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12:09 AM
is normal for the editor script to be executed when I press Enter on the title/tag boxes?
Not sure, but I don't think so :D
No, it's not supposed to.
I'll have to take a look at that.
If at least the courser would jump into the question box and then fix the content
Found it, I put the right code in the wrong place.
12:22 AM
that sounds dirty...
btw can it be that the preview doesn't update when you just click on the "fix content" button?
You don't like the diff?
Are you using my version of the editor or the standard version?
12:29 AM
Cause that definitely doesn't look like my version
// @author Cameron Bernhardt (AstroCB) Seems the the std one
better :D
Can I change it so it's by default in normal preview mode without showing the changes?
Not as of yet, with some modification of the code though yes.
12:34 AM
Yeah, that one.
@Tim I see that you're Smoke privileged user now, congratulate that you can remove others coffee now :P
Hmmm, I'm not having much luck stopping the editor from doing that @Braiam, you'll have to give me a bit to see what is going on.
12:53 AM
@Closey Are you here?
@KevinGuan Sorry, I don't understand that. Use commands for a list of commands.
Yeah, it's the stable version
And no complaining. :p
@Sam Looks like we can't live without @Closey :)
1:02 AM
Should this be mod flagged for closure? stackoverflow.com/questions/33966945/…
@KevinGuan :)
@DavidG Checking...
So let me get that gold badge:
@Closey starting
@KevinGuan Happy reviewing! Note: You had 750 open sessions. I have closed them.
750 open sessions ?
@Closey last session stats
@KevinGuan Your last completed review session ended 24 seconds ago and lasted 22 hours, 14 minutes and 48 seconds. However, the number of reviewed items has not been set. Use the command last session edit count <new count> to set the new value. Note: You still have a review session in progress. It started 24 seconds ago.
1:04 AM
There were some issues this morning
I have no idea what state the DB's in.
@DavidG Well it's pob.
@Closey audit stats
@KevinGuan Stats of all tracked audits by tag:
 | Tag Name   | %     | Count |
 | Python     | 44.44 | 4     |
 | C++        | 11.11 | 1     |
 | c#         | 11.11 | 1     |
 | javascript | 11.11 | 1     |
 | C#         | 11.11 | 1     |
 | python     | 11.11 | 1     |
Can't remember what the policy is on bounty Qs.
1:05 AM
@Closey commands
Below is a list of commands for the Close Vote Chat Bot

    alive - A simple ping command to test if the bot is running.
    commands - Shows this list.
    help - Prints info about this software.
    running commands - Displays a list of all commands that the chat bot is currently running.
    status - Tests if the chatbot is alive and shows simple info about it.

    audit stats - Shows stats about your recorded audits.
    completed tags [min <#>] - Shows the latest tags that have been completed by multiple people.
I'll flag it then, I've done that before
@Closey my completed tags
@KevinGuan I don't have any completed tags by you on record. When you run out of items in your filter paste the message into chat here and I'll record it.
1:05 AM
Yeah, that one.
Well done @Tiny, you've made a new meme.
passed sql audit
@tiny PR?
@TinyGiant ... I've got a cv-pls that isn't going through with the latest update.
@Sam Hmm...so we have Plop, , and Kevin's coffee right?
1:18 AM
I guess so
passed c++ audit
1:37 AM
@Mogsdad What question?
@Braiam Pull request?
@Sam Magic?
@TinyGiant Yeah, that one.
Oh, that one.
Yeah, that one.
1:40 AM
No, not that one.
No, it's the one.
Night guys
lol, night Sam.
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing. And you finally reviewed 1k CVs and get the Steward badge.
> Thank you for reviewing 40 close votes today; come back in 22 hours to continue reviewing.
1:45 AM
@KevinGuan Thanks for reviewing! To see more information use the command last session stats.
Yeah, that one.
@Closey last session stats
@KevinGuan Your last completed review session ended 49 seconds ago and lasted 41 minutes and 30 seconds. You reviewed 40 items, averaging a review every 1 minute and 2 seconds.
