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9:00 AM
I have this answer of mine in a super duper low traffic tag, about an sdk that nobody nor their mother uses, that had 0 score for about 2 months, and now 3 upvotes in 2 days :/ can't handle this
there must be something wrong somewhere
I've never even heard of AllJoyn!
9:10 AM
@TimCastelijns a homework of some kind and all students stumbled on your answer
That's what I mean david
No idea about win phones but this seemsopinion based or off-site. stackoverflow.com/questions/34084556/windows-phone-10-language
Ah, Stack-Exchange-Editor-Toolkit now makes me very embarrassed :(
@DanielRoseman: Sorry...don't know what's wrong with the Stack-Exchange-Editor-Toolkit, I was just want to remove the thanks and fix the error message format. — Kevin Guan 42 secs ago
/me goes delete it
@KevinGuan I think I've said this to you before but.... check the preview before submitting!
Or just don't use the editor, it can't be trusted!
9:17 AM
42 secs ago, by Kevin Guan
/me goes delete it
Kevin the code is still wrong now
@KevinGuan You seem to be missing my point. It doesn't matter if you use S.E.E.T. or the default interface, you should ALWAYS check what you're about to submit.
@Tunaki I guess that is still open because of Bounty thing
@DavidG /me keep that in mind
9:20 AM
@KevinGuan I don't think it was a false positive
Nor do I, it's certainly spam
I flagged as such
Huh? Looks it's a question, but very bad.
The question only exists to get those links there.
@KevinGuan the link was to a loan company of some kind
^ that
9:22 AM
How do you know whether or not to use u for SD commands?
@TimCastelijns It's strange...I didn't use it this time and the version that I edited is the first version.
@Tunaki Yeah, that one.
Yes kevin but who decides a user should be added to the blacklist and why?
Hmm...if the user is a spam bot, then use u.
2 days ago, by Undo
@KevinGuan Smokey originally reported it, then some idiot called it a false positive
<-- idiot
Okay, so post that spam post link again: stackoverflow.com/questions/34084716/…
@timc your gut feel decides imo
sd fp- deleted
9:29 AM
@SmokeDetector sd gone
@Tunaki No, means and.
i was about to say that
@Drew ok thanks
@Drew Huh? Do you speak Chinese?
9:30 AM
I see you edited it back, ok
i was kidding Kev
@KevinGuan 大家都讲一点中国话
@TimCastelijns 好主意
these questions hurt my eyes
These? Which?
9:33 AM
Q: I have an error of array to string conversion in this code. Could someone please help me out

jptl431<?php session_start(); include "../login/connection.php"; $username = ['uname']; $query = "DELETE FROM users WHERE users.username = '$username'"; if(mysql_query($query) === TRUE){ echo "<script>if(alert('User deleted successfully')){};</script>"; } else { echo "<script>...

these python ones
@TimCastelijns Done the code today? A little bit more complex than previous ones.
@Codester Maybe No MCVE?
Homework type
Asking someone to do his work
sweet, the catch all PHP dupe
9:37 AM
@Codester Fine, next time remember that you could use our SECloseVoteRequestGenerator user-script ;)
@Codester By the way:
> Similarly, please refrain from using oneboxes and other noisy formatting. (When posting a URL, put some text in front of it.)
^ From our FAQ
Ok Got it
I am trying to help
til then fire off a Reason for closing at least
you are thx
9:39 AM
@Codester We know, but please in correct way :P
@KevinGuan Ok sure
And thanks for your help :D
hate one liners
@Tushar technically, it's 2 lines :p
and he did say Please
9:41 AM
@DavidG I came in late today, and actually forgot about it :o will do it in a bit
How to use the userscript ?
@Tunaki Upvoted his comment.
@Codester there is an extra option next to close/flag/edit etc
At least if the script is installed with tampermonkey
@Tim Do you think this is a Python list object? stackoverflow.com/questions/34084957/…
I am noob to these anyways will try to install the script
9:45 AM
@Tunaki What's that?
The you just made, I wasn't sure about it, but then I saw you removed it
@KevinGuan no that is a syntax error
@Tunaki Fine, after I see PM2Ring's comment, then I think it shouldn't be closed...at least shouldn't be closed as No longer reproduce.
@Tim think so
Looks like mine is better than that, move on.
10:02 AM
@KevinGuan Could you look at this? stackoverflow.com/a/34085344/1743880
My chinese is not so good
@Tunaki Translated
thanks :)
Makes perfect sense right? :)
@DavidG yep I know, I did that
@Tunaki Wait, OP is using Windows 7 X64, but apt-get is Debian package manager...
10:06 AM
@kayess Hey
@Tunaki Deleted my comment
Hi kayess
Hey @TimCastelijns && @Tunaki
10:15 AM
Sleep well?
@Tushar I removed the spammy links
@Tushar nice legs
10:37 AM
@TimCastelijns Those are not legs, that's (thumbs up)
I know ;)
10:49 AM
Hate GFW, can't access to Wikipedia now.
Don't say that, the government will come to make you disappear!
@DavidG No problem, all of Chinese hate it and say that many many times.
Global Force Wrestling? (looked up GFW)
The Great Firewall of China!
@TimCastelijns No, it's Great France Wall The Great Firewall of China as David said.
Wiki: Websites blocked in mainland China. This is what GFW does.
Don't know that there's a website called: greatfirewallofchina.org (looks blocked)
However it's too broad for SO.
yup hence my comment:-)
If it's too broad here, it's probably too broad anywhere else
Nope, RE SE even has a tag: decompilation
@DavidG PHP 7.0 was released.. how can we bash this?
11:01 AM
@TimCastelijns We need to sacrifice a lamb to Cthulu
@Sam morgen
Hi sam did you bring Cthulu by any chance?
How did you know?
11:04 AM
@kayess But I think every questions asking for How can I do ____ are off-topic (too broad) anywhere, there's no CodeWriting SE.
Unless OP try something
@KevinGuan I agree, but this one about how to read
@kayess Hmm... So can anyone give me a pointer to get started? I think is too broad (just I think, don't know about C#, @Sam?)
Sorry for pinged you 3 times
Lol, np.
What Q are we talking about here?
Scroll up, the above messages were talking about it.
Ah, right. Lol.
So he's a victim of his own "security".
... phone.
11:13 AM
@Sam So I think OP is asking about How can I do ____, and want to get a start point...which is too broad for SE.
phone ?
And bam, 64k'er answered
As I was trying to say, I'm not too sure with this one.
Huh, see that.
Is there any use in tp-ing a post from a blacklisted user?
Le sigh
11:14 AM
sd deleted
About that 64k'er, I think he maybe don't know which question is too broad or not because of these 79 Reviews.
I'm wondering if typo would be a better reason. Since it's an issue of concept, unlikely to help anyone in the future.
I mean, that's the whole point of obfuscating a program.
Meh, I'll stick with too broad.
@Sam This let me delete lots of messages I've just wrote.
If we're wrong, it can always be reopened.
Fine, so it's too broad.
<-- a soldier without gun r
You can be morale support. :)
11:23 AM
The same question was asked some time ago
Thanks :P
@KevinGuan I was on my phone at the time.
Oh, fine.
What does babaji mean?
Can't remember.
But it was used a lot by spammers a while back.
Ah, understand.
It's a SO Spammers Organization name.
11:39 AM
@DavidG day 4 part one took 5 minutes, 8 lines of code
@DavidG part 2, 5 seconds, 8 lines of code
@TimCastelijns Similar for me though we don't have a simple MD5 <-> string function so I have to steal an additional few lines to do that.
import sys
import hashlib

