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8:02 PM
@JL2210 Glad to hear that, thanks
It feels like things have calmed down a bit. Anyone else here excited about the baseball postseason?
8:06 PM
@ModusTollens hey "The Meta Room" is one of the most creative names I've ever heard :p
not in the slightest
@KevinB 🚽
@KevinB what is that? I cannot see it
8:06 PM
zoom in
@MadaraUchiha I swear this emoji looks like a white horse
It looks like a plate of spaghetti holding a gun
Baseball is pretty much a US-only thing, isn't it?
baseball is also south america, I think
I think parts of asia too
8:07 PM
@weegee Now I'm wondering if skin tone ligatures work with the horse 🐴 emoji.
yea in japan mostly
stuff it. I'm at 250% and can't see it
I dunno, it's like the most boring sport there is
so I don't pay attention
it's a plate of spaghetti
@ndugger Venezuela, maybe...every other country in south america, not
8:07 PM
with meatballs
🍝 🍜
@ndugger agreed cricket is better
I thought cuba played baseball too
I love how there's a specific emoji for spaghetti, and one for ramen.
8:08 PM
@YvetteColomb import unicodedata; print(unicodedata.name('🚽')) ;)
Is cricket really a days long game?
no it's an insect
@AndrasDeak main.cpp:1:26: error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token
Popular as food for tarantulas
@Rob try a newer compiler
8:09 PM
@GeorgeStocker no it's just the whole series
@YvetteColomb Normally I just copy it over to Google and the first result is "spaghetti - emojipedia" or some such.
A single match takes around 2 hours
@GeorgeStocker test cricket is, but it's largely been replaced with 20-20
What is test cricket
don't ask me more than that
8:10 PM
Too late
Test cricket is the form of the sport of cricket with the longest match duration, and is considered the game's highest standard. Test matches are played between national representative teams that have been granted ‘Test status’, as determined and conferred by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The term Test stems from the fact that the long, gruelling matches are mentally and physically testing. Two teams of 11 players each play a four-innings match, which may last up to five days (or longer in some historical cases). It is generally considered the most complete examination of a team'...
have your double onebox
@ndugger cuba is latin america, not south america, as far as I'm aware. Mostly classified as north america, actually
@GeorgeStocker It's cricket for the QA folks.
It's the most exciting game. Do try it sometime with your friends
8:12 PM
The need to fully test the cricket, and this takes a while since management had bought build machines cheap.
wow people discussing cricket
I had a friend who confused cricket with the insect
hello fellow chatters
@GeorgeStocker big time in indian subcontinent
or rather former british colonies
8:14 PM
@weegee Hell all I see here are people who confuse cricket with the sport.
I need help answering a question
Q: Is it dehumanizing to ask if someone is a Bot?

StephanSI was in a chatroom talking about how much I love StackOverflow and it's moderators and somebody asked if I was a bot. I took this harshly but at the same time, it strangely didn't trigger any type of emotional reaction at all, more or less a hollow feeling. Understandably I and Bots share quit...

@MadaraUchiha Ikr? It's all a mess
@StephanS I mean, technically? But actually? It's gonna be hard to keep up with how different things might offend different people.
Oh, you got me
@StephanS don't think that now it's the time to ask this kind of trolling questions, but what do I know
8:16 PM
@Lamak that actually isn't a troll
I feel like assuming Stephan is insincere in their question is a bit unkind.
@ConspicuousCompiler "We both run on code" doesn't particularly help their case.
It wasn't a troll, We both run on code
@StephanS Between the timing and the fact that you posted the question here for us all to see, I find it hard to believe you're not trolling. Please don't, making light of the situation doesn't help anybody.
Only the British could invent a game that has a tea break as part of the game.
8:17 PM
I'm a socially awkward that doesn't like being called a bot
@StephanS not buying it and won't be responding anymore about this. @ConspicuousCompiler come on...
It does look rather tongue-in-cheek to me. Whether humor or troll, that's fundamentally unknowable.
@Raedwald tea time is part of the game? That’s.. very British.
@Lamak I don't need you to "buy it" for it to be true
may I remind everyone that non-verbal communication is non-existent in chat, so assume good faith
8:18 PM
@StephanS You do realize that in 20 mins you professed your love for the mods 6 times? That would raise my suspicions as well
you have nothing to lose by not pretending you think they're trolling
I posted it to this room because this is the room it happened in
we know that's how he feels because he's telling us!
posted on September 30, 2019 by StephanS

