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6:04 AM
posted on November 29, 2021

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

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8:33 PM
@user2420374 looks like the same thing but with a different variable to me
Hello @TylerH, can you tell that: is it ok to have -ve left/right both margin on element. I used it first time to the tag as there was lot of space left between words. And it solved my issue, that's why asking.
The code was like this: <p>Hello this is a <i>New world</i> out there.</p>
not sure what that is referring to
but you can have both left and right margins on an element; that's perfectly fine and common to do
While i element is white-space: no-wrap. I wouldn't use negative margin and instead remove space before and after i element but due to this p don't break at right positions even with word-break: break-word.
ohh... : -ve --> means--> Negative. Sorry about that
Yes @TylerH, we give margins but is it ok to give negative margins. When the element is used between a paragraph or other element.(ok in the sense that it don't have side effects)
9:22 PM
Oh I see what you mean by -ve now
That's not really a common abbreviation of negative... just type out 'negative'
Anyway, yes you can use negative margins as well
Q: How do negative margins in CSS work and why is (margin-top:-5 != margin-bottom:5)?

PhDA common trick for vertical positioning elements is to use the following CSS: .item { position:absolute; top:50%; margin-top:-8px; /* half of height */ height: 16px; } When seen in the metric view as in Chrome this is what you see: However, there is no visual margin depicted...

See that Q for more info on how they work in general
10:08 PM
@TemaniAfif o/ surprised I haven't seen an answer by you on that 500 rep CSS bounty
10:35 PM
@TylerH I already saw that question before the bounty and I don't think it's possible with CSS. It's too much work for CSS alone
Yeah I agree the way he is wanting to do it is not really how CSS works
but happy to provide an inelegant solution for a chance at 500 rep... 0:-)
@TylerH yeah true, I also had some ideas around particular cases but he seems not interested by that. He want a generic solution which I think it's impossible
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11:52 PM

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