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5:02 PM
Connection Open!
Works for me in Opera.
Going to lunch, bbl
5:18 PM
Ok. No problem.
I'll wait. :(
5:32 PM
lol left it on over lunch, and now I have a gazillion MessageEvents.
I think that my proxy server is denying access to the websocket..
That could extremely well be.
WebSockets and proxies do not go well together.
I don't know if it is possible to ping a ws://
But I did and it couldn't...
@AndréSilva Essentially what you're doing.
ping ws://sockets.or.stackexchange.com/events/1/05fcb1860d854521876773ece8d01bef
So.. pretty much I wasted your time.
Really sorry for that..
5:36 PM
No worries.
I was being too productive today anyways.
Yeah.. I was kinda like that.. but the contrary.
Yeah.. my boss sent me work to do for the entire month..
Already done.
You lucky guy.
We have a steady stream of work coming in. If we run out of stuff, there's always 10 more waiting.
Nah... people here like to do a lot of workaround.
That sound fun.
I hate to be idling..
People here do a lot of workaround to finish fast and spends twice the time they would spend researching..
And some times appears some freaking work that just SO can help...
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