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1:56 AM
Q: The tag `kotlinx-date-time` tag should be renamed to drop that second hyphen (a misspelling)

Basil BourqueI found the kotlinx-date-time tag. That tag represents the library kotlinx-datetime. Notice the difference in spelling. The tag was incorrectly named with a second hyphen. The tag should be kotlinx-datetime. According to this meta page, the way to rename a tag is to post here.

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3:31 AM
Q: Should an answer be downvoted if the question itself is debatable?

kennyslidingI have recently come across a question that is debatable, that is, the question itself may not be doing a certain thing the correct way, a mock example would be Question: How do I restart the shell if my React Application will not run? If you have posted an answer to this particular question expl...

8 hours later…
11:06 AM
Does the company aggregate information about the country of residence (either declared or geolocated) of users? would it be sede accessible?
11:28 AM
@KarlKnechtel There's a fee form input field for location that users can fill in their profile, this is accessible from SEDE. Won't depend on that data though you might find people currently present on the moon. :-p
12:23 PM
@Mithical That’s impossible to read on mobile, because the menu is stuck on top of the content… Why……
Indeed, it’s very cozy up here on the moon.
1 hour later…
1:33 PM
Surely they do, given they came to the conclusion gpt post moderation was biased against a given country
Unlikely to be accessible by us normal users tho
2 hours later…
3:14 PM
Q: Is this user's comment the kind of content that we'd like to avoid, according to the Generative AI ban?

WyckA comment from a user reads: ChatGPT says you need to be identifying neighbouring components in the matrix using either Depth First Search (DFS) or Breadth First Search (BFS) to traverse through the matrix... Good luck with that. This comment is throwing something unvetted over the wall and the...

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5:14 PM
Q: How to vote to close as a "duplicate" after votes for "needs details/clarity" are no longer relevant?

WingHere's the question that gives more context: internet connectivity status with react js. The question was first asked without including any relevant code (see revision 1). Later, code is added (see revision 4). Before the code was added, the question attracted 2 close votes for, assuming, "needs ...

