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5:10 AM
posted on August 07, 2020

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

9 hours later…
2:14 PM
@Feeds lol, literal man
3:02 PM
Q: CSS Transition and Fixed position not working in Safari

LetTheWritersWritehttp://posible.strangelandcreative.com Link to test site. So as usual this is a Safari problem only. I have tried several things to make this menu animation work to no avail. The menu button doesn't seem to respect the z index and the animation glitches out too. I have tried several suggestions o...

having a tough time with this issue. stupid safari like always
@LetTheWritersWrite you'll need to provide a MCVE/MRE; questions asking for debugging must show that, not a link to an off-site location
any recommendation?
I've added a comment on the question as well with a link to the help page for MCVEs so you can follow the instructions there
basically, pare down the html and css to just the stuff needed to reproduce the issue, ideally until you can't reproduce it anymore, then add stuff back until the error happens again.
and then put that html / css code in the question
Usually when you do this carefully enough you'll discover the issue. Though if something is working in Firefox/Chrome but not in Safari, it's a support issue and you just have to implement the feature a different way so that Safari will work
or ideally, drop support for Safari :-)
without the MCVE/MRE, your question is unlikely to get responses and will likely be closed/deleted eventually
ok great. thanks. i'll do that in a second
3:25 PM
@TylerH ok. thanks for the advice. I added the code snippet recreating the issue i'm having only on safari
Now i wish i could drop support for safari but that means most iOS users will have issues
4 hours later…
7:27 PM
@TylerH you know a good dupe for this: stackoverflow.com/q/63226390/8620333 ? it's so trivial that I am not able to find one ...
@TemaniAfif done
@TylerH great, I was pretty sure it was easy. Missed "data attribute" keyword
Yeah the 'data' part has a bit of a false negative effect so I edited the canonical title a bit
should be easier to find now
or you can bookmark it ;-)

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