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Q: Meaning of regular expression (\W|$) and (\W|^)

steveWhat is the meaning of (\W|$) and (\W|^) in reg exp? I know what they mean individually, but couldn't understand put together. \W - is non word character ^ -start $ - end | - or Please elaborate with small example?

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9:56 AM
Q: mail user agent, same system, frouzan, what happens in single system

ShinyAccording to forouzan In the first scenario, the sender and the receiver of the e-mail are users (or application programs) on the same system; they are directly connected to a shared system. The administrator has created one mailbox for each user where the received messages are stored. A mailbox...

10:29 AM
Q: Best way to unpack multi-part archive (zip/rar) in python

KyluAceI have 2gb archive (prefer zip or rar) file in parts (let's assume 100parts x 20mb). I didn't find a way to unpack it properly. Firstly I tried with zip. I had files like test.zip, test.z01, test.z02...test.99 when I marge it like that: for zipName in zips: with open(os.path.join(path_to_...

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6:18 PM
hello guy ccan you help me ?
i have an array the name is tabs
Array [
Object {
"_id": "61b720b3caceb532c805cb71",
"colonne": "2",
"idEssai": "1",
"idMicroParcelle": "4",
"ligne": "1",

how can i read the idMicroParcelle please ?
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