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12:03 AM
posted on June 02, 2020

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

14 hours later…
2:27 PM
Good morning everyone
is anyone here?
@LinuxUser hello o/
Thanks Temani for replying.
Wanting to see if you have an idea what is the best way to break long words in outlook email?

I am able to work it by using, but this breaks word(s) in the middle.
`<td style="word-break:break-all;">testtesttesttest</td>`
2:43 PM
@LinuxUser how you want the break to be done?
I want a complete word to wrap up on to the new line.
Don't want a word to get break in the middle.
like right now, word, 'test' wraps up like te

I want complete word test to be on the new line.
Hope this makes sense.
@LinuxUser but if you write testtest how the browser can know that test is a word? it can be tes or testt? if I give you this word aabcdef, can you know when you should break?
Please see if you have a moment.

I have exactly the same issue.
Solution provided was to use word-break: break-all property, but it breaks words in the middle.

Wanting to see if this is the still solution we should adapt or there is a better way now?
@LinuxUser answer my question and you will understand your issue. If I give such long word aabdeccdef, how you will break it? can you identify words inside?
sorry, I don't know how to break this.
2:54 PM
@LinuxUser same thing if you give the browser testtesttesttest, it cannot know how to break it
you as a human you can identify the word test but for the browser it's a list of character
2 hours later…
5:06 PM
someone help
simple question
code: ```<table>
<td>Project Name |</td>
<td>Description |</td>
<td>URL |</td>
<td>Name of Author |</td>
<tr><td>dddd ddddd</td><td>omer hijazi</td><td>https://drive.google.com/winworldpc.com/product/quickbasic/45</td><td>Omer Hijazi</td></tr>```
result: technopedia.tekcities.com/tritchie/disp.html
Hey, is this correct format in jinja2 (django) to import a css file>?
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{% static 'css/bootstrap.min.css' %}">
Try this
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/static/css/bootstrap.min.css">
3 hours later…
8:23 PM

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