@KevinGuan gratz
Ah, didn't checked enough. Is this answer should be deleted? It's really answered the question, but simply copy-paste the dupe's accepted answer: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/10434695
1:52 AM
@KevinGuan I upvoted the second comment and recommended deletion.
2:05 AM
@TinyGiant Fine, nerver mind about my choice...
Well, @NathanTuggy did disagree with me, and I respect his opinion. I may not have been correct in that case.
/me goes search about it
And what is <?!= HtmlService.createHtmlOutputFromFile('CSS').getContent(); ?> supposed to be?
Found some, meta.stackexchange.com/questions/1096/… and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/10841/…. @Tiny what do you think about these?
Now I have another question: If the user is write another answer, and looks like the dupe answer.
Or there's little different between these two questions and answers, but should be a dupe.
@TinyGiant some framework thingy?
2:16 AM
And this example, someone simply copy-paste the dupe's accepted answer.
What should we do with these answers and questions?
considering createHtmlOutputFromFile namespace, not a good one
@Braiam Yeah... I think No MCVE fits pretty well there.
@KevinGuan I don't see how those were on the same topic as we were previously discussing.
@KevinGuan It's all about the answers.
If the answer from one question answers the other question then it is a duplicate.
2:18 AM
@TinyGiant This one, with the original custom message. The message was long, but not max.
Yeah , that one. I know, the second one maybe off-topic as we were previously discussing. But I think maybe little helpful for us.
Okay, how to fix the format? ^
Yeah, ---that one--- === Yeah, that one
@TinyGiant Templated HTML in Google apps script
Kinda PHP-ish
@TinyGiant Ah, ---- != ---.
@Mogsdad I had a sneaking suspicion it had something to do with you.
2:20 AM
@KevinGuan yes
@TinyGiant So what about other examples?
What do you mean?
I mean that...for example about my this answer:
/me goes find it
@Mogsdad I think it must have maxed out the chat entry limit.
I'll have to figure out what that limit is and impose a cutoff.
2:23 AM
@TinyGiant That is my guess as well - the markdown wasn't anything special. The limit shows up while you're typing a custom message.
500 char limit.
Now the custom message length.
You can't try to find one answer in 192 Answers if you don't remember the title of that question.
@TinyGiant Okay, then I don't know how to explain that, so never mind.
Let's move on, by the way I have 5 gold badges now.
2:37 AM
@Mogsdad Ok, so add the title and everything in and you're well over the limit.
@KevinGuan Nice
@KevinGuan So are you asking about the direction of the closure?
Or are you talking about duplicate answers on the same question?
@TinyGiant OK, so what to do. Right now it acts like it's working, but doesn't - that's not good. Could truncate the message, but that might have surprising side-effects (if in middle of a link, say). Could report that message is too long. If using the cv-pls link, allow it to be edited. If using the close dialog w/ checkbox, could disable the checkbox maybe?
2:41 AM
Hmm...actually I mean if there're two question, were asking different things but the answer could be the same, and someone posted an answer on the new question, should it be deleted? For example someone asked about How to create an array in the xxx format, I need xxxxx..., so it should be dupe as How to create an array in xxx format, but someone answered it like You can use the following code to get xxxxx...
@Mogsdad The easiest way to do it would be directly before sending the message, after the message has been constructed. Then if it is too long, display an error, and open the cv-pls menu to the reason box.
^ should this answer be deleted? I have an answer like that and there's one upvote on it.
And now I can't find it
@KevinGuan There is no real consensus on that yet.
One side says that it isn't the answerer's fault, so they should not be punished. The other side says that there is no reason to have fragmented information.
Yeah, that one.
2:45 AM
Ultimately, it is an answer to the question asked; it does not have severe content or formatting problems; and it is otherwise not dangerous in any way, besides the big fragmentation problem.
Okay, let me try to find my answer in these 0.2k answers.
Finally I really found it, this one, @Tiny feel free to downvote.