s = "ckczppom"
i = 0

while True:
	i = i + 1
	stringMD = s + str(i)
	md5 = hashlib.md5(stringMD.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest();
	print md5
	if md5[:6] == "000000":
		print "MATCH!"
		print md5
		print i
How long does yours take to calculate part 2?
this is for second part
~2 seconds
11:41 AM
takes around 2 mintues in python
how do i post multiline code here?
for part one replace number of zeros and :6 to :5
paste in and do ctrl+k
import hashlib

input = 'bgvyzdsv'
n = -1
result = ''

while not result[:6] == '000000':
	n += 1
	temp = input + str(n)
	result = hashlib.md5(temp).hexdigest()

print n
@TimCastelijns why is that 100x faster then mine? (I kinda suck at python)
@rene PLEASE, Help us clear these spam messages.
11:43 AM
@easwee your code runs in ~10 seconds for me, but I leave out the print md5
ok nvm then :P
I think this stringMD.encode('utf-8') is taking long
must be the printing
and is not necessary
yeah I know - but I kinda wanted to see the hash runnin in terminal :P
btw also did it in js
but it hangs on part2
browser hangs
11:45 AM
Can't beat python for these simple scripts anyway
it's a powerhorse for fiddling :P
Looks like I really need buy some votes, anyone can sell some to me?
I pay...never think about it, I also have no upvotes.
that would be a bad idea anyway
Yeah, that one.
There was a meta post a while back where someone was actually doing that
A few dollars for 3-5 UVs, or something like that.
11:51 AM
Buy rep?
Woah, that's expensive
Plop =D
Haha, but why buy upvotes for?
11:51 AM
Imaginary interwebz points rox
Sillyhat req for that pls.
Rep on SO is not only useful for on-site privileges, I think
I use my real name, so employers can check my skills, etc. That might also be a bad thing though :P
Do actually any employer do that?
I got a job offer email a couple of days ago, not something I wanted but when I asked where they got my email, they said Github.
11:55 AM
There has to be one out there.
Hmm...so is that user banned?
@KevinGuan Not sure if they ever found out who it was.
@DavidG thanks David :) although it was emotional, it was really good, as the majority of our extended family drew together and that was a good thing.
Why ya asking? :P
Morning MrsEd!
@MrsEd That's great. Last funeral I went to was for a very close family/friend as despite the circumstances, we had a great day
11:56 AM
@Sam If not I'll go to sell some upvotes :P
@kayess yes, I got 4 fulltime job offers through SO so far. Can't accept any though since I'm still a student and can at most do some parttime work in the evening
Hi @Sam :)
Night @MrsEd :D
@DavidG it makes a huge difference. speaking of funerals, how's closey?
@KevinGuan Oh, ok. I'll just have a word with some bots I know...
11:57 AM
@KevinGuan night Kevin :)
@Sam :P
Kevin disappears soon after...
user banned now
@TimCastelijns hmm.. interesting! However most employers in the country where I live is left behind such methods by ages
As in checking community things like SO

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