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12:47 AM
I bought a compound asset and it helped my have the ball inside without using mesh collider
@Walter but now since it has no triger my claw cant grabit
1:05 AM
There should be a trigger collider on the claw, not the bowl.
It should not have a trigger
does it collide the right way?
The claw doesnt have a trigger
i mean it does have a trigger but the bowl doesnt
but it doesnt grab my bowl
ok, the claw should have a trigger collider covering the whole claw. Box collider preferably
does the bowl collide with the ball? (With grabbing script disabled)
the ball doesnt go through the bowl . I bought a asset compound collider for the bowl
making it box collider trigger didnt work
should the bowl have any collider?
besides my compound collider?
the bowl should have 1 collider: mesh collider. The bowl should have a script on it that detects when a trigger collider on claw touches it.
do I get what is in the claw code into a bowl script?
using System;
using System.Drawing;
using UnityEngine;
public class open2close : MonoBehaviour
public float speed;
private Animation anim;
[SerializeField] bool isClosed;
Rigidbody rb;
public Transform rightClaw;
public Vector3 offset;

Collider objectholder;
void Start()


anim = gameObject.GetComponent<Animation>();

rb = GetComponent<Rigidbody>();
void Update()
// Debug.Log(transform.position);
if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.X))
because thats the script for the claw
1:22 AM
ok nvm. You should put no scripts on bowl, and put this one on the claw
yea that code is in the claw
Q: how to get my clawhand to grab my objectholder?

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so i had to use this asset to make my bal stay in the ball.
ball stay in the bowl*
i made that asset into a child of the bowl because mesh collider wasnt working at all for concave objects
its basically a collider
for concave
so what is the problem right now?
my claw doesnt grab the bowl
at all
1:39 AM
what about when you re-enable the script
what do you mean?
like take it out and put it again?
nothing happens
is the open2close script enabled?
in OnTriggerStay, you should put a print statement and check if it prints something when the claw touches the bowl
EXREMELY IMPORTANT: bowl must have the tag "Player"
ok and yea i got it to player
1:43 AM
does it work with "Player" on it?
I get no print
just a alert :Non-convex MeshCollider with non-kinematic Rigidbody is no longer supported since Unity 5.
ok, does it look something like:
private void OnTriggerStay(Collider objectholder)

Rigidbody colRb = objectholder.attachedRigidbody;
if (isClosed && objectholder.transform.gameObject.tag == "Player")
objectholder.transform.position = rightClaw.transform.position + offset;
// projectile.transform.position = objectholder.transform.position;
but print right after the first {
You must have a convex mesh collider then
that makes thing worst
my ball comes out of my bowl
1:48 AM
The problem may be because your mesh is too high quality
annd then it down even let my claw touch it
if you mesh is over about 255 verices unity doesn't allow mesh collider
ok how can I fix that
try to get a mesh with about 100-200 vertices
because I just saw how to make a bowl on youtube lol
can I edit my bowl from blender I used >
and make it 100-200 or I have to make a new one?
1:50 AM
ok good you have blender
put decimate modifier on it
do you know how to do that?
no Im knew to it
ok, there should be a little blue wrench on the right panel
click on it
do you see it?
add a new modifier and look for the name "decimate"
got it
1:54 AM
did you turn the slider down a bunch?
it should look like a low poly mesh
from your mesh i would reccomend less than .5 for the value
it is called ratio
the ratio is 1.0
0.3 ok?
if it looks like 100-200 verst
in the top right of scene view, there are two overlapping circles
there is a dropdown menu next to it
it should say viewport overlays
check the box that says "statistics"
this shows the amount of vertices
you can see it more easily there
ok its 0/1682
1:57 AM
you have to select the bowl mesh
ok now its 506
and there should be a thing that says vertices: a number
how many meshes are in your scene. There should only be the one you are decimating
so i changed the decimal to 0.1000
and it gives 170 vertices
that should be fine
1:59 AM
now export it
and let me know once it is in unity
its in
now go to bowl mesh
do not replace the mesh
just go to the mesh collider and set the mesh to the new one
the high quality one should be the one that is being rendered
the low quality one should be the mesh collider
it didnt let me export it completely
what does that mean
like when I export it , it gave me a file and it popped up in xcode
2:07 AM
in blender click file>export>.fbx and then click export
do I dlete the old bowl?
it would look better to keep the old bowl
now just set the mesh collider mesh to be the new one
got that
2:13 AM
does it work?
no the ball comes out
just checking: neither colliders are trigger?
does the bowl have a rigidbody
does it fall through the floor?
nvm it works
I didnt add the asset i bought
2:16 AM
oh good
does it work with the open2close script?
now i have it on and it dont come out
what does that mean?
I added the asset that keeps the ball in
without it , the ball goes through the bowl
the bowl game object?
or is there something else?
its something else
2:18 AM
I don't think you should need it
the one I showed in the link^
try removing it
do they collide now?
the ball falls
2:19 AM
put rigidbody on mesh collider and see if it falls through floor
as long as there is a collider on the floor
the bowl has a rigidbody
and spring
remove spring joints
just put gravity and see if it fallse
it falls
2:21 AM
throught the floor?
oh no
my slingshot stops it
what do you mean
the ball just stops , it lands on the floor
the bowl is going through
te floor
the mesh filter should be the old bowl ?
that wouldn't matter as it just renders the thing
2:24 AM
is convex set to true>
its checked
is there a green outline where the collider is>
when I add the old one it does
So in the image you posted, do you remeber there being green lines that looked like the collider
old bowl
2:26 AM
What was different about the old bowl>
just the change we made right now
and it was smoother
can you show a picture of what the bowl looks like (with all components)
Q: How to prevent my ball going through my bowl wit a trigger?

