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2:22 AM
Q: How to find the right job?

Dr. GutI have read Sunsetting Jobs & Developer Story. It says in Why?: Developers, as you all know, don’t have a hard time finding job opportunities. The problem is often finding the right opportunity and job boards and sourcing are ineffective solutions. What is the effective solution?

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4:46 AM
Q: I hate these new yellow 'watch' labels

dwjohnstonThese new yellow 'Watched' labels - I assume that they mean 'These items contain tags that are a part of your watch list'. They're way too intrusive, they look like 'this is important' or 'action required' - and almost every item on my feed has them. The old system of dulling out the non-watched...

3 hours later…
7:46 AM
Q: The new mobile interface is really hard to read

FogmeisterThe new user interface seems to have made everything really low contrast and also remove the row highlighting for tags I am interested in. Please can these be addressed.

Q: What's happening on this answer?

justhalfIn this question, OP commented on an answer (not theirs) with "Just updated the answer. Thanks for pointing out." but the answer itself was shown to be edited by the answerer, not OP. And the edit history says the edit happened at 5:35, and their comment was posted at 5:36. The phrasing seems to ...

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12:09 PM
> Surprise coincidence: running a SELECT SUM(Reputation) FROM Users query on the SEDE gives a result to very close to this 1.8billion. On this reason, we can estimate that 1 rep ≈ 1$.
Half Life 3 confirmed!
Q: Multiple conditions on same column after group by(SQL)

AjayI am trying to group by Id then applying condition for the grouped results. Group LastName FirstName 1 Smith Jane 1 Smith John 2 Doe Beth 2 Doe Jane 2 Doe Jay 3 Ward Bill 4 Adams Ram 4 Grimes Jane 4 Gag Smelly Here in the first Name column after group by if it contains...

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2:34 PM
Q: Why is every new change implemented universally hated by all users

MFergusonI think that Stack Overflow has fallen prey to a state of thinking whereby if they aren't actively doing something that they are doing something wrong and/or wasting time. Many of the recent changes have caused people to have full blown mental breakdowns. It leads me to believe that they do littl...

2:55 PM
Because the people running the show are not programmers ^
Meh, they didn't have to be programmers.
I wonder who calls the shots on design though
If it's designers, they need a new team
if it's the programmers, they need a design team
As better designers, they would have ended up with a better design. As better managers, they would have ended up working on other features which better contribute to UX with less effort.
@NewPosts I guess it all started from stackoverflow.design
@AndrewT. You have a typo in the URL
it's stackoverflow.cantdesign
3:10 PM
Q: Why was this VLQ flag on an off-topic answer rejected?

LundinYesterday I flagged this answer (now deleted by the author) as very low quality. My reasons were stated in a comment: The answer is off-topic since it's given in a different programming language. C doesn't have RAII so it's also irrelevant. Flagging this for deletion as very low quality as it ca...

3:46 PM
Q: Why Don'tdestroyonload not working?

Ch.Muhammad.Bin.khalidI have simple code but it isnot working I tried many ways but it doesn't work. using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class wfb : MonoBehaviour { void Awake() { DontDestroyOnLoad(this.gameObject); } } It also show following warning

Unity questions are so low quality, they spill into Meta SO.
2 hours later…
6:10 PM
Q: Is there a way to revert to the old SO UI?

Tyler SeldenI noticed a recent change in Stack Overflow's User Interface, and was wondering if there's a way to revert to the old UI. I know that this question asks this same thing, but it seems to be outdated, as the update I'm referring to was within the last few weeks. So is there a way to revert to the o...

6:47 PM
@E_net4thecurator hey don't poo on my dreams of writing a game in Unity some day
It's a compilation of issues, most likely. Bad design combined with unengaged leadership/management means the designer/front end dev(s) can just do whatever they want. Ideally it would have been a purely open user feedback-based design. Ask a question on a few of the bigger Meta sites about what things need improving/aren't working well at all. Then rewrite the styles to create the same design as before while still reducing your technical debt, and only fix the things people said are broken
Nobody to my knowledge was complaining about the way the site looked. The devs were just complaining about the structure being unmaintainable. But you can make any structure look the same
Q: Formatting code with backticks hides first line

KylaaaSomething I've noticed when editing the first posts for a lot of people is that many people use the 3 backticks method to enclose a code block that they copy and paste in. Since the first line is supposed to be for syntax highlighting, if there isn't a newline between the backticks and the first ...

2 hours later…
8:34 PM
Q: How did this edit get approved?

The Amateur CoderHow did this edit get approved? I noticed this post and made an edit, but couldn't save it then because it showed this error: Another edit is awaiting approval for this post. Further edits cannot be submitted until the pending edit is reviewed. Sometime later, I go to the tab containing the pos...

1 hour later…
9:52 PM
Q: Are there other websites where recommendations, best practices or industry standards questions can be asked?

mcaransStackOverflow is focused on Q&A style questions. Questions that seek recommendations, best practices or industry standards are discouraged because they may generate discussion and are seen as opinion-based. What other websites are there where such questions can be asked? I have a particular inter...

1 hour later…
10:52 PM
Q: Will my Enlightened badge be taken away if the deleted answer (that got posted before my answer) got un-deleted?

Ann ZenHere is the description for the Enlightened badge: First to answer and accepted with score of 10 or more. This badge can be awarded multiple times. By design, you may earn the Enlightened badge even if you were not the first to answer a question, as long as the answer(s) posted before you got d...


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