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7:06 AM
I'm tired of people answering debugging questions that lack an MRE with basically "Forget your code, I've rewritten the entire thing for you".
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8:33 AM
@AbdulAzizBarkat Worse when the question is "how to do X", commenters asks for code, OP gives some half-assed attempt, and commenter still answer with "Forget your code, I've rewritten the entire thing for you".
1 hour later…
9:45 AM
Q: Why is the colour of the text for the badges different in different locations?

DinuxAt the top of the screen, where my profile is shown next to the search bar, the text of the badges have colour corresponding to the colour of the badges. For example the text for the gold badges has a dark yellow colour. Screenshot of the same: When I answer a question, my profile is shown below...

9:59 AM
Hi everyone! I have a question on Power Bi, But on the Gui side of things.
And i don't know what sub site will be a good fit for it. May you have suggestion so i can check the guideline and the existing power bi on those, to finilise the format of my question?
I suspected Power User, was an ok fit. But i could have missed a O365 sub site.
That will depend on the details of the question. Please first keep in mind that we don't offer tech support or customer service. First consider whether it would make more sense to ask in a PowerBI support forum, as in, something actually offered by Microsoft.
I don't see a tag for such questions on Super User (I assume that's the site you meant). You can try looking at the existing Stack Overflow tag for it, to see what kinds of questions are asked, typically well received, and typically closed.
In general, the way to get a specific answer to "which Stack Exchange network site is appropriate for my question" is to ask on meta.stackexchange.com, explaining the details of the question that gave you doubt about where to ask. Keep in mind that it may not be well received if people there think the answer should be obvious, or if they feel the question does not belong anywhere on the network.
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2:30 PM
> it was suggested [...] that "[SO's] goal is to be a library of Questions and Answers": I don't necessarily find any demerit with that goal, but it seems to me in conflict with the slogan "Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers", which is the title of the home page.
So, false user expectations? Surprise, surprise!
2:51 PM
Q: It wants to join a community with the wrong account

JoymakerI have a stack overflow account with years of reputation. Then I made a mistake. I joined Meta, and the math group, and a few other groups under the stack exchange umbrella, using a newer email address. I didn't realize that they wanted to link together. And I started another account on stack ove...

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6:03 PM
Q: OverflowAI Alpha invitation emails were distributed in error Nov 28th

Bella_BlueStack Overflow is currently in the process of rolling out invitations to access OverflowAI alpha to 200 users per day. Today, the process we use to grant access to the OverflowAI Alpha did not work as expected and sent access emails to all users who had joined the waitlist to participate. However...

6:57 PM
Q: Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice

SlateFor more than a decade, Imgur has provided image hosting services to Stack Exchange, but that hosting contract with Imgur comes to an end this upcoming April 2024. This April will conclude a decade-long successful relationship between Imgur and Stack, for which the whole company has been deeply ...

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8:23 PM
from the current blog post: "That survey found that 17% of workers said they would give up 20% of their paycheck to work remotely, while 10% would surrender more than 20%. This is true despite the cost of living crisis."
I wonder how much attention are paying, beyond the quality of life factors, to the fact that WFH enables reductions in cost of living
... okay, wtf is this feminist baiting
"Unsurprisingly, there’s a further disconnect between how men and women access those benefits.... “while 77 percent of companies believe a strong organizational culture is a key benefit of on-site work, most employees disagree: only 39 percent of men and 34 percent of women who work on-site say a key benefit is feeling more connected to their organization’s culture.”
yes, powerful evidence of a sex-based "disconnect" there, g yamming g
9:02 PM
@KarlKnechtel I personally wouldn't give up 20% of my paycheck. With that said, in this post-COVID era we now have a hire from a different city and he is 99% remote. He'd probably otherwise have to probably have to set aside close to 20% of the salary salary if they had to work from the office all the time. That would involve paying rent in our city.
It's technically 99% remote because we still gather in the office 3-4 times a year.
I guess nobody would be mad if he didn't show up, though. But he uses the time to visit his cousin and also visit some other things in our city. Company pays for travel and an AirBnB.
@KarlKnechtel Yeah, that sounds like it's well within the margin of error. But broken up by sex for some weird reason.
i wonder how much it costed them to email all those users incorrectly twice
where i work, i wouldn't give up 20% to work remote. but the cost of living here is very low
i'd save maybe $20 a week at most, but a lot of that'd be offset by eating out more in the evenings simply due to wanting to leave the house
maybe save $100 on gas a month
i enjoyed working remote, but i think most of it was i was able to work on a far superior PC for the duration
9:51 PM
Q: Not understanding this (good) question - why doesn't it need debugging details? [Language Specific - R]

Quack E. DuckDisclaimer: I have no experience at all with the R programming language, and probably shouldn't be reviewing R questions! There was a question asked recently about obtaining pairwise squared differences from numbers in a data set in R. What got my attention about this question was that although ...

@VLAZ "some weird reason" is because the statistic comes from "McKinsey and Company’s 2023 Women in the Workplace report"
10:27 PM
Q: How can I help explain in a spam flag how/why something is spam?

starballI recently used custom mod flags to flag something as spam and to include an explanation to help the handling mod to faster understand why/how it's spam. My flag was: look at the website's "github" link, which is really an npm link, where you can see that they are the publisher. My flag was dec...

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