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3:55 AM
posted on October 20, 2019 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: It turned out that @orr721 had been using Ren-C with ODBC for a couple of years (to process data from Microsoft Excel). I'd been on the fence about its relevance, because it seems a very "legacy" type of technology... I'm more interested in graph databases and non-SQL-oriented storage engines. Also, the bit of PORT!-related cruft as

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8:13 AM
posted on October 20, 2019 by @hostilefork Brian Dickens

@hostilefork wrote: The code the ODBC extension is based on was cloning Rebol2's model of thinking of the database services as being a PORT!. You would run queries by INSERT-ing SQL into the port, and then COPY the port to get a BLOCK! of results back. For anyone unfamiliar: http://www.rebol.com/docs/database.html When you passed a BLOCK! as the thin

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3:32 PM
A: How to force linkage to older libc `fcntl` instead of `fcntl64`?

HostileFork What recourse does one have for this? The fact that GLIBC didn't have a way to #define USE_FCNTL_NOT_FCNTL64 says a lot. Be it right or wrong, most OS+toolchain makers seem to have decided that targeting binaries for older versions of their systems from a newer one is not a high priority. ...

^-- If you want to build a Ren-C executable on a Linux newer than October 2018 and have it run on a Linux previous to 2018, set an environment variable export USE_FCNTL_NOT_FCNTL64=1 before calling make.r.
@rgchris If you look at the interesting modification there on rethinking the ODBC dialect that shows an idea of abstracting to the point where maybe the ODBC interface to SQLite and a 'someday' native SQLite extension (which doesn't require installing or configuring ODBC) could converge. Now that Windows and Linux SQLite are working, it seems it would be cool if you could start up some Mac testing.

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