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posted on September 19, 2020 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: In the past I've suggested the idea that TUPLE! run on the basic same schematic as paths. a.b.c ; a TUPLE! a/b/c ; a PATH! PATH!s have become more interesting now...subsuming REFINEMENT! and also allowing forms that have a BLANK! in the second spot, rendering with a terminal slash: /a ; now a PATH! (with a BLANK! in the first s

1:02 PM
@iArnold Well, that's something. So why not write up some steps for how to install mysql and run these tests on a VM? Worth the time to have such a test. Then this could go on Travis and test itself...
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2:31 PM
@iArnold We're behind schedule on phasing out this chat, so I'll stop using it... I think the forum is better at this point anyway. Helps conversations stay focused. It's not a problem if responses are short there if they are on-topic... and I've just started a private off-topic area
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE It is a private area, "Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!" ;-)
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE Just added even more functions that might come in handy.
@iArnold I've promoted you from "member" to "regular". Apparently you have to be a "regular".
Ok, I think everybody has "chatter" access now who would want it (including those who may not). If something is off topic, post about it there. If something is on-topic (e.g. the MySQL development) then keep minor updates on the topic that's already started, major announcements as new threads...and that can be broken or merged as moderation deems necessary
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3:00 PM
And updated the mysql branch again.
And @pierre is just in time to make an account on forum.rebol.info to be added to regulars. :-)
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5:47 PM
To be honest... I like to be direct. I see many regulars Granted 17. Me 3 hrs.
What did I do wrong three years ago???
@iArnold Granted 17 what?
I didn't set up the forum, I just pushed a button that put you in the regulars group.
Thank you Brian!
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8:35 PM
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE Time to make Ren-C productive.
The MYSQL experience is very helpful in making things insightful for other extensions. If only not having to paint another eall or ceiling for the 3rd time...
9:04 PM
posted on September 19, 2020 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: ...so it's time to take what's known and tie it all up. Here goes: BLOCK!s (and only plain BLOCK!s) Splice By Default This is to say that BLOCK! is The universal container ("[o]"). Splicing of the contents of a non-block is done by converting it to a block first...which can be done efficiently. It was always obvious to me that

@giuliolunati ^-- please review, I think this is the final answer (I know you've asked about this before)

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