5:39 PM
this post says it is OK to wrap file names in inline spans and this post says they shouldn't.
I'm going to assume the latter is more canonical, but still I would like to do some kind of formatting to filenames I have been trying out bold and I kind of like it kind of don't. Any advice here? Thanks
5:51 PM
oh man, I disagree with elements of both of those posts...
> In my own documents, I usually make only one exception: I use a separate text style to highlight GUI elements (e.g., "File > Open...")
boldface. use boldface.
@Zachiah IMHO inline code spans for filenames are legit, under the "Strings recognised or generated by a computer" reasoning
oh interesting, that was a change by Cody.
We've found yet another of the very few things Cody and I disagree on
I think it's probably better to look at it from a screenreader perspective. Would you want punctuation pronounced? If yes, code. If no, not code
Oh, that's a really good point.
Some people might even have their screenreader set to pronounce every character in a code block, tho I find that excessive
5:58 PM
...conveniently also a point that supports my perspective.
But really a better argument for it than I had, so kudos
Also code blocks interfere with search. It annoys me because I'll see something like "it's" in an error message in a code block and know that search won't find it
SO search I mean
@Laurel Given that they're working on search, now seems like a fantastic time to raise that if you haven't already
IMHO it ... probably ought to index at least inline code blocks.
Especially given their widespread misuse, but also given that putting things like error message in inline code spans...heck, and stack traces in code blocks... is pretty common and otherwise arguably legit.
I was thinking about that. OverflowAI will find flags even when you have a hyphen in front of them, so I'll have to check on this
But ugh I'm looking at a post rn and the error is in a code block with the word "require" highlighted in blue. I'm so annoyed
but yeah until just now it had never occurred to me that there might be a problem with putting a stack trace in a code block...
@Laurel ```lang-none
Ugh quoteblock instead
6:11 PM
For stack traces it really is much easier to read in a code block
I mean use a quote for plain language errors. It's not a stack trace
ah, yeah, for plain-language errors, code blocks are totally inappropriate
Stack traces I tend to use code formatting for, just because they're unreadable otherwise
I see edits doing that sometimes
The worst part is that some of these people are probably front end web devs too :/
6:13 PM
no, random editor, it does not improve the formatting to make readers scroll to read the one line of plain-language text
Also, I noticed that my screenreader wants to treat each individual syntax color as its own "object", so it's annoying to navigate through and also an eyesore
oh no, oooof.
Like normally, I would be taken to the next object but instead I'm still in the code block just at some random part that's a number
that's...hmm, is that a markup problem, or unavoidable if you're gonna style stuff with different color? I guess normally if it's a keyword you'd want it to behave like this?
i'm confused
both of those questions are talking about wrapping things in code inlines, not spans
6:17 PM
I think we're off on a tangent. I do that sometimes.
(I assume by "spans" you mean "blocks")
@RyanM It might be that I'm not particularly good at navigating, since there are different modes and I don't know which one is always best
@Laurel if you don't mind me asking, do you normally use a screenreader?
@RyanM And sometimes I even stay on topic lol
@RyanM You can ask, and no I don't usually use one
(I also do not, so I try to caveat my opinions about them with "this is speculation" or similar)
some cases are just...obvious...though, lol
Well I was calling it an eyesore XD
Other than being a little nearsighted, my vision is normal
6:19 PM
I've messed with such tools here and there, but being someone who doesn't need them... i feel like it misses the point. I don't feel i can realistically use it in the same context as someone who actually needs it.
does that make sense?
like, i can use my phones accessibility tools, for example, to navigate through a site, but if the site I'm testing is my own... i already know how to navigate it.
I remember talking to someone who had their accessibility auditor tell them that each dot of their pager indicator (these things) needed to be navigable in the screen reader because it's an interactable element in the touch interface, and oh my goodness no why would you do that.
Because if you don't you're not providing the same interface to users who need that accessibility tool, or at least that's what will be argued in court if you fight it, 😉
if they want to page through the elements, they can page through the elements; there is absolutely no need to make them also need to navigate over half a dozen indicators for the stuff they've just gone through.
You know, the carousel itself is most likely decorative anyway
I don't like carousels
ehhhhhhh most stuff with indicators isn't decorative, I think
6:22 PM
It's why a lot of the... console-first UI designs games are using these days are so bad for PC. There's a lot of UI things game controllers are abhorrently bad at interacting with... so instead of developing two separate UI's they design for the most restrictive and just leave everyone else to suffer for it.
(and for mods to fix it)
speaking of things that are decorative... glares at profile images
the web went through this phase with "mobile first" but i feel like that's... run it's course at this point and most sites don't adhear to it in that way anymore
the best solution is two solutions, or 15 if you're also targeting accessibility needs 😉
The trick is developing one interface that's compatible with all the dozen accessibility services on that platform :-p
I like mobile first but maybe a lot of people just aren't good at doing it
@RyanM Mobile screenreaders first?
@Laurel IMHO thinking of it as "responsive" is better, because then you can't treat desktop/large screens as second-class citizens and excuse horrible UI like the new Activity pages
...which I know they called "responsive" but it was clearly designed with only mobile in mind.
6:35 PM
Right, exactly, i'm not suggesting sites shouldn't be friendly to mobile, rather, being friendly to mobile shouldn't sacrifice desktop friendly features.
i feel the same way about making a site accessible
Lol, what about pages that work fine on mobile and full screen desktop but then choke on every width in between. I've seen that way too much too
@RyanM I design my pages in desktop mode with an idea of what's going to shift where as the page gets smaller
in recent bethesda games (skyrim, fallout4, 76, and now starfield) for example, inventory management in the base game is awful. Sorting is controlled by a single keybind, it lacks information everyone wants like value per weight, you cant easily sort things by type, etc. Adding all of this functionality would be difficult for a gamecontroller because the buttons are limited and moving a pointer around the screen isn't as easy as doing it with a mouse.
for desktop users... we just want to be able to click the the header column and instantly sort. ez. no keybind necessary and the interaction easily scales to as many columns as necessary.
designing things for accessibility has this same problem
particularly for screenreaders
the way you navigate the page is very different, you don't want them to have to pass over all of these irrelevant interaction points that are easily used with a mouse but not a reader
but you shouldn't fix that by... just removing the extra stuff for desktop users
@Laurel oh yes, apps do this too... I run my phone at an unusually wide display size, so some apps choke because they didn't test that configuration.
6:50 PM
And then there's the universally poor treatment that the original iPhone SE gets, being one of the smallest smartphones out there
It's old enough at this point that most people who were developing with it in mind stopped thinking about it, not that there were that many people to begin with
7:04 PM
@RyanM I'm having a hard time finding a good post to test with. For example, I was trying to get this one question with 1k+ votes with the search "Permission denied (publickey)" "fatal: Could not read from remote repository." but all I get is the duplicates
using the new semantic search?
or the current stuff
I need a post with specific qualities (error with punctuation only in a code block) so that it doesn't turn up in a regular SO search, so I can see if OverflowAI is better with finding it, and it seems like I also need to find something without a lot of duplicates which might take priority over the question I'm trying to make it find
is the error being in a code block important? most good examples of errors being presented in questions i freqent are in quotes
There's one here for example in a code block, but i'd hope this question wouldn't be chosen to summariez when there's many other highly voted ones used as dupe targets available
@KevinB Yes, because it's suboptimal with how the current search works. Try this search and then try it again without the quotes
searching for the error message Origin http://localhost:8080 is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin doesn't even pull up any of the great answers
or the one i ripped it from
7:15 PM
And then try it with the code operator
that ofc works
@AbdulAzizBarkat for my purposes, it would probably be better just to group question volume by hour and then try to make some guesses :/
7:35 PM
Re the published survey, I'm very surprised to see Germany in second place
actually, I think I'm more surprised to see Germany and France that far apart
8:02 PM
Q: How to best flag comments suggesting that askers upload their code to GitHub (or another cloud service)?