@closey completed tags min 4
@Drew Showing the latest 10 tags that have been cleared by at least 4 people.
 | Tag Name           | Count | Latest Time Cleared     |
 | .net               | 4     | 2015-11-26 18:43:07 UTC |
 | twitter-bootstrap  | 6     | 2015-11-26 18:37:30 UTC |
 | css3               | 8     | 2015-11-24 21:05:34 UTC |
 | google-docs        | 4     | 2015-11-23 21:18:25 UTC |
 | google-apps-script | 6     | 2015-11-23 21:16:54 UTC |
 | spring-mvc         | 6     | 2015-11-16 02:35:58 UTC |
 | screen-scraping    | 8     | 2015-11-15 02:14:02 UTC |
@Closey stats
8,748 need review
237 reviews today
2,965,847 reviews all-time
2:54 AM
/me waiting for 3,000,000 reviews all-time party.
@KevinGuan I don't see any reason to delete it. There isn't an explanation, so I wouldn't upvote it either, but I wouldn't delete it.
your italics key stuck again? David is out there somewhere
@TinyGiant Huh? So this is the question. What to do with my answer?
3:10 AM
@KevinGuan If you want to delete it, that's up to you entirely. If you want to leave it, that is perfectly ok.
Oh, so they both okay. Then why we should delete the above one? (that review item)
That review item was basically saying "Oops, I did something stupid". Questions like these are highly unlikely to be useful to anyone else, there is no reason to keep them around so instead of answering their own question like they did, they should just delete the question. However, at least with the answer deleted the automatic deletion script can do it's thing.
@TinyGiant Ah, got it. Thanks :D
@Drew Voted
@KevinGuan python stuff2 I think the guy wants a DVD mailed to him stackoverflow.com/questions/34079990/…
3:19 AM
@Drew Voted2
@Drew I'd say general computing (unix/linux)
thx tiny
Ninja-ed by Kevin
3:20 AM
Yeah, that one.
3:42 AM
@TinyGiant @KevinGuan (guessing) I've edited the question, it no longer deserves closing. (Answered it, too.)
@Mogsdad Looks good, retracted my close vote, upvoted both, deleted my comment.
@TinyGiant Thanks. Could you request a delete of the cv-pls, too - hopefully a room owner will do that before it gets more attention.
@Mogsdad Which one?
@KevinGuan Follow the links! But this: stackoverflow.com/questions/34079681/…
Looks like I didn't vote
3:46 AM
Hmmm.. who then? Oh, well.
@TinyGiant @rene or @gunr could one of you please delete the message referred to by this message? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
@tushar the guy was saying something different in last comment he made
@TinyGiant Agreed.
@Drew Copy paste the code in browser console, It works
@tushar the guy said: No. There were typos in my question because of SO's lack of highlighting in the web editor. The issue remains.
3:48 AM
@Braiam Did you cv this question that Tiny cv-pls'd? If so, have another look. I've edited it, added the relevant language tag (because it was Google Apps Script) - I don't think it's deserving of a MCVE close anymore.
@Mogsdad check my reputation on SO ;)
@Drew Gone
@Tushar But that isn't node.
Unless you have a Node.js 5 setup then you cannot say that it is not reproducible.
@Braiam Fair enough - not you then! But you were conversing on it, so I triggered on that.
3:52 AM
@TinyGiant Works on NodeJS too
that is funny Mogs, I was just thinking about animated gifs an hour ago ... you slayed it
On Node V4.1
By the way because I'm not a HTML expert nor JS expert (just know little), although @Mogsdad's answer looks great, but I'll not upvote it because I really don't understand a part of it.
I'm not looking for upvotes - I'm asking only for retractions of close votes on the question.
Yeah I know, just a tip.
or Yeah, that one.
3:56 AM
Hey, now. polling for opinions. I have a review: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/10436630
which one?
the guy has fixed the answer. the original answer doesn't work
should it be a reject as it goes against the author's intent?
so, I set up namecheap to use cloudflare domains that resolves to my ec2 instance... and worked when I set it up, but not now :(
@ShawnMehan I skip
why not B
It depends, because I always edit a lot to improve an answer if it's an approved answer and has lots of upvotes already instead of post another mine answer, I know that if it's a suggested edit it'll be ejected as attempt to reply or clearly conflicts with author's intent...
