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12:06 AM
I think I should sleep now :O bbye :D
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
posted on July 04, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools,Swift     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools,Swift Previously I mentioned the FLKLAutoLayout that allows you to easily create complex auto layouts from code. Here’s an auto layo

2 hours later…
4:22 AM
good morning
Good Morning!
Good morning! :)
4:38 AM
Good Morning! :) :P
5:30 AM
Good morning :)
you breaked the chain !! :P @Vera
breaked lolz
@Vera hi
5:47 AM
guys!!! i want a fixed size image view and only center part of image in the imageview
i cant do this
its always wraping the contents of the image
Hi Is it possible to change the audio route when headphones are plug in or unplugged at iPhone's system level. Actually i want to listen the input and output audio only from internal iphone microphones whether headphones is connected or not.I have tried with kAudioSessionOverrideAudioRoute_Speaker , it is working fine at application level but at system level. Any idea? please help me
@sharath hello, yes you can do this
@AshishKakkad can you give me a way
it would be very much helpful
Image View you have taken in Xib - Storyboard or you have created custom?@sharath
i am soo sorry @AshishKakkad i want this in android
i am soo sorry
5:57 AM
@sharath np. in anroid also there is setting for image will be in the center only
can you tell me how
i tried a lot
my image is in a listview
and i have the image width as match parent
height as 150dp(fixed)
you have taken image view in listview??
and scale type as center inside
I am not in android. but I am knowing a bit :) let see

@VelaiyillaPattadhari hello u there,
Have a look at this
Q: Data passing to another application in Android

Dinesh ChandraI have two Android Application(Application A,Application B) as shown in below figure. I want to call application B by clicking on Button from first Application A and when Application B launches then the text box will contain the text which I want to pass from Application A. **Note- I have acc...

6:04 AM
@iAnum hi
hi ashish :)
Which chain? @AshishKakkad
@Vera we are making the chain of good morning you seen ?? :) :D
Hey.. I also said Good morning!
Any Android developer?
Did anyone try handson with Android L?
6:27 AM
posted on July 04, 2014 by Johann

    Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools     Featured iPhone Development Resources,iOS Development Libraries,Objective-C,Open Source iOS Libraries And Tools Since iOS 7 brought blurring effects into the forefront we’ve mentioned a number of libraries for creating blurrin

@Vera you said but see we are making pyramid :D :P :)
Just kIdding
good morning
Hello everyone, I have a question, I want to show share window in android, I want to share via facebook, but it should appear in share window even if its not installed on device
Is it possible?
hi @TeknoFreek hru? :)
@TeknoFreek did you tried authorize.net payment integration in android?
6:41 AM
hey @iAnum :) fine and u?
@AshishKakkad no :/
i just dropped a drop of water in my maccbook ka keyboard :/
i hope it didnt go in
will it ruin it?
kaha se drop hua??
6:42 AM
@TeknoFreek m fine2. behn dykh k :\
asman se ashish :P
just a small drop.....most of it was on a key....
@AshishKakkad yes
@iAnum :) :)
@VelaiyillaPattadhari vo koi android vala tha , prob tha use image center me rakhni thi
@iAnum asman se gire aur mac me atke :D lolz
@TeknoFreek to kaha paucha tumhara drop.. mac ulta kar do :D :P
6:49 AM
Good morning...
@TeknoFreek Knock Knock..:P
@AshishKakkad ha i did it for a while..... :s
@TeknoFreek Tekno tikka without ears..;)
me no tikka! u stark potato
6:54 AM
hi, Stark Industries kaisi chal rahi hai yar :) :)
kaunsi industries?
agar software industry pooch rahe ho to @Rajat se poocho..:P
Woh Bada banda hai iss Industry ka..;)
hello one..:P
hi asifa
6:57 AM
how to access a NSString from one view controller in another view controller
^ @Stark
ha ha..Ashish
@TeknoFreek lol
iski bat kar raha tha yaar :D :D
sab badhiya chal raha hai..
@TeknoFreek :D
6:58 AM
@asifa please do some google, its a very basic question..
you can find many links how to do that..
i did it
but it is not working
what's not working?
Iron man 4 nahi banegi aisa suna hai lekin Avengers 2 and 3 :) @Stark
kitna bada hai ye bhi bata de @Stark :P
Robert Jr hoga usme @Stark
7:00 AM
mast hai tab to ashish
@Rajat Ab sirf kuch step hi baaki hai tujhe company ke malik banane me..:P
@asifa ViewController *view=(initilize it) . view.string=(something) . and open that view
@AshishKakkad :)
i did the same way @Ashish
good, then what is the problem? @asifa
7:03 AM
phone orientation change hone se pura reset kyu ho jata hai activity? :/
pata nahi yar, phone me gadbad hogi ;P
nai.android me garbar h :s
iOS ? Tekno
@TeknoFreek do some code in manifest configChanges = "orientation"
@TeknoFreek hahaha
ooooo thanku @HimanshuJoshi :D
hello girl
7:08 AM
Oh, gentle man... GIRL come.....
wat u guys are talking abt.. sorry am not gettng..
hav one issue to discuss
@TeknoFreek issue is here
oh nothing, girl, we're just saying hello :) tell us about your issue
any idea @Ashish
7:11 AM
@AshishKakkad pls :P
ok..how can we display timer to show current time
tried chronometer and countdowntimer but it doesnt help
android or iOS?
@asifa where are you initializing your firstviewcontroller?
@TeknoFreek I m serious , help her
in the second view controller
ka .h
7:13 AM
please read some basics..
there is a difference between intialization and declaration..
sorry sorry
@asifa what you send? is it your code ?
Q: How to Set all SqlDb rows in ListView?

