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5:42 AM
Q: How to fit the display grid based on parent div in html css

ABCHTML <div class="parent"> <div class="content"> <div> <div style="width: 100%;height: 100%"> <div class="grid grid-template" style="background:blue;"> The display grid will be smaller or fitted on the parent div. but instead it will fitted on the parent it overlapped whi...

6:10 AM
posted on November 24, 2020

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic

15 hours later…
8:51 PM
@TylerH sorry to keep bugging, but why does my go back button shift all the way to the left? I pretty much copy and pasted the code from another one I made that worked fine now the go back button is screwed
2 hours later…
11:17 PM
@bigchungus Where do you expect it to be?
It doesn't appear to have any styles on it or on the container that would put it somewhere else

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