4:00 AM
it may be a typo, it may be a good edit, but why get married to it
@Tushar That is specifically what the author is asking about, Node.js v5. I see no evidence that it should be closed.
and I know why... I was also using route 53....
Actually when I only have 2k rep (just can edit a post without review), I see a question, and there's an answer with 1 upvote. The solution is correct but unfortunately that the code doesn't work, after I posted lots of comments the answer's OP edited his answer lots of times, but the problem still doesn't solved. So I edit his answer and then actually the code was mine, but he get 2 upvotes after my edit and OP accepted his answer.
4:07 AM
@ShawnMehan That clearly conflicts with the authors intent.
yep. thx, @Tin
I wanted a second opinion.
felt i might be being too much a hammer :)
@ShawnMehan No, we're all bots :P
> StackOverflowError: Only got 25 rep today, need to get more.
then go answer some questions
800 more points for a gold in Python
4:13 AM
@ShawnMehan Rejected and edited by the OP.
@Drew :P
Just did my 1000th Suggested Edit review. A reject & edit, appropriately. Good way to end the night!
nicely done, @Mogsdad
@KevinGuan the guy doesnt even support his own question by answering 4 different inquiries
4:27 AM
@Tiny Giant For what it is worth, I want to apologize for my belligerence. My frustration was no excuse. I appreciate the professionalism while enduring the asinine behavior. I understand why there is a system and I understand why it has to be followed. My question was unreasonable, and I realize that. — queueUnderflow 15 mins ago
Rolled back. What to say to smokey?
woot, @TinyGiant. moral victory?
@Mogsdad ignore :P
@ShawnMehan yes. :)
4:38 AM
I realised it because of the code formating on stackoverflow, which is sweet. But I hate to waste a question like that so I changed the whole q. — lopu 1 hour ago
Ok. Gotta sleep. Up for hockey in 6 hours. Good night!
Nighty night
20 mins ago, by Kevin Guan
did you guys just see that ridiculous Packers football ending ?
4:41 AM
@Drew That's not hockey...
Please do not deface your posts. If you would like to delete this post then simply unaccept the answer and click the delete link on the post menu underneath your question. — Tiny Giant 48 secs ago
Then someone will lost 15 rep :P
Yeah, however OP can get his 8 rep back
No, accept an answer can get 2 rep :P
4:42 AM
oh yeah
Okay, now is 10.
No, it's 12
Very Very Too Broad
@Tushar That almost looks like a troll, honestly.
4:45 AM
> If I want to write a blog, how do I write a blog?
how does accept an answer then delete the question work ! The points vanish from everyone
Actually now I'm not afraid downvotes because it's easy to get 40+ rep per day (No, don't place 2k downvotes).
@Drew You have to unaccept first.
You cannot delete a question with an upvoted or accepted answer.
4:46 AM
i need to read better
i need to a lot of things better
I'm trying to delete my best question and I got this, if I continue my test will I be banned?
> Delete this answered question?

We do not recommend deleting questions with answers because doing so deprives future readers of this knowledge.

Repeated deletion of answered questions can result in your account being blocked from asking. Are you sure you wish to delete?
hopefully yes
:( canceled
we would be very saddened to lose out little vim buddy
4:48 AM
It depends on how many questions you have asked, what your average question score is, how often you delete questions, etc.
@TinyGiant Oh, but as you said I can't delete that question right? this one, 8 upvotes on it: stackoverflow.com/questions/32841090/…
Also has an accepted answer.
@lopu Do not deface your posts. As Tiny Giant said, that is not how to remove your posts. You can do what he said, or you can raise a flag on your post to tell the moderators you need help. — Ed Cottrell ♦ 5 mins ago
Backed up by a mod, woot.
I'm still feeling sad that @Undo failed the election, he'll be a good mod.
@KevinGuan You can't delete it, it has an upvoted answer.
4:54 AM
@KevinGuan He will be, when his time comes.
