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5:50 AM
Q: React native app builds properly for ios simulator via npm start -> i, but from xcode directly I get pods issue I am not sure how to fix

sgrutman978React native app builds properly for ios simulator via npm start -> i, but from xcode directly I get pods issue I am not sure how to fix. I am using Mapbox and I have the pods installed properly. As I mentioned, it works perfectly without building through xcode but rather doing npm start and "i" ...

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9:20 AM
Q: encountering an error related to the number of epochs in the fit() function in Keras function 49/48 saying it is NoneType

Mayhistory = model.fit( data_generator, steps_per_epoch=x_train.shape[0] / BATCH_SIZE, epochs=2, validation_data=(x_val, y_val), callbacks=call_backs ) when i run this block, it start executing but add a number to the Epoch 49/48 [==============================] - ETA: -7s - loss: 0.4496 - accuracy:...

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10:43 AM
> Whoever has thumbed down the question meet me and see if you dare, I fuck you up
2 hours later…
12:27 PM
> Seems to be a lot of downvote fairies out today
12:38 PM
> You have to wonder why anyone would downvote (or even understand!) such an obscure question.
I mean
> Gotta love the trash downvoting a perfectly informative question and discussion.
Is this calling the downvoters trash?
12:52 PM
> I can't be kind with people who downvote for no reasons leaving no comments
So, can't follow a code of conduct, huh
1:36 PM
@E_net4 It's a calling to downvote trash.
@VLAZ They dare to face Caesar?
1 hour later…
2:50 PM
Q: Hey critics and moderator people: Self-answers are to share knowledge

guest271314I asked a question intending to answer the question myself, because nobody else has. I got some down votes, which I don't care about. The votes to close, which seems petty to me. The a moderator deleted the question. Seems to me you folks should be thanking me for sharing the knowledge, instead o...

@NewPosts Hello
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4:20 PM
Q: Can’t login with new email address

Danny BeckettI’ve changed my email notifications email address and have now got both my old + new email addresses in My Logins. Old is GMail, new is Outlook. When I try to login with my new email address it errors with No user found with matching email How can I login with my new email address please? Email n...

5:06 PM
@NewPosts Yuck. I was this close to throwing the mean ones.
5:26 PM
@E_net4 another 10-year account...
5:39 PM
@IanCampbell You are reading that wrong. I don't care about fully disclosing I am the owner of the GitHub repository. You can't really miss that fact given I am the only person on the Internet with this user name. Just hover over the link I posted. — guest271314 3 hours ago
Looking at the username...
That is not a very unique username...
Is there a SEDE-specific room somewhere?
I'm trying to optimize this so it doesn't timeout
select q.id as [Post Link] from posts q join posts a
on q.id = a.parentid
where q.posttypeid = 1 and a.posttypeid = 2
and q.owneruserid = a.owneruserid
and q.score >= 5 and a.score >= 5
and q.closeddate is null
isn't it supposed to be able to do all the filtering before the joining?
6:11 PM
the election room probably currently has all the people familiar with sede
2 hours later…
8:41 PM
@KarlKnechtel The account was suspended until very recently.
For what it's worth, anyway.
@KarlKnechtel Yes. Technically. But I've seen the query builder in MSSQL do odd stuff like first producing the cross-join product which is huge before filtering. Not claiming that's what is happening here but that it might not be running as optimised as it should. There is a SEDE room. Not sure how active it is but you can give it a try.

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