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6:03 AM
Q: Are moderators bound by site policies, or are they free to ignore them?

Barry the PlatipusWhen it comes to removing AI generated content from site (as stated here), some moderators choose to break with this policy, and decline flags raised for questions containing AI generated content. As an elected Mod, are you bound to follow SO policies, or are you free to interpret them as you see...

1 hour later…
7:08 AM
I'm not going to comment your reasoning in asking are you setting a "trap". I'm asking about cases where there is clear AI generated content in question, and flag is still declined. — Barry the Platipus 53 mins ago
So, not going to comment but OP already had the example up their sleeve which they then edited into the question.
So, clearly they were waiting for a "mods enforce policy, they don't ignore it" type of answer then would have pulled "But see this declined flag!"
7:24 AM
In other news clearly a Discussion worthy of an upvote thus clearly demonstrating SE's call for only upvotes and no downvotes was correct and in no way flawed.
1 hour later…
8:30 AM
@NewPosts we mods are bound to follow the approved heuristics though...
5 hours later…
1:51 PM
Q: Why do I see questions with tags I am not interested in?

PynchiaIn SO I used to see questions related to the tags I watch only. Now I get all kinds of questions about all sorts of topics (tags). Why? I am not interested in languages and tools I don't work with. Does SO expect me to list them all in the ignored tags? Is it not enough to list the few I am inter...

@NewPosts I've always been getting irrelevant tags. I don't even know how anybody else is using the front page because it has been decidedly not working for me. Since forever. And I've not been surprised by it, either - it's the same crappy algorithm that picks "relevant" things based on your activity and it never really worked on other sites, either.
Here is the only complaint I've seen about it and it's from me
2:11 PM
@VLAZ no freehand circles? :P
I have no free hands
@NewPosts And they deleted it...
2:27 PM
1 hour later…
3:47 PM
the front page seems fine to me, i get some stuff based on my targeted tags, some stuff from what i frequent, and some stuff unrelated to any of that. Isn't that it's purpose?
Q: how to display data fetched from an api in React.js

user25255864 I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: how to display the data of the first object in an array from a fetch api in React.js even after checking for spelling errors the problem still remains. As it still returns undefined message. how do I display the country_id of the first object of ...

4 hours later…
7:52 PM
My front page serves me a lot of off-topic content. I enabled a switch that should personalise my front page, and I'm half wondering if I've accidentally turned it into a very basic off-topic question detector
1 hour later…
9:22 PM
that switch doesn't do anything for the home page
it just controls ad personalization
9:39 PM
Q: Why is my question closed as "not focused"?

Napoleon BonaparteI found myself in a perplexing situation on Stack Overflow a while ago, but I have not had time to write a comprehensive question. The situation left me pondering the nature of the site. I had a theory concerning the promise returned by fetch, and I wanted to verify if I am correct on the matter ...

Moar AI-generated carp

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