or if you are unable to flag, for some reason.
1:29 PM
@IslamElshobokshy If you want to re-post this with the URL for the question included in the same message as the [tag:cv-pls], feel free to do so.
@IslamElshobokshy In general, please use a more detailed request reason than just "off-topic". "Off-topic" is insufficient, as it covers many different close reasons. On SO, "off-topic" includes all of: General computing (Super User, but really anything that "doesn't belong here"); belongs on Server Fault; is a Resource request; No MCVE (debugging question which doesn't fulfill requirements); Typo/Not Reproducible; Migration (to a few different, but not all, sites); and Other: custom reason.
1:54 PM
@JohnDvorak guy is well known here to post ludicrious answers to simple questions, with a lot of links to the C standard and other stuff you don't need for a simple "Hello world" program. I can tell one of his answers without even seeing who answered. 50 hyperlinks may impress some bozos who upvote
That's just a hypothesis
I'm not against good quality answers to bad questions, but that one is pushing it to the limit, everytime. Waste of space. Also guilty of answering blatant dupes... You'd think 200k+ user would know better, but noooo.
(but the question would have required deletion by itself).
I did delvote the question
yeah so I've seen. Damn the trash we get for xmas...
You mean selfies on imgur?
3:02 PM
I don't really understand burnination process
FAQ doesn't says what should I do. Just upvote or what?
This username -_-
@DimaRostopira If you mean the meta post, upvote it if you agree with the proposal and downvote it if you disagree
It's hard to disagree with burnination of music tag
3:23 PM
Why is it "hard to disagree with burnination of music tag"? What's so bad about it? It seems quite unambiguous, and easily memorable (in contrast to "sound-synthesis" and other cumbersome & lengthy tag names).
It's ambiguous
And useless. Let's say, I love developing using flutter. And I've subscribed to this tag. This way somebody who asked question with flutter tag will get my attention
Who will subscribe to music tag? And who will answer such question?
You say sound-synthesis is long. But music can be attached to question about synthesis, or about encoding/decoding, about playback, and will be related to any possible platform and language in the universe
3:39 PM
You are comparing it to a very specific tag. Not all tags are that specific. There are other far less specific tags, which I don't consider useless: e.g. "functional-programming" tag is not tied to any specific programming language or framework, but it still describes a somewhat cohesive domain of knowledge, and a particular style to solve problems.
I don't see why the area of music programming shouldn't have its own tag. I can imagine that solutions that work for supercollider could be easily reused / translated into e.g. Chuck.
Functional programming i's paradigm, and it should be used to ask questions about functional paradigm specifically. I wouldn't attach it to question like "How to use .map() in kotlin?"
I don't even understand, what you said about supercollider
Okay, let's go another way. A question for example "How to reencode raw adts aac to opus in android?" which tags should I use? Android, java, opus? Or just put music and hope for the best? If you ask question, you must be specific in description, code and tags as well
I've never used it myself for anything, but as far as I know, there are dozens of programming languages and frameworks that are essentially more or less sophisticated wrappers around supercollider. I assume that users of those languages and frameworks will face similar problems, which will have similar solutions, even though all those languages and frameworks have different names. Maybe they should have some common tag that they can use even if they are working with an experimental language.
So, why not to use supercollider tag?
Because it's just one example, there are other music programming languages, built on other libraries (not necessarily supercollider). Still, even if someone uses completely different language built on another framework, tagging it as "music" (or maybe "music-programming") could be useful, because it will attract attention of other people who understand something about music theory & laying out events in time & simultaneously know how to express it in code.
I assume that the "music-programming" folks will probably come up with completely different design patterns, that aren't used anywhere else. The fact that there aren't many people who actually do something with music programming languages doesn't make the tag entirely useless, imo.
3:54 PM
Just open top questions of this tag doesn't share framework/language or even subject. It's just polluted mess
Newest questions tab isn't better
Can this be closed as typo ? Or with what reason ? stackoverflow.com/questions/53934203/…
@Denys - Typo.