Devil AbhiI want to set all the rows of a database in a listview so that i may click on that particular item to see that details in a full screen on next activity. I am able to set all the rows in a textview but now I want to set it in a listview so that it may look better. I searched regarding this and ...

@TeknoFreek android
7:14 AM
@TeknoFreek hey
@Vera hey
@asifa what you want to do ? there is no code that you have done
@DevilAbhi hiiii...
@gIrL, did u google? you could use System.currentTimeMillis() and use runnable or something to update it
how are you tekno?
fine, abhi, and u? started any app of ur own?
7:20 AM
em also fine
@AshishKakkad ek baat bata collection view hai usme cells hai kisi cell pe tap karta hu to collection view scroll ho jata hai bata kyu
oooooo kon see
@TeknoFreek yes i did.. like chronometer.setBase(System.currentTimeMillis());
tekno tumne localdb se data get krke listview me show kiya hai kbi?
@gIrL are you trying to get the system time and date?
@TeknoFreek countDownThread = new CountDownTimer(Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis(), 1000) {...}
yes device time
7:22 AM
its easy yaar
wait i am giving you code use it
@Rajat !! pata nahi, lekin aur kuch hai kya collection view ke siva?
cell k did select pe reload kar rha hu collection view
String day,month,year,t;
Time today;
today = new Time(Time.getCurrentTimezone());
day = String.valueOf(today.monthDay);
month = String.valueOf(today.month);
year = String.valueOf(today.year);
t= today.format("%k:%M:%S");
try this
@TeknoFreek there?
@DevilAbhi ok thanks.. will try..
firstly try yaar if it works then say thanks
@Muki there?
7:27 AM
@DevilAbhi authorize.net ka use kiya hai kabhi , payment integration in android?
ha bhai@DevilAbhi
how to play vimeo video in ios?
@AshishKakkad nah yr
muje b seekhadena
@Muki kaisa h bhai?
mast bhai.....tu kaisa h@DevilAbhi
7:29 AM
@Muki tune localdb se data get krke listview me show kiya hai kbi?
@DevilAbhi im back.....what were u saying?
@DevilAbhi are yar mere dost ko sdk hi import nahi ho raha so puch raha tha, leave it :)
i am used play YTVimeoExtractor, but not playing.. below error occure Error Domain=YTVimeoExtractorErrorDomain Code=1 "Invalid video indentifier" UserInfo=0xd96ea10 {NSLocalizedDescription=Invalid video indentifier}
9 mins ago, by Devil Abhi
tekno tumne localdb se data get krke listview me show kiya hai kbi?
7:30 AM
localdb matlab? app k assets me sqlite db?
haan kiya hai
listview me show kiya hai
haan kiya h
want code?
7:31 AM
@asifa ek simple sa answer do pahele.. kyoki tumhara code samj ni aa raha :)
tumko sirf ek string dusre view controller me pass karni hai?
tekno look over this code
@DevilAbhi sorry nahi kia
isme maine textview me set krdiya data by getting data from method getdata()
@AshishKakkad thanks and check it..
7:32 AM
ise listview me set krna chatha hu kaise hoga?
@Muki its ok yr koi ni
@Ashish first view controller me I declared a NSString
in second view controller
i am setting it value
and in the first view controller
@DevilAbhi i want to display current time as digital clock..
i am using its value
abhi use a dataBaseHelper class and use cursor to fetch the data......wait i'll post a working code in pastebin
but the value is not set in the second view controller
7:34 AM
how to check video playing finished or not?
u are confused, where you want the value? in first or second? @asifa
got it
@gIrL is it not displaying the current time
first controller
so wait I will give you the code @asifa
7:36 AM
yes it is.. hav to use runnable to work done..
@Golu kya haal h bhai?
@gIrL i am not getting what you are trying to say
@Golu there man?
@TeknoFreek busy?
@Vera there?
@DevilAbhi bus dua h aap logo ki yaar
@Stark @Rajat @AshishKakkad sab mast ho na yaaro LOL
main toh marne vala hu
need a help yr
@Golu tu apna suna..
bhai marna etc na keh bus bta de
bhai bus kaam bhot h ab next 3 month k liye LOL
7:45 AM
yes @Golu the Great
bhai iss code ko use krke database ki saari values textview me dikha pa rha hu n yr listview me dikhana chatha hu ise, search kiya iske regarding sabb lengthy n tough ways mile jo mere palle ni pade koi shortcut way hai isko krne ka?
ha bhai aapki kripa hia @Golu
@asifa u there?
kindly look n tell pls
@Rajat baba aise keh k darra rhe ho kya
7:46 AM
or a way that may be lenghty but easy to understand
arey @DevilAbhi bhai ek array list m add kra le DB ki value then list view m set adapter kr de simple h yaar
kakkad ji m great oo teri ki
hmm great
arraylist me kaise add kru ye btado @Golu
1 baar code toh dekhlo @Golu
7:49 AM
oks tekno
^uses an adapter to show several items in a list row...u can simplify it
bt use the database helper
that i am already using
i have to study this whole code to understand
but if you know how to add data in a arraylist
it will save somuch of time of mine
Cursor c=db.getAllRows();

myList = new ArrayList<String>();
do { myList.add(c.getString(3)));
} while (c.moveToNext());
hmm thanks
i try this
7:52 AM
ArrayList<String> myList;
bhai ab kar le tu bye
Welcome to Lunch :) @Golu @Stark @DevilAbhi @Rajat @TeknoFreek @radical :)
kya laya hai khane me @AshishKakkad
bhai niche jake btaunga
khichdi, nimbo, sabzi, roti, athnu :) @Rajat some words are from gujarati :P hindi nahi ati bahot muje
7:58 AM
kakakad toh punjabi hote h?
athnu kya hota hai @AshishKakkad
Kakkar panjabi hote hai kakkad nahi @DevilAbhi

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