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7:50 AM
Q: Is there any way to identify AI generated posts?

DinuxSometimes, I come across posts which I feel are written using AI, but I can't always be sure. My custom mod flags on such posts get declined with the message that there was either no evidence or I should clarify what made me think the post was AI generated. Identifying AI generated posts can't al...

8:48 AM
So in the comment thread here, the comment ridiculing the non constructive comment was removed, but not the non constructive comment. What gives?
9:20 AM
Q: Seeking clarification on question ban and downvote

Abdullah AkçamYesterday, I posted a question that was downvoted, leading to a ban on my account. After thoroughly reviewing the guidelines, I didn't find any aspect of my post that violated them. The downvote came without any feedback or explanation. Is this a common occurrence?

9:30 AM
@Feeds Yes, please.
2 hours later…
11:16 AM
@E_net4 I NLN flagged it and it automatically disappeared. Maybe nobody flagged it before?
@KarlKnechtel Might have also been the last flag needed and it already had some.
5 hours later…
4:18 PM
Q: Basic StackOverflow question regarding replies to my question

user3216617When someone replies to my question: how can I be notified by email that a reply is waiting? how can I reply to them? I see no REPLY icon next to their name which would let them know I have a followup to their response. I cannot find a NOTIFICATION icon (for me) or a REPLY icon (for my responde...

Q: What does 'Notice added' mean in the edit history of a question?

DinuxWhile going through the edit history of a question, I came across the following messages in the history: Notice added Reward existing answer by USER Notice removed Reward existing answer by USER Screenshot of the same: What does 'Notice' mean? Does 'Reward' refer to a bounty?

> I have no idea why this answer has been downvoted, so I upvoted it for the sake of the entropy.
At least they came clean on the fact that they're willfully chaotic.
4:46 PM
> Downvoters should add an explanation. It sucks they do that just because they can.
Downvote complainers should refrain from complaining. It sucks they do that just because they can.
@E_net4 The elusive upvote fairy
Q: Unfocused question triage for beginner programmers

Bradley MackeyToo often I'll see sincere and genuine questions from learners who possibly don't have the knowledge to ask more focused questions or just need some pointers for where to look next for more information . These questions often relate to domains not necessarily specific to programming, but involve ...

> Who downvoted ? Show you're self
I am downvoter. Also, here I show that I'm self.
5 hours later…
10:20 PM
Q: Why was my question deleted?

HelloGoodbyeMy question was deleted. Why? According to this information, questions may be deleted if they are extremely off-topic or of very low quality. I don't think this is accurate for my question. I instead guess that the questions may have been closed because of the discussion that followed in the comm...

11:14 PM
@NewPosts In today's episode of "why did I get bad results after I insulted people?"...

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