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6:51 AM
posted on January 24, 2020 by gchiu

travis reports This job ran on our Precise environment, which is in the process of being decommissioned. Please update to a newer Ubuntu version by specifying dist: xenial in your .travis.yml.

7:21 AM
posted on January 24, 2020 by gchiu

copy r3.exe to the right OS_ID directories ready for upload to S3

8:19 AM
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE So effectively it is a debug build that you have to run inside say Visual Studio or Eclipse to be able to step and trace and so on.
@iArnold As mentioned, that's not the meaning of the "-debug" in the Travis builds, they are debug: asserts, so really should be "-checked". There's more options (normal, sanitize, callgrind, symbols). It's a complex set of switches.
9:09 AM
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE Thanks for adding 2 very instructive video's
9:25 AM
@GrahamChiu I tried wget http://metaeducation.s3.amazonaws.com/travis-builds/0.13.2/r3 and failed (while wget http://metaeducation.s3.amazonaws.com/travis-builds/0.13.2/r3-5eb83ff succeeded)
9:40 AM
@giuliolunati I've made a PR to test windows
I suspect all we need to do is copy the newly created binaries into the os directory
but travis is so slow right now
so I didn't merge my request yet
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE woo!! thank you so much for all the work (also to @iArnold) I want to contribute some money for the Rebol 2019 event, tell me how please.
10:25 AM
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE who is SE and why shouldn't I trust him? :)
1 hour later…
11:37 AM
@rebolek Stack Exchange
@GrahamChiu let me test that on rebol-server repo...
@giuliolunati Ah, OK :)
2 hours later…
1:55 PM
posted on January 24, 2020 by @iArnold Arnold

@iArnold wrote: Think about the Fizz Buzz code Brian created and showed at the 2019 Conference: count-up n 100 [ print [ unspaced [ if n mod 3 = 0 ["Fizz"] if n mod 5 = 0 ["Büzz"] ] else [n]] ] Any more pieces of code where REN-C excels? There are more programming ideas at Rosettacode Code Forces Pos

2:42 PM
I just realized that the 8 queens problem "The eight queens puzzle is the problem of placing eight chess queens on an 8×8 chessboard so that no two queens threaten each other" ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_queens_puzzle ) is kind of trivial. I can place 64 white queens on the board like that. Or black ones. Can't capture nor threaten your own pieces.
Still could make a well known challenge.
If you look at the code horror of some languages...
3:00 PM
@giuliolunati Thank you for a great presentation! It's a demonstration useful for non-Rebol programmers as well, maybe it will catch on in that way too. If you'd like to send @rgchris some money on PayPal to chip in for the venue rental I'm sure he would appreciate that...
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4:52 PM
With regard to @HostileForksaysdonttrustSE and his filming/editing skills, I was listening to this interview with filmmaker Johnathan Glazer this morning and my ears perked up.
Q: Firing Community Managers: Stack Exchange is not interested in cooperating with the community, is it?

Anton MenshovLess than a month ago, there was some settling of the incident with firing Monica. It's obvious that there was not a lot of approval from the community on the course of action chosen by SE, or the settlement. Today, we are seeing a new wave of SE actions targeted on work with the community: firi...

We'd been discussing migration to a Wasm-Rebol-powered chat app for a while. I hate to take on such a burden, but at the same time it may not be that hard...especially if we're willing to borrow someone else's front end work (e.g. Miaou)
I like the distributed idea where you hold a copy of all your chat messages that you want to cache, and if there is some problem with a centralized server then disconnected nodes can re-federate relatively seamlessly, as per Diaspora
We should mine out the Q&A here (Creative Commons) and move on. One aspect of trust that still exists is that there are data dumps given to Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/stackexchange.
Q: Adding chat transcripts as an available data dump

Jon ClementsSince the chat system has received a bit more love recently (thank you @balpha), it would appear now is the time to make any suggestions regarding additional functionality. Chat is still an important part of the system (albeit it secondary) and has an emphasis that's it public, so should be avai...