I love how fast those guys deleted their answers :D
@DimaRostopira Admittedly, the "top" questions with the tag are quite a mess, but maybe that's not because of the "music"-tag per se, but rather because those questions are all very old (stuff from 2011, 09, even 08); Old questions (even top-voted ones) tend to be vague and "off-topic" by today's standards... I think it could be because the questions are old, not because they are tagged inappropriately. It's probably a combination of different effects.
May I ask, why you didn't post your opinion on meta?
4:05 PM
@DimaRostopira the first one is undeleted
I can't downvote it twice
@DimaRostopira Maybe I'll do that. The SOCVR chat was linked in the burnination request, so I thought that I should at least take a look at what's going on here. ;)
maybe duplicate?
Yeah... This user7456957468 actually proposed something that looked like a more or less good duplicate target. Well. Too late :/
4:20 PM
o/ happy boxing day
4:44 PM
@DimaRostopira write an answer to explain your concerns.
Nah, I'm too lazy, it will be burninated anyway
That can go both ways, as in: yes, burn or No, keep it and anything in between
@DimaRostopira there have been enough requests that have been declined. Saying it will be burninated anyway doesn't do justice to those that defended or proposed better solutions.
5:05 PM
@rene Twitter drama? too soon...
I saw this docu about comedians after the 9/11 attacks. The consensus was it is never too soon, only bad taste.
@rene speaking of bad taste, kevin spacey released an odd video last week...
Bad taste? Maybe it was from all the steel and concrete dust in the air.
@TylerH yes, that made it even on the news here.
@JohnDvorak probably
@JohnDvorak that comment reminds me about the primitive technology videos I rewatched over the weekend
and now I have the urge to try and smelt my own iron
5:21 PM
Eight cobblestone in a chest formation. Not too hard. The best fuel is coal if you have some, wood planks will also do. Sticks are less efficient for bulk smelting, but they may be better for low volume tasks. For industrial-scale applications, consider buckets of lava. Not as easy to obtain, but they last a looong time.
@JohnDvorak wait, are we talking about Minecraft suddenly
I also have been neglecting Minecraft lately much to my own dismay, but I meant smelt iron IRL
oh. Vids please.
@JohnDvorak I haven't done it yet but this is the video that I am referring to youtube.com/watch?v=U7nqBgklf9E
5:28 PM
Authentic recording from 5500 BC?
Video camera made from leaves and bark
4:05 OSHA wouldn't be happy
What is the Australian equivalent to OSHA
They don't. Do something stupid and you'll die.
Seems legit
This guy bought like 10 acres in the forest in Queensland, Australia to do all this stuff
It's pretty neat but definitely a time consuming hobby
5:38 PM
@TylerH @JohnDvorak Enable subtitles on that
@MadaraUchiha Yep, he does provide useful annotations in most of his videos
I wonder how long it will take until those videos gradually transform into a "linux from scratch" tutorial...
First you need to smelt silicon galide
@AndreyTyukin It does bring one to think of the classic thought exercise, 'if you were dropped into an endless forest on another Earth with no tools, technology, or other people, how long would it take you to send an email'
Email seems a bit complicated... But if he somehow managed to extract some reasonable quantities of metal (iron, copper), then it does not seem too far fetched that he could also build a little hydroelectric power-plant, and then from that bootstrap to some kind of short-distance telegraph that transmits electric signals by wire. Should be doable. Not in an endless forest, but with some patreon support - maybe... If he keeps doing it for the next 50 years or so...
5:52 PM
First you need to build Patreon
@TylerH What will be in that email? Help!
Well... He already uses Patreon support & cameras, and he probably profits from fences and roads and food supply and he has medical insurance, and thousand other things... If he really actually ended up in the forest, he wouldn't get to forge blowers either, so I don't see any fundamental difference between a furnace and a little hydropower plant.
6:11 PM
@double-beep you can't request that until it has -1 score
next time downvote first.
Yes, sorry, didn't know that.
also: you have an answer there. Usually you cannot request deletion for another (concurrent) answer.
and you also need del privileges to request deletion...