I was in a chatroom talking about how much I love StackOverflow and it's moderators and somebody asked if I was a bot. I took this harshly but at the same time, it strangely didn't trigger any type of emotional reaction at all, more or less a hollow feeling. Understandably I and Bots share quite a bit in common We both run on code Have trouble communicating wi

8:19 PM
@Feeds Yeah, you're a bit late there.
@Machavity why can't i love the mods
Well that didn't take long
what did the mods do that was wromg
Okay, so even assuming it's a good-faith question, meta.so isn't the right place to ask anyway, and neither is here
the mods didn't give me free money, and that upset me
8:19 PM
well yeah, closing it is fair
@StephanS The mods you love so much deleted your question
@AndrasDeak we both run on code?
@feeds didn't quite get the memo
Maybe @StephanS was trying to distract us from all this toxicity?
@Lamak chat.stackoverflow.com/users/11168559?tab=recent (I tend to get language barrier vibes)
8:20 PM
Feeds is still trying to keep up with all the other drama too
@Houseman the question says it didn't trigger any type of emotional reaction...so I don't think he's telling us how he feels
@AndrasDeak don't know what that's supposed to show...sorry
you got me there.
Hey folks, what happened.
I think it's fair for an analytical person who subscribes to the "nature as machine" viewpoint to legitimately state they run on code.
I wanna pretend to be responsible for once.
8:21 PM
He's trying to tell us how he doesn't feel perhaps?
@Lamak it's coder joke, am i not allowed to laugh at things that hurt me
I'm OK assuming it was a misunderstood joke.
trolling assumes malicious intent
@AndrasDeak this actually wasn't a joke and I'm not joking
I could be said to indirectly run on code, since it contributes largely to how I survive...
I had a Greek colleague (working in England). He confessed that after listening to the cricket results in the evening news, he still didn't know who won the game.
8:22 PM
@M.A.R. a lot, maybe be a little more specific?
we all run off of a wave function, my dudes
I think the short answer @StephanS, is that somebody asking if you're a bot is being insulting. It's probably legitimate to post a question to Interpersonal Skills about how to handle an underhanded sleight like that calmly.
@M.A.R. There was an explosion. Then Meta. And now we're here
Bots cannot feel offense
@NobodyNada What happened after the big explosion thing with atoms scattering around. Er, I mean I think I sensed some drama pertaining to this chat
8:23 PM
Asking if someone a bot is in itself not insulting
@weegee Hey, I am offended.
well, I already broke my own word about that I wasn't engaging in this particular discussion anymore. I'm surprised that you see it as a real question, but we are just disagreeing. And for the people saying that it was a misunderstood joke, then I don't think that it's the time for jokes on meta either
I'm offended that someone would joke about being offended
@ballBreaker oh boy
@M.A.R. This chat was used to discuss a lot of the moderator departures over the weekend, and discussion about why ensued, got heated, and got the room temporarily frozen, and subsequently the room was unfrozen, and here we are
8:24 PM
I suppose we disagree then @ballBreaker.
@M.A.R. because you are not a bot
@StephanS but "it didn't trigger any type of emotional reaction"...
Yeah I believe the context is necessary to determine if it was intended to be insulting
@Lamak this literally isn't a joke
@ballBreaker yes just give them a captcha no need to ask
8:25 PM
@TylerH Looks at the star board I guess all that needed to be done is. Good. Let's continue talking about hating peanut butter.
@weegee lmao, yeah and by that proposition I'm actually insulted that I get asked to do Captcha's
@M.A.R. Specifically in this chat, over the past couple hours? There was some (heated) debate about the rumored CoC changes, it's probably best not to dig it back up.
@M.A.R. whoa, whoa, whoa, PB is love, PB is life
@Feeds hey, I was going to answer that. :[
@StephanS you just said it was a coder's joke
8:25 PM
@M.A.R. We can't. It's unwelcoming to people with peanut allergies
well, enough from me
@Lamak "running on code" is a coder joke the question isn't a joke
No u kiwi.
8:26 PM
You hate peanut butter, I cannot trust you no more
@StephanS I hope we can just move on. I hate reviving it again already.
@StephanS Please drop it. Even taking it at face value, this isn't the place to ask that kind of question
@StephanS Please drop it. If you genuinely want to ask that question, post in in a day or two.
Deep down, aren't we all nothing but a wet robot?
... Er, what Rob said.
8:27 PM
@StephanS Folks don't seem to be being explicit why they were put off. Right now folks are legitimately angry about some big questions on SO and mods. Explicitly saying you love SO and its mods in that context seems a bit out of place. So folks assumed you were being insincere.
@JohnDvorak It's more complicated than that.
You are provoking the chemist inside of me.
@GeorgeStocker I dunno. I stopped following it when 1) the only TV station that brought games discontinued them and 2) "my" team was doing more than miserably. Who made it to the play-offs?