@TinyGiant Okay let me try :P
@TinyGiant I think so :D
User banned
@KevinGuan Next year!
Just kidding, it says that Sorry, this question has answers and cannot be deleted; flag it for moderator attention instead.
And I might get pulled up later if they need help between now and next election
@Undo :)
4:57 AM
@Undo So we should make a ruccus to get you called up?
ruccus ?
here is a dumb question, but I am dumb so duh. Where might one find the 8/8 moderation badges. I see like 20 categories or whatever
I write a blog and it should have a backstage management,the backstage code and front-end blog code should place in the same views file folder? — Jack Lee 7 mins ago
brb, @Tiny what do you think about the above comment?
@Drew There's 8 silver moderation badges stackoverflow.com/help/badges?tab=General&filter=silver
5:04 AM
ah thank you tiny
@KevinGuan I'm just going to leave it at that.
@KevinGuan Question deleted.
I feel like an idiot... dammed AWS security groups
In an ideal world this what we should be achieving to do. but the real world is not so ideal...Keale 2 hours ago
^^^ Or too broad, either or.
5:14 AM
@TinyGiant Okay
@Braiam That last one is hilarious.
5:27 AM
Based on this meta post, should I rollback the question and vote to close it as No longer reproduce?
@Tiny Like we did before :)
Which question?
That meta post linked question.
You want to do a roll back on the question linked to in the meta post?
@Braiam did you solve the AWS stuff yet
@TinyGiant Yeah, what do you think about it?
Looks like OP posted a question with wrong tags, so got some wrong answers.
5:32 AM
I'm not sure. I would probably just move on.
@Drew yeah, everything is working as it should (costing .50 less :D)
I'm going to bed. Don't have too much fun without me :)
@TinyGiant Ah, no idea about it. Now the tag corrected and it got a very good answer, but all of the other answers are wrong and one of the answer's OP posted the meta post.
@TinyGiant Okay, sleep well :D
@Braiam i often swing for the spot instances
5:54 AM
I've just realized that the best way to get some attention on a question isn't start a bounty, it's post a meta post about it :P
@SmokeDetector Edited
@KevinGuan User is not blacklisted.
Oh, that one.
@KevinGuan this one is funny, this is how we do requests now, look at the image stackoverflow.com/questions/34081936
@Drew :P
6:44 AM
Nov 15 at 10:08, by Kyll
@KevinGuan Check the badges. High number of gold badges and medium (5k -> 15k) rep means it's an old user asking lots and lots of question
@Drew We see lots of users like him before :) (I see that you deleted your message, just a tip).
> 2 votes remaining
^ Who want to buy them?
@SmokeDetector deleted
Yeah I know, spamming time.
7:09 AM
sde tpu-
sd tpt-
@KevinGuan [:27304688] tp or true is obsolete because the Bayesian database doesn't exist anymore. Use tpu or trueu if you want to blacklist a user.
sd deleted
7:14 AM
@SmokeDetector deleted
Fine, it's difficult to use Smoke.
18 hours ago, by Kevin Guan
Thanks, and damn Smoke again.
@KevinGuan thoughts? python stackoverflow.com/q/34082398
@Drew a formatted like a shit question, let me check the quality.
mcve or sumpin. Someone has 1 mcve on it
Hmm...I'd say unclear, let me comment a comment.
Can you format your question in readable format? The part of your HTML code isn't clear. And that's the error are you getting? Please clarify what do you want to do. — Kevin Guan 52 secs ago
Okay, now I don't have any CVs.
7:37 AM
@SmokeDetector Edited
Should this answer be deleted? wrong language...stackoverflow.com/a/32038032/5299236
no one is answering that python question before it croaks
7:54 AM
Yeah, that one.
8:11 AM
So again, a wall of code.
8:22 AM
sd deleted
sd deleted
@KevinGuan yeah I'll be using it to delete reportings and stuff instead of coffees
Hey @Tim :D
Oh, so that means I can have a cup of coffee.
@KevinGuan brews coffee for @KevinGuan
@SmokeDetector finished it

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