6:35 PM
@EJoshuaS Is there a Meta post about burning this tag? A Meta post is required for requests in support of a burnination.
6:46 PM
@AndreyTyukin Where "from scratch" means holding a rock in a thunderstorm and forcing lightning into it, tricking it to think along the way?
@double-beep You have a non-deleted, non community-wiki answer on that question. That means you are "involved" in that answer. Requests about posts in which you are involved are not permitted in SOCVR. Please see #15 in the SOCVR FAQ.
@MadaraUchiha What do you mean by "think"? "to compute"? I didn't say anything about "artificial neural networks & AI from scratch". That would be the next episode after the "linux from scratch" part.
@AndreyTyukin We all know that a processor is just a rock we tricked into thinking via electrocution.
@MadaraUchiha That's true. But I think it's worth emphasizing that the immaterial "trick"-part is just as important as the material "rock" part. It's a very special "rock" - unlike a piece of granite, if you cut it into two pieces, you won't get two smaller "rocks" with similar properties.
@AndreyTyukin I don't understand how cutting a rock into two piece produces rocks with similar properties. The size property is vastly different between the two, is it not?
(Also, just in case it wasn't clear, I'm joking 😀)
7:05 PM
@MadaraUchiha Yeah... But unlike volume & weight, the computational power of a processor does not scale linearly with the size of the piece you cut out of it. ;) I, of course, understand that it's a joke / metaphor, but I think it's quite an interesting one.
7:30 PM
Is it possible for a moderator to delete or edit a question in such a way to remove confidential informations exposed in the question itself? For example the email and password of an imprudent new user. I will try to flag the question if possible.
@Steve yes, they can redact revisions. Needs two mods. Just flag the post and explain what needs to be done.
All right, I will flag then
@Steve you could also make an edit that "removes" the stuff and then ask to redact revision - 1
The user already deleted the question when informed of its misteps. So I have just flagged
7:47 PM
@rene "I know it's after business hours, please kindly respond asap. Thanks - Management"
1 hour later…
@Makyen It's under 50 questions, so it qualifies for the abbreviated burnination process.
@EJoshuaS I understood that. That doesn't mean a Meta post is not required for requests here.
@Makyen I might be at the root cause for that as I forgot we had that rule.
@Makyen My understanding of that rule is that burninations posted here only have to follow the site procedures for burnination (i.e. that we only need a Meta post if the tag has over 50 questions tagged)
It seems kind of pointless to clutter up Meta for something that the site rules explicitly exempt from needing a Meta post for
@EJoshuaS A Meta post in this situation allows people on Meta to be kept informed. This allows a larger cross section of people to voice objections, should they choose to. From SOCVR's point of view, it has a lot to do with transparency. We don't want to be that chat room where people go to destroy the tag they don't like with little or no discussion and no visibility on Meta.
9:08 PM
note that removing a tag from the only question that has it also counts as burnination
I don't think meta will care about the tag that came into being just a few minutes ago being gone.
The problem is Meta is a beast, you don't always know when it goes to bite you
@Makyen Couldn't you make the same argument for people who burninate tags outside the room too, though? By that logic, no one should ever be allowed to follow the abbreviated burnination process.
@EJoshuaS IIRC, the burnination process doesn't explicitly say that a Meta post is not required. It just says that you need to get agreement from a 20k+ user and does not explicitly say that a Meta post is required. Frankly, I feel that the process definition is a bit lacking wrt. the abbreviated process. For instance, what if you have 1 trusted user that agrees and another that disagrees.
@EJoshuaS No, that's not what the argument says. You are conflating Meta post with the full process.
That's a regular edit war then, not a burnination dispute :P
@Makyen The exact requirement on Meta is: "If you have authoritative a knowledge of all technologies relevant to the tag, have conferred with at least one other trusted community member, and are dealing with a tag that has a small number of questions (< 50), then you can go ahead and remove it yourself or with a little ad hoc help."
9:12 PM
@EJoshuaS we are specific case room AND the main authors of that burnination process. We can't grade our own work, that would be wrong
I really don't think meta wants to have to nod to every tag that has 15 questions...