@StephanS That's why somebody asked if you were a bot. And, based on that assumption of insincerity, they also took your question about the situation to be a troll.
It's a bad time question what is or isn't dehumanizing
what a community
8:27 PM
Oh god
1 min ago, by M.A.R.
@StephanS I hope we can just move on. I hate reviving it again already.
Justice is currently on hold
@StephanS You were behaving in a way that was not expected, and a flag was raised.
@Houseman Needs an edit
I had asked to confirm, and you've answered my challenge well. I apologize if you were offended by my questioning, it was not my intention.
8:28 PM
@StephanS then make up your mind...is it that the situation gave you no type of emotional reaction or it hurts your feelings. @ConspicuousCompiler that's another reason for finding that question insincere
@StephanS I won't allow any more discussion about that in the room
Most of the active folks on this site know each other fairly well, and it's a tense time. You just were an unfamiliar voice treading on sensitive subjects. People should have been nicer, @StephanS, but it appears there was misunderstanding of intent on both sides.
And that's all we can say about it.
@MadaraUchiha I think he's Obito in disguise but shhhh
Now, let's first hear what's so great about peanut butter.
8:30 PM
@M.A.R. everything
can I have my question back
@Machavity Obito?
@StephanS It would be closed as off-topic. There were legitimate reasons to ask you that too
2 messages moved to Trash can
@MadaraUchiha dude, it's about your username
8:31 PM
@Lamak I'm not entirely sure.
What? Peanut butter? I thought we were all for waffles in this room.
I have some pineapple pizza left with me and I'm full
I can share
I'm probably not helping things in here
@weegee now that is trolling
can we talk about ketchup sandwiches
8:32 PM
@weegee Wow.
@ballBreaker nah, not charged enoguh. Pineapple pizza?
mustard sandwiches
@ballBreaker They're awesome, what about them.
@Zoethetransgirl Heathen!
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I won't give you any piece now now
8:33 PM
I knew someone who'd eat peanut-butter and ketchup sandwiches.
@MadaraUchiha What? It's good c:
I like ham + cheese + onion + ketchup toasts
@Zoethetransgirl hissssss
Ketchup sandwiches?? Please stop
8:34 PM
peanut butter and ketchup sandwiches
@MadaraUchiha <3
Wash that down with a tub of mayonaise
Penut butter is awsome
But ketchup sandwiches
Mayonnaise, well, the type that I get, is too greasy.
@weegee It's not awsome, it's aweful.
I am all for people eating food that they like. Especially pineapple-enhanced foodstuffs.
8:34 PM
The PB&K eater would dump the mayo down the hazmat chute. Miraclewhip all the way for her.
Mayonnaise is an instrument
Yeah yeah, and I'm a vessel.
Nothing is ever done around here.
@M.A.R. blood?
Oh wait.
@M.A.R. Be careful what you say, you might see a penut butter sandwich coming to you
8:35 PM
Fun thing, I was raised in a household where "mayo" meant this product called Miracle Whip. It has no egg in it. I had a rude awakening the first time I had a sandwich with real mayo. It was so heavy.
@weegee That it's a certified lethal weapon tells a lot about peanut butter.
yet such tasty
Next time there is drama in here summon me back to talk about ketchup sandwiches and mayonaise
If Frodo didn't like peanut butter who would have thrown the ring into the volcano immediately.
Mayonnaise is one if the few things for which I insist on buying a particular brand. Some of it can be nasty.
8:36 PM
It was used in the raid of area 51
@CindyMeister Nationals
It's the tenth servant.
@ballBreaker Right? Leave it to an expert to start a food fight.
I was exposed to both at an early age. Mom liked MW her sister Mayo, so we always had to dig the 2nd bottle out from the back of the fridge when she was over for a meal.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier Don't tempt me
@GeorgeStocker And the others? One team alone doesn't make the play-offs, or the Series. The only tie I have to the Nationals is Max Scherzer, who started out in Detroit.
8:37 PM
imagine a pineapple pizza with a mayo / ketchup sauce on the side
And peanut butter. With even more mayonnaise.
Pineapple pizza with mayo is disgusting, but ketchup actually works there
why put it on the side. use both instead of pizza sauce for a red and white pineapple pizza
Did you guys every tried bread with ice cream in btw?
8:38 PM
With olive oil. And fish oil. And vitamin E supplements.
yeah, poor mans icecream sandwich
works better with toast though IMO
thanks, I do have elsewhere to be
IIRC ice cream sandwiches is what they do in Thailand.
@DanNeely Where were you all this time?
And it's some good local ice cream.
8:39 PM
My code wasn't compiling
@E_net4theMeta-Skeptic thank you
@DanNeely That's the first good excuse I've seen all day
That’s because you didn’t eat the pizza full
@CindyMeister they’re playing the brewers tomorrow. I don’t follow any other team so I’d have to defer to google on that one
In the wildcard for the NL
I had pizza on saturday for Elon's sharship update. Tried a new place and was disappointed, uneven topping distribution and a crust that was NY limp except for the edge which was so thick/hard that you weren't going to be able to fold it in half without a heavy serrated knife/saw first
8:43 PM
Q: Why such a strong title watcher/blocker?

