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2:59 AM
var foo = {
bar: "hello"

var foo2 = foo;
does modifying foo2.bar change foo.bar
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9:56 AM
Q: Adding new column to CSV using 'awk'

rubenskxI am trying to use the 'awk' command to add a new column in a csv file, that depends on the value of another column. This was the command that I used: awk -F "," '{$3=$2+0.5; print $1, $2, $3}' OFS="," This makes my original first column concatenate with the new column to be shown as second colum...

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1:09 PM
Q: Why is it that only once i am able to use file_object.readlines() and file_object.read() ? After that it is empty

MOHAMMED ASIF KHANCode: f = open("file.txt") print(f.readlines()) print(f.readlines()) #NOT ABLE TO USE .READLINES TWICE Output: ['The Gods and the Titans fought over the ruins of Athens.\n', 'The Earthling sufferend from these battles.\n', "And the French didn't came to help."] [] Why is it that after using ...

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