I may hope meta agrees with that, yes.
@EJoshuaS Yes. Does that explicitly say that no Meta post is required? I agree that it's implicit. But, it doesn't trump SOCVR's requirement that requests in this room that are in support of burninations must be backed by a Meta post.
next meeting topic: do we really want that restriction?
@JohnDvorak If you want, as always, you are welcome to add it as an issue.
9:16 PM
@EJoshuaS IIRC authoritative knowledge is classified as a silver or gold badge and a trusted community member = someone with 20k rep or more (not that I'm arguing, just wanting to inject some explicit metrics into the discussion)
@Makyen I had a different understanding of that rule - I had always understood that to mean that we were obligated to follow the usual process. I could be wrong though. Either way, it seems like something to bring up at a room meeting for further discussion as to whether that should (or shouldn't) be the requirement - it seems like the FAQ should explicitly address the case of burninating small tags like that.
@EJoshuaS The point behind SOCVR's requirements is to maintain transparency to Meta, rather than having a couple of people deciding that they want to burn a tag and then getting the other members of this room to participate via the use of requests in here.
I'm in support of @Makyen here and I'm sorry I didn't point out to you nor did I follow our own rules @EJoshuaS which I apologize for.
Q: Should the [asp] tag be given the bite of death?

DijkgraafAte one point the asp was a synonym for asp-classic but this was removed after this request. Can we please remove the [asp] to [asp-classic] tag synonym? as too many people were tagging asp.net with it. The asp has no wiki, and only 34 questions, but it has 4k watchers. Should we burninate thi...

@Feeds No
9:30 PM
@EJoshuaS Frankly, with a moderately sized tag (there are, of course, trivial cases like 1 question in the tag), I'm really not seeing why a Meta post shouldn't be required. Given the abbreviated burnination process, it can just be something that's a relatively short: "Looking to burninate [tag]. This looks like a meta tag to me. Checking the questions makes it appear that it's a magnet for off-topic questions. It doesn't appear to contribute positively to categorizing questions here on SO. …"
Having a Meta post would at least allow some visibility by people other than those the requestor specifically contacts. There are a reasonable number of tags that go through the full process which eventually are declined due to objections by those more familiar with the subject matter. It's reasonable to believe that there would be some which qualify for the abbreviated process which would get similar objections, but could easily be approved by a single 20k+ user.
Please note: I'm not objecting to burning this current tag. I'm just discussing process. I really haven't looked at this tag, so I don't have an opinion on it.
@Makyen It's a terrible Meta tag - all of the questions were either "how do I use this MOOC software?" or "help me with this code for my MOOC" type questions.
@Makyen It seems like that could be a Meta question (about whether the 50 question limit is appropriate) - in this case, the tag had 38 questions originally if I remember correctly, so it was well under the 50-question limit.
9:52 PM
@EJoshuaS I'm not proposing any particular cut-off. I'm just acknowledging that the pedantic point that @JohnDvorak made about a tag with 1 question (or some undefined very small number of questions) does have some validity.
10:29 PM
is it new that we can see vote count from VLQ?
(I mean up/down votes)
10:56 PM
@Makyen So, for the tag, it's down to 15 questions (all closed) - should I create a Meta question for it retroactively so that I can post del-pls requests for them?
11:10 PM
@EJoshuaS Yes, that's what would be necessary in order to post del-pls requests. OTOH, deleting the ones that won't Roomba isn't the only way to complete the burn of the tag.
@Makyen I created a Meta post; if no one objects by the time that the remaining questions are 10k eligible, can I take that as permission to proceed?
Q: Is there a [mooc] about tag burnination?

EJoshuaSI recently encountered the mooc tag. Virtually all of the questions were either "please help me with my homework for my MOOC" or "how do I use this MOOC web site?" questions. The first type is a Meta tag that was comparable to the old homework tag; the fact that the question is about an assignme...

11:38 PM
@EJoshuaS It appears to fulfill the requirement.

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