Marcelo FilhoMeanwhile poor questions and answer overpopulate SO plus abandoned questions and nonsense downvotes still happening like hell.

@Feeds I'm somewhat tempted to answer that with i.imgur.com/XtC4At2.jpg
I prefer the days when my code isn't compiling all the time. There's an error, fix the error, progress made. The worst days are when the code all compiles, and I have no idea why things still don't work.
@ConspicuousCompiler Time to start writing tests :)
Right, quick shower and brb
I thought that was Thiefmaster
Hey, I would like to say I'm sorry about how my early question read and maybe this isn't the right time to ask it but I would like to clarify that it was a real question and I was actually insulted by the insinuation that my action weren't normal. I'm sorry if I might have triggered something emotional that wasn't my intent.
8:46 PM
I’m not saying this clip reminds me of the current issues we are facing, but...
@StephanS It's OK - and unfortunately I think it's something of a language barrier at play. If you lead with that next time someone asks something like that (though I would hope it doesn't happen too often...), it may result in a more understanding response.
@GeorgeStocker I like the "This is satire, right?" comment. It's honestly a plausible question most of the time even for me.
Next on "censorship r us" — Turning a reading about jazz in an English learner book into a supernatural horror flick.
It was an African-American violinist doing his violin thing and they censored him (For having a tie? For being black? I honestly don't know) except the hands.
Sometimes it's outright funny, like that one time they censored an image in a book by, rotating it 60 degrees? Really. That's a true story.
sounds like a dictatorship that forgot how to dictate, and is sort of just going on asleep and drunk
I shouldn't hope for a realistic picture of what modern day Iran looks like if the western audience only ever hears of these stories.
@AndrasDeak Exactamundo. They don't even bother trying to appear authentic or at least even trying.
8:55 PM
Q: How do users amasse tens of thousands of reputation points?

VinceI'll admit, I'm hooked on the gamification of StackOverflow. I enjoy helping other devs by providing good answers to their questions, but I am motivated by seeing that green +15, and seeing the number by my name increase. That being said, it can also be a bit demotivating to see users with tens ...

On the plus side, once you get used to it, the frustration and anger are outweighed by the hilarity.
Yeah, no thanks.
You should see what they did to The Dark Knight, Ransom, and Tropic Thunder. Just hilarious.
Yeah it's hilarious to an outsider
And they turn the mediocre Paul Walker action into a non-linear Nolan movie. Also true story.
@ballBreaker I'm no outsider.
8:57 PM
Ahh sorry for assuming your location and heritage
@GeorgeStocker, what team are you rooting for this Oct?
I guess asking why this room was unfrozen is off-limits?
@rene Yes.
Okay, had to ask it ... ;)
8:58 PM
I mean, I did, and I revived the drama.
too late, grab your coats
the stackpocalypse is nigh
@rene (transcript speaks for itself)
@ballBreaker As Kevin would elegantly put it, meh
Who is this mysterious Kevin, I might like him, her or it

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