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6:42 PM
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE what's with the failing on this PR github.com/metaeducation/ren-c/pull/1039 ?
@GrahamChiu I told you the Windows TCC builds have been failing due to a pthreads dependency they introduced. The easy thing to do is disable the TCC extension in those builds, but a lot of work went into making that work--I hate to lose that. So I need to set aside some time to figure out what I can do to ask it not to introduce that, there is hopefully a build switch I can flip.
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE it says the linux builds are failing not the windows ones
@GrahamChiu Oh, hm. Maybe I misremembered. Either way, it's something I need to look at. As for changing the "we don't support precise anymore", I was pretty much going to wait until it actually stopped working...I don't care if they don't "support" it so long as the image still loads.
We like building on older systems as a test.
6:58 PM
What's your take on where Rebol wasm should excel?
@GrahamChiu Ultimately, that people can write interesting programs for a browser without touching JavaScript at all.
If we can stay on the forefront with direct DOM access from Wasm then that would be nice, as @Atomica says.
so far I've written that chess interface, an app that calculates who is the best power provider for NZ, something that does templating in a docx and downloads it to my PC, and I think that's it
all use the console
Are there any examples out there that don't use the console?
@GrahamChiu I'd like to make it possible to dynamically load the console. I've shown you Golden Layouts
I want some kind of protocol for "apps" that can fit in a Golden Layout or fall back to something simple like the split.js that is currently being used.
Within that protocol, you should be able to just say "CONSOLE" and it will fetch the console. We need to come up with a DLL-like mechanism, so that extensions can be installed on the fly...where you don't build the console into libr3 but pull it in if you need it.
I've been trying to get the videos edited before writing my New Year's address, and of course that takes time. I have a few things to say but I think the videos help paint the picture of what 2020 should be about.
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE don't recall
@GrahamChiu Well mess with it and see that it is pretty neat. It's a bit of a handful though--not something we want to rewrite or edit. Has an ugly "we transpile typescript or whatever" compilation step. So we can use it, but as a black box for Ren Garden when not on mobile.
7:10 PM
I'll make that merge anyway. that failure is not anything to do with it
But something I need to look at.
posted on January 24, 2020 by Marco Antoniazzi

http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=gles-egl-h.r I think this is quite an impressive achievement (for Rebol 2 ;) )

huh? I thought Altme was dead
7:25 PM
@giuliolunati I think we need to get you one of these :-) Keyboard with stand
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE well... it doesn't fit in my pocket ;-)
@giuliolunati Can fit by the armchair and bed!
So you could use it at least some of the time...
@giuliolunati I bought one of these once banggood.com/…
fits in pocket, and just needs a table surface
However, it was hopeless!
How do you debounce a virtual keyboard?
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE but then I'd betray the Masochistic Coding philosophy!
@giuliolunati Raniero Fasani of computing
I also got one of these foldable BT keyboards which I use for the TV
7:37 PM
@GrahamChiu and how did you feel using it?
@GrahamChiu :-))
@giuliolunati it was unusable
@GrahamChiu oh, sad... I supposed so :-(
I'm surprised that they thought they could even sell them
8:20 PM
posted on January 24, 2020 by Bohdan Lechnowsky

It doesn't work for me: >> lib == %libGLESv2.dll >> lib-path == %/C/Programs/rebol >> exists? lib-path/:lib == true >> gles32-lib: load/library lib-path/:lib ** Access Error: Cannot open /C/Programs/rebol/libGLESv2.dll as library ** Near: gles32-lib: load/library lib-path/:lib

I've put both videos on the rebol-docs site rebol-docs.com/wasm
8:46 PM
@giuliolunati seems to have worked if I copy the binary to the os folder. Well, it worked for 0.3.1
I'll make the change to do the others and see how it goes
9:14 PM
Time to install altme for linux 64 bit then...
posted on January 24, 2020 by gchiu

move all the JS and Linux builds to their OS directories for upload

10:10 PM
please check that https://metaeducation.s3.amazonaws.com/travis-builds/n.n.n/r3 or similar work for you
@GrahamChiu One issue is, we have many builds with the same OS_ID (3 for 0.2.40, 2 for 0.3.40, 0.4.40, 0.13.2); so the last build overwrites the other. I just downloaded 0.13.2/r3 and I found it's the debug version (but I suppose that can happen randomly, so another time I could get the non-debug one)
@giuliolunati yeah
so all the debug and non-debug versions have the same name?
the windows versions have debug in the name
10:55 PM
would this work?
if [[ $DEBUG != none ]]; then
    mv r3.exe "${OS_ID}/r3{-debug}.exe"
    mv r3.exe "${OS_ID}/r3.exe"
Guess I can try
11:19 PM
posted on January 24, 2020 by gchiu

see if can give debug versions a debug name - test with windows first


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