alexa Hi guys, So i have this bowl (i made in blender), and a ball inside it. My bowl has mesh collider, convex and trigger, as well rigidbody . I know if the bowl is on trigger the ball can go right through. But the thing is i need the trigger on the bowl so my claw can grab it and pull it. The ball ...

first picture
wait, is there a mesh collider on the bowl?
i have it on convex
2:31 AM
i dont see the component in the picture
are you sure it is there?
yea its in the bottom
oh yes i see it.
I have no Idea what is wrong
what was the difference between this one and the one that worked
if you set the mesh collider mesh to the high quality one, does it show up>
if i add the old bowl , my ball comes out and my claw cant grab it
does it have the green lines though?
2:35 AM
does it fall through the ground when you have a rigidbody and old mesh
when I add the asset I bought it gave me a collider form of a bowl so it can hold it, thats why it worked
ok so that is good
what was the problem then?
my claw couldnt grab it
it would just go through my bowl like normally does
2:36 AM
was the asset you bought a collider?
but when I press x for close it , the bowl didnt go with the claw
if so, was the collider on the same game object as bowl?
or was it a child or something else
you need to put the collider on the bowl
the thing when i add the collider it goes to hierchy
that why i made it to child of the bowl
2:38 AM
when you do it, is it a game object with a collider component on it?
yes it then has more children that are capsule colliders
that make the show of the bowl
the shape of the bowl
alright. I know what to do
hold on
private void OnTriggerStay(Collider col)
if (isClosed && col.transform.IsChildOf(bowl.gameObject.transform))
bowl.transform.position = rightClaw.transform.position + offset;
make a new rigidbody variable caleld bowl
make it public and drag and drop the rigidbody on the bowl game object
this goes in the bowl or claw script?
2:44 AM
the bowl is still under the name objectholder
is that ok?
why? Don't do anything to the code I made. It is meant to be taht way
the objectholder never changed , only thing i changed on it was the mesh filter and put it to the form of the bowl
just replace this function with your current OnTriggerStay
then create a new public variable: public Rigidbody bowl;
doesnt work
2:50 AM
put a print statement after the first { and see if it prints
when you touch it against the bowl
it doesnt print
can you show what function you have
private void OnTriggerStay(Collider col)
Console.WriteLine("Trigger stay is working");
if (isClosed && col.transform.IsChildOf(bowl.gameObject.transform))
bowl.transform.position = rightClaw.transform.position + offset;
I think I need a break. I will try to talk tomorrow maybe.
:( ok
is there a code we can make for the ball to stay in the bowl and when the claw opens it shoots the ball and the bowl?
2:56 AM
at least right now you can look up "OnTriggerStay not working" on google and see what you get. Or you can do "OnTriggerEnter not working" see what you get
1 hour later…
4:19 AM
so update:
Im able to grab it with my asset i bought but... for some reason its grabbing the front of my bowl idk why . @Walter
15 hours later…
7:29 PM
hey so i can grab it but without the spring joint is there a way to fix this
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
can you @ me when you online plz

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