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1:27 AM
Q: Posting compiler output

fghzxmI have a few lines of C++ code (Compiler Explorer) that compiles to a bit over 100 lines of filtered assembly code (no more irrelevant lines can be yanked from the output) on each of two compilers I tried. I don't understand why the compilers didn't optimize away a big part of the code that I tho...

1:50 AM
@Lamper46 awesome. 5 stars
5 hours later…
6:27 AM
Q: How can we get a custom domain without using any domain provider?

MD. SABBIR HOSHN HOWLADRI've had this question since 2019: How can we get a custom domain without using any domain provider? I am particularly interested in understanding if there are any methods or processes available to set up and manage a custom domain independently without relying on traditional domain registrars or...

2 hours later…
8:11 AM
More eyes needed on this from c++ grokkers, please: stackoverflow.com/questions/78531748 I'm trying to figure out if there's a legitimate, comprehensible, contemplatable-by-other-beginners misconception here.
(not posting in SOCVR because I think this may require discussion that would derail ordinary business)
(but actually if I'm being honest with myself, I don't have time to participate in that discussion... sorry)
8:26 AM
@KarlKnechtel I wouldn't bother. The only major problem I see there is a bunch of complaints about downvotes.
Yeah, the argument that someone could easily be misled into thinking that the + operator modifies the receiving value behind this is very unconvincing. By that reasoning we might as well drop all quality standards. But then complaining about downvotes on a Q&A that some folks believe is unlikely to be useful is pretty much Pikachu face
8:49 AM
This is the sort of thing that the "lacks minimal understanding" close reason properly encompassed
In which one cannot even imagine a mental model that would lead to asking the question
unfortunately, it was apparently too tempting to use for "I think this is a stupid question"
I think I can picture where the confusion comes from. I've seen it a lot with questions about recursion - some users just do not understand what making a method call (in this case a constructor but same thing) does. For recursion, users believe the recursive call just "resets" the execution to the start of the method and just continues executing with no break or interruption from where it left off.
In this case, seems similar and OP believes the execution would just go into the constructor and modify the current instance using the constructor.
Which isn't what happens and it's really simple to examine that it doesn't. Nor how calling anything works. But still. I don't think it's really a good question, though. Seems to be struggling with the fundamentals of how code runs. And I don't think SO can help there.
9:07 AM
Oh, perhaps the confusion is that it returns an object that is different than the one it's called on.
9:19 AM
Including tags that only differ by a period? (is it just dashes that the system won't let tags differ only by?)
9:34 AM
I thought a period would trigger the "too similar" message. But seems searching for "nodejs" in tags doesn't find the tag while "node.js" does. While if you search for something with/without dashes it works, e.g., "java8" and "java-8".
@RyanM how to explain this revision? 🤔
well that's odd, isn't it. here's the edit, which isn't empty: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/36020465
Was existed at some point, then got merged without synonym to ?
I'm wondering if a mod was poking something
See also stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/35669160, which is not the tag the revision history shows.
Looks like tag merging indeed
anyway, looks like that user is affiliated with refine.js, based on a simple search (not that it matters)
2 hours later…
11:38 AM
@VLAZ Scrödinger's Cat's Tail Call Optimization strikes again!
6 hours later…
5:21 PM
Q: Appeal for Question Asking Privileges

BUBAI NAYAKI recently encountered a restriction on my Stack Overflow account that prevents me from asking new questions. The restriction message states that "most of your questions need improvement or are out of scope for this site." I would like to appeal this restriction and seek guidance on how I can imp...

5:42 PM
that feels AI-generated
Yeah, that's definitely AI
1 hour later…
7:11 PM
@KarlKnechtel beginner misunderstanding of non-static, const member function. I think it's a fair question, even though I think it's a little dumb
@RyanM yep. exactly.
IIUC, there's no mutation going on of any objects during their "alive" lifetime phase anywhere in that implementation. so it's a valid non-static, const member function.
3 hours later…
10:57 PM
Q: Humble Request to Undelete a Post Deleted as Spam/Offensive

Imran Rafiq RatherI recently posted about a new feature in the latest version of React on Stack Overflow. Unfortunately, it was flagged as spam or offensive content and subsequently deleted by CommunityBot. This has resulted in a significant loss of reputation, which I had worked hard to earn. The post was intende...

11:20 PM
oh look
more AI-generated posts
11:33 PM
Q: Posting non-questions on stack overflow

HopelessDevI was just wondering if there was any way to post things like code to stack overflow. I was thinking of just posting something as a way of preemptively answering questions. I know that some people just look for answers on this site, but if they don't find it they just leave without asking questio...

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