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1:15 AM
There should be Ab at the beginning of the string and we instead see two nulls at the end
1:58 AM
@GrahamChiu Will look into it, been trying to tie up something I'm in the middle of.
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6:58 AM
posted on December 12, 2019 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: Here's the kind of question @salotz may find informative, in light of the "how can we model the evaluator in a minimal way"...where putting the evaluator on one sheet of paper like a lambda calculus or Lisp is simply not the objective. Maybe this helps illustrate the difference? In 2017 while trying to formalize some code I face

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posted on December 12, 2019 by HN_Crosspost_Bot

[Reddit] Layered Programming

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2:32 PM
A: Memory alignment : how to use alignof / alignas?

GameDeveloperAlignment is a restriction on which memory positions a value's first byte can be stored. (It is needed to improve performance on processors and to permit use of certain instructions that works only on data with particular alignment, for example SSE need to be aligned to 16 bytes, while AVX to 32 ...

^-- C++11 and C11 have specific alignment control in the language standard. That's good.
3:32 PM
Irritating caveats: 32-bit only, can't use with the debugger VC runtime DLLs. :-/
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6:01 PM
The problem above in PARSE happens at different lengths in 32-bit and 64-bit builds. I think it must relate to series expansion, more particularly transitioning out of the state where the string is short enough to live in the space which would otherwise be used to track an allocation. But if so, I'm confused as to why it would be happening at 16 and 32 instead of 32 and 64.
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7:05 PM
Greetings @user12179311 (orr721)! If you post a question or an answer to something about Rebol we can upvote you on things. browse by tag:rebol
Chatting barrier of just a few points is to combat spam (we can't override it); but it's a very easy number of points to get.
There is talk of writing an in-browser Rebol-based chat using the Wasm build at some point, but @GrahamChiu has to take some time off and write it. :-)
7:19 PM
@user12179311 Note that it's not a problem to provide another answer to an old question which already has an accepted answer if you think you have an alternate solution. Also, you can ask or answer non-Rebol questions as well (we just won't know about it, as only rebol questions show up in the feed here)

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