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8:37 AM
@GrahamChiu It is in my shared drive, so I guess somebody shared them!
I will do some editing on the subtitles, making a start for such a file.
6 hours later…
2:51 PM
posted on January 16, 2020 by giuliolunati

f: function [] [ a: 0 bind/new 'b 'a ] f => ** Internal Error: locked series expansion (Obviously enough, func works well.)

3:19 PM
Q: Red Square at the right of the Website in project explorer

DarkiJahAnyone knows what the red square light is at the left for the website name in the Project Explorer? Or where i can find information on it??? Thanks DarkiJah

3:31 PM
two thirds on the way now.
4:00 PM
Got it! .srt on my GDrive. Now where do you want it @HostileForksaysdonttrustSE ?
3 hours later…
6:33 PM
@iArnold you could upload it to YouTube as unlisted and he can download it to edit if necessary
6:57 PM
I'll post it to the hf.com address known
7:22 PM
@iArnold He's not feeling well at present so he won't be working on this right now
8:06 PM
@iArnold Thanks for doing that. .SRT files are actually importable by ScreenFlow (what I use). What I had been thinking of doing is to use the subtitles for the part that Giulio speaks (so when we see his face it has his voice to it) but then recording a voice-over for the part where just the screen is up. But I think at this point just using the .SRT and getting it on YouTube with a title card is the path of least resistance.
And perhaps someday redo a full demo of a more modern version completely targeted in English, which will probably be different. We don't really know when the right time will be for the evangelism.
@GrahamChiu Feeling better now...
@HostileForksaysdonttrustSE That's quick!
8:53 PM
@ingo your editor demo seems down
I'm collecting examples of Rebol wasm use ... so please give me links to add to my list!
2 hours later…
11:10 PM
@iArnold and @HostileForksaysdonttrustSE thank you so much for all that work on my talk... so bad I can't speak English...
@giuliolunati We can't speak Italian either!

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