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2:35 PM
Q: Burninate and blacklist the coursera tag

MichaelTThe coursera is essentially equivalent to the 'homework' tag (may it never be revived). While this provides easy pickings for questions that are ones that are likely bad and should be closed, the tag should be destroyed and forever forbidden from being used for exactly the same reason the homewo...

Q: Let's clean up ALL the array related tags!

Luke WillisNote: This question isn't any more broad than Clean up phone related tags and Clean up language tags ALL the tags: There are currently quite a few [*-array] tags: multidimensional-array, 2d-array, associative-array, string-array, cell-array, char-array, nested-array, 3d-array, sparse-array, ...

Q: Burninate tag uittabbarcontroller

jwwLooks like a spelling error... uittabbarcontroller tag.

Q: Burninate [code-golf]

admdrewI noticed this question come up today, with a really good comment that the code-golf tag description itself states that code golf questions are no longer on-topic for SO: DO NOT USE - Code Golf is no longer on-topic for Stack Overflow given the existence of Code Golf. This seems like it mig...

Q: Delete [make-unique]

mateuscbI came across this tag (make-unique) and wasn't sure it can constitute as a tag so much as C++ function. Per the deletion guideline: It doesn't so much describe it as much as it literally states the function name and even more specifically in a given language (C++). Tags should be generic enoug...

Q: What have we [deleted]?

SamThe deleted tag has a total of 117 posts (a new post every ~6 days), of that: 59% have a score of 0 or less, 9% are closed, there are only 3 followers and the tag's excerpt and wiki are both empty. To me, deleted seems like a past tense version of delete. What does deleted have to offer us that ...

A: What have we [deleted]?

LundinNeither delete nor deleted make any sense, they should both get removed since they are too vague and too broad. There are so many operations, language features, OS commands and other unrelated things that could sort under those tags. As we can tell by taking a brief look at some posts tagged wit...

A: What have we [deleted]?

SamBurnination in progress... deleted completed at 11:30 on 10th Augest (thanks to Unihedron, FunctionR & metacubed). delete still cleaning up... deletion still cleaning up... deleting still cleaning up... If you would like to help participate, please remember to fix all outstanding issues with ...

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