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12:01 AM
@giuliolunati You should be able to run the entire rebol instance in a Webworker, and handle the asynchronous console stuff at the javascript level. You can communicate with the rebol instance through a handler that has the DOM in scope which you can attach to the webworker. No need for pthreads...
12:19 AM
posted on March 25, 2016 by qtxie

FIX: issue #1729 (Regression on error reporting in run-time lexer) by qtxie

4 hours later…
4:14 AM
@iceflow19 I'm very interested! Could you explain me a bit more the communication trick?
4 hours later…
8:38 AM
@iceflow19 I need web worker and UI javascript can share information. But whatever I pass through postMessage() is cloned. If UI attaches a property to worker, that not seen in worker code.
8:55 AM
You are correct. postMessage() copies whatever you pass. Its for safety reasons. I guess my question is what information is needing to be shared? I've begun to look at the code you currently have posted.
9:54 AM
@HostileFork maybe you would be interested in some news re Carl ....
From Reichart on Altme: I had a fin talk with Carl today, I'm posting here because he asked me a good question, which is "why are people moving forward with Red as oposed to building on Rebol 3?"

That said, he gave me permission to mention that he is working on ................................ Rebol 4, and plans to fix a lot of stuff from the past, and step up the game.
... intersting indeed. So R3 was supposed to fix R2 shortcomings, was open sourced. Carl has no time to maintain the distro, yet he started to work on Rebol 4, whatever it means :-)
10:14 AM
That definitely sounds like something Carl would do...
Yes, he likes to design stuff himself in a closed environment. We will see, what kind of license the product is going to have. I am eager to find out, if he is developing next gen R3, or building something different, which would be kind of bad for R3 itself ...
10:29 AM
@iceflow19 I need worker can monitoring the value of an input filed of UI, in synchronous manner
@iceflow19 my (temporary) conclusion is: worker can't access nothing about UI, but what UI post via postMessage(), so in an async manner :-(
2 hours later…
12:26 PM
@pekr Can you please tell me whether I should be excited or terrified? I'd hate to see all our work here be for naught ...
I don't know, I am not Hamlet - to be or not to be, that is the question :-)
It just suits Carl's style - working in isolation. It might be further R3 development, but it might also be something completly else.
I guess we just wait and see, but, it is both heartening and disheartening at the same time.
I do remember the old Rebol 1 times. Carl wrote to me privately, told me, he is working in on project codenamed Contra. It was a Rebol 2. It took few months, was much smaller, faster, added parse and networking ...
I can only remain hopeful that whatever happens, there will be a way for Rebol 3 to merge or move forward with it, not against it.
So, Carl might deliver, or also disappear for another few months/years, who knows. We also don't know anything about the project's open-source status ...
Well, I just don't understand Carl's motivation yet, well, apart from pure joy. He was really busy working for Roku company ....
Maybe @HostileFork might write to Carl, asking all those related questions, to find where does the R3 stand in his plans ...
12:35 PM
I wouldn't suggest anybody, least of all HF, write to Carl ... write to Reichart, maybe. Still not HF though :)
@pekr I certainly do not hope Roku has failed, in fact I hope it has succeeded beyond his dreams, and Carl is dreaming anew!
Why? :-)
As for Roku - I agree ....
12:49 PM
@pekr My guess is that it will be both. Carl will deliver and then disappear.
... forgetting to eventually release the sources, stating - you've now got your idea, what Rebol 4 should be all about ....
I am now trying to find some mystical sign, that such info appeared on the day of the Red 0.6.0 release ...
IMO that’s just coincidence.
You realists! :-)
Maybe I’m just trying to put you on wrong track ;-)
2 hours later…
2:33 PM
Well, maybe we'll finally get that RL_Do_Block we've all been wanting. :-P
3:20 PM
#rebol 4? Sounds interesting.
1 hour later…
4:25 PM
>> parse "aaa" [into "bbb"]
; Brought to you by: try.rebol.nl
; rebol.com/r3/docs/errors/script-parse-rule.html
    *** ERROR
** Script error: PARSE - invalid rule or usage of rule: into
** Where: parse
** Near: parse "aaa" [into "bbb"]
>> parse "aaa" [into "bbb"]
** Script error: PARSE - invalid rule or usage of rule
** Where: subparse parse do trap catch forever repl
** Near: ... into ?? "bbb"
** Note: use WHY? for more error information
A preview of your new friend, subparse (name subject to change). :-)
subparse takes two normal parameters... one an ANY-SERIES! representing the position in the data to parse, and then a LOGIC! as to whether to be case-sensitive. Then it's hard-quoted variadic...and that variadic portion is where it reads parse instructions. It returns (for the moment) either a zero-based index position of where it finished matching, or a NONE! if it failed to match the rules given. It will stop consuming rules at the point it stops matching.
So for instance subparse {aaaa} true some {a} => 4. subparse {aabb} true some {a} => 2. subparse {bbaa} true some {a} => NONE!
For those of you scratching your head and wondering "what use could that be?"... then... keep thinking.
4:47 PM
(not being a refinement for the case sensitivity is an implementation detail, which, I presume won't be too hard to change, but it's not the point ATM)
2 hours later…
6:43 PM
@HostileFork with subparse one can explore a set of rules to find the longest matching... using recursively one can find i.e. the most advanced syntax error point ... ?
@giuliolunati There could be uses of it to build one's own parse-like thing, but the primary application I'm looking at is integrating parse and debugging...so that parse's internal process can be reflected.
But it does sort of suggest that maybe subparse should be parse, and then PARSE? is a wrapper that checks to see if parse input rules matches tail input or not...
So failure would be NONE!, but not all successes reach the end, so you'd have that extra check.
4 hours later…
10:42 PM
posted on March 25, 2016 by noreply

Five years ago, when I started writing the first lines of code of what would become later the Red/System compiler, I had a pretty good picture already of what I wanted to achieve with Red, and all the ideal features that should be included, just not sure how much time and efforts it would require to have them. Two years and half ago, baby Red printed its first output. And today, we celebrate a

Red 0.6.0 is out: http://tinyurl.com/hcflr5c

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