Ian KempMore and more I'm seeing vague "something is broken but I don't know what please help" questions that should be closed, but instead other users post in the comments "upload your code to GitHub and post a link here and I'll have a look at it". This is obviously against the site's rules that questi...

2 hours later…
9:32 PM
Q: If the system of closing questions is so good, why are there so many well-recieved questions that are closed?

Steven SagonaIf the system of closing questions is so good, why are there so many well-recieved questions that are closed? For example, consider this highly-viewed, highly upvoted question, with answers that recieved massive amounts of upvotes. It is my opinion that this question being an opinion is simply an...

9:47 PM
It got moved to physics meta before I could barely get started replying, then self-deleted there again before I could scarcely begin writing.
A shame. I really wanted to lean in to that guy. People with that attitude really need to learn, and be confronted with full-force Facts and Logic (TM).
oh, it's was then re-posted directly to physics meta... ? o_O
It was your daily jackpot.
Btw, since you’re still active on Stack Overflow (at least Meta), shouldn’t you change your profile description?
10:29 PM
I still consider myself "stepped back", and any continued participation as evidence of an unwanted addiction.
Alternatively: the principle of making information on the internet more accurate, seems to drive me even more strongly than my distaste for the site. At least some of the time.
Ah, you're also struggling with that. Should we set up a talking group for addicts?
(Isn't that the Codidact discord?)
Hehe. :P That only drives our addiction further.
not really? it's motivated me to write new Codidact Q&A, and analyze SO content for that specific purpose.
(the part that troubles me isn't the time I spend on this, but the fact of spending it on the SO main site rather than on Codidact)
10:35 PM
Ah. Well, I noticed the more I got back on SO/MSO with my old habits, the more effort I managed to put into Codidact. But I'm considering appointing a new RO for a room I'm running, and try to distance myself more from this place, and hopefully be able to move all that effort into Codidact. Not that I'm much productive, though.
@KarlKnechtel You're still very productive on these sites, though. Not sure how you can keep up with it.

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