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11:47 AM
I thought more about your task and the structure that I presented in my SO answer. That structure is a good one. Though, some months ago, I began to change it to a more flexible one, following the presentation that I already proposed to you. Unfortunately I didn't really had the time to test it in-depth, even though I already implemented it at that time.
Having said that, I believe, your task is a really good use-case for the structure presented in the video. If correctly implemented in that structure, your task will show the real advantages of collecting all related components (entities, object values, repositories & mappers, services, etc) under the roof of a specific domain concept.
In your task would be something like:
2 hours later…
2:24 PM
About the **application services** in the namespace `MyApp\Domain\Service`:

// A service to:
// a) scrap the national taxes from the given web space.
//    It just calls the domain service `TaxesScraper` for this step (see the DM structure).
// b) store the scrapped (and already validated) national taxes into the database.
//    It just calls the data mapper `TaxesMapper` for this step (see the DM structure).
About the **domain model components** in the namespace `MyApp\Domain\Model` **AND**
under the **_domain concept_** `Taxes\NationalTaxes`:

// The specific entity.


// A value object, as example.


// A specific repository (interface, not required). Implemented in the infrastructure.
About the **infrastructure components** in the namespace `MyApp\Domain\Infrastructure`:

// Some implementation examples of the data mapper interface defined above (`TaxesMapper`):

2:39 PM
Maybe you'll find this structure (a lot) better. A big first advantage: its naming convention expresses the business for which it's used for, not some developer perspective. A second big advantage: it's intuitiver, compacter and flexibler. For example, you will not open the "Repository" and the "Mapper" folders to find the classes corresponding to the concept "NationalTaxes". You'll have all the classes under the concept "Taxes\NationalTaxes".
I am done